also happy birthday babe :*


💕A compilation of SHINee doting on Jonghyun, 2016-2017 💕 

Happy birthday to this gorgeous, adorable, talented man! I am constantly blown away by your talent, passion and empathy for the world, and you make us so proud. Here’s to a healthy 2017, and another year of great music! 

Caitlin, ( @autumnwhisp )

Here’s to the day the world became a happier and kinder (also more attractive) place. I can’t believe you were BIRTHED on this very day.
(p.s Tell your mom thanks from me)

I have sadly not been pals with you from the womb to the someday tomb but… I am thrilled to have known you for give or take 441 days.

I remember how you felt bad for my emo life and messaged me, telling me you were here if I needed.
I also remember how the very first conversation we had- I sent you a billion paragraphs over my dramatic past relationship.
Tbh I didn’t understand how you could still be my friend after hearing all of that. I still don’t. That was a mess.

You thankfully helped me through those times. Even if it was then right into the next somewhat happy (but far less happy than now) relationship with my other ex. It’s funny to think about, because I cared for her a ton- yet I still would call you: babe, wife, love of my life, owner of my platonic heart, most beautiful girl on the planet, etc etc.

In hindsight, I probably should have known I was falling for you and I wasn’t “just being a supportive friend.” I mean? What friend tells their corner of the internet that their other friend is hot¿ but in a “friend” way. I think there may have been occasional times that I did not even try to fight the claims that we were actually in a super gay relationship. Yeah… good job me.

It is a riot to me, that regardless of all the bullshit I have said and done over this time- you stayed. And you never stopped caring. You showed me what it felt like to have a friend- a best friend.
From all my friendship fail stories- you would know by now how much that means to me. And if you don’t.. you do now.
You also gave me the courage and confidence I needed to make more friends. To find the people who care about me in the same way you did and do.

I will always remember the night you told me you had a crush on me. And how hard I laughed and smiled during that. I have a year worth of proof about my nerdy crush. Come on, babe. When you freaked out saying you didn’t want to lose me as a friend- I laughed. Because I liked you. I loved you. No shit Sherlock.
And if I’m being truthful- even if you wanted to, I don’t think you could ever loose me. I am glue.

Now I am going into 5 months and one day of being lucky enough to call you my girlfriend. With 1 near trip down the line.
Hopefully by then, your late birthday presents will make your birthday feel more special. I hope they can.

In the coming years, I hope you continue to spend them with me.
I guaranteed:
-I will try to overcome my allergies- so we can have a cat. So we can have 3 cats!
But in the possibility I do not, I will do what I can in order for you to be able to hug a cat whenever you want. Even if it stays in a backyard shed that I deck out in classy furniture.
-I will always cook the food. Both as a kind gesture to show you I care… but also because I do not trust your shredded boiled pasta. I will in no way die due to your cooking- because then you will never have food because you will never know how to cook anything without destroying a pan and burning the simplest of things (eggs *cough)
-I promise I will always listen. Unless it is 2 am and you are asking “hey, are you allergic to horses?” Because in that case- I will listen extra. More than before. I will drive us to a barn and figure it all out at 2 am if need be.
-I promise that I will try to eat gluten free with you. I may have to cheat and go eat a slice of pizza on some days. But hey… I can try.
-I will let your years of dance lessons be seen by the world. You are the best dancer. If the situation is too awkward, I will play Coldplay for you; no matter where we are, and let you dance. Hell… I’ll even play country music if you need it. And you know my thoughts on that.
-I will always buy every piece of art you make. I know you are going to be a well known artist (FYI I have a thing for artists so thanks for all you do) and because of that, I will buy you out. Your art will be so exclusive at this point so I will sell them at auctions because I will own all of them. Then, they will earn even more money than the original sell price and we will be so fucking rich.
-I promise to kiss you every single day. This isn’t even for you. I’m being greedy and I love you.
-I will protect you from spiders. Hopefully. If not, I will help you burn the house down and move to a different location.

Of course there are by far more- but hey .. word count. There is so many things I hope to experience with you. Hopefully you don’t get sick of me.

I’m always blown away by how much you have taught me and given me. I hope you have the happiest of birthdays! You deserve the very best 💕
P.s, again, Sorry I could not send you a cake in the mail, as you had done for me. I know you think “it’s just a cake” but no. It’s actually a symbol of love and I’m sorry the only love I have to give you right now is an obnoxiously long message.

Sorry I can’t be there today, but I hope I can make it up to you in may :)

Happy (belated) 42nd Birthday, Sophie Grégoire Trudeau!!!

Charlie Rose: You’re thirty…what, seven?
Sara: Thirty-five. Jeez! Is this the lightning in here?
Tegan: I’m thirty-five, Sara’s thirty-seven. It was a long two years for my mom!

It never, ever gets old. Like these two. Seriously, they don’t age. And they’re beautiful. So, so, so beautiful!

Happy 36th Birthday Tegan Rain Quin and Sara Kiersten Quin!!

And Happy Quin Day to all of you!