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Do you have any type of visual guide to the bmc characters? I always see pictures of the cast and drawings of the characters but i have no idea who's who?

bonus: the gal’s halloween outfits (except jenna i couldn’t find any pictures EDIT: jenna’s the clown in the back lmao) 

also! i have tags for each one of them so if need you can go through my tags (also rich is usually drawn with a red streak in his hair, and most people draw the squip as a handsome computer) 

the actors, too, just in case:

  • jeremy - will connolly 
  • michael - george salazar
  • christine - stephanie hsu
  • rich - gerard canonico
  • jake - jake boyd
  • brooke - lauren marcus
  • chloe - katlyn carlson
  • jenna - katie ladner
  • squip - eric william morris
  • jeremy’s dad/scary stockboy/mr reyes - paul whitty

alex standall clearly tried to kill himself. i know that a lot of you think that tyler shot him because he took the picture down but i think that he decided to take him off his hit list, because he was the only one who actually stood up for him and listened to him. there were actually multiple signs that showed that alex was suicidal (him speeding, the fights he picks that he clearly can’t win, mentioning suicide more than once, the pool scene, him cleaning his room just before he shoots himself…) but just like it was with hannah: you only realize it when it’s too late.

  • every chief before moana: let me use a nice flat rock so the next chief has an easy time stacking theirs
  • moana: imma use a pointy uneven shell lol suck it next chief

I was thinking about Harry & Cho’s disastrous date and there was a post-it note next to my hand so… happy late valentines day!


Sometimes, less ribbons is better :D

This Isn't Rocket Surgery

Harry knew Wood and Flint had an intense rivalry and made nothing of his teammates eye rolls when they got into a rouse, he just assumed it was their annoyance and the pair’s constant quarrelling.

That’s partly why he was confused when he one night he was under his invisibility cloak, walking through the corridors, only to look down at the Marauder’s map to see they were in a nearby classroom together. He had to hold his breath when he saw Oliver hastily walk out of the class room, face red and his hands in his pockets as he walked back to Gryffindor tower. A few moments later, Flint walked out, walking down to the Slytherin dungeon.

He thought nothing of it until two years later he heard whispers of their elopement.

Harry could never imagine what it must’ve been like to think your best friend was a murderer for twelve years. He never wanted to put himself in Remus or Sirius shoes. The thought was heartbreaking.

He was a little surprised how quickly Remus and Sirius swung back into each other, like they hadn’t lost twelve years. He could tell their relationship was close.

Maybe he should’ve thought there was something more before he caught a glimpse of them asleep in the same bed, fingers intertwined together in their slumber.

Harry always noticed how well Katie and Alicia played together. Same position lead them to almost be one person on the field. Harry wouldn’t call himself a bearer of any knowledge on female friendships so he really thought nothing off it when he would see the pair cuddled together in the common room. He came to the conclusion that’s just how girls were.

He felt a little clueless when he saw them kiss during the celebration of winning the house cup in his fifth year.

Harry figured it was natural for people to pair off when they got to Hogwarts. He gravitated towards Ron, and Dean and Seamus to each other. In ways he knew their friendship was closer in ways than his was with Ron or Hermione.

He thought nothing of Seamus’s demeanour when Dean was dating Ginny. He thought the frown etched onto his face was from nothing but sheer annoyance that his best friend was ignoring him for a girl.

Seeing Seamus run to kiss Dean when he returned to Hogwarts after maybe close to a year of not seeing each other made him realise they were more like Ron and Hermione than himself and Ron.

Parvati and Lavender were just mere annoyances to Harry most of the time. From eating up everything they heard in Divination to their pestering giggles.

Seeing the two together after the war, Parvati holding Lavender whose injuries were clear and giving her a sweet, soft kiss was small, but enough to know even the platonic implications were none.

Admittedly, Harry barely knew Hannah and Susan. They were really just a couple of Hufflepuff faces.

One night while at Hogsmeade he decided to stop by the Hog’s Head rather than attending the popular location of the Three Broomsticks. Whilst sat at a table alone, across the way he saw Hannah, the new owner talking to Susan. Face full of love, he saw Susan give Hannah a peck on the lips before retreating upstairs.

Small, intimate, and loving. Gestures he’d expect of two Hufflepuffs but still let the smallest smile on his lips.

The word divorce rang in Harry’s ears. Ginny standing with tears rolling down her face, whispering words of apology. But there was no kind or gentle way to say it. Ginny was in love with Luna and it was requited.

He didn’t want to think about the procedure and the press and the gossip and least of all the kids.

He simple pulled her into a hug.

Harry felt like he should’ve known sooner. At earlier, Scorpius and Albus’s fourth year. Seeing the two seventeen year old stare at their fathers, their eyes begging for validation and love was unnecessary and he wished he could’ve seen the obvious sooner.

But Draco smiled and nodded, looking at Harry to do the same. He nodded, assuring his son it was okay and both of their bodies relaxed, fingers intertwining.

While Draco joked about their future wedding, Harry saw Albus squeeze Scorpius’s hands and let the smallest of smiles onto his lips.

remember in like 2015 when hannah hart, mamrie hart, lilly singh, colleen ballinger, & jenna marbles got together and did a bunch of kick-ass girl power collab videos?? those were so great. can we get another round of that at some point just wondering.


There’s hope for all us wlw


Hollywood!Belle x Adam AU

         Adam Bête is the most unhirable actor in all of Los Angeles. Known for his short temper and selfish behavior on sets (along with a fight with a director that landed him on the cover of Us Weekly), his reputation makes it impossible for him to book parts, despite an impressive career. Enter Belle Beaumont, a young scriptwriter who moved to LA to get out of her hometown and is quickly leaning that it isn’t as easy to make it in the city of angels as she thought. Adam’s publicity team, Jean Cogsworth and Claude Lumiere, make a deal with Belle she can’t refuse. Act as if she is in a relationship with Adam for at least a year and she’ll be compensated in addition to using Adam’s Hollywood influence to get her scripts in the hands of producers. Adam gets the image of a devoted boyfriend instead of a bad boy and Belle gets her jumpstart into her career. What could go wrong.
         The two start off icy towards each other, posing for a picture with the paparazzi before disappearing to opposite ends of Adam’s mansion, but between scheduled photo ops and overly planned “candid” couple moments, quickly learn to appreciate each other. Belle is a level head who isn’t impressed by his fame like every other girl is and Adam is a surprisingly well read and trained actor, interesting to bounce ideas off of. The trouble with balancing photographic romance with real life friendship is never simple and Belle and Adam begin to realize their may by something there between them…

  • <p> <b>Spot:</b> So, Jack Kelly. It's been a while. I see you haven't matured since we last saw each other.<p/><b>Jack:</b> I see you haven't grown since we last saw each other.<p/><b>Spot:</b> yoU SON OF A BITCH<p/></p>