also he always looks amazing in black

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THAT LAST BAD BOY!WOOZI HAS ME SCREAMING. BOI I can make a fic out of that. Honestly my ult is Mingyu but Woozi is giving me too many Looks lately I even feel bad. But yeah, your little imagines are amazing.

Badboy!Woozi is my weakness, deary. I beg you to make a fic out of it ;A;

Wanna know something weird ? I’ve actually been getting a lot of Mingyu feels lately because of 1. his black hair that makes him look hella fine and 2. that V-App broadcast he did where he was cooking because Mingyu cooking is a wonderful concept to me. Also, lately I’ve been focusing at him a lot in Seventeen’s group pictures. Idk why I’m like this. You should control your man tbh, just saying xD

Anyways ~ I always appreciate the love and support for my imagines so thank you so much for reading and liking them ^^

- Admin Leen

Small Things.

I am writing this because of my present disappointment for life now and I think sharing this ball of fluff with you guys is the least I can do. Happy Weekend!

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Percy realized he loved how Nico got excited about the smallest things in life. It was what had always kept the son of Hades appreciative of what he had and Percy suspected that, with a hint of sadness, the perk came from Nico being alone most of the time with nothing and no one to take care of him.

“How do I look?” Nico asked him, his eyes bright as he turned to check his side. The basketball uniform looked amazing on him, black and white contrasted on healthy olive skin. Percy hugged his boyfriend from behind and Nico giggled.

“You look hot. Attractive. Like, really hot.” The son of Poseidon mumbled and his hands half wanted to tickle Nico, half wanted to sneak under the smooth frabric.

Nico turned and kissed his boyfriend’s nose, his chapped lips until Percy finally smiled, the hint of sadness and regret from the past temporarily disappeared. He licked Nico’s nose, which resulted in a yelp and Nico pushed him down the bed in an attempt to tickle him.

“Thanks, Percy.”

“For what?” Percy asked, a hand beneath the fabric already.

“I…I never thought that I would play basketball in a team, or even have a group of nerds to study with.” Nico continued when he spotted Percy’s confusion. “I mean that, you have helped me be more open to things that I have never thought that I would do. I am different from who I was in the past. Thank you.”

“That’s what I should do, after-”

“Hush now, Perce.” Nico frowned lightly. “You’re making me happy now, at present. That is what matters.”

Percy pulled Nico down for a kiss before the son of Hades could spot the tears brimming out of his eyes.

Yes. He would do anything for the happiness of the boy he loved.

I just saw Les Miserables on Broadway and here were my favorite parts:

  • John Owens-Jones who played Jean Valjean was amazing and stunning and oh man his voice
  • Alison Luff was stunning as Fantine
  • Alex Finke was also amazing and lovely as Cosette
  • seriously
  • He and Enjolras were always kinda mirroring each other
  • During ABC Cafe/Red & Black he was always trying to get Enjolras’ attention, like gesturing all big trying to get him to look at him. Generally being an adorable little shit too
  • Grantaire was always looking after Gavroche like a brother/father it was so lovely and touching
  • Erin Clemons as Eponine was so lovely. Her voice was so amazing okay. On My Own was stunning.
  • Grantaire litterally tried to follow Gav over the barricade when he went to get bullets but Enjoras stopped him
  • Enjolras handed Gav to Grantaire and Granaire turned around, looked down at Gav and screamed ‘Why’ so loud and heart wrenching it was terrible, heartbreaking, and perfect.
  • Before Grantaire died he screamed ‘Lone live the Republic. I am with them’ and i died
  • Empty Chairs at Empty Tables made me cry like a baby. The women from Turning had left candles on the stage and all of the barricade boys came out and stood by a candle, picking it up and as the song went on blowing them out and walking away. It was haunting and moving and just amazing.
  • The finale was amazing and made me cry more.
  • Basically I cried my way through the entire thing.
  • I want to see it again