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If WH characters had normal jobs.

Elias: Doctor.

Being a doctor is pretty much all about devotion to the job and studying. Does that not scream Elias? That guy spends his entire time studying trying to catch up with his brothers. So, a doctor sounds pretty fitting for Elias.

Yukiya: Florist.

Yukiya seems to know a lot about flowers and would get excited to see different species of flowers, so being a florist would allow him to be around flowers all the time.

Luca: Artist.

Luca is pretty damn artistic alright? He’s all about being creative and unique plus he draws/paints so, come on, an artist just suits him pretty well.

Klaus: Professor.

Klaus is already planning to become a professor so that didn’t need much thinking. He’s both stern and smart enough to be a professor so there we go.

Azusa: psycho killer Actor.

Okay I know it sounds weird, but listen, if you have no idea what Azusa did in his route, you wouldn’t be able to guess it very well. In most routes, he just seemed like a total sweetheart and if that’s not A+ acting, I don’t know what is. He’s also supposedly popular, so he doesn’t seem to mind much attention on him.

Serge: Scientist.

That guy is inventing stuff 24/7. Seriously. Scientist is just perfect for Serge. Maybe a teeny tiny bit of a mad scientist too.

Joel: Detective.

Nope. Definitely not a singer. Yes, Joel has a good voice and all, but get this; Joel is not the type of guy to want that much attention on him; he’s just not that good with people. Joel is really smart and just notices if something is not right about a person. Detectives usually work alone or with just one partner. So, this seems to fit Joel just fine.

Vincent: Probably a job in the military.

He’s part of the knights just gives me military vibes tbh, guess that was more intuitive; Idk.

Leon: Astronomer.

Just imagine how impressed he’d be with all the stars, planets, and galaxies; all that would pretty much just overwhelm him and interest him so much.

Guy: Definitely something related to sports like a football player or something.

Honestly, need I say more? Kind of obvious. It also fits his hyper personality well.

Cerim: Security guard.

He spent his route guarding a rock. Something tells me guarding is what he does best.

Glenn: Teacher.

Since he was taking care of his little sister, he probably knows how to deal with kids. He’s also mature and responsible enough for the job.

Leslie: Officer.

He’s also a good guard, but he has this intense sense of justice; he just gives me the feeling he’d be a good officer.

Sigurd: Tour guide.

Weird. I know. But Sigurd is rather good with people, he just interacts with groups of people with ease. So walking around with a group of people informing them about the place? Yeah that could work.

Liz: Vet.

Liz is all about healing and talking to animals, so with a normal job, she’d definitely end up as a vet.


because I am already so in love with this show (but it could be EVEN BETTER!!)

first a quick q&a

did you see the show? nope, i’m on the other side of the country.

so how did– downloaded the audio recording of the whole show. no, i can’t share it.

so who did you get it from? I AINT NO SNITCH

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To me, FNM will always have two “real” frontmen.

Chuck might not have Mike’s vocal prowess, but he’s a great lyricist and a very charismatic performer. The hate Chuck has received from so-called “fans” this past week is disgusting. He has every right to perform shows with his old friends and band mates, songs they wrote together when they were goofy kids. I thought Chuck did a great job at these recent shows and I’m proud of him.

There were also rumors flying that Mike is leaving FNM, but that’s not true. He’s been low key this year due to personal issues (and some of you know what those are), but he is still FNM’s front man full-time. He and the boys will make more music together and tour again when the time is right. Judging by this photo, he had a good time last night just being a fan of his own band.

I’m a weird fan that supports every FNM member past and present. They’re all greatly talented and good folks. I care about this band. Some might even say I care a lot. 😏

Zayn - 1993

This is mostly word vomit, hopefully the others will be better and more related to the 90s. But here goes nothing :)

Another turning point a fork stuck in the road / time grabs you by the wrist directs you where to go / so make the best of this test and don’t ask why / it’s not a question but a lesson learned in time

It was easy to spot Zayn in the crowd. It seemed every guy was dying their hair beach blond and flipping it like some surfer. “That’s the style these days,” they said. You thought it was silly. But that might be because you were in love with Zayn’s dark locks.

You were furious that your name was practically the end of the alphabet. You wanted to sit next to Zayn—your partner in crime, your best friend. You were overwhelmed with emotion; it wasn’t because you were upset about school ending…that didn’t really make a difference to you. It was the next part. It was the unknown. It was scary and you tried to be brave, but it was hard. It was scary and you weren’t sure you were ready for it.

“You’re so smart and brave, bird,” Zayn said rubbing your back when you finally exploded your emotions out. “You’re going to do so well and I’m so proud of you. I absolutely love you pretty girl,” he kissed your forehead. Zayn was so calming and it was wonderful to have him in your life.

Zayn would be lying if he said he wasn’t as nervous as you. While you were off to bigger and better things like school and a degree, Zayn was going to be a homebody for a while; he was working on something to help his mum out with the bills or keep his sisters in school. He wanted to travel far and wide, maybe start a band or do some solo work or be an artist. You didn’t have time to be dragged down by him. It scared him to think that maybe six months from now, when you returned for winter break, you might not be together—you might have moved on to something else.

The sad thing was if that’s what happened, then Zayn would let it happen. Your happiness was his priority. After that he really didn’t mind what happened. He had his time with you and he could never be more grateful for that. If you stood next to Zayn and were not smiling, most people would come up to you and ask if the leather wearing, tattoo-skinned, brooding boy was bothering you. Of course he wasn’t; it’s just his appearance made everyone in the world think he was.

Zayn was gorgeous to you and so sweet. The first day you met him, your whole life changed. Zayn was the new kid in school. He was extremely quiet and when your principal asked if you would show him around you were a bit hesitant; how could you not be? He was the epitome of badness. You introduced yourself, holding out your hand and he shook it gently. He smiled at you, thanking you for your time as you toured him around.

At the end of the most amazing first day of school he’d ever had, he noticed how chatty you were—perhaps it didn’t help he did nothing to fill the silence—but he loved your endless stream of conversation. “You talk a lot,” he said softly.

You blushed and looked at your feet. “I’m sorry, that must be annoying. I sometimes talk when I’m a little nervous,” you admitted. “It’s stupid, I’m sorry.”

His expression turned into a frown and he pouted a bit. Why were you apologizing? He doesn’t remember exactly what you were going on about—it was a multitude of things. Your love of math but how you also adored children and then you added in the fact that you wanted nothing more than to be a wedding planner. He didn’t see how it all fit together, he just knew that he liked how it fit together with you. “Don’t apologize for liking something, bird. It’s cute,” he promised. “I like that you talk so much. As you can see, I’m not the chattiest…” he blushed a bit. “You’re very passionate, it’s sweet,” he whispered.

Your heart fluttered at his kind words. It was the longest he talked to you all day and it was the sweetest thing anyone had ever said to you. “Oh…thank you,” you whispered.

“Would you consider getting coffee with me?” He asked. You saw his tattoos peeking out from the collar of his shirt. Your mother would kill you—but you found yourself nodding anyway because looks could be deceiving. And boy were they ever.

Now Zayn kept glancing back toward your neck of the alphabet looking for the dazzling eyes that twinkled when she talked about babies or weddings. He probably should have felt pressure or anxiety at the mention of the word wedding, but instead he was just more and more in love with you. He looked forward to your wedding with him—no matter how far in the future it was. He adored you.

Zayn finally found you in the sea of blue robes and caps. He smiled brightly at you and you smiled back. He winked at you and you blew him a kiss as your eyes watered. He pouted. “Don’t cry!” He mouthed. You sighed and he winked at you again turning back in his seat.

You cheered for Zayn as he crossed the stage—thrilled he made it across. Zayn was so bright and talented. But he just did not care for school. You may as well have dragged him across that stage. You eventually made your way across and when you did Zayn got out of his seat—of course he did, he wasn’t supposed to—and hurried over to you before you sat down kissing you hard on the lips. You wanted to punch him, but you loved him too much.

When the caps were thrown and the ceremony finished your family found you first snapping hundreds of pictures of you with family, friends, and teachers. You kept looking around for Zayn, you knew your parents were probably a little happy that you hadn’t found him yet. Maybe they kind of hoped this was the last time you’d see him. But then there was a gentle pull on your wrist and the crowd around you seemed to fall silent. You smiled happily up at your “brooding” boyfriend. “Hey,” you said and pecked his cheek. “Congrats, sweet,” you whispered.

He winked at you and brought a bouquet of flowers out in from behind his back. “Here,” he smiled and kissed your forehead. “Congrats, bird,” he whispered. You smiled shyly and sniffed the flowers. Why more people didn’t understand this is who Zayn was, you would never understand. “Mum wants a picture,” Zayn said after he politely accepted a handshake from your father and a hug from your mother. They liked Zayn, they did, they constantly told you how much they liked him—they just wished he was your friend. Not your boyfriend.

“Of course,” you said and wrapped your arms around Zayn’s waist, smiling in her direction as he grinned down at you. Trish gave you a big squeeze.

“I can never thank you enough,” she whispered in your ear. “He’s who he is because of you,” she promised. “You bring out the best in him,” she said and kissed your forehead.

You didn’t think so…you just think that sometimes one path leads you to the exact person who you’re supposed to meet—for whatever reason. And for whatever reason you and Zayn were meant to meet. Your life had two courses—one, where Zayn was the boy your toured around school and never spoke to again; or two, Zayn was the boy you were meant to fall in love with.

So take the photographs and still frames in your mind / hanging on a shelf in good health and good time / tattoos and memories and dead skin on trial / for what it’s worth it was worth all the while

Zayn and you spent as much time as allowable together for the entire summer. You both worked summer jobs. He at a tattoo parlor, he was basically a secretary but they also let him be an apprentice of sorts. He loved it and it made you thrilled to go visit him and see the smile on his face as he learned the tricks of the trade.

Zayn was always thrilled to come find you tucked between the bookshelves of the bookstore just up the road. Around lunch time he’d bring you something—whether he bought it or his mum packed him lunch, he made you promise he would get lunch since you were the one driving him to and from work. It was at lunch one day when he smiled softly and looked you over as you read from one of the pamphlets you received from school. “What?” You smirked without looking up.

“Can I give you your graduation present now?” He asked.

You blinked and he handed you a large box with a huge bow. You stared at him in surprise. “I thought we said no—”

“Just open it,” he smiled rolling his eyes.

So you did and the little trickster had just two little rectangles in the box. Concert tickets. N’Sync written on the paper. “Zayn,” you gasped as your heart sped up. Your favorite band. Zayn got you tickets. To your favorite band.

He smiled. “I already told your mum and your boss and we’re going,” he said without room for argument in his tone.

“H-how they were sold out…you don’t even like them?” You said in amazement. You had tried months to get tickets and all this time Zayn…Zayn had to have had them. It was the most heartfelt thing anyone had ever done for you.

“Yeah,” he shrugged with a small smile. “But I love you,” he whispered. You gazed at him your eyes watering and you tugged him toward you to kiss him softly and then hug him tight.

“You are the best boyfriend in the world,” you whispered. Zayn didn’t really think so. He knows you would have done the very same for him. He had the opportunity so he took it. Zayn would do anything to see you smile like this. He would buy tickets for you all over again.


Zayn was watching you pack. His heart was exploding. All he wanted was to wrap his arms around you and kiss you and never ever let go. He was excited for you to go to school. But he was so worried you would get sick of him.

Instead he watched you pack away photos of he and you doing all kinds of things together. Your once full shelves were now empty. Your room didn’t feel like your room and Zayn was already missing you. He rested his hands in his lap and he subconsciously ran his hand over his outer thigh—a tattoo adorned there: a small little bird. His bird. You. Maybe he was crazy, but he couldn’t bring himself to believe so. Nothing was the same after you.

You saw him getting nostalgic over the teddy bear he had given you almost a year ago a prize he spent five dollars on and practically dislocated his shoulder on at the fair. “Hey,” you whispered and put your things down and scooted over to sit in his lap. “It’s okay,” you promised. “Everything’s going to be fine,” you promised and kissed his cheek. He squeezed you close to his chest. “M’always here for you. Always.”

“You’re gonna meet someone who’s better than me. I just know it,” he mumbled into your ear.

“Zaynie, I absolutely will not.”

“He’ll be smart and he won’t be scary looking and your parents will like him and he’ll be a doctor or a lawyer…”

“You’re silly,” you said and curled up to him. “I’m mad about you, Zayn,” you whispered. “I don’t want to leave you ever,” you whispered and kissed his lips gently. “Couldn’t do half of what I’ve done without you,” you reminded him as you snuggled into his neck. Zayn wasn’t sure if that was true, he felt that way about you though. So he settled for holding you and letting your things collect dust in the boxes that would go to your dorm and for now he would just hold onto the words you spoke.


After saying goodbye to your parents, they let you have a few moments alone with Zayn in your room. Your strong scary boyfriend had tears in his eyes. “M’gonna miss you so much, bird,” he whispered and wrapped himself around you.

“You can come visit me whenever you want,” you promised. “You can call,” you whispered. “There’s a pay phone right outside. I’ll find a way to talk to you. And you can email me,” you said. “That’ll be cool, you know? I’ll get it instantly; strange really…I’ll check it constantly.”

He swallowed and kissed your forehead. “Don’t forget about me, yeah?” He asked.

“Never, Zayn. I promise,” you vowed easily.

“I made you these,” he whispered and handed you three cassette tapes. Each one labeled: For when you miss me; For when you’re tired; For when you’re doing homework. He knew you too well. He knew how much you adored music and that these would help you with everything…probably for the rest of your college experience. “This one is stuff I recorded,” he said softly plucking one out of your hand.

Your heart fluttered. “Zayn,” you swallowed thickly. “I love you so much,” you whispered and kissed him for a long, long moment.

It’s something unpredictable but in the end it’s right / I hope you had the time of your life

Zayn had his lips pressed into a hard line as he looked at you. Your hair was longer. You looked beautiful. You had this air about you—Zayn knew it was only a semester but you seemed more educated than he ever could be.

“Hey bird,” he whispered.

The smile that took over your face was very the same and Zayn couldn’t be more grateful for such a small miracle. “Are you gonna kiss me or what?” You asked.

Zayn didn’t know how different you were. You messaged him as often as you could. The two of you were still busy. He with his work and you with yours. “You looked beautiful,” he whispered and cupped your face. “I missed you so much,” he said and pressed a kiss to your lips.

You sighed softly snuggling into him. He swallowed thickly. “I have to tell you something,” he croaked.

You looked at him nervously. “Zayn, what’s the matter?” You asked.

He took a deep breath. “You can’t freak out until you hear the whole story okay?” He asked. “I promise I’m not going anywhere until we talk it out.”

Your heart beat too quickly. Your stomach knotting and you couldn’t speak. So you just nodded. “I asked your parents if I could marry you,” he said squeezing your hands. Your heart almost burst. You felt your knees shake. Oh good, God. He rubbed his thumbs over the back of your hands. “For when you get out of college of course.” You couldn’t speak. Your heart was in your throat blocking your vocal cords. You thought you my throw up. “They said, no,” he said quietly. Your speechlessness started to bubble into anger. “Before you say anything,” he took a deep breath. “I don’t know if you should marry me either. They think you’re destined to do so much more than I’ll ever amount to and I agree with them. I want to be everything I can for you…and I think in order for me to do that…is to…not…be with you,” he said closing his eyes as he breathed out. His heart was breaking. His chest aching.

Bravely, he opened his eyes. His lip between his teeth. He found your face pale, your smile gone, your lips parted, eyebrows pinched in and your beautiful big eyes shiny with tears. Your body seemed to bow inwards a bit, like you were about to fall over. “B-but,” you started to sputter. “Zayn, I l-love you, I d-don’t,” your knees were slowly giving way and Zayn held you by your elbows pulling you toward him.

“Hey, hey, shh…” he whispered and pulled you closer. “None of this, shh…” he said rocking you gently. “I’m here. I’m here,” he promised. “Shh,” he sighed. “I said not until we worked it out could you freak out. Shh…” he hummed. “I love you, too, I’m here,” he promised. “I’m here.” You sniffled against him and nuzzled into his chest. His familiar scent making your head spin. “Right here,” he promised.

“I want to marry you, Zayn. Only you. I can’t imagine anyone but you. And you will amount to exactly what you want to do and I fully support that.”

“It might get rough. We’ll have bills and I may not always have the most money to pay for it and I want—”

“Zayn, if I have to go through rough times then there is only one person I want to be with,” you mumbled into his shirt. He smiled softly into your hair content with your reasoning and how warm you felt against him. Like puzzle pieces that fit just right.

One semester down. Seven to go. The future was unpredictable, scary terrifying, but the two of you together seemed to be absolutely sure of one thing: each other.

'Once Friends'

summary: Luke had been her rock and then he wasn’t there any more - she never really understood what changed

author’s note: just saying, I’ve been working on this for a while so proofreading seemed like a lot of work. Let me know if it’s really bad

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[ARTICLE] BIGBANG explodes K-Pop convention at the Honda Center

Pop artists aren’t often regarded as the best and as the most popular group at the same time. In the English-speaking pop world in the last decade, only maybe Adele, Beyonce and Taylor Swift have earned the same, simultaneous caliber of critical praise and concert tickets sold.

In South Korea, however, there is BigBang. The established quintet is one of the most successful boy bands going in all of K-Pop today, with a sound that spans American hip-hop, R&B balladry with a local twist, and the high-octane electronic dance music that defines pop the world over.

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About the UKISS' sexy concept and the rating issue

Really, I feel like those annoying aunties who are always giving moral lessons, but here I go again making a big post about my opinion. This is important, believe me, since today I’ve read some mean and bad comments about UKISS’ comeback (really people, when will you stop complaining?)

Let’s see, about the sexy concept. Unlike some of those who are stating that UKISS is desperate and is just appealing, shame on you. Yeah, I know that everyone has their own opinion and we must respect, and I truly respect what you think. BUT I guess you don’t know UKISS enough. Firstly, what’s the problem? They are growing up men. They can do whatever they want and this won’t make their music bad (and if you DID listen to the teaser, you’ll see how cool the beat is). Also, how are you so sure UKISS wanted this? Like any other staff, they work under their label through a contract and must do whatever their boss orders them. If the responsible of the MV wanted to make they take off their clothes and make out with the girls, what they will say? ‘No, I don’t want’? How can you say they weren’t uncomfortable doing those kind of scenes? Maybe they were, maybe they weren’t. Maybe some members didn’t care and thought it was fun; but maybe others were really relieved after finishing a scene due embarrassment. We can’t tell. They are acting. Some members are really good with acting, like Hoon for example (and I’m not being biased. Hoon STUDIED act, he was even casted in more than one drama and musicals). 

Plus, as any other entertainment label, NH follows the market demand. If the trend now is sexy concept, they will do a sexy concept. I don’t know much about economics, but I know that something like 'supply and demand’ exists. We liking it or not, Korea is still a sexist country. A big portion of the population is still close-minded. Unfortunately, still exists the woman objetification. For the international fans, this is a problem. For a lot of Korean ones, not so much. And again, we liking it or not, primarily, they are selling their music in Korea. Therefore, it’s important to see by their culture’s point of view. 

Furthermore, we all know that UKISS is stronger than before and don’t really care about awards. I think they are conscious that their MV will be censored at some TV stations. Is this important? No. They are doing good music. They will promote Mono Scandal for some time and then move on to their Japan tour. Done. This is not appealing, is just doing their job and moving on. Also, I strong believe that one of UKISS’ wish is to make us, KissMes, happy. Aaaand, don’t try to deny, we all love see our boys shirtless, heh. So a sexy concept won’t hurt anyone (just destroy some ovaries, but this is another story).

Finally, about the rating. Do you remember Shut Up MV? Well, it was censored. And guess what? Dongho was still underage that time. This affected the boy’s innocence? C'mon. The members even joked about this at a variety show once. Jun is 17, and I’m pretty sure he knows what is sex and porn. He won’t be traumatized. He is only the maknae, not a child. It’s okay to do jokes about this. Even I am doing. I’m just pointing this out because there are people bashing UKISS and NH for putting Jun in this kind of MV lol. 

Sorry for making this giant post, and thank you for you who arrived at this point. I just want people to stop seeing only the negative side… Aish… Can’t you just be happy for our boys?

A/N: This oneshot is based off of two requests. I didn’t write everything exactly like the second request but I hope you still like it.

Request: Can u do a shot where we are at the cinema watching an action movie and he starts fingering me and eating me out and I give a hand job and a blowjob? Also there are a lot of people in the room

Request: Can you do strip poker with all the boys on the tour bus but she’s really good, Zayn is protective when she finally has to take her shirt of, then it leads to something hot;)

“How about we watch Man on Fire?” Louis questions grabbing the film and putting it on the DVD player.

I look over at Zayn and the rest of the boys who nod their heads agreeing with Louis. I’ve seen this movie before and from what I remember, I really liked it. The room gets dark as the DVD reads the disc. Cold fingers start to run up my thigh and I immediately know its Zayn. He always chooses the wrong time to do stuff like this. The lighting from the TV comes back on and I look over at Zayn who has this evil smirk on his face. He wants to tease me? Well two can play at this game. I press my lips on his ear, “Stop baby.” I whispered and leave a small kiss on his neck before pulling away.

“Here boys and Y/N, I brought some blankets since it’s a bit cold in the bus, don’t you think love?” Louis asked me and I nodded grabbing the blanket from his hands. I pulled the covers to us.

“Baby, I’m so horny.” He tells me, his hands move up to my crotch rubbing small circles on the outside of my shorts.


He doesn’t listen and continues doing what he does. He unbuttons my pants putting the zipper down and gets his hands inside my panties. His fingers moved side to side and I swear it took everything in my power not to moan so loud to the point where the boys knew what was going on. I bit my lip down to hold in anything that wanted to come out of my mouth. My hands snaked their way to his pants pulling them down so I could get a hold of his cock.

“God, I want you so bad.” I whimpered.

He smirked putting his face close to mine, his nose touching mine. “Yeah baby, how about we have a little fun? Go to our bunk bed and I’ll tell the boys that we’re going to bed.”

I pulled my hand out of his pants and fixed myself before I got up and left to the bunk beds. I laid down taking a deep breath and waited for Zayn. I needed him now and I couldn’t wait anymore. I began to rub myself slowly.

“Zayn…oh God.” I breathe

I felt his body weight on mine and I meet face to face with Zayn.

“You need my help baby girl?” He slaps my hands away and replaces my fingers with his tongue.  His tongue swirled around flicking my folds and making me even wetter than I was before. He knew how to work that tongue amazingly. The sound of his slurping and sucking on my clit filled the room and we were both extremely loud, I don’t even know how the boys haven’t heard us yet.

“Baby, yes! I’m about to fucking cum!” I screamed getting a hold of his hair. “Right there, yeah.”

“Cum. Cum all over my mouth babe.” His stubble tickled my skin that gave me more sensation. My body began shaking, “FUCK!” I yelled releasing all over his mouth.

I looked over at Zayn and he was licking his lips. He collected the rest of my juices off of his mouth with my fingers and licked them clean. And I swear, with that view I could’ve had another orgasm.

Zayn’s POV

I looked at her, her cheeks were pink due to the orgasm she just had. I could tell she couldn’t wait for me to fuck her. I grab a hold of her hips and tease my tip with her soaking pussy. Little moans left her lips making me proud that I made her feel this way, no other man did.

“Baby, please.” She begs.

I connect my forehead to hers and thrust slowly and deep inside her. Her walls were tight and it felt fucking amazing. Her eyes rolled to the back of her head enjoying that I was inside her. Mumbles left her lips telling me how good it felt to have me inside her. Her love faces was the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen.

“Harder!” She said and I didn’t think twice about it before I started going harder. Our skin slapped and our sweaty bodies glued to each other every time our hips touched. My balls began to tighten signaling I was close to my orgasm. “Babe are you close?” I question kissing her lips.

“Just a few more seconds baby, I promise. I’m almost there.” She whines kissing my neck.

I suck on her tits biting her nipple then circling her nipple with my tongue. “Ahhh!” She lets out and I felt her juices all on my dick making me cum inside her as well. Her nails scratch my back and I was sure she left some marks. “Baby, that was so good.” Her voice was shaky and breathless. I cuddled up to her side putting my head on her chest. Her small hands went to my hair running her fingers through it. The beat to her heart made me fall into a deep sleep.


The next morning, I woke up to the boys giggling and laughing. Y/N was still asleep so I got up to tell the boys to tone it down a bit. “Cum. Cum all over my mouth babe.” Louis mocks me and I knew what they were talking about…last night. I roll my eyes and push him. “Are you serious? You guys act like little kids. Shut up!” I laughed. Niall laughed his ass off obviously.

“Next time you two have intercourse, how about you tell us, we could make a stop or something.” Harry says.

I look at them and shake my head, “Mate you act like this is the first time Y/N and I have ever done this. You have to be use to it by now.” I joke walking back to my sleeping Y/N, cuddling with her going back to sleep.