also have him call me in like 13 years' time


“Aiba-chan’s existence in Arashi is like a sun.”

“He expresses his emotions honestly. He even makes me happy whenever he is happy somehow." 

"I think he’s a strong person. I saw a preview for Tensai! Shimura Doubutsen the other day where Aiba-kun was crying the whole time, but I think it takes a certain strength to be able to show that side of you on TV. I would never let people see me like that, after all. It’s the same with taking being mercilessly bullied during a TV show and turning it into something funny. I think it’s the "strength of being able to show your weaknesses”. I don’t really know how other people view him, but I find him very manly.“

"He’s the greatest friend that I have met when I was 13 years old. We still hang out no matter what, and he is also like a family member to me.”

"The memories that have remained from around the beginning were of a drama called "V no Arashi”, which everyone was featured in. Aiba-chan was running a fever at the time, but he never spoke a single word about it. I remember thinking at the time, “Ahh, so he’s a manly person, he’s pretty tough”. He’s Arashi’s mood-maker. He’s cheerful, he’s easily moved to tears. He’s just like a sun, a person who would brighten his surroundings. But, there’s a lot about him that’s worrying. Today at the recording for a music program as well, no matter how many times we checked it over he still couldn’t do the dance at all. Like ‘It’s already been 10 years, are you going to be okay?’. Eventually, Aiba-chan worked up a sweat dancing during the actual performance. What point of his would I recommend to girls? It seems that Aiba-can can “pass through by recognition alone at pretty much all zoos”, so dates won’t be a problem with him. And, the stores Aiba-chan and I go to often overlap! That’s why, I’d like us to each be introduced to a single store that both of us don’t know about, and widen our areas of activities.“


/and 1 more day to go~ ^^-