also hand placement


The only thing we need to worry about is the next minute. 


aw stars anon, you are too sweet… <3 i’m so glad that you liked it! i really wanted to try to capture just a fraction of the feeling that the lovely @tyranttortoise put in that scene (which, by the way, have you had the good fortune to read the Red PoV scene posted a little bit ago~? if not you should treat yourself…<3). something about that scene really caught at my heart - the imagery of them looking up at the stars together, that slight heightened awareness and unspoken heat/exciting potential, but in such a comfortable and trusting moment, at peace and alone… ahhh i just loved it so much.

so anyways, here’s an extra gif for your sweet message! hope you like Red thanking you personally, ya cutie ^^


[Unfortunately, Captain’s orders are to not disclose this information at this time.]

anidala week: day one: happiness.

“Hold me, like you did by the lake on Naboo. So long ago when
there was nothing but our love. No politics. No plotting. No war.“

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Also Dom kissing a girl is a whole body movement for her. Yeah there's tongue but there's also hand placement plus the hip movement she just gets so into it whereas if it's a confirmed hetty kissing a same gendered person they got closed lips and stiffer than a plank of wood


Ha. It had been a while since I’d done a random “let’s see what’s new under the simple search ‘Ron Hermione’” on Google images. So I did it. And I had forgotten how hilarious/surreal this image is. I love how not only did everybody dress the same for the 7 Potters, but they specifically went with tracksuit jackets because that was the most likely item for Harry to naturally be wearing. “That’s his style, you guys.” Also, Ron in glasses. Also, hand placement :D

As you were.