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First day of Anime USA, friends reallyquantum and fairyring and I went to the zoo because I was Momo and there were otters.  We found the otters.  SLEEPING TOGETHER IN A PUDDLE.  A PUDDLE OF OTTERS GUYS.


(and then they woke up)

first picture of selfie by reallyquantum

CLICK HERE for video of the otters waking up by senpai *A*

The Barakamon Museum is open on the 3rd floor of Animate in Ikebukuro from August 5-17. It features replicate illustrations from the manga, setting materials and scenes from the anime, and messages from the cast. Unfortunately photos were only allowed in the tiny photo corner.

The cast messages were pretty neat with each person writing their ikigomi for the anime in calligraphy. Hara Suzuko’s (Naru) was cute. The most impressive one was of course Suwabe’s. Iirc he has a rank in calligraphy.

The anime series isn’t even over yet but I’m already hoping for a second season! This is easily one of my favorites of the season. I highly recommend the manga, and also the spin-off Handa kun. I think I may have laughed reading Handa kun more than Barakamon. XD He’s such a silly character. OnoD’s a perfect fit for him.


I tried to explain personalities of Arashi members using seiyuu (^^;) why do I have the feeling that I will regret this later?(°□°;) But for now I’ll leave it here (^___^)

(It was hard to find all of the pictures so some quality is really lacking, www But I really wanted to make this post so here we go!(^^;;))


1) Ohno-san has this really Kuroko-like persona, to the point that I have already numerous times went “ Wait, was he there the whole time?!” (^^;) But still he is one amazing and talented person . Therefore I pick Matsuoka-kun. Not to forget that he’s also the Leader of Arashi so NamiDai would be a nice addition to his character explanation,wwwww

2) MatsuJun is a handsome Do-S, with a smile that kills(⊙□⊙♡). So I picked the most intelligent (in my opinion) S-seiyuu I could find, Terashii! And the most “Bring on your teasing! I can take it!”-ikemen, Eguchi. J also is nearsighted so the fact the both Terashi and Egu wear glasses makes this choice better.

3) Sho-san is amazing at doing different kinds of things and changing his personal, after all, he is hosting a News show and moments later turns his dorky side ON. (No, really! How many other serious news-anchors are dorky? Very few!) He also has very good leading ability (being Arashi’s Shadow Leader and all) Therefore SuzuKen was a natural choice! Sho also have a cunning S-side, aka the reason why I chose Ryohei-hei, www (^_^)

4) Aiba-chi is the dorkiest of them all. But also have the really cool grown up and smexy side (*////*). Just like OnoD. It’s always fun watching what he has come up with (^3^)! And sometimes I think that the upper half of his face and the way he smiles really remind me of Zakki (^__^) He also likes kids and animals, something that can be related to OnoD as well. And um…Zakki is already a doggy (^_^)
(Also, yes, OnoD + Zakki also equal Handa-kun, wwww but that’s a whole other story,wwwww)

5) Arashi’s Brat no.1 aka. Nino is practically Irino-n! They really are one and the same,wwww both like eating, are talented actors, often have bored and tired expression on their faces even though they are on camera. And they love, just LOVE teasing everyone in sight, seniors and juniors alike! If there is something about other people that bothered them, they just say so. The teasing-power is also very strong within Natsuki-n, And I’m glad that it’s not that strong in Nino,wwwwww otherwise he would be out out the show business in a minute,wwwww! (^^;) But there is one other thing that made me choose Natsuki for Nino’s character explanation. And that is, the way Nino-chi sometimes dresses….people who saw VS Arashi and other shows will understand (^^;) Miyu would never wear clothes like that but I have a feeling that Natsuki would be just fine with them (^3^;)wwww

Wellp, this was my opinion.(^__^)/ I actually had fun making this post!(^3^)♡