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finally finished this monster of a painting WHEW
done in about 7 hours! started as stress relief and then painted during breaks of working on jaj!

Okay but what if when the Warden and a romaced Alistair get married, the Warden incorporates what Alistair said when they first met into their vows? Basically what I’m saying is please imagine Alistair Theirin crying his eyes out because the love of his life just said “The best thing about the Blight is that it brought us together”

The Romance Scene I Wanted with Fenris:

Soft kiss, give him a backrub so he can relax, tell him he’s great, cuddle with armour on, he’s not ready and Hawke doesn’t push, a slow romance that’s about trust, Fenris opens up in all cutscenes after this and his constant tension eases.

The Romance Scene I Got:

SLAM Fenris against the wall, biting kisses, Hawke tops, Fenris has flashbacks midway through and HAwke doesn’t even notice, Hawke passes out and Fenris stays up having panic attacks about repressed memories and Hawke is personally offended?? Fenris breaks up with Hawke because wtf wtf WTF HAWKE

Hey y’all remember another big guy dragon nerd?

-I’ll see myself out


“And the second question is: if you could make any ship happen for your character in particular on the show, do you think she would get her Happy Ending now? Because she hasn’t got her Happy Ending yet. If you could make ANY ship, like ANYTHING happen; your character with any character on the show, dead or alive or whatever, do you think she would get her Happy Ending?”

Lana Parrilla Gold Panel! Toronto 2017

Also, Lana ships Dragon Queen ;)

“If you can’t beat him alone, you work together!”

Krillins strategic fighting style = amazing
18 kicking a kamahamaha wave away to hold her husbands hand = amazing
Goku and Gohan still learning important lessons from their friends = amazing

This whole episode = AMAZING


Dorian must have been a pretty lonely person during his first weeks in the Inquisition, being a Tevinter mage. There’s of course the Inquisitor, but they can’t be with him all the time because of their duties regarding the Inquisition. So I imagine him sitting in the tavern and drinking alone. Nobody would dare to talk to the “Vint” and even though he usually counters the mistrust and hate with his wit and sarcasm, there are those evenings where he is just … tired. Tired and lonely and so far away from his home. I like to think that Bull was one of the first persons from the inner Circle (besides Cole maybe) who would not only talk a little bit, but also share a few tankards with him.

Safeguard | Grand Admiral Thrawn | Star Wars

I’ve been wanting to do a non-chibi version of Thrawn and a ysalamir for a while now.  I’m glad I finally got around to it!  :)

(more Thrawn fanart | more Star Wars fanart)

FT Chapter 531 Reaction - Natsu

What do you see Lucy, Happy?!?!


Since when does Natsu know how to activate Dragon Force at will?!?! (Just more questions about his training year…) 


Maybe my theory about END being something like take-over magic is right! (LOL)

Either way…Natsu got a major power up as soon as Lucy opened the book!!! 


As a side note…

THE LOVE THAT CANNOT BE SEEN ANYMORE’ - WHAT IS THIS GONNA MEAN?!?! Is it going to be Nalu or Mavis and Zeref related?! Something about the ONE MAGIC finally? 

Or most likely something completely unrelated to this last scene…

A commission for @queenaeducan ( as a gift from her wonderful date friend ) of Solas & @dalishfreckles !! This piece was a long haul and there are so many tiny details tumblr just won’t let me show, and was a bigger project that I ever expected, but I’m so happy to finally get to share it with you all!

the heart does not lie

It takes time, of course. It takes time, and planning, and a fair amount of Wynne’s secret wine stash that she thinks no one knows about, to gather up the courage necessary to do what needs to be done– to say what needs to be said.

The camp is near-silent when he does it, everyone tucked away in their tents, resting up for the battle they can all feel creeping closer with each passing day. None of them say it, of course, but it hangs over them all. Their forces art growing, and soon, they will take their support to Denerim, to challenge Loghain, and then further, to challenge the Archdemon and the Blight itself.

Sten is seated by the fire, stripped out of his armor but not settling in for bed just yet. He sits, silent and unmoving as stone, and Bartholomew’s heavy head rests comfortably atop his knee. It’s a bit comforting to see his hound there, and he’s not sure why. Maybe it’s because, of all the people who are relying on him now, his dog is the easiest to accept. He’s been told all his life how stalwart mabari are, how their trust is rarely misplaced, and it makes his stomach feel strangely warm knowing that, even if he screws up, he’ll still have the faith of his loyal hound.

Or maybe he’s just drunker than he thought.

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I commissioned the wonderful @needapotion aka. Lowenael for a portait bust of my Sora and I am just so incredibly happy with it! 😊 💜 Nothing really made me smile like this in a long time 😳 I can only recommend checking her blog out & commissioning her if you also want such a beautiful portrait of your OC son or daughter~ Thank you very much again! 💞

“What do you do when you stop running?”

I meant to do this for a long time now. Here is the masterpost of fanficion written for me. Mostly Vaxus and Pavelyan but also Alistair x Surana, Fenhawke and lots of OC x OC shipping. 

I love every single piece on this list. You are all incredibly talented and your writing keeps me inspired and motivated to keep going. This list was made so I have the easy access to all the beauties but it’s also a huge fic rec ;D

Thank you for making my days better <3

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