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series finale

Pretty Little Liars ends with the girls going off with their true loves to create a family. A.D is locked up for life, the girls can finally be happy. It’s all over. 

Alison and Emily have Alison’s baby. They move into a big home, where they have lots of kids and allow their children to express themselves as their own person, not like property. Emily finally gets a job doing something she loves as a swim coach, while also being the teacher for an LGBT teens club to help them work through the struggles of coming out and making friends. Alison continues teaching English at Rosewood High, her and Emily meeting everyday for lunch in the teachers lounge.

Spencer and Toby finally move into the house together, buying it back from the previous buyer. Toby remains a cop, and Spencer no longer works on Capitol Hill, but instead becomes the mayor of Rosewood. She gets to enjoy her political side while also staying with her true love, Toby.

Hanna and Caleb get an apartment in a small town right beside Rosewood, somehow smaller than Rosewood itself. Despite Hanna’s protests about wanting out, Caleb promises he will always protect her. Hanna finally gets her big dream wedding with the man of her dreams, all the Liars being her bridesmaids. Caleb and Toby make up, and Caleb apologizes for breaking bro code. Caleb gets a job at Rosewood PD, working as a decoder for documents. Hanna’s business with Lucas takes off, and she gets to design and work from home most of the time.

Ezra and Aria work out their differences, and Ezra realizes that Nicole is not the same as Aria. They live together in his loft after finally going to Italy to elope. They continue to write books together and go on book tours, then finally settle down to have children.

The screen goes black, a typical Pretty Little Liars font is thrown across the screen. “The End.”

Then, after about 15 seconds, the screen jumps to show 4 teenage girls, no older than 15, all of their phones beeping. One by one, they all pull out their phones and check their texts.

“I’m back bitches, none of your moms could stop me. Neither can you. -B”



restlessromeo  asked:

pretty little liars

    my all-time ultimate fave character:  spencer  hastings.  and  this  has  changed  through  all  seven  seasons,  but  i  think  she  is  the  really  ultimate  i  would  die  for  fave.
    a character I didn’t used to like but now do:  mona  vanderwaal  and  jenna.
    a character I used to like but now don’t:  alison  dilaurentis.
    a character I’m indifferent about:  emily  fields.
    a character who deserved better:  aria  montgomery.
    a ship I’ve never been able to get into:  emily  x  paige.
    a ship I’ve never been able to get over:  aria  x  jason  and  now  spencer  x  caleb.  marlene,  i  hate  you.  but  also  hanna  and  caleb.
    a cute, low-key ship:  i  liked  spencer  and  diego  boneta’s  character,  same  as  aria  and  the  boxer  dude  and  hanna  and  jordan.  
    an unpopular ship but I still enjoyed it:  my  kids,  spencer  and  caleb.
    a ship that was totally wrong and never should have happened:  CECE  AND  JASON.  ARIA  AND  EZRA.
    my favourite storyline/moment:  my  girls’  development,  all  three  of  them.
    a storyline that never should have been written:  aria  and  ezra  getting  back  together  after  the  book  arc.  also  cece  /  charles  being  a.  those  two  were  the  worst  arcs  ever.  also  spaleb.  even  though  i  love  the  ship,  i  hate  the  way  it  was  written  just  to  cause  drama  and  put  spencer  in  a  bad  place  and  honestly  troian  got  so  much  hate  about  this  sdkbhs  i  get  heated.  oh  and  noel  being  killed  off,  so  much  wasted  potential.  TO  BE  HONEST,  EVERYTHING  AFTER  S4  IS  AWFUL.  but  everything  after  cece’s  reveal  is  just….  hard  to  endure.  i  hate  how  marlene  broke  all  the  couples  up  and  had  people  be  engaged  and  all  just  to  cause  drama  as  if  agreeing  to  marry  someone  is  a  joke  and  ugH  I  HATE  IT  ALL.
    my first thoughts on the show:  i  had  read  half  of  the  first  book  before  watching  the  pilot  and  it  was  kinda  different  from  what  i  imagined,  but  i  was  hooked  from  the  start.
    my thoughts now:  as  much  as  i  love  the  cast  and  cried  watching  the  goodbye  stuff  –  can  it  just  end  already  so  i  can  be  free  of  it?

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How about we don't attack other people based on who they do or don't ship?
Quick Thought...........🕵🏼

Mrs. Grunwald says that there is a darkness surrounding Hanna and Caleb. It’s easy to assume that darkness may be Spencer bc she is the one in between them being together at the moment. I assumed so as well. However I find it odd that Caleb gave Hanna a “bug free” phone and also said he had one for all the girls. Hanna trusting Caleb thought nothing of it i’m sure as he assumed she wouldn’t bc they all trust him! He really wanted to go with Hanna to “New York” where she “said” she was going bc he wanted to know what she was up to. Dr Cochran says when Aria and Spencer ask what happened to the second child of Mary’s that the baby went into the system. Who do we know who was in the foster system? Caleb! Could Caleb be that actual darkness between them? His father was in and out of prison and never amounted to much it was also made known. Dr Cochran also stated that Mary lacked common sense and discrimination. We know his assumed father wasn’t necessarily a “catch”. I know we’re told that Caleb found his birth mom or connected with her in California but we still have never seen her!?!?!? Either he never met her OR she infact is Mary Drake! I don’t want to believe he could do the things that were done to Hanna as well as the other girls but he may not be the guy we all know and love! What do u all think?

Never forget that they had to completely change Caleb’s personality in order for Spaleb to exist. The only times this season he’s really felt or acted like Caleb have been in scenes with Hanna. Also never forget that the writers admitted they only put Spaleb together for drama. Sorry to all the fans that got fucked over in the process. Apparently a show about murder isn’t dramatic enough on its own.

Characteristics of the Fandoms

Spoby: The Spoby fandom is actually one of the quieter ones and seems to always be optimistic. While Spoby has had some rocky situations and the fans have grumbled, and made some noise but on the whole it seems that the Spoby fans are perhaps the most confident about their ships survival to the endgame. They are normally positive and only get upset when another potential love interest gets in the way of Spoby’s happiness, such as Caleb or this new Yvonne girl. It seems the Spoby Fandom is truly a safe place to land.

Haleb: The Haleb fandom tends to be a rather hostile fandom. Quick to anger whenever something interferes with their ship. However anytime trouble comes knocking their way the fandom tends to blame everyone but Hanna and Caleb. It has also been widely speculated that the Haleb fandom is what shut down the Ravenswood show due to the separation of the two. It can be said that the Haleb fans are a bit spoiled in that their ship rarely has any hiccups except for Ravenswood, and the new introduction of Spaleb.

Ezria: The Ezria fans are perhaps the most spoiled and childlike of the show. While being one of the larger fandoms, Ezria shippers have had it pretty easy. Their teacher/student romance has only had a few hang-ups, the worst of which being when it was suspected that Ezra was -A. Recently there has been a void for Ezria and the fandom has whined and cried about it to the writers like spoiled children who had their toy taken away. Instead of having faith that the writers will work things out.

Jaria: While a small ship that tends to lurk in the shadows, the Jaria fandom is a realistic fandom sticking with the alternate universe for their dreams to come true. As much as they view the pairing of Jason and Aria as something special, they realize that the odds of them becoming a cannon couple are pretty slim. Still it doesn’t keep these optimistic people from hoping for their endgame.

Paily: The archrival of Emison, the Paily ship had a cannon run for two solid seasons, after having a rocky first two seasons. Despite this, the Paily shippers tend to be one of the more hostile fandoms of the show, especially when talking to an Emison shipper. It seems that, like Paige herself, Paily shippers have always felt threatened by Emison, especially in season 4 when it is revealed that Alison is alive. Paily fizzled out in season 5, and while Emison has not been made cannon yet, the Paily Shippers still feel this wound like a bare nerve that keeps them grumbling in the corner waiting for an Emison shipper to float by.

Emaya: A popular ship and the first of Emily’s relationships in Pretty Little Liars, the Emayans have the ability to boast they are the ship that made Emily come out. However, like Maya herself this ship had a tragic end as Maya was killed. Still, some of the shippers can’t let her go and a growing theory that Maya is alive floats around the blogs pretty regularly, spawned mostly by the mourning Emaya shippers who want to keep believing that their ship can be endgame.

Sarily: An oddball ship, and another rival of Emison. Sara Harvey made her debut in the Dollhouse in the beginning of season 6 and she and Emily quickly clung to each other, while Sara ran up the Fields’ water bill. However it was a small ship, kept afloat by a few people who thought that Sara could really be Emily’s soulmate but those hopes were dashed on the rocks when Sara turned out to not only be Red Coat but also the Black Widow. It’s hard to keep shipping someone who turns out to be -A’s henchman.

Rollison: The newest ship of Pretty Little Liars, Rollison hasn’t even reached a real maturity yet as the pair aren’t a couple. We know that they will get married and that seems to be a rallying cry to those who desperately want to keep Alison straight. Since they are still in their infancy they haven’t made a lot of noise, except for some clashes with the Emison shippers. It remains to be seen if this ship really gathers any wind in its sails.

Emison: Without a doubt the largest and loudest fandom of Pretty Little Liars. The Emison fandom has shipped their OTP against hope, promise, happiness, reason, and all discouragement that could be, regardless of whether it comes from Sasha, Shay, Marlene or anyone else. They are the most active fandom on twitter, and while their ship has not had even an entire episode of being cannon, the Emison shippers remain strong in their belief that Emison will be endgame. However this is not to say that all of them are noble. In fact the Emison fandom has gotten carried away and acted rather immaturely in the past sending hate mail to the writers and Marlene herself. For the most part though they are a strong and resilient group of people and a group that does not find a reason to be hostile unless someone is hostile to them first. Admittedly the Emison fandom tends to be more harsh on new love interest for both Alison and Emily. The were among the first to jump on Travis Winfrey for his inappropriate comments towards Sasha and they were probably instrumental in getting him fired. Regardless of the negativity that the Emison shippers have had to deal with, they continue to persevere and continue to keep their hope alive with every hand hold, every look, and ever sweet word between Alison and Emily.

Author’s note: This is merely my observations. This is not meant to be offensive to anyone. It was more of a social experiment. Please take it as such.
Special thanks to @spencerjhastingsus for helping me with some of the ships I am unfamiliar with!

Hanna/Haleb Rant

Am I the only one who is seriously bothered by people justifying Hanna grabbing Caleb’s hand (especially in front of Spencer!) by saying that “Hanna had him first”? Like Spencer said they are not on the playground anymore! Caleb is not a toy. She can’t just pick and choose when she wants to be with him. She either wants to be with him or she doesn’t and if she does she shouldn’t have told Spencer to go for it. Hanna also does not own Caleb. Just because they dated 5 YEARS AGO that doesn’t mean that she is the only girl Caleb is allowed to be with. If you and your ex break up you normally have no say in what they do from that point on. They wanna date someone else 5 years later then that sucks for you but guess what there’s nothing you can do about it. That person has every right to live their life and if you try to ruin their happiness just because you want them back then most likely you aren’t in love. If you did love them then you’d see how happy they are and leave them be. If it’s meant to be it will be. Atleast Spencer asked permission. She checked with her friend first because she didn’t want to ruin their friendship over a guy. Whether Haleb gets back together or not Hanna is now the one ruining their friendship. Which is exactly what I’ve been dreading because let’s be real who didn’t see that coming? How else could Haleb get back together so quick? Obviously something had to get between Spaleb and it was obvious that it’d be Hanna. I just (naively) hoped that Caleb would realize his feelings, break the news to Spencer gently, get told by Spencer to go to Hanna, and everyone stays friends. I’m sure the show will somehow make it seem okay that Hanna grabbed Caleb’s hand and Spanna will work things out and Haleb will reunite but it shouldn’t be like that. Hanna having Caleb first means nothing. Spencer having him NOW is what matters. This isn’t some random girl that Caleb’s seeing. (Id still be pissed if it were Toby and Yvonne and Spencer did it) this is one of her BEST FRIENDS! If one of my best friends did that, knowing they had history like Haleb, Id be furious. There’d be no way I’d just sit back and watch. I’m tired of seeing “Spencer is just jealous” or “Hanna had him first” because SPENCER IS CALEBS GIRLFRIEND. Like it or not Spaleb is a thing right now and if Haleb reunites while Spaleb is still happening and you still support it then you’ll be supporting cheating. Hand holding may not be cheating but given what we know about the finale and the rumors on Haleb being endgame (which is what Marlene seems to be pushing on Twitter) do you really think it won’t go down that path? Hanna was always my favorite liar (tied for first with Spencer tbh) because she was always the most loyal to the other liars. She always seemed to care more than the rest about her friends. When Sullivan split them up Hanna took it the hardest. When she was in jail she worried about her friends and Caleb more than about herself. She has always been the liar who would give her life to save one of them and now she’s turned into this!? She is now the girl who who would lovingly grab the hand of her best friends boyfriend right in front of her best friend. She’s the girl who is so jealous of Spaleb that she’s sabotaging her engagement just to get Caleb back after telling EVERYONE she was over him and wanted to marry Jordan. She doesn’t even consider how her feelings affect the guy who everyone claims is her soulmate or her supposed best friend. Spencer on the other hand asks Hanna’s permission before telling Caleb her feelings, supports Haleb’s friendship (not going up with him to Hanna’s hotel room and supporting it when they went to lunch), and doesn’t say a word when Hanna runs to Caleb for help and then holds his hand in front of her. Yet Spencer is the jealous one? I honestly don’t know anyone could actually see it like that.

Spaleb Thoughts 6x15
  • They are full on living together. Spencer asking if they had any food, Caleb making her coffee for her. Casual (okay, serious) morning talks in bed. I love it.
  • The shoulder kiss. The neck kiss. Spencer standing as high up on her tiptoes as possible to kiss him. So much sexual tension and so much chemistry.
  • I love that Spencer is so open with Caleb and going straight to him with all of her concerns re: A. I feel like she really feels like she can come to him with anything… and it’s really refreshing and a nice contrast prior relationships on the show which were muddled with secrecy and lies. AND Caleb gets shit done. When she showed up with Yvonne’s phone after making an admittedly dubious moral decision, he didn’t shame her or judge her, he was just was like, “Okay, we can work with this.” 
  • Also, the scene with Hanna really solidified for me that Caleb is over that relationship. He loves her in the way that you love all people who were an important part of your life, and he’s glad they can be friends and that she feels comfortable coming to him with things, but I truly think he’s moved on…. and he’s really into Spencer. He couldn’t resist holding onto Spencer’s hand a little longer than necessary when she handed him that phone. As soon as she came in, she was the focus of his attention 100% and same for Spencer re: Caleb.

What did YOU think about the episode? As always feel free to send me any thoughts in an ask or a message! Always up for a discussion!


Season 6, Episode 4 - ‘Don’t Look Now

As much as I love Hanna, I also love Caleb as he’s such a loving and complex character. He honestly looks so truly heartbroken and wounded. Caleb still needs to be by her side whether she wants his help or not. He can help her like she helped him after everything in Ravenswood. 

  1. Someone goes missing.
  2. A liar loses her sanity.
  3. A villian is unmasked.
  4. Epic mystery leads to epic romance.
  5. A liar will be betrayed by someone they love.
  6. There will be a twin reveal.
  7. Someone comes back from the dead.

Who goes missing? 

It’s easy to think this means someone is going missing for a long time, similarly to Alison. It shouldn’t be crossed out obviously its PLL, anything can happen but I think its more likely during the episode. Someone goes missing and they have to be found which then leads them to the twin. 

My guess is Hanna goes missing. Considering she is bait, something probably goes wrong Rosewood style. Also, we hear Caleb shout “Hanna!” in the promo below at 0:16 and the cabin is empty. 

We then see someone being dragged in what looks like the bell tower. We can assume this is revenge for how Charlotte was killed as they want to do to the killer what was done to her. Remember Uber A believes it was Hanna. The jacket is also the same colour as Hanna’s with the frills on.

Also, the only other person pushed by the bell tower was Ian. And it was Alison who pushed him. Could that be a hint that Alison hears that Hanna had confessed and tried to kill her?

Who loses their sanity? 

Again, careful with the promo. The word liar lets us all think it would be one of the main girls which doesn’t have to be the case. Our villain could be a liar or someone else could be lying. However, I think it is Alison. Given the trauma she has been through and all she has lost, I think everything will catch up to Alison. Everything seems to be too good in her life with Rollins, which I don’t understand considering she was the focal point of everything that went and has gone wrong on the show. Her (possible) hallucinations of her (possibly) dead mother - that she also had during the Christmas episode too. This could be Alison straight up losing her mind and we are being lead to believe Jessica could be alive or have the twin. 

Who is unmasked? 

Uber A, possibly. This could be literally or just by name who knows with this show to be honest and I wouldn’t get my hopes up either, it might not be Uber A yet it may be a puppet. However, it’s odd that the word unmasked is used - considering that is the episode where MonA was revealed at the Lost Woods Resort where we will be going back to in the episode. 

Also, the word villain on the actual promo photo is spelt incorrect which is odd. It is spelt VILLIAN… Ian as in NAT Ian who ‘died.’ Could he be alive or could he have the twin? Although I don’t see how he could fit in, I wouldn’t cross it out either because remember how obvious #facetoface was?

What mystery to what romance? 

The mystery is probably the whole episode resulting in ships getting back together. I wouldn’t place my bets on who because I hope that they’re not all going to magically get back together in one episode as that is so unrealistic but obviously I want all our ships back in place.

Hanna will probably tell Caleb that she ran after him in the rain after he left her at that fashion show party, Spencer and Toby will probably reconcile whilst looking for clues together and Ezra and Aria too. Emily will probably be watching over Alison and they’ll have some cute moments. 

Who is betrayed by who? 

This makes me think that someone we think is good is going to be bad or hiding something. Since the girls don’t know about the twin (as far as we know) then why would the twin be betraying them? My guess is someone knows about the twin and has decided to work with them or keep their mouth shut about it. This could be Hanna betrayed by Mona or her fiance (he could cheat on her or something.) Spencer by Melissa or even Peter. Aria by Byron or Liam (he could tell Aria’s boss about her illegal relationship with Ezra.) Emily by Pam.

Again, the word liar could mean a literal liar. What if Charlotte was lying about something and someone she loved (Alison, her (dead) mother, Rollins) betrayed her by killed her? What if Jessica was lying in order to protect the person and when she couldn’t anymore they betrayed her and killed her? It doesn’t have to mean one of our liars. 

Who is the twin? and Who is back from the dead? (kind of linked)

It could be anyone with a twin. Honestly, I swear this show.

I am praying that it is most definitely not Sara Harvey, I am still so angry that not only was she was two of the most important villains on the show (even considering we’ve all probably watched the damn show longer than she’s been mentioned) but she also then stuck around after the time jump?? There is going to be a reason for it clearly and if it is that she is a twin or has one, I will cry because one of her is enough. If she is Bethany’s twin sister then maybe I’ll accept her involvement but I just can’t stand her anyway. Anyway, rant OVER.

Jessica DiLaurentis could have a twin sister, they have hinted to it quite a lot recently. Marlene stated we’d seen the twin once before… possibly here?

Andrea Parker who plays Jessica was also on set for 6x20 in what appears to be the exact same outfit. 

In another sneak peek, Alison can see Jessica covered in dirt for a split second, she then receives a phone call from her asking “Did you miss me?” Alison asked this when she was first revealed alive to the girls. The last episode was also called this and Alison saw Jessica in a ‘dream’ much alike we saw her before she was confirmed alive. This could be her twin playing her, or she could also be the one back from the dead. 

Alison could have a twin since the twin things are still in her room. 

Hanna could have a twin since she saw them so many times and the ghost twins from Alison’s story showed up in her room. Also, the music box in Alison’s room was in the episode “The Mirror has Three Faces” when Hanna played with it and at the same time we saw red coat in the mirror too. We have also seen a red coat follow Hanna around more so than the others. 

Spencer could have a twin since her mother once said “We didn’t know who was coming to breakfast. It was either you or your evil twin.”

It is likely that someone is Bethany’s twin sister as we have still not seen her face. Maybe because she looked exactly like someone we know.

As for who could be alive… here are all the believed dead people. 

  • Charlotte DiLaurentis
  • Bethany Young (could have a dead twin and be using another name that we know)
  • Jessica DiLaurentis ( her twin could be dead/ she might not even have a twin but still be alive)
  • Ian Thomas (he could have faked his death or may have the twin)
  • Maya St. Germain
  • Darren Wilden
  • Lyndon James (Nate) 
  • Shana Fring
  • Garrett Reynolds
  • Wayne Fields
  • Marion Cavanaugh


This is a cabin or room in the Lost Woods Resort motel used in the finale. It reminded me a lot of this tweet Marlene posted… 

I find it so disrespectful that Hanna would hook up with Caleb in 7x10 and also Caleb is a fuckboy for hooking up with Hanna in 7x10 but the writers already destroyed Caleb…

I really hope that before hooking up with Caleb that Hanna is gonna have a talk with Spencer about how she feels about the situation because Spencer deserves better!!