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The Best Night of My Entire Life. 1989 Secret Sessions RI!

I had always dreamed of meeting Taylor and was it would be like to tell her everything I’ve ever wanted. Last night I found out. On Wednesday morning (October 1st) I woke up to a direct message in Twitter from Taylor’s management, Taylor Nation! I FREAKED OUT! They asked me to email them my information so of course I did. At 4 that afternoon I got a call from Taylor Nation saying i had been picked to participate in an exclusive event for Taylor in Westerly Rhode Island. Of course my parents agreed and I was SO excited. This also became the longest 3 days of my life having to keep it a secret. Saturday rolled around and before I knew it, I was in the car on my way to the meeting location! We got there 2 hours early and were the second car in the parking lot. It was a dreadful two hours of sitting in the rain but I knew it would be worth it. At around 4:30 we got checked in and got into the bus and i made friends! (YAAAAY) When everyone in my group got on we left the location and headed to…. TAYLOR’S HOUSE! We pulled into the driveway next to the side of her garage and I was so excited!!! After a while we were security checked again and then led upstairs into Taylor’s house. When we got to the main level we were led through lots of doorways and finally into where we would be spending the next 7 hours. They told to eat because it was going to be a looooong night. I ate chicken nuggets and watermelon and Smartwater (I tried to eat light because I was extremely nervous and excited and overwhelmed). After i was done eating I looked around and was blown away not just by how beautiful the house looked but by the beautiful view of the ocean. The smell of her house is the best smell in history and I’m obsessed (I was so sad I forgot to ask where her candles were from). After waiting a few hours for all the other groups to arrive, everyone from my group started singing Shake It Off extremely loud and it was so fun! Then, they finally let us go sit in the living room where pillows were spread all over the floor for us to sit and this is when I began to realize that TAYLOR ALISON SWIFT WOULD BE IN FRONT OF ME SOON. Taylor Nation wanted a huge group picture of all of us sitting and while they did this Taylor snuck in through the back entrance and said “Hey guys!!” Taylor was sitting 10 feet in front of me. I couldn’t believe it and cried happy tears. Taylor started talking to us about the concept of the album and how she picked us (she’s had all of us planned to go for 7 months and stalked us on social media). As she was talked she looked at me and stopped mid-sentence and goes “HANNAHHHHH’S HEEEEERE!” And that was the moment I died. After that we listened to the first half of the album and Taylor explained the meaning of each song and then we had an intermission (thank god because having long legs and being cramped in a small space doesn’t mix well and I couldn’t feel my left leg). I started talking to some friends I had made about the songs that we had heard and then I heard someone yell “Hannah Webster?” And so I walked up to her and told her that was me and she told me to follow her so i did. We walked through the kitchen and I had a feeling she was looking for Taylor but I didn’t want to believe it. We walked back into the living room and the last goes “Taylor..” And she yells “HEY BABE!!” And gave me a huge hug and asked me to help her hand out cookies. I took a mint chocolate one and Taylor is the best baker ever okay. I lost Taylor in the crowd but I managed to find Scott; Taylor’s dad! My mom chatted with him for 10 minutes and he gave me two Taylor guitar picks! Then I saw Taylor and she immediately walked up to me and goes “Hannahhhhh!!” And I gave her the biggest hug and i didn’t want to let go. She told me that she was so proud of me for being so honest about everything I say and that I’m so real. She told me she watched my segment on Good Morning America about the comment she had left on my instagram and that her whole family couldn’t watch it without crying. She said that she was so proud that I went on national television and told exactly how I felt and went on there and was myself 100%. I gave her another hug and she told me that she couldn’t wait to talk to me more afterwards. She said she was going to go get some things and then we would continue listening to the album. I went looking for tissues because I was crying and by the time i came back there were so seats in the front so my mom and I decided to stand. Then a Taylor Nation lady pulled me aside and told me Taylor was going to be sitting on the opposite side of the room and to go sit in the back for a good seat. I ended up sitting right in the side of Taylor but the speaker blocked her face so I only saw her blue eyes and I was fine wit that because I was in the presence of Taylor. We listened to the rest of the album and there were two songs that really hit me hard and that I related to and Taylor knew it. When the first one came on Taylor kept looking at me while I was jamming and smirking at me. The second song made me cry like a baby. When Taylor was explaining the concept of the song i began crying because it’s exactly what I’m going through. Before she started playing the song, she moved to the edge of her seat and looked at me. Not smiling this time but the look on her eyes was her telling me “You’ll get through this. You’re gonna be okay.” And then when the song started i full on sobbed after the first verse. By the time the chorus came i was a mess. Taylor looked at me again and when she saw I was crying, started crying as well. By the end of the song, I felt like that song had healed any wounds that i was dragging with me before. After this Taylor goes “And now we dance!” And she put Shake It Off on! She stood up, grabbed my hand and we danced for more than half of the song! She spun around and then I did and we shimmy-together (or however you spell smimmy past tense). At the end of the song that had us get back into our groups and since I was group one, I was second in line! While we were waiting, Andrea, Taylor’s mom came up to me and goes “Hannah! Let me give you a hug!” She is one of the nicest people I’ve ever met. Then, I was called to meet Taylor! I walked in the room and she smiled so big and I ran into her arms and gave her the biggest hug I’ve ever given anyone. She goes “So are you popular out there? Do people know who you are?” And I told her that they did and that everyone was being so nice to me! And then she asked what pose I wanted for out picture. I asked if she could name some of her favorites because I had no ideas and so she named some and then she said “… Or we can pretend we’re having a best friend conversation and someone interrupts us” and i told I liked that one! She told me to come sit on the couch. We took our picture and then we took one with my mom. After pictures, we finally got to sit down and talk. She’s only supposed to spend 5 minutes with each person but she spent 15-20 minutes with me. My mom started talking about everything I had been going through and I started crying. I had my arm around Taylor and she had her arm around me. I felt so comforted. Taylor talked to me about really personal things that she knew I was going through and she told me she was so proud of me for being myself and not trying to be someone else to be cool or liked. She told me I was everything I should be; happy and bright. I started crying even more and my mom talked to her more and I put my head on her shoulder for the remainder of our conversation as I cried. Taylor told me that she feels the deepest and strongest connection with me than with anyone that she’s met because she identifies with me so much. This hit me so hard. Taylot telling me this meant more than anything anyone has ever said to me. I didn’t feel so alone anymore. We talked more about personal things that I want to keep for myself. Then, she gave me one last hug and i squeezed her so tightly. I said “I hope I see you again really soon! I’m gonna miss you so much!” And she said “I’ll see you on tour right?” And I said “DEFINITELY” and she said that she’d look for me at the show. On our way out they handed us a goody bag merch got on the bus and went back to our car. THAT will forever be the best night of my life and I will never forget it. taylorswift you made me feel so special and loved last night. I had the time of my life with you.

Salted Caramel

Summary: She liked him…a lot and she just wanted to get the point across. Too bad the wrong guy got it. Note to self: Check orders before writing little notes to the wrong customer!

Chapters 1-9

Chapter 3: Coffee on Hold

“Hobi hyung! You made it.” The sight of a rectangle smile had him grinning so hard his face threatened to split in half.

Beside him a pair of boys broke out into equally face splitting grins. They rushed from their spots against a wall to greet him. It felt like it had only been a week since he’d seen them. His hands automatically met theirs with a few fist bumps and playful wrist snaps. His hands certainly remembered these boys.

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Lost in Thought

 Title: Lost in Thought

Phan Status: Together

Contains: Angst, Fluff, ADHD

POV: Dan

Word Count: 1,317

Based on this prompt from phanfic:

A/N: I have combined (inattentive and hyperactive) ADHD, so I wrote from my experience. This is not what ADHD is like for everyone, but this is what it is like for me. I added some explanation for the jumps in train of thought in parenthesis, but in reality, the explanations are often, but not always, subconscious and simply make sense in my mind. I hope this makes sense. I wrote this without taking my medication so it would be more realistic. Thank you phangirlingforphan for being an awesome (and super quick) beta! Enjoy!

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Liveshow 29.03.2015

Favorite Quotes/Moments:

Note: They released some info about the book and said that Just Dance will probably be coming out tonight (Dan teased Phil about spoiling it in his liveshow last week), but that’s not really what I want to talk about here.

“A big thing happened in our life!”—Phil

“I swear to God, that is like 90% of the reason I’m on porridge right now, is because you can’t secret-eat it.”—Dan

“Gerard, what about me?!”—Phil, when discussing Gerard following Dan on twitter

“Much like we stalk all of your blogs and know what you’re saying 100% of the time….”—Dan

Phil, repeating user question: “What was the last movie I watched?” *turns to Dan* “What was the last movie we watched?”

“Shh, shh, shh!”—Phil, holding up a finger and shushing Dan

Phil: “Do you reckon you’d die before me?” Dan, gets a slightly unnerved look on his face: “You mean like in life, or in the Hunger Games?”

“Did no one even say, ‘Are you okay?’ British people!” Phil, indignant after Dan retells his escalator-falling story.

“Here we go, here we bloody go!”—Dan, to Phil, about anime

Phil killed his Tamagotchi. Dan: “I don’t care about Tamagotchi.” Phil: “Dan! For shame.”

Phil: “My mum says I have dextrous fingers!” *wiggling fingers* Dan: face-palms

“Just gonna let you wallow in your strangeness for a minute.” Dan, to Phil

“Quietly phallic if you put it the wrong way ‘round.” Phil, about his cactus

Their ensuing argument about where Phil puts the cacti.

“Phil bought an automatic air freshener and I HATE IT!”—Dan

Their fixations with the color changing candle Phil bought

Dan said something about Phil becoming Voldemort (video froze for a sec, so I didn’t quite catch it)

They took a hideous polaroid together. “Look how long my tongue is…I didn’t know my tongue could be that long.”—Phil

“I don’t want to leave!”—Dan, who had originally planned on leaving early to finish editing Just Dance, but decided to stay til the end because he was having so much fun.

“Let’s frame it!”—Dan, about the polaroid, in a weird voice and making a stupid face

“Do you want to eat the chicken nuggets, or the dog?”—Phil, doing a Lancashire accent

Phil and Dan looking at their elbows, and Phil being confused by Dan’s elbow

“You’re bad, you’re terrible, you’re a bad friend…. Bad Phil! Don’t buy cookies!”—Dan, to Phil about delicious Tesco cookies

“Domestic arguments”—Dan, singing

“You always talk to me about animal facts.”—Dan, to Phil

“If you say you have a broken toe, then you don’t have to do it.”—Phil, about P.E.

Dan, singing/humming annoyingly: “D’you like my lobby music?” Phil: “No.”

“The murder of Dan and Phil.”—Dan singing while Phil checks on a weird noise

They made firework sound effects while Dan was drawing

Dan: “How d’you spell scissor?” Phil, teasingly: “I’m not telling you.”

They thanked everyone for their support, said that the liveshow had been a lot of fun, and that more info about the book/tour will be coming out over the next few months.

General Observations:

They just looked really, incredibly happy. They were both laughing and smiling and grinning, and just seemed more relaxed and cheerful than I’ve seen them in ages. It made my face hurt from smiling so hard back at them. They also said “we” like five thousand times, and Phil used the phrase “our life.” It was the best liveshow I’ve ever seen with them by far, and I’m just so glad that they’re really comfortable and enjoying themselves right now. You should all go watch it now!!


MY PTXperience

I’m gonna start off by saying this: I don’t live in Florida. I live in Maryland. I saved up to buy PP tickets but since they were all sold out (curse you patrons) I used tho difference between the cost for PP and the cost for SC to buy plane tickets.

My PTX day started at 3 pm when I arrived at the BB&T center. The doors didn’t open until 4. It was then that I met one of my Twitter friends Rebecca. She was the first internet friend I ever met. We hung out it line and chanted for a while. Then we went inside. They let the SC and PP people in first so I was heading in alone (Rebecca only had M&G).

I walked inside and got my GA bracelet and was led upstairs. Up there, I was briefly standing alone…until a whole bunch of people started coming up to me saying “You’re Ollie, right? I’ve watched your covers on Twitter!”
It was WEIRD.

Anyways, I made friends with a group of people. I don’t want to bore you with these details cuz this isn’t what y'all want to read about.
Once the guide explained the M&G process to us, he led us down to the arena. We stood in a hallway where a black curtain was drawn over the entrance. My newfound friends and I were the first ones in line. The guide told us that he would tell us when we could go in. And so we stood there chatting until all of a sudden we heard singing coming from behind the curtain. Soundcheck had begun. Avi then proceeded to hit an extremely low note. All of us screamed and we heard Scott say “well I guess the soundcheck group is here.”
We stood there for a LONG time listening to them running stuff on repeat. FINALLY it was time for us to walk in. I was the first one down the stairs.

They all walked down to the front of the stage and sat down. They all greeted us.
Please understand that this was my first time EVER seeing them in person. I was stunned as to how such a beautiful group of people could exist. I waved at all of them and they all said hi.
Me: “Mitch your hair looks aMAZing!”
Mitch: “My hair? Yes girl thank you so much!”
So the Q&A started. This adorable little boy kept calling out questions but they were sweet and answered him. I don’t remember much of what was asked. I remember the young boy asked Kirstin who she loved the most out of Olaf, Jeremy, and Pascal.
She looked super embarrassed and took a while to answer.
Kirstin: “Jeremy, Olaf, then Pascal I guess but I love all of them.”

Everything is mostly a blur for me…until Scott called on me.
Me: “Hi! I guess this question is mostly for Avi. I was just wondering if you could explain what it’s like majoring in classical voice in college since that’s what I’m planning on doing.”
Avi: “Well it takes a lot of hard work and dedication. You have to be very focused and true to the music. But I think you’ll be fine. You have an incredible voice.”
I’m pretty sure my jaw dropped at this point.
Scott: “Yeah we all recognize you from Twitter. Your voice is beautiful so I have no doubt you’ll be super successful one day.”
Kevin: “Yeah you are so talented.”
I almost passed out. I was definitely at least bright red.

They answered a few more questions and then performed NØ for us. While they were performing, everyone was staring at the trio. I decided to watch KO and we made eye contact. He smiled at me and waved a bit.
Then we had to leave. They started walking back stage but stopped part way to talk to someone. Before I ran up the stairs, I waved over towards where they were standing and Kirstin waved back.

They led us back up to the M&G area where all the regular M&G VIP people were already lined up in front of us. I didn’t care though. I needed time for my heart rate to slow down.
All of my new squad was SQUEALING about how incredible the soundcheck was. I was still approximately the color of a tomato.
We slowly moved forward in line to get our photos taken. We watched them dab, blow kisses, hug, and even pick up a few fans.
Finally, it was almost my turn.

Now would be the time to say this: I made them gifts. These gifts were personalized necklaces. I posted photos of them on Twitter and, the day before, KO tweeted me about how pretty his necklace looked. I had a mini panic attack when I was packing to go to Florida because I thought that I had lost Kevin’s necklace. I hurriedly made a copy of it…and then immediately found the original. So I was wearing the copy to the M&G.

As I walked up, Scott started grinning.
Scott: “Hey look guys, it’s our favorite!”
When I got closer, Kevin pointed at the necklace.
KO: “Wow! It does look beautiful in real life!”
I didn’t know what to do. All I knew is that I had to move fast.
Me: “I really want to hug all of you…but since I can’t do that…Kirstin?”
I walked over between Scott and Kirstin and gathered her up into a big bear hug. And I really didn’t want to let go. But all to soon, the photos were over and I had to go to the back of the line for the autographs. I almost tripped as I was rushing away and heard Avi breathe in quickly behind me and say “Careful!”
I gathered up the M&G bag, put on the sunglasses, and hightailed it out of the room. (BTW I left the sunglasses in the rental car so I guess I’m never seeing those again sadly)

Back at the end of the line, I found my friends again and we continued gushing to each other about how amazing PTX is in real life.

Then it was time for: the actual conversation. The part I was so scared of. I’m so shy around strangers that I can barely order food from waiters without blushing and stumbling over my words.
But I put on a brave face and pulled out my bag of presents. I was watching people asking them for hugs and decided that I was just gonna go for it.
Then the fun began.
When I got to the end of the table, Kevin was having an intense conversation with the person before me about fried chicken. When they moved forward to Mitch, he finally looked up and saw me there.
KO: “Hey how are youuuu! It’s so good to finally meet you!”
KO: *hugs me before I can even say anything*
KO: “And thanks for all the covers of like everything on our Triptyq EP. That’s SO cool.”
Me: “Thank you! And also, here is the actual necklace.”
Me: *hands him the jewelry box*
KO: “Oh no! You did? Nooooo that’s so cool! Cuz what you made is so beautiful. I’m serious! Thank you!”
KO: *opens box*
KO: “Oh my GOD. Wait…”
Me: “It’s underneath the letter.”
KO: “That’s awesome! Thank you so much!”

Mitch was talking very quietly so most of this is from my memory and not the video.

Mitch: “Hi how are you!”
Me: “Good!”
Me: *hands him the jewelry box*
Mitch: “Thank you! Thank you so much!”
Mitch: “Wait what is this?”
Mitch: “Oh my God I was like ‘what does it say?’ That’s cute. That’s so cute.”

Me: Hi!
Scott: “Hi there how are you?”
Me: *nods while handing him the jewelry box*
Scott: “Oh my god thank you! That’s so nice*
Scott: *rips open box really fast*
Scott: “Oh my god I love it. OH YEAH! Did I see this on Twitter?”
Me: *giggling because I had no clue he saw it* “Yeah.”
Scott: “Okay cool! That’s so cute! Thank you.”
I don’t think he noticed the #soon carved into it and I doubt he ever will.

Kirstin: “Hi! How are you?”
Me: “I’m good!”
Me: *hands Kirstin the jewelry box*
Kirstin: “Oh my gosh. Should I open it now?”
Me: “If you want to!”
Kirstin: “What is it? Wait. I don’t know! I don’t know…I’m gonna save it. I’m…imma tweet it at you.”
Kirstin: “It’s so good to see you! How is everything?”
Me: “Um, really good!”
Kirstin: “Good. Good. I know you were auditioning and stuff so…that’s exciting! It’s good to finally see you.”
At this point the person behind me was getting annoyed and Avi cut into the conversation. Kirstin has yet to tweet me.

Avi: “So where are you auditioning?”
Me: “Um, right now I’m deciding between University of Illinois and University of Wisconsin.”
Avi: “Awesome.”
Me: “And I made you something.”
Me: *hands Avi the jewelry box*
Avi: *puts it immediately with the rest of his stuff without opening it*
Avi: “Thank you. I really appreciate it.”
Avi: “I’m really excited for you. You have a really beautiful voice.”
Me: “That means so much coming from you. Could I possibly have a hug?”
Avi: “Absolutely!”
We hugged. He’s such a good hugger.
Avi: “It was so nice to finally meet you.”

I then walked to the side of the room where they said that if we stayed, we could say quick goodbyes to them as they left.

It was as Kevin was walking by that I remembered that I had forgotten a gift.

Me: “Oh wait Kevin! I forgot to give you something!”
Kevin: “Yeah Ollie?” (At this point I almost passed out cuz he was the first one to say my name)
Me: “I almost forgot the pendant for Tara!”
Kevin: *runs over and grabs the pendant*
Kevin: “Thanks for making something for her! I know she’ll love it!”

Kirstin waved to me when she walked out. At this point, I ran down to the arena hoping that I would be able to find decent standing room since I had waited so long (I had GA). Lucky for me, my friends who had left earlier saved me a spot. Where, you might ask? Front. Row. Center.

We waited for a while for the concert to start and gotaquatinted with the people around us. Then AJ came on. He was pretty chill. His voice isn’t my favorite, but his songs were catchy.
And then it was Us The Duo. They’re literal perfection. I wish I could say much about there performance but I spent to much of it staring at them in awe to have clear memories of it.

And then it was time. PTX was about to come on stage and blow me away.
Now I know y'all already know how the concerts go, and I don’t feeling like describing every single song in excruciating detail, so I’ll skip to the more personal parts.

Let me say something a bit embarrassing: I have very bad bladder control and I have to go to the bathroom a LOT. And just as Us The Duo came on stage to sing If I Ever Fall In Love, my bladder struck.

I went sprinting through the crowd to get the bathroom without missing to much. Luckily, I run cross country so I was FAST.
I was back to the front row as Us The Duo was leaving the stage.
And everything was great again.
Or so I thought.

Apparently I ran too fast. Because my phone was no longer in my pocket. I spent the next two songs searching the GA pit, the stairs, and the bathroom for it. Yeah. Not a fun time. Like, I was feeling “worst night of my life” bad at that point. Right there, in the front row, with Mitch and Scott talking not ten feet away from me, I broke down SOBBING. Like, gross sobbing. My makeup was everywhere. If you think this is an overreaction, please know that my mother is a horrible borderline abusive person who would have made my life HELL if she found out I lost my phone. She had bought a cheap ticket at the door so she could “see what all the hype was about”. Since I didn’t want to miss anymore of the concert, I sent her a text from somebody else’s phone asking her to look for it. And I turned back to the stage and tried to smile. I wiped the mascara lines off my face and started singing along as PTX started singing NØ.
I had already heard it a billion times at soundcheck but it was even more spectacular with the lights and choreo.
Soon enough, I had mostly forgotten about the horror awaiting me with my mother.
And Scott and Mitch walked forwards. It was then that I saw them. The beanbags.
Scott: “We kind of want to bring some of you up to sing with us.”
And then he walked off the stage. Now remember what I said before. Front. Row. Center. Scott and Mitch walked by me without a second glance (though I did touch their hands as they walked by). I was so caught up in the moment that I didn’t see Kirstin approaching until she was almost right next to us. She slowed down by a group of people to my left so I thought that she had made her choice. But then she just shook hands with them and kept walking. And grabbed my hand. And stopped.
She stepped up onto a step on the other side of the guardrail, still holding my hand.

Kirstin: *looking at my group of friends* “Hi guys!”
Kirstin: *looks at me STILL HOLDING MY HAND*
At this point she could probably tell that I had been crying
Kirstin: “Are you okay?”
Me: *is too shocked by everything to talk*
Friend next to me: “She lost her phone”
Me: *is still to shocked and doesn’t want to correct the person about misgendering me I front of Kirstin*
Kirstin: “You lost your phone? That’s not good!”
Friend: “And she came all the way from Maryland!”
Kirstin: “I know! Do you wanna come sing with me Ollie?”
I was still in shock so I just kind of nodded and grinned stupidly.

She smiled and held my hand up high so that everybody knew she had chosen me.
The body guard lifted me over the railing and placed me down on the other side. My friends were screaming SO LOUD. At this point, Kirstin takes my hand again and leads me over to the stage. Everybody else is up there already. There aren’t any steps but instead a series of boxes.
Kirstin: “Be careful! We’ll step up together!”
How she did it in her heels, I don’t know.
We sat down in the pink bean bags. I turned around and looked at Avi and Scott and they smiled at me. I looked out and saw the HUGE crowd.

Is now a good time to mention my stage fright? Well, funny story, I didn’t feel any. Thousands of people watching me at once and I didn’t have a single ounce of fear. I guess I was just so high on cloud nine that I didn’t think about it too much and psych myself. Good thing, too, cuz the lights went out. And when they came back up, the song started.

I didn’t know what exactly to do so I started singing the melody. But when the chorus hit, Kirstin looked me in the eyes and somehow managed to convey what she wanted me to do. So I started singing her harmony line instead. She grinned at me, seeming really happy that I had gotten her message. And then she did something I did NOT expect her to do: she shoved the microphone towards my mouth and had me sing a few lines. After a little bit she took it back. I was still in shock that I had just heard my voice projected through the speakers for a few thousand people to hear. (Any other day, I would have fainted then and there)
I have to tell you. There is no better feeling than watching your idol grin at you while you sing. Her smile is just so pretty and her eyes are BEAUTIFUL and I could just go on and on and on about how perfect she is. Anyways…
The song continued like this. She would occasionally put the microphone up to my mouth. She wrapped her arm around me at one point and pulled me close. I was grinning like an idiot.

When we got to the bridge, she leaned in really close and just held the microphone between both of us. And we sang together like that for the whole bridge. Soon enough, though, the song was over.

As soon as it ended she leaned in and hugged me.
Kirstin: “Your voice is so good.”
She said this into my ear instead of the complements given into the microphone by the other band members to their guests. But I didn’t care. It felt more genuine that way. She put her arm around me and helped me up. Then I turned around and saw Avi waiting there. He gave me a BIG hug (have I mentioned how great his hugs are? Because his hugs are fantastic), patted me on the back, and turned me back around to where Kirstin was standing. She grabbed my hand one more time and pointed me towards the stairs for me to get back into the GA pit. And I walked off with that same stupid smile plastered on my face. I didn’t even care when somebody spilled their soda ALL OVER my poster (it dried out enough and it didn’t stain the front). The woman whose phone I borrowed handed me the phone with a text from my mom saying that she found my phone behind a seat and that it was broken. It later turned out that the phone wasn’t completely broken like she thought but just out of battery (with a little cracked screen).

I spent the rest of the concert in a daze. I didn’t go out to meet them at the bus because I didn’t want to make my mom wait. It was a good choice because it turned out that they never came outside anyways. Ugh.

Later, in my hotel room, I tweeted a grainy photo of my on stage (fun fact: there is not a single quality video or photo of that song out there anywhere. Not fun fact. Really sad fact) and Kevin responded saying “Hahaha good seeing you today”

The next morning I flew home to tell my friends the tale.
And that is the end of my first ever #PTXperience.


161227 @nct127 instagram captions (by haechan) — full compilation
  • “hello everyone!!! I’m nct 127’s haechan. it seems like I’m the first, I’m nervous 😝😝” 
  • “have you looked at the videos and pictures of me that have been revealed!! 🤗 🤗”
  • “10am… *drumroll* 🙌🤔😜😝🌞🌞”
  • “the pictures uploaded till now have been uploaded personally!!!! by me ㅎㅎ since it’s cold outside, be careful not to catch a cold~ wow… I’m really looking forward to it ㅎㅎ!!!! please be with me today~”
  • “I also personally changed the profile picture, and I thought I might upload it wrongly and was worried, this is so~~~fun umhahaha😁😁😁😁😁”
  • “what did you do during christmas???? we had a chicken party !!! with all~~~~~ of us gathered ㅎㅎ what was everyone up to~~?? 🍗 🍗”
  • “everyone, don’t you like that I’m personally doing this? today is the day we play together~~ it’s fun ㅋㅋㅋ how’s my hair?? I dyed it red, red 🎼 it’s a colour I’ve always wanted to try ㅎㅎ please look upon it prettily”  
  • “everyone, have you eaten?? I ate really delicious kimchi fried rice earlier in the morning!!!! oh right, right, the words/drawings beside the pictures are personally written/drawn by me!! is my handwriting too ugly….?????ㅋㅋㅋ”
  • “we tuned in to melon radio together by turning on our bluetooth speaker but it was so cringey I couldn’t listen to everything ㅋㅋ😂😨 everyone, please tune in~~ 🙆😉👍👍👍👍👍👍”
  • “everyone, I have a concern….ㅠㅠ cider (sprite), coca cola, orange juice, chocolate milk, what’s good…? it’s really a concern (of mine)….😔”
  • “I ate lunch already! isn’t ‘first christmas’ sung by doyoung-ie hyung and joy-sunbaenim so good ?? I keep humming to the song~ but doyoung-ie hyung doesn’t let me play the song, he says he’s shy/embarrassed ㅠㅠ😢👩”
  • “in the end, I drank both coke and juice!! I want to eat ddeokbokki, everyone eat ddeokbokki for snacks~~ fish bread and steamed bun too!! I’ll be eating (them) while reading your replies. oh right, I’ve been reading the replies. if you have anything you’re curious about, ask me! sorry I can’t reply to every single one ㅠㅠ I learnt about word spacing with hashtags ㅎㅎ 👏 👏 #I’llgainweight… #Iwanttoeatthem #snsissofun #fansaresofun”
  • “today’s really cold 😣
    overcoming winter with haechanie!!

    - eat snacks like fish bread and steamed bun

    - use hand warmers and go to the sauna

    please dress warmly 💞 #thingsIneedandwanttodo #fishbread #steamedbun #handwarmer #sauna”

  • “it still hasn’t snowed yet, it’s such a pity… I hope it snows soon so we can make snowmen outside our dorm!! ❄️⛄️☃️⛄️ ❄️ #snowballfight #who’sgoingtogethit.. #TYandMARK”
  • “I’ve returned from a recording :)
my roommate changed to mark. thanks to me, mark hyung can enjoy using a clean room umhaha 😉😆😁#markhyung #I’mneater(thanhim)”
“at the end, I’ve also drunk chocolate milk!! (finished it) in one shot ㅎㅎ everyone, when you feel tired or when your sugar levels drop have some sweet chocolate milk!! 🍫 🍫 🍫 #whenyoursugarleveldrops #chocolatemilk”
  • “mark hyung and I share the same room (physically) but live in different spaces (t/n: they don’t really hang out together) ㅋㅋ just joking, we listen to songs and sing together, we clean up and sometimes when we’re busking the hyungs nag at us, saying we’re too noisy ㅋㅋ 🌚 #hyungsaretoomuch #musicismylife”
  • “during that chicken party, I lost in a game and went with doyoung-ie hyung to buy ice cream (as a punishment) ㅠㅠ but it was still fun 😆 #moneywasdoyoungiehyung’s #Ipaidformineonly #yummy”
  • “during that chicken party, I lost in a game and went with doyoung-ie hyung to buy ice cream (as a punishment) ㅠㅠ but it was still fun 😆 #money_was_doyoungie_hyung’s #I_paid_for_mine_only #yummy”
    “this time, johnny hyung and doyoung-ie hyung have joined and our team’s average height increased!! confidence up!! 👊 #but_my_height_remains ㅠㅠ”
  • “I took this picture earlier for everyone!! 🤗 our new song is really very good!! recently I’ve been listening to only our songs!! when you get to hear them, you’ll probably  be the same too?? there are sexy songs, fun songs, cool songs, charismatic songs, you have to listen to them!!🎉🎵🎤 #they’re_so_good #lookforward!! #haechan_is_back_”
  • “today was really fun!! was it fun too for everyone?? thank you for always loving nct, we’ll show you an amazing side of us when we meet again so please look forward to it!! and!! later we’ll be doing v app so wait for us!!! (why is that so???) thanks everyone
starting from me, for 9 days when the teasers are being revealed, you’ll always be with the members! do look forward to it 😀🙆🎆 #I’m_leaving #wait_for_us!!! #please_love #limitless”

translated by @svnthsense​ (twitter/@svnthsns)
do not repost. do not take out.