also he has a great power

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Hey Kouhii, if you know about the fate series(and especially fate/go) how about phantom thieves as servants AU or fate AU in general(It's okay to ignore this)

I do!! I really like the series, but I haven’t been able to see Fate/Go yet.

If I take in my mind a servant/fate AU I would probably choose the following classes for each character:

  • Akira: I would say “Saber” at first, but taking in mind his personality and stealth I think Assassin is far better (also the fact that he uses light weapons and would prefer to target masters first instead of taking his time battling servants).
  • Makoto: Rider, because yeah (duh)… she is already an user of a motorcycle type of Persona and has full control of it. She wouldn’t even need to change her weapon since Riders can use modern machinery too.
  • Ryuji: I will say Lancer because of his great reliability and being good at handling fast powerful attacks with weapons that aren’t swords.
  • Anne: Archer, mostly because of her agility and light weapon.
  • Haru: If only a Berserker was able to maintain more of their sanity I would choose her for it (because our sweet Haru is very nice for handling heavy weapons) and I don’t think other classes would fit better for her slow but strong combat.
  • Morgana: Saber because their weapon is already a sword type and their leadership and support are great.
  • Yusuke: Assassin without a doubt, even his style is similar of the Assassin in Fate with the traditional japanese combat too.
  • Futaba: I’m also pretty confident choosing Caster for her. Being the reason obviously because she doesn’t have weapons and is a support using attacks similar to spells.
  • Goro: Berserker as well… maybe introduced first as a Saber type, but as a disguise (his master being a Caster would help a lot for it to happen too).

This AU is a really great support for headcanons based on this crossover too. I would even think about something relating some characters as being wraiths instead of servants (Morgana or Goro maybe?) or maybe even Akira being a master instead of a servant (or having another character as his master), but this would depend on what each person prefers~

I mean it’s not like I just thought of this whole plot in my mind of Akira being Goro’s second master or Yusuke’s partner since they’re both assassins

There have been a lot of weird, quirky one-off characters with stupid, ridiculous weapons in RWBY, but my favorite is still Flynt and his gun trumpet.

Look at this idiot

This is how he dresses to an organized fighting tournament between what are basically national military academies for people with superpowers. “Hmm, I’m going to be fighting highly-trained fighters who can summon explosions, move faster than sound, and control objects with their mind, what kind of armor should I wear to that…got it. Fedora, shades, and a vest. Oh, and an untied tie for good measure.”

That fucking trumpet is his weapon too. People in this show wield scythes bigger than themselves, gloves and boots that double as magical fireball shotguns, floating swords they can control with their minds, and this moron decided to take a trumpet, stick a trigger and grip on it, and call it a day.

And the dumbest part is it works



Like everyone else in the show, he has a special ability on top of his ridiculous weapon. What is his ability? Is it something musical? Something that has to do with waveforms? Something that makes sense? Nope, it’s him playing with himself.




In a world of superpowered crazy people with giant illogically powerful weapons, Flynt Cole is a man with a trumpet, a hat, three clones of himself, and all the jazz his soul can muster.

I fucking love it.

Bring back Flynt!

it’s great bc when you first watch brooklyn nine nine you think it’s a funny sitcom about new york cops

and instead you get some of the best racial representation in any tv show, an accurate depiction of how lgbt people and poc are treated by the police force AND how the intersectionality between the two works 

the person holding arguably the most power in the show is a black man who’s openly gay but also non stereotypical

the person holding the second most power is also a black man who’s large and muscular but has a family he prioritises above all else and he’s so so gentle with his little daughters it’s amazing

it also depicts how uncomfortable and unhealthy the ‘guy has a complete infatuation for a woman who’s not interested’ dynamic is, and instead of making her realise she’s ‘wrong’ and fall for him, he instead gets over her and they actually become good friends

and the inevitable ‘will they, won’t they’ relationship develops naturally and they don’t both develop feelings for each other at the same time, and when jake realises that amy is dating another guy he’s okay with it because he knows it’s not his place to ruin that for his own feelings



So tg can have a full chapter of torture and death and being great but if it has a full chapter of sex is gross and shit like?? really? this is a freaking seinen, seinen usually have more detailed sex scenes or death scenes more than other genres. And its not only that, this is helping Kaneki’s development, remember that he is a suicidal person who feels alone and sad all the time but in this chapter he is seen crying because he feels loved and no lonely, also the panel related to Ishida’s art has such a powerful meaning. Im actually so glad that this sex escenes have a powerful meaning not like other seinen that just have sex for only the character’s enterteinment.

You all always complaining about Kanekis suffering and saying that he should be happy and bla blah blah but if he is happy for once yall hate it because its related with Touka, if you inteligent people are gonna hate Tokyo Ghoul for this i dont know why the fuck are you reading it

It’s true: Jughead Jones kissed Betty Cooper.


“It’s important to remember that — though Betty and Archie when they were younger were this cute couple — Jughead, Betty and Archie were the three childhood friends. So Betty knows Jughead probably just as well as Archie does in certain ways and she is also this sort of nostalgic force of what was once morally just,” Sprouse explained. “I do believe Jughead is absolutely obsessed with what was once Riverdale, and Betty still represents this morality and purity that he associates to this more ‘Peter Pan’-like childhood version of Riverdale. He finds great comfort in that and becomes easily accessible and resonates with him.” - Cole Sprouse

[Spoiler] Jughead will not wear his hat in three episodes!

He also revealed that we’ll see Jughead without his hat on in moments of vulnerability — particularly where Betty is involved. “So there are a couple episodes — I won’t spoil too much — where you definitely get to see Jughead without a hat on, but we’ve saved it only for real vulnerable and personal moments,” he shared. “Yeah, you only see Jughead without his hat on in super vulnerable moments, because we kind of sold it as like his security blanket of sorts, and so – when he’s willing to take it off – it becomes this kind of special, vulnerable, personal thing. I think the first time he loses his hat is a moment with Betty. There are three episodes I think he loses his hat — it’s episode 10 (GET EXCITED!), episode 12, and once this episode [the finale] as well.”

As to Jughead’s relationship with the Coopers, Sprouse said:

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How the hell is Ava gonna fight Titan if he's so huge? He was more than twice Wrathia's height in the flashback!

 This is Titan’s size comparative to Wrathia and Pedri:

This is Ava compared to Wrathia:

We know that TiTAN not only has black hole technology, but he also can feel and sense immense spouts of power just as he felt Ava’s attack. I sense a great disturbance in the Force lol.  This guy is immensly powerful.

It will take the combined abilities of all the hosts to defeat TiTAN. I had hoped that would not be the case, but a combined effort seems more and more crucial. I have a feeling not all the hosts and their demons will jumping on the band wagon though…. I’ve actually theorized that a host could become a secondary antagonist (let us see)

I believe potentially the enlistment of his other enemies could be of great use too. It is unclear whether the Silent Scavengers are 100% TiTANs enemy. If they are aligned with the Arrow family then having them would be great since they harbor the capabilities to destroy and harvest planets, the only issue is they seem morally debased and self reliant (chaotic neutral). 

I also find the idea of Wrathia being a known enemy as comforting; this could imply that others worship Wrathia and the Vengess like gods. Six recognizing Wrathia establishes some legitimacy to this rebellion

You could argue that this was simply Wrathia being vain, but then at one point upon seeing Wrathia’s statue Odin utters in his native tongue, ‘Goddess Mother’

His reaction is a mixture of disbelief but he also seems oddly happy ? 

Final statement: Ava destroying a portion of HQ will send a message out to the galaxy. It makes it clear that there is hope and the potential to resist TiTAN is there. I can see TiTAN trying to cover this up and hunt down the hosts, but that too will have consequences. The next host we’ll be meeting is Star Guy, I wonder if he’ll know of the cause and be willing to join. 

Let me tell you something about power imbalances

Since the Otayuri-discourse is getting really annoying, I would like to tell you something. Power imbalances can have an effect on every relationship. Romantic as well as platonic. A power imbalance can turn into an unhealthy relationship of any kind. But there is one thing, that everyone seems to ignore: A power imbalance itself does not cause abusive behavior. On its own its neither good nor bad. Its the way it is used, that makes the difference between healthy and unhealthy relationship.

A power imbalance is like a “tool”. It can be used by an abuser to take advantage of its victim. The abusers keep themselves on the higher level to maintain the imbalance. This can lead to physical and emotional abuse. The abuser can easily pressure the victim into doing things that they aren’t comfortable with. For example: Older friends pressuring the younger one into drinking alcohol/older lover pressuring younger to have sex despite them not being ready for it. And this is obviously a horrible thing.

But a power imbalance can also have a positive effect. In a healthy relationship the more powerful part tries to minimize the imbalance. They don’t see the other on as lower. They want to be on an equal level. The imbalance can be used to help the younger one grow, while also making sure that they are safe don’t go over their limits. It can be reassuring to have someone more experienced that can help you in life and share their experiences. One great example for a healthy relationship with a power imbalance in the beginning is a ship you all love: Victuuri!

At the start of the show Yuuri is a loner. He doesnt have many friends and the only thing he really cares for is skating (and Victor of course). He has huge anxiety and really lacks in confidence. He idolizes Victor and therefore sees him as above him.  Also, Yuuris love life before Victor is pretty much non existent and he just becomes a blushing mess at the mere mention of eros. On the other hand we have Victor “Sexiest-Man-Alive” Nikiforov. He is way more experienced and confident than Yuuri and has had a few relationships in the past. All this puts a huge imbalance on Victors side. We see this in the beginning, when Victor was really pushy, thinking Yuuri was still as confident and flirty as he was at the banquet, making Yuuri feel visibly uncomfortable. When Victor sees this, he tones down the flirting to keep it at a pace that Yuuri can comfortably move along with. We see Victor helping Yuuri becoming more confident in his abilities and more comfortable with his sexuality. Victor used the power imbalance to turn the idol-fan-relationship into a loving relationship between two equals.

This concludes, that a power imbalance itself does not automatically make a relationship bad. Its the mindset of the more powerful person, that determines if this imbalance can be healthy or not.

Now lets talk about Otayuri!

First of all, Yuri is not the pure, innocent, little child, that needs to be sheltered from everything, that you all seem to think he is. We are talking about the “kid” who wanted to skate to eros, because he thought it would fit him better. The kid who watched Yuuri and Chris pole dancing and kept tons of photos of it. The kid who told Mila to stop acting horny after breaking up with her boyfriend. Most 15/16 years old boys are not innocent angels…  Also, Yuri is actually quite mature for his age. Yuri moved away from his home to St. Petersburg when he was around 10 years old. He is the main provider for his family since his junior debut. Growing up away from home, with this high responsibilities makes you mature faster. He committed his life to figure skating. He had the determination and disciplin to win GPF gold on his senior debut. This level of dedication, endless training, without complaining, to work towards a goal, is a sign of maturity. Sure, sometimes he acts childish and on impulse, but so does Victor, the guy who pauses his career for a year, travels to Japan and suddenly shows up naked at a hot spring, because of his crush on a drunk Yuuri.

We have seen Otabek and Yuri both supporting and admiring each other. We see Otabek helping Yuri to grow. Yuri doesnt act like an angry brat with him. He is much calmer and happier around him.  Kubo even said that Otabek sees them as equals. There is only a small power imbalance between them. Its even smaller than between Victor and Yuuri. And since their relationship is based on mutual respect and support, and Otabek wants them to be equal, there is not even the slightest hint, why this relationship would be abusive in any way. To me this looks like the perfect base for a healthy relationship. So what makes you think that Otabek would be a predator? What makes you think he would take advantage of him? Why would he harm Yuri? This is what bothers me the most about this discourse. By saying this ship would be unhealthy , disgusting and bad, you are accusing Otabek of being an abusive asshole. And this magnificent, loving character does not deserve this hate.

This post is obviously not meant to say that all relationships with age differences are totally ok. This is meant to explain, that it is not always automatically bad. There are many unhealthy relationships where both people are the same age or where the abuser is the younger one. Age alone is not what makes a relationship healthy or unhealthy. The mindset of the individual person is!

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What facts can really prove that the relationship between Sasuke and Naruto is not only a great friendship?

Well…I mean, kinda the whole manga. Their actions and the things they say to each other go beyond friendship, especially in relation to the interactions they had with the women they married. 

Naruto has SUCH a powerful influence over Sasuke, more than any normal friend could. No one else has such a deep impact and you can clearly see that in his face. 

In Sasuke’s mind, Naruto was literally the ONLY person standing between him and total loneliness. The final obstacle before he could plunge himself into darkness.

Naruto also gave him the greatest happiness. after he was left without a family.

Naruto is undoubtedly the most important person to him, at this point. 

I can’t believe I even need to cover Naruto because the boy is completely obsessed with Sasuke and would literally die for him. He is way more committed than Sakura, who is supposed to be the one in love with him.

He endured SO much, a ridiculous amount of suffering because he loved Sasuke.

There are also some pretty gay moments that I just can’t find another explanation for. 

The whole manga is basically a love story. I don’t know what else to tell ya, mate.

I really like Steven universe because of how it treats emotions

Steven is allowed to be sensitive and kind and feel too much.

He’s allowed to cry and be a kid.

I feel like American cartoons try too hard to show life as zany and fun and their protagonists always being upbeat and happy or just in general doesn’t let them show real, softer emotions.

Like boys are energetic and humorous.

They don’t get to cry about missing their moms.

But Steven, you know, he deals with a lot. He loves his friends too deeply, he can’t help but feel guilty about his mother being gone, even though it’s not his fault.

He’s cried a few times and each time has been heartbreaking because he’s such an upbeat optimistic type of person.

I just love it because a lot of Steven universe also addresses being at peace with yourself and confronting your emotions and dealing with them.

Kids can watch the show and hum “here comes a thought” when they’re anxious or upset…

They can grow up knowing they should “take a minute and find themselves.”

A lot of the show is about finding inner strength and moving on from past trauma.

It’s not about repressing feelings and “being a man.”

That’s also something I love.

Mostly female characters AND I dunno, it’s a feminine message, that we can solve our problems with pacifism and compassion.

Steven doesn’t beat peridot into submission, nor does he intentionally ally himself with Lapis Lazuli because he knows she’s powerful and he wants an ally.

He’s just kind to everyone.

And they want to be kind BACK.

And that just happens to get him powerful friends.

And even non powerful friends, friends who just do their bests.

That’s a great theme too, the struggle with self image and confidence.

Pearl’s come so far, Amethyst has come so far, even Garnet and Ruby and Sapphire.

Every relationship is also solved through communication.

Not fighting or obstinacy but through open talks and honest emotions being explored.

It’s just really healthy.

It’s such a great thing to show kids.

I love this show.

It’s not only a great concept and a really rich universe with lots of great female and other characters, but a damn wonderland of complex emotions.

It’s alright to feel sad, hurt, betrayed, angry, even despairing, but take an honest look at yourself, and at the people who love you, and know you will pull through because you’re stronger than you think, and these things do not weaken you, they are simply a part of you.

The most striking thing about Papyrus (aside from his limitless positivity) is the fact that it is literally impossible to die in a fight against him. Even Toriel, who starts purposefully missing you once your health gets low enough, can accidentally kill you, but Papyrus? It is literally impossible. Papyrus has incredible control over his power! Wow, what a great and impressive skeleton. And, even though he could probably deal some legit damage to you on the murder run, his only action is to spare you, because he’s heckin worried about this little emotionless murder child.

A lot of people like swap aus where Sans is the one that dies and Papyrus is forced to shed his naivete and face you going all-out, which makes sense, but also, Papyrus is just so. Papyrus. I feel like if Papyrus had to be the final murder-run boss, it’d be more like, “After losing Sans, the world seems like a different place. I can’t imagine what you must’ve gone through for you to see the world the way you do.”

He only has one attack, but it’s a really long one and powerful one (kind of like Sans’ before his ‘special attack’), plus he talks during it, which would be pretty distracting. whenever he gets your hp down to 1, combat automatically stops and you’re ejected back into the judgement room. if you try to talk to him without healing, he’ll just say you’re too hurt - a gust of wind could knock you over! after you heal at the conveniently placed save point and go back to fight him, he has stuff to say about how you don’t have to be alone, you don’t have to do this, you might think there isn’t any good in you and it’s too late to change, but there is and it isn’t! After a few of those, he’ll talk about Undyne and Sans, and they always tried to help him, even when they thought he wouldn’t notice. He’s got a ton of stories about that. After he says his piece there’s an option to either fight or don’t fight, and every time you pick fight he looks disappointed, but he goes all out. He’s always able to be spared.

if you survive his attack, he goes down in one hit. his last words would probably be an apology, even though he tried really hard he still couldn’t show you a better path


I’m sure this has been done, but

  • Slim blond dude in his late 20s;
  • Tries very hard to be cool but is actually over-dramatic;
  • Cares deeply for the children he mentors in their spirit-related powers;
  • Doesn’t really have friends his own age;
  • Kind, but also a great liar.

I mean, Reigen may not have powers himself, but Spender really wants to be an anime…

MAJOR Prediction for ACOTAR

This prediction deals with that “certain something” about Feyre that is mentioned but is never focused on in the first book. It is also based on great personal fascination with the “Beauty and the Beast” tale type, with which I am very familiar. However, if you are not familiar with the tale type or the original de Villeneuve version, this predication could be super-spoilery for you, so I am going to put most of it beneath the cut. 

That “certain something” to which I am referring is mentioned at least twice that I have noticed, but it’s probably slipped in other places, too, because it is meant to be subtle. The first occurrence is on page 143 in my copy, and it takes place the day after the Suriel incident when Tamlin is offering to help Feyre write for the second time.

Passage 1 (P1)

“I’m not insulting you.” His quiet voice made it all the worse.

“I don’t need your help.”

“Clearly not,” he said with a half smile. But the smile faded. “A human who can take down a faerie in a wolf’s skin, who ensnared the Suriel and killed two naga on her own …” He choked on a laugh, and shook his head. The firelight danced along his mask. “They’re fools. Fools for not seeing it.” He winced. But his eyes held no mischief.

The second passage is at the very end of the book, during the final exchange between Feyre and Rhysand on page 415. Indeed, I felt the whole bargain between them was a bit strange, especially if the only reason Rhysand was interested in her had to do with making Tamlin angry. He would not go through so much trouble for someone he only lusted for, would he? There’s a particular moment during their final conversation that points again to this “certain something.”

Passage 2 (P2)

“Well, good-bye for now,” he said, rolling his neck as if we hadn’t been talking about anything important at all. He bowed at the waist, those wings vanishing entirely, and had begun to fade into the nearest shadow when he went rigid. 

His eyes locked on mine, wide and wild, and his nostrils flared. Shock–pure shock flashed across his features at whatever he saw on my face, and he stumbled back a step. Actually stumbled.

“What is–” I began.

He disappeared–simply disappeared, not a shadow in sight–into the crisp air.

I have two very good ideas about what this “certain something” is. In fact, the what is less of a question for me. It’s more to do with the who. If you’re interested in finding out what and who I think Feyre is based on close familiarity with the “Beauty and the Beast” tale type, read below the jump!

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So my absolute FAVORITE THING about BNHA really is that Midoriya can’t control his newly acquired Quirk. 

Not only did he NOT HAVE ONE and rely on his analytic abilities, but he also just got this new one, which requires patience, strength, and a great DEAL of endurance.

From a narrative perspective, this is fucking PERFECT.

This is not Naruto or Bleach, where he’s the “chosen” one with all the power granted to him by fate or destiny. 

He was CHOSEN, but it was by someone who saw something in him. 

Something good and earnest and kind and hardworking and worthy. 

But it’s so great, I love this series BECAUSE

We see Midoriya be the under dog. 

We see he has nothing super special like the rest of these guys. 

He’s not Todoroki skating over everything like it’s meaningless and Bakugo just flying right over obstacles.

Those who were fighting it out in the front while he was at the middle of the pack all this time. 

He’s using his fucking head and I honestly whooped when he did that!

When he rode a fucking piece of metal he was dragging around the entire time!

No one else thought of that shit. 

They didn’t NEED to, they rely on their Quirks. 

Sometimes they’re creative, but Midoriya has NOTHING to work with. 

He didn’t want to use his Quirk yet.

So he came up with a plan and then executes it AND THEN HE GETS IN FRONT.

Like dude, Bakugo’s RAGE just made me feel so fucking smug.

Like, my baby just made you eat SHIT, fuckhands mcexplosion. 

And Todoroki, easy breezy cover boy, stand aside, it’s Midoriya! 

Loved it. 

Honestly, that’s what attracted me to BNHA in the first place, the fact that Midoriya is such a sympathetic guy?

He makes you really wanna root for him and see him succeed and with other shonen, I just feel like you root for the protagonist cuz they’re the protagonist.

With Midoriya, if he were a minor character, I’d STILL focus on him. 

But because he’s the main character, we get a central theme about natural born abilities vs. hard work and it’s really done well. 

Ok, I’m done talking, resume scrolling. 

…So I finally gave in and I’m selling what is left of my soul to another long running shonen cause why not

I will attempt to do a weekly review of the manga for those who are interested and to organize my thoughts. Before we start, a couple of things:

- I will need some time to get used to the names since there are so many characters, so I will switch back and forth between nicknames, code names and actual names (I still don’t know if people favour first or last names so I’ll use both

- I’m rusty af when it comes to the review business so I apologize in advance

- I already know all the spoilers cause duh I would spoil my own death if I could, so don’t be afraid of spoiling me of anything, chances are I already know and if I don’t I won’t mind.

Izuku Midoriya Begins 

i do love a good origin story

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Go Go ‘Power Rangers’ (2017 Review)

Is this good? Is this bad? Will my inner-child allow me to judge this appropriately?

“Power Rangers” is a reboot of the classic 1990s action-packed children’s show “Mighty Morphin Power Rangers,” which in turn is based on the Japanese tokusatsu “Super Sentai Series.” It’s directed by Dean Israelite and stars a cast of young actors, as well as Bryan Cranston, Bill Hader and Elizabeth Banks. The film is set in the small, fictional town of Angel Grove, where local high school students Jason Scott, Kimberly Hart and Billy Cranston (Dacre Montgomery, Naomi Scott and RJ Cyler, respectively) are all caught up in detention. Through a series of shenanigans, they come across Trini and Zack (Becky G and Ludi Lin, respectively) as they all discover an ancient, otherworldly construct. It’s there where they meet Zordon (Cranston) and his robot assistant Alpha 5 (voiced by Hader), and attain the responsibility of becoming a powerful team known as the Power Rangers, and to stop the destruction of an ancient, powerful witch known as Rita Repulsa (Banks). 

This is the absolute perfect “what if” movie. The answer to “what if they remade ‘Power Rangers’ for adults” question. This is the film we asked for, albeit cautiously. We really owe it to franchises such as the “Transformers” series, because without them, this film would be seen as an impossible reach.

Being a millennial, I was very much a child when “Power Rangers” had its long television run, and I stayed true through each incarnation, from “Mighty Morphin” to “Lightspeed Rescue,” and considered myself a retired fan after “Dino Thunder” (I was already in middle school at the time). So yes, shameful as it is, I know my shit. As you can see, I want this to be good. But was it?

Yes. Surprisingly, it was pretty good. It’s not shockingly “I thought this was going to be shit but it ended up being amazingly amazing” good. It’s just good.

Here’s one thing that the film does better than the TV show: the acting. In a great departure from the “Saved by the Bell” mood that the 90s actors gave us, we now have grounded, realistic, rebellious teenagers. These new actors fit the “teenagers with attitude” description way better than the 90s actors ever did. You have Montgomery as Jason, playing the rebel who ends up having to deal with the most responsibility. Scott plays Kimberly, the girl who does a good job of not just being the obligatory female casting, or the fighting damsel-in-distress, unlike the original. The dialogue between these two is usually filled with charm, whether its casual banter or a proclamation of their contempt for Angel Grove. 

But they do something different with the rest of the cast, which helps to modernize them. Cyler as Billy provides the humor and keeps the grittiness from ever getting lower and lower. Of the five teenagers, he is the one with the most charisma But he also serves to represent autistic teens everywhere. Yes, unlike the television counterpart, they made the Blue Ranger autistic, which is a pretty bold and commendable step for something based off a children’s property.

To keep the ball rolling, they then make Becky G’s Trini represent lesbians and confused, oppressed teenagers everywhere. Okay, this film had me at shedding light on autism, but encouraging more LGBT representation? Hats off to you, Lionsgate and Saban. Despite this, I found Becky G’s performance to be slightly annoying until about halfway through the movie, when they developed her much more, and gave her a more integral role in the plot. 

While I praised the rest of the cast, I’d have to drop the axe on Ludi Lin as Zack, the Black Ranger.  Compared to all these convincing performances, Lin’s is absolutely haphazard. The way he is introduced is to set up how much of a cocky outsider he is, so naturally he’s by himself. He then starts speaking to himself, which is one of my absolute biggest pet peeves in a movie. I despise movie moments where normal-functioning people start speaking or quipping to themselves, the only sensible reason being that the writers assume the audience is too dumb to know what the character is thinking. I get it if a character has schizophrenia or another mental illness, or if the words are limited to comedic inner-banter, but not in this case. He’s someone with decent social-competence and no reason to quarrel with himself, other than provide exposition to the audience.

But like Trini, I did find him to be much less annoying when he opened up. They gave him a pretty touching backstory with his own troubles, and they make his motivations really apparent. And just to keep the ball rolling, he’s also the most foreign one of the group, being bilingual, unlike the original black ranger. Now that I think about it, many of the Power Ranger series’ casts don’t feature any overtly foreign characters, apart from maybe of an alien race. 

That is precisely why this casting works. Whether or not you find these characters annoying, you can’t doubt that they’re there for a good reason, and you might even warm up to them as the movie progresses. They also help to introduce bouts of political correctness, but they aren’t preachy or condescending about it (which is really the only good way to go about political correctness). They represent people of various colors, mental states and social capabilities, showing (but not telling) that everyone is capable of extraordinary things as long as they have camaraderie.

I can’t say much about Cranston as Zordon. It’s a great homage, seeing as how Cranston has actually been a part of “Power Rangers” since the original television show, where he voiced many of the villains they face. I do love his voice-work here, and while it took some getting used to, I ended up really liking how they presented him. Rather than a chubby, floating head in a tube, they made him manifest into a wall, kind of like one of those pinpression toys. Not to mention they could have easily made him a one-dimensional character. But they went above and beyond to give him his own arc, his own set of feelings and doubts, and a world of lore behind him.

If you thought Alpha 5 was annoying in the television show, then you can rest your worries because Bill Hader fixed him up good. The original’s voice was so high-pitched and screechy; basically in typical 90s fashion (or how the 90s thought Aliens would sound like). This time, he just kind of does the same thing he did as Fear from “Inside Out,” except less screaming. His design had me slightly worried but I got used to it.

Now, Elizabeth Banks as Rita Repulsa has me split down the middle. On the one hand, I do like that at least ONE person in this entire film is trying to recall the absurdity and campiness of the original series. At the same time, I found her to be over-the-top, and incredibly outlandish compared to the rest of the grounded cast. She is guilty of overacting here, which is both a blessing and a curse. The prosthetics on her are amazing though, from both start to finish. She starts out as an outright horror character, which is something I didn’t expect to see even in the gritty version of a children’s property. 

If you kept up with me for this long, you know that a recurring theme here is that this film takes several risks that are rather uncharacteristic of a children’s property. Sure, there are hints of silliness to try and match the youthful appeal of the original, but they also throw in more mature bits of humor, about things such as drug tests and jacking off a cow (no joke). Me personally, I welcome these jokes. If anything, this is much more of a film for the adults who grew up watching “Power Rangers,” rather than children. The maturity really shines through in the form of character development and chemistry.

I must say that if you are bringing a child to watch this, keep in mind there will be mild swearing, and several mature jokes.

A common criticism (ad nauseam, pretty much) is that this film is a forced collision between two different movies. Two thirds of the movie is essentially the origin story, which focuses mainly on character development. At the same time, this is the section that appeals to the audience the most, whether you’re fans of the original or not. No one comes into anything titled “Power Rangers” and expects to feel for the characters. But through one particular scene where all the characters develop a kinship, we develop a peculiar attachment to each of them. It was at this moment that I’m glad these people are the ones I’m spending five more movies with (Yup, that’s right).

But when it sticks to the original, it definitely sticks, and that’s where the last third of the movie comes in. If you’re looking for cool looking suits fighting monsters with martial arts and gymnastics, you will get it. If you’re looking for giant robot dinosaurs battling another giant monster, you will get it. And MOST OF ALL, if you want to, at least once, hear the iconic theme song, you will get it. In all it’s pure, epic goodness.

But this is where I have to defend my appreciation for this movie, because many people will come in accusing me of being “blinded by nostalgia.” Despite having these borrowed features from the original show, there is really nothing nostalgic about it. The action here is far better than most of the show’s episodes. There is no silliness to be had apart from what would be silly by realistic standards (as opposed to having two obligatory bully characters).

Even some elements taken from the show are vastly different. Case in point: Rita, who in this film is actually getting shit done by herself rather than sitting up in some moon tower yelling at everyone.

Even the formula of the show is broken up here. Back then, everything was so fast-paced to where every time a new series was brought in, the new team of Power Rangers would unrealistically form intimate familial connection and extraordinary abilities within 20 minutes. This film actually shows you that the Power Rangers had to train for this, both physically and mentally. They didn’t just have these abilities bestowed upon them as a result of the plot rushing it together. You see them work for it, which is something I really appreciated about it.

I had to bring that up because many of the people who didn’t like this film will be quick to see reactions like mine and guilt me for “nostalgia.” But that “tone difference” that they’re faulting this for is the reason why you can’t pin nostalgia on this. All that means is that everything I liked about this film has been on its own merits, maybe (at most) perpetuated by quick little homages to the original. 

I suppose before I wrap this up I should mention one more thing. Not really a problem, but more like something I wish happened: I wish they played the theme song more. It was wonderful hearing the iconic theme song, perfectly borrowed from the 1995 film, and at the height of its “Power Ranger-ness.” But I felt that if they really were gonna throw it in there, they should have totally owned it and at least left it playing for a bit longer. If not that, then at least make an instrumental cover to play in the background during the climax, rather than GODDAMN KANYE.

This is a film that has fans and critics alike split down the middle, but it’s pretty clear that everyone who hates it is hating it for the same two reasons: (1) It has a massive tone-clash towards the end, and (2) It caters way too much toward product promotion for Krispy Kreme donuts. I do agree with the latter, make no mistake. But when I hear people complain about this tone-clash, it reminds me of people who complained about the “slow parts” of every other superhero film, whether it’s “Captain America: Civil War,” or “Batman v Superman.” Apart from being a “Power Rangers” movie, this is also an origin story film. And for something as ridiculous as “Power Rangers,” it definitely requires a slow initiation process. To get us going on a six-movie deal, the creators will have to help casual viewers acclimate to the premise, because chances are the naysayers are the ones who skipped out on this franchise as children, and therefore missed their window of opportunity. Ironic how a movie based on a children’s property requires a mature level of patience from the audience.

As I said before, if you came into this wanting to see colored suits, martial arts, explosions and giant robots, you will get it. If you’re dragged into this film but appreciate elements like character development and chemistry, you will get that too. As someone who enjoys both, I actually would go so far as to say I loved this movie. I don’t care if I’m alone on this, but I can comfortably say that I loved the “Power Rangers” movie.

No temptation has overtaken you that is not common to man. God is faithful, and he will not let you be tempted beyond your ability, but with the temptation he will also provide the way of escape, that you may be able to endure it.
—  1 Corinthians 10:13
Character study: Kageyama Ritsu

I´ve heard many of my friends say that they find it difficult to understand Ritsu’s actions in Mob Psycho 100 anime. I agree that he is a controversial character with complex feelings but as I think I can relate to him a lot, I figured I’d do a character study on him. Enjoy and feel free to come to talk to me about our boys!

“To me, my brother is the standard of the world.”

This is the basis of Ritsu´s worldview. He looks up to Mob in everything and tries his best to copy him. He’s quiet and modest like Mob and doesn’t want to stand out in any way. But one thing he lacks that Mob has: psychic powers.

Now, just to make it clear: Ritsu is not obsessed, edgy, emo or mean. He is caring, but he is also lonely and deeply hurt. This is my main view on him.

Ritsu has high standards for a normal person with no chances to attain physic powers. He’s also very hard on himself. He’s not proud of himself even when he’s so hard-working and great at school, just because he lacks one thing he thinks is fundamental. I think that actually, Ritsu has very low self-esteem. It shows when he can’t forgive himself for that one imperfection and he isn’t content with just being himself. So when everyone around him showers him with praise of how perfect and good he is, it just fuels his self-hatred because “no, you’ve got it all wrong; I’m far from being even decent.”

Then the student council’s vice president Tokugawa tells him in traffic lights “don’t try to act like your brother.” I could interpret the expression on Ritsu’s face only as one of dread. He probably felt like he had got caught: his demand of perfection for himself also includes that no one could know about his struggles.

The other thing besides his high demands towards himself that defines Ritsu is his loneliness. It’s shown that despite his popularity at school, he has no close friends. His relationship with Mob is also shaped by Ritsu’s fears and self-esteem issues and is far from being truthful. Sadly, Mob, who is unable to read people properly, have no idea what’s going on with his brother until episode 8.

Ritsu still loves his brother. Ritsu doesn’t care about himself but he does care about Mob and he uses a lot of his energy making sure Mob is happy. It’s easier to focus your love on somebody else when you don’t love yourself. Ritsu doesn’t give it at all to himself so his all is directed to Mob which makes it sometimes a little extreme. For example, Ritsu starts The Big Cleanup on accident when he wanted to make the school a better place for Mob.

Ritsu claims that he doesn’t love his brother in order to cover up his lack of self-esteem. He tells himself that he’s making sure that Mob is happy because "he fears what would happen if he would upset Mob in any way.” He goes so far as to tell Mob that “the buddy-buddy brothers act ends now.” But Mob is right when he answers “I can tell. That’s a lie”, because it truly is a lie, which is revealed at a moment later when Ritsu rushes to stop Koyama from hurting Mob. He´s in tears and that´s not a face of someone who doesn´t care at all.

Ritsu is not a bad person. Ritsu step up for the other Awakening Lab kids in order to save them and got himself beaten. Maybe it was his “duty” because he is the only one in that group with psychic powers suited for fighting, but I think otherwise. I’m actually very concerned of how little he values himself.

The controversy with Mob and the fight with Koyama after that changed Ritsu a lot. He snapped out of his own, corrupt mindset and become a person he truly is. In episode 9 he is way more friendly with the Awakening Lab kids, complimenting them and cooperating with them.

So what explains Ritsu´s actions towards Onigawara and his earlier violence? I could say that before attaining his powers, his struggling has come near a breaking point. During that time Ritsu’s pain exceeds his kindness. He feels alone and he’s hurt and to be honest I’m not surprised when he takes it out on others when giving the chance. He doesn’t try to stop Kamuro from blackmailing people because Ritsu is so tired of his own suffering but what he actually ends up doing by that is to hurt himself more. It’s like he punishes himself of not being perfect in his own standards by baring “the truth” to others, too. Which means rebelling against the “perfect boy” he’s been labelled with. He’s tired of hiding his true feelings so he takes it out finally. And what comes out is violence because that is what he feels inside: pain. It feels good in a way, to be finally free, so he continues. No one cares about him so he’s not going to care about his victims, either. “I’ve lost my limits. I have obtained a loss”, means just that.

But the good person Ritsu is always there, too. Ritsu feels good using violence but that doesn’t mean he wouldn’t feel guilty, too. Ritsu’s powers awaken when he had passed the breaking point in his mental stress (just like Claw tried to forcefully awaken psychic powers in people using extreme mental and physical stress, i.e. pain). After that, his corruption and guilt only fuels them. One would have thought Ritsu’s issues would have been solved when he´d attain psychic powers, but that’s not true. In this point he is in so deep he’s unable to feel good even when his lifelong dream has come true. In his mind he is still far from being decent because of what he had done. Actually he doesn’t want to be this kind of person who hurts others. So he doesn’t continue when Kamuro breaks down.

By the way, I´m not a fan of “Ritsu hates Reigen” belief. He’s cold towards the man, yes, but that´s because he suspects that Reigen is only using Mob. He’s cold towards Mezato, too, when she wants to write an article about Mob. There is nothing hostile behind it, only suspiciousness.

Ritsu is a loving little brother and I think he would make a very loyal and good friend. A friend is what he needs the most, after all. (That’s why I’m very excited about Shou!) Plus I´m loving the fact that his hobby is writing diary byeee

Lastly, we need to remember that Ritsu is only 13. He’s just a kid and he’s bound to make mistakes while figuring out how the world works. He’s at the age where he’s starting to form a personality so of course it’s still fluid and incomplete. His journey to become himself is only at the beginning.

Quartet Night LIVE Evolution full report

Written by me who have short-term memory and is really biased to QN

(PLEASE TAKE ALL OF STUFFS WRITTEN HERE WITH GRAIN OF SALT; there’s no way i could remember all stuffs exactly at it was. I would be happy if you could just ‘take the feel’)

First of all, it was awesome. I can’t really describe how overwhelming it was. If you’ve watched any of utapri live before, i just want to say that for me this is the best utapri live i’ve seen so far. If you think 5th and 4th live was awesome, this was on different level. The hall was definitely too small for a group who got #1 weekly oricon and more than 100k sales (which was made up by hundred of cinemas live viewing), but it was really well-planned. Probably the most well-planned utapri live ever.

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thecousinsdangereux  asked:

'Roombas With Jetpacks'

  • billy cranston finds a roomba
  • billy decides to equip the roomba with a jetpack
  • i mean why not, right?  it’s not like it’ll actually fly
  • or that it could do any real damage to anything
    • spoiler alert: it flies
    • second spoiler alert: it does real damage to billy cranston’s mother’s house
  • now look
  • mrs cranston has put up with a lot
  • she didn’t open up a can of whoopass on billy or jason when her van disappeared
  • even though it was so obviously their fault
  • but now billy has friends and that’s great and she adores them all
  • but those children who are now also her children are A Problem
  • because they decided t o encourage billy to put a jetpack on a roomba
    • there’s a hole in her wall
    • a big hole
  • she calls everyone’s parents
  • e v e r y o n e
    • kim’s parents do not care because whatever.  small damages.  who cares
    • trini’s mother grounds her for eternity
      • eh, whatever
      • being a power ranger makes it so easy to sneak out
    • zack’s mother gives him A Look and he immediately starts crying
    • jason’s parents decide it’s all his fault
      • they all decide it must be jason’s fault
      • he’s the jock
      • jocks make poor choices everyone knows that
        • spoiler alert: trini supported jetpack roomba
        • spoiler alert: zack support jetpack roomba
        • spoiler alert: kim named jetpack roomba hotlips and painted bright pink lips on it
        • spoiler alert: billy built hotlips an sent her on her maiden voyage
        • spoiler alert: jason said jetpack roomba was a bad idea
  • poor jason