also have i mentioned i hate green

I have discovered 2 things today:
1) I still hate kale
2) I hate kale even more in juice form

Also, 4 stalks of celery is too much, and cucumber juice does not go into green juice cocktails. And ½ lemon would have been sufficient (instead of a whole one).

This is possibly the most foul tasting concoction ever. But I drank about 90% of it because I used a ton of my vegetables (waste not want not) and I know its packed with the vitamins I need. It is just….eeeuuuuggh.

Cosette is Enjolras’ step-sister:

RSVP+1 (21k) by @tell-themstories 

His arms wrap automatically around her waist, head turning to nuzzle her hair, until he realises what he’s doing and steps back, letting go. Cosette refuses to do the same, however, arms wrapped around his neck as she stands on her tiptoes. “Nope,” she says, “I’m not letting go. You’re not getting away again that quickly.”

Grantaire makes the mistake of laughing, and her sharp green eyes dart to look at him, suspicious. Grantaire meets her look, unperturbed, shifting his weight so he can lean back on the desk as the receptionist looks for their key cards.  

“This is my… this is Grantaire,” Enjolras says to break the silence, ignoring the look Grantaire sends at him and tugging on one of Cosette’s curls. “He’s from work.”

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Cosette is Enjolras’ younger sister:

10 Things I Hate About You AU by zimriya

Cosette takes a deep breath and lets it out in one go. “I may have mentioned how you don’t even want to date people and, uh, Papa decided that I couldn’t until you did.”

It’s Enjolras’ turn to be surprised. “I,” he says. “He did what?”

“I’m not allowed to date until you do?” Cosette’s smile is blinding; Enjolras feels a headache coming on.

“You’re not allowed to date until I do?” he asks.

Cosette, if possible, smiles even wider. “Yes?”

Cute art for it, aww 

Cosette & Enjolras are siblings who model:

looks that books take pages to tell (2k) by @sarah-yyy

Cosette stares at him for a long moment before she breaks into a grin. “You’re not upset because of the pretty boy comment,” she says, finally fitting the pieces of the puzzle together. “You’re upset that he called me sweetheart. That snipe on his professionalism wasn’t you being grumpy after a long shoot, it was you being jealous.” She lets out a soft laugh. “Enjolras, do you like Grantaire?”

Cosette & Enjolras are twins:

Magic Mike AU by @fivie 

Grantaire turns around to see a young man entering the room from the kitchen – a sort of absurdly beautiful young man, with blond hair and- oh. He’s also got a few birthday badges pinned to his shirt. Grantaire glances between him and the girl who answered the door. Twins.

He and Bahorel exchange looks, because no one told them if they’d been called here for the birthday girl or boy or both. Then Bahorel shrugs, and they both seem to silently agree that the only fair conclusion is both.

Enjolras and Montparnasse are twins:

I ain’t scared of the fall (I’ve hit the ground before) (26k+) by Symbolic @in-mine-idolatry

Grantaire is just about to usher him out, because the room is starting to smell like Enjolras, and he shouldn’t be reacting so viscerally to that fact, he barely knows this boy, still doesn’t even know if he’s gay, when his eye falls on his open sketchbook. The preliminary sketches for Grantaire’s collection are still there, splashed across the page, and Grantaire suddenly has an idea. “If you really – if you really want to make it up to me, there is something you can do.”

Enjolras looks like Grantaire’s offered him a lifeline – he obviously doesn’t like being wrong, obviously is never in the wrong, doesn’t know how to behave. “What is it?” he asks slightly breathlessly.

“I want you to model for my collection,” Grantaire says.

bonus headcanon: Grantaire & Combeferre are twins 

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anonymous asked:

I'm the same anon that asked for sources and after receiving zero from anyone (except for tumblr posts from haters) I find it hard to believe John Green is a bad person. I feel as though people really do hate John Green because he's been popular for too long. That is so, so stupid. PLEASE supply me with a source that doesn't come from tumblr.

ignoring the fact that you’re extremely biased, clearly devoted and stanning, and that fact that its super disrespectful to just dismiss the concerns of people just because they’re voicing those concerns on a different website than you’d like, I would first like to point out that what your selfish ass is doing is “make this one all about me! make it just for me so I don’t have to do any research on my own! I don’t wanna click thru blogs! I don’t care about people’s experiences!” anyways here it is.

on antisemitism: says “anne frank died of an illness like most people” completely ignoring the fact that she got ill because she was forced into a fucking concentration camp. the fucking holocaust is want caused anne frank to die. nazis and antisemitism killed anne frank. not fucking “illness, like most people” (

on being friendly with rapists: a twitter post from one of john green’s twitter accounts ( welcomes back eddplant of the band Chameleon Circuit, who is an admitted rapist (

on liberal usage of the word “kafir” (google is your friend) and a garbage ass defense for it: repeatedly states that “you can’t attribute things my characters say to me” yikes! guess you didn’t write those books then, oops! he really should contact someone about his name being on books he had zero creative authority on and did not in any way control or create. [sorry, no source for that one! unless of course you can accept that tumblr has humans on it who say things that can be used as proof. ( (]

on defending laci green’s racist, islamophobic video titled “Islam is sexist”: states in the same post of his above “I [have all these brownie points] so I don’t know why people are calling me islamophobic” when the issue is that he defended the actions of a vlogger who made an extremely bigoted video and it reached probably millions of people and maybe millions more by sharing and the magic of the internet. but it’s a little deeper than a blanket defense of the vlogger, as this tumblr post outlines. ( (oh no! a tumblr post with feelings and experiences in it! almost like people exist and hang out in this big blue trashcan.)

on recent events: this post ( says “john green is creepy and makes me uncomfortable in the same way creepy dads at pool parties make me uncomfortable” so john green responded in the most mature and eloquent way imaginable, by shouting “I don’t sexually abuse children you are slanderous and are trying to ruin my life” and then announces he’s gonna be less active on his blog.

like okay, john green isn’t a physically dangerous person, just a creepy middle-aged man with an unnecessarily large following of teenage girls who worship the ground he walks on. even IF HE WERE a pedophile like he thinks he’s being accused of, it wouldn’t matter because there are fans that are willing to defend him to the death! and it’s horrifying! (

in conclusion, anon, you’re selfish for wanting a personally tailored answer instead of just looking at the incredible abundance of evidence that is documented not by “haters” but by people he has affected and directly harmed with his bullshit. (and also “”“haters”“” too lmao who cares if people hate him he’s boring anyways) but i have a lot of free time this fine Sunday afternoon! so here it is because you very well could be a devoted child and I am very fucking horrified by the extent to which these young kids adore and defend him when he does wrong.

im not trying to get people to hate him, im trying to get yall to leave me the hell alooooone by supplying you with the same shit I’ve been linking for weeks!!

#long post #rape mention #john green for ts