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Sweet or spiced

Hello love bugs.
My first slightly smutty story. Please send requests and comments. I would love to hear from you guys!

Dan x female reader
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Warnings ⚠️ smut. Daddy kink. Swears. Fluff at end.
If this isn’t for you I have tons of fluff for you to read.

Dan was always very sweet in bed. You guys had a colourful sexual relationship. Some days Dan would be wild and kinky. “Tell me how good my cock feels in your tight pussy.” Dan would say as he would slam in and out of you with one hand grabbing your hip to keep you steady, and one thumb running circles on your clit. These were the nights where he would become dominating and rough. Just the way you like it.

“Your cock makes my pussy feel so good daddy. I’m not going to last much longer. Baby I’m gunna.” You never finished that sentence because Dan was always sure to make you wither around him. He felt powerful and in love.

Tonight however was a sweet night. Sweet kisses and soft whispers of nothing. Dan was smitten, as were you. How could you be with him for so long but still manage to feel butterflies every time you had these nights.
“That makes me happy.” Dan would say brushing a bit of hair from your face.
“What does?”you say looking into his dark chocolate eye balls.
“Your breathing. He said knowing full well how cheesy it was. He honestly meant it though. He spent a lot nights alone thinking he may never have anyone in his bed with him. He was thankful for you. More then you could probably ever understand.

His words make your face instantly turn beet red. He has literally every inch of your body memorized in his mind but things like this make you feel so loved. You didn’t want him to know the power he has over your body so you decided to resort to a little child by hiding your face under the soft blankets.

“What are you doing?” He says pulling the blanket down so he can see your face.

“I’m hiding.” You say with a small little voice causing Dan to have a small laugh fall from his lips.

“You’re hiding under the blanket because you’re blushing?” He says pulling your chin up to make your lips more acceptable to his. “You’re to adorable for your own fucking good y/n.”

Please send me requests and comments. 🖤

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give it up

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◇ It’s a well-known fact that Im Jaebum would gladly give up the empire that he inherited for one person, and one person alone.

◇ Jaebum x reader

◇ mafia!au

◇ how goes it guys!! This scenario was honestly so unplanned and it’s kinda messy but it’s dedicated to that one anon who always asks for jaebum fluff!! I hope you enjoy cutie!! Also happy new years guys, I’m looking forward to more fics in 2k17!!


“What’s for dinner, sweetheart?” If it were anybody else, you would have jumped out of your skin, goosebumps hunching up from your skin. You hadn’t heard the door open.

But no; this was Jaebum - you smell his musky cologne before your hear him, and his arms are incredibly warm when they wind themselves around your waist, his chest pressed flush against your back and his lips brushing fondly over the nape of your neck.

You try to play casual - the lack of his presence over the passed few weeks had taken a toll on you emotionally and with the question of his safety hanging over your head, you were almost driven crazy; but you didn’t want to stress him even more than he most certainly already was.

“Kimchi stew,” you answer back softly, forcing your eyes to stay open when they so desperately wanted to flutter shut and bask in his embrace. You continue stirring the stew carefully, but your mind is only focused on how he sways you back and forth, as close to you as possible. “How was your trip?”

He shrugs from behind you, as he always does. Jaebum doesn’t like speaking about his trips too much when he’s with you - he never has. Multiple lectures from your parents and your friends and even his friends had implanted the idea that you were too pure for his lifestyle into his mind, and even if they never had happened you were sure he still wouldn’t enjoy telling you. But you weren’t stupid, and at this point in your relationship his silence spoke more than words.

You set the stew to simmer, and turn around with bated breath to take in his face. Although it had only been a few weeks since you had been able to be held by him, to be surrounded by warmth only he could provide - it felt like you could finally be at peace. Your nights would no longer be tormented by terror-filled visions of him being hurt, his breath laboured and his eyes hard and cold as ice. You could relax (for now).

Jaebum meets your eyes, gaze soft, and you barely register the feeling of his thumb grazing back and forth against your cheek, almost as if he was engraving the feeling of your skin into his brain.

To anybody else, he would look perfectly fine. The sharp curve of his jaw, the straight slope of his nose, and the unique, beautiful shape of his eyes. You had always teased about how he was much too pretty to be the leader of a mafia. He looked like he had popped right out of a drama, as if nothing was plaguing his mind - but unfortunately for him, you knew him better than he knew himself.

The furrow of his eyebrows - that meant that there were deaths. His men, most likely, because you don’t think that he would be too hung up on enemy casualties. Your hands slowly trail up from his forearms, revelling in the feeling of his slin beneath yours. When you’re almost at his shoulder, he flinches, and as if to distract himself, his hands move from your waist to rest against the counter behind you. He must’ve not properly dealt with his business, then, and from the way his eyes flicker from your own and back to the ground, you know it’s bothering him.

There’s only one thing you want to know, though.

“Are you hurt?” You question timidly, your fingers clasping between each other behind his neck. He doesn’t answer for a second, and that worries you more than you’d like to admit, but his hands are cupping your reassuringly and he peers into your eyes like all he cares about is settling your worries.

“I’m fine now, princess,” he murmurs in the softest voice you’ve ever heard him utter. This was a stark contrast to the Im Jaebum you normally saw; Jaebum was quite different from his alter ego JB, who was cold and calculating. The Jaebum exposed to you was the one who made stupid puns and made weird faces to make you laugh when you were sad.

But even that Jaebum looked different from the man in front of you. His eyes looked dark and gloomy, and his lips were down turned slightly into a frown. He looked so… so fragile.

“I missed you so much,” Jaebum inhales deeply, throwing you from your train of thought. He’s nuzzling himself into the crook of your neck in seconds, and the contact sends your stomach into a flustered frenzy. It’s amazing that after all this time, he’s still able to have such an effect on you. “You were always on my mind - you know that, don’t you?”

“Of course I know that,” you chuckle softly as he lifts his head, meeting your eyes again. You brush back the hair from his forehead fondly, fingers grazing against his skin and making him smile gently. “And you know that you were all I could think about?”

That seems to dim his smile, and he sighs deeply, biting his lip. You feel as if you’ve almost gone too far, with how it’s silent for more than a few minutes, and you want to reassure him that you’re okay with how he’s living - how his lifestyle is - but then he lifts his head again, and in the course of a few seconds his lips are pressing against yours, moving in sync with yours in the addicting sequence that you had been craving ever since he had left.

“I-” Jaebum pants, pupils dilated and lips swollen and red, face inches from yours and hands cupping your face. “I - You listen to me, okay? I know things seem - they seem hard right now, yeah? But I’m gonna keep you away from it. I’m gonna keep you safe and I’ll stay safe and when you have my kids I’ll protect them too, you hear? And you’ll have a normal life, and I - I’ll marry you, and we’ll be happy, and this won’t matter. So it’s okay, alright?”

Your eyes are blurry and you can only let out a watery laugh of approval before his lips are against yours again.


“I’d give this all up for you.”

“You shouldn’t say that.”

Jaebum laughs, glancing back to you where you’re laying on your bed, watching him get undressed after a long day at work. He doesn’t answer you right away, and instead climbs onto your bed, holding himself above you. His chest is bare, and the only thing touching the tanned skin is his dog tag, that hangs down and brushes against your stomach.

“Who are we fooling, princess?” Jaebum teases softly, and you almost roll your eyes when his lips begin to drift down to your neck. “Everybody knows that I’d throw this away in a second to be with you.”

“Isn’t that the problem?” You question. He doesn’t freeze in his actions, so you continue with your theory, eyebrows furrowing deeply in thought. “Will - will people not question your loyalty?”

Jaebum hums in distraction, and you huff, pushing his head away and making him jerk back. You think he’s about to complain, a hand coming up to nurse where you pushed him, but he catches sight of your face and he stops.

“You’re really worried about this, aren’t you?” He confirms, taking your silence as the agreement to his question. He doesn’t say anything at first, letting his eyes roam over your concerned features, before he shakes his head.

“First of all,” Jaebum begins as he drops to the bed beside you, giving up on trying to seduce relaxation into you, “I’m the most powerful and prominent mafia leader in Korea. Nobody’s stupid enough to cause trouble that would make people question my authority. Secondly - my families been in the mafia for centuries, and no-one would dare suggest that I’m not suitable for leadership, alright? There’s nothing to be worried about, baby, I promise.”

You nod, but he can see that some part of you still doesn’t believe him. It’s moments like these, when you’re being weighed down by his responsibilities and questioning everything, that makes him regret involving himself with you.

You - you should be going out, meeting people, settling down and living your life to the fullest. But no, you were stuck looking over your shoulder more often than not. Jaebum’s jaw clenches in anger - at himself, mostly - and he has to pull you closer to him to prevent himself from exploding into a furious rampage.

You don’t protest, and lay your head on his chest tiredly. He sees your eyes flutter shut, your eyebrown unfurrowing and your frown easing up, calmness floating over your features. He wished sleep wasn’t the only way for you to relax and release your emotional tension, but alas - it was all wishful thinking.


Months pass in the same manner; Jaebum goes off on trips for weeks on end, only to come home to you and lighten his heavy heart with the love you harboured for him. You continued staying strong and caring for both him and yourself, getting by each day with or without him.

It’s only when the beaming sun of summer transitions to the bright gleam of the winter sun that Jaebum tells you that he’s taking a break.

“A break?” You echo in confusion, eyebrows furrowing. He had only returned home and already he was breaking the news. You set down the book that had been in your hands, lifting your head from against the window of the windowsill seat. “You? Taking a break?”

Jaebum is leaning against the doorframe of the bedroom, nodding his head. “Yeah. I thought I could use it - we could use it. I haven’t been home much lately, figured it would do us some good, huh?”

He pushes off from the doorframe easily, strolling over to sit beside you on the seat. You shoot him confused yet pleased looks, but he doesn’t say anything, leaning his head back against the cool glass and exhaling lowly.

“Work’s tough, huh?” You bite your lip in concern, eyeing his still figure. The thought of going back to your book completely escapes you, and the novel is left on the ground beside you as you focus on a more important person.

Jaebum’s lips flicker up in a weak smile, but his eyes remain shut as he answers. “It always is.”

Another silence, but then he inhales deeply, eyes fluttering open and lazily drifting over you. “But you make everything much easier, sweetheart.”

Always so charming. And like you usually did, you smile bashfully, redness coating your cheeks like a wildfire and warmth pulsing in your stomach. Jaebum is quiet once again but his eyes are completely and utterly focused on you as you fiddle with your fingers, biting your lip sheepishly.

And the statement that follows his inspection makes your chest pound, the air leaving your body and making you completely freeze in shock. It was unplanned, completely out of the blue-

But no other time was more perfect, more suitable for a couple such as yourselves-

“_____ — lets’s get married.”


The diamond and emerald ring on your ring finger glistens softly under the sunlight streaming into your bedroom. It’s become a permanent element of your life, and you suddenly can’t imagine living without it - it’s a symbol of your love, the struggles your relationship had gone through. And the matching band that’s wrapped around Jaebum’s finger makes you glow with happiness every time you catch sight of it.

A low hum comes from behind you, rumbling lowly into your ear. The arm laying limply over your side tightens its grip, and Jaebum’s fingers intertwine more tightly with your own. You focus more deeply on your rings; how they complimented your skin and glinted warmly, how the strands of gold spun and weaved together to form the beautiful pattern you had memorised time and time again.

“Do you ever get tired of - of this?” You wonder quietly, your words almost too loud for the silent peacefulness that was suspended around you. You sense how he processes your words, hesitation to answer and confusion sinking into his skin, not unlike the golden light that’s filtered through thin curtains, pouring over you both like a river of gold.

“Of what?” He asks minutes later, voice soft and muddled with sleep.

“Life, in general,” you shrug, twisting the ring around his finger and thumbing over the precious stones. “Do you ever feel sick of having to do what you do? Do you not feel tired because of it sometimes?”

You fear the question has upset him in some way with the heavy silence that ensues. Biting your lip, you roll over so that you can face him. His eyebrows are furrowed and his bottom lip is captured between his teeth, eyes cast down in thought.


“I run an empire,” Jaebum sighs. “I run an empire and day in, day out, I have to make decisions that cost people their lives or ruin others. That in itself is exhausting, really, baby - but then you factor in the finances and the morality of the whole situation and it can weigh you down, sometimes, yeah.”

“But I have normality,” Jaebum finishes softly, brushing a strand of hair from your face with an equal amount of softness. “I have you, and I know that’s incredibly cheesy, but I don’t think you understand how - how coming home to you whenever I can heals whatever emotional wounds I’ve gathered from the day. It gives me a sense of normality and comfort to come home and see you in one of my shirts, or cooking, or just reading a book like you always do. You mame everything better.”

“And if it came down to it,” you murmur, avoiding his eyes. Your fingers clasp around your ring nervously, as they tended to do when you needed a distraction. “If it came down to it, would you-?”

“I’d give it up in a second,” he confirms honestly, a sincere smile that you only had the privilege to see in times of emotional vulnerability that were extremely rare. “Never doubt that, princess.”

Whisper in the dark | Open

And another page was finished. Actually, the whole book was finished.  The blonde put it down reluctantly - she was again a victim of her thoughts, now that there was nothing to keep her busy. She knew there was no point in actually trying to block her mind, as it have been for some time now already, so she decided to go for a walk. 

The clock was preparing to reach the students’ bedtime hour, but she didn’t take that into consideration, not for a second. Sally took her dark green cape, rolled an emerald scarf around her neck and grabbed her wand from the nightstand. As she proceeded towards the exit of the Slytherins common room, a few people tried to talk to her, but her green, icy eyes of hers blocked every single phrase. And so, in no time, the Slytherin girl was heading towards the lake. 

It was cold outside and dark, just how she preferred it. As the breeze was playing with her blonde hair, Sally felt the need to cover it up with the hood of the cape so she wouldn’t drawn the attention in any way.  As she was getting deeper in that darkness, only with the moon as a guard, the blonde briefly head something, as she stopped right there, on the spot. She wasn’t actually afraid, but it was bothering her that someone found the “perfect” moment to mess with her mood. Of course, maybe it wasn’t a student and then, things would change a bit, but at this point, Sally was rather angered than frightened.

“ Whoever you are, I advice you to come out before this wand will add another use of unforgivable curses to its list!” spoke Sally as she, indeed, was taking out her wand. Most likely she would not use those curses just like that, with no  strong motivation, but at that point the words flew out of her mouth before she could think of something else.

artlesslyasian  asked:

Hey, its sorta Lao New Years rn, (long ass holiday thats like maybe two weeks at least according to my mom) and so I just wanted to say Happy New Year to you guys. Also, every year there's a tradition of having a Miss Songkhan (Miss New Year) and I won last year and it was very amazing to be part of my culture and carry on an old tradition. Anyways, Happy Lao New Years from one of your Laotian followers.

What better way to start off the new year than with my FIRST Follow Forever!!! Honestly, these past few months have been a whirlwind. When I first made this blog 5 (6?) years ago, I never imagined it would be like this. When I changed my content to K-Pop ( 3 months ago), I was worried about whether it was the right decision for me or not. I lost a ton of followers and mutuals, but in the few short months since, I’ve gained more followers than I ever thought I would have, and I gained so many mutuals and made so many friends. I was welcomed into fandoms with open arms and I’m SO grateful for each and every one of you.

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Only One

Summary: Dean helps patch you up after a pretty rough hunt, but the discussion takes a turn when your feelings for him come to the surface again, and you give Dean an ultimatum. 

  • Pairing: Dean x Reader, Sam x Jess [mentioned]
  • Warnings: language, injured reader, mentions hunting scars, brief mention of smut, angst, arguing, [they’re kinda jerks to each other for a quick min], fluff

A/N: This is my entry for the challenge hosted by @supernotnaturalcas my prompt was “In this world of craziness that we live in, you’ve been able to keep me sane this whole time.” 

Also, this is my first fic of 2017! Happy New Year guys and gals! <3

Feedback is adored!

“Holy crap,” you winced as Dean placed the alcohol soaked cloth over the large wound across your side.

“I thought you were gonna be careful,” you groaned, covering your face with your arm as he got out the needle for the stitches. “I knew I should’ve just waited for Sam.”

Dean scoffed at that. “And just bleed out in the process? Yeah. I don’t think so, sweetheart,” his voice short as he replied, tossing the piece of cloth in the trash.

You knew he was pissed that you got hurt. Hell, he was against you coming on this hunt with him at all, but with Sam across the country visiting Jess, you thought he’d need an extra pair of hands.  It wasn’t your fault that the crazy ass werewolf had it in for you, giving you a pretty impressive scratch to your side that you were sure would add to your hunting scars.

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I started working on my assignment for thermal properties of matter. This chapter has always given me trouble, mainly because I don’t find it too interesting…😅😅😅
Up next: Thermodynamics 🔥
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