also good for periods cramps

aliceyoureback  asked:

Hi there! So I just got tons of mugwort from a friend but I've heard that in large quantities it can be harmful. I haven't found anywhere that says how much is a large quantity and I was wondering if you may know?

Okay, first things first, if you are pregnant, or anyone you know is pregnant, do not, or do not let them ingest or come in contact with mugwort!!! It relaxes the uterus so can be very dangerous (but this makes it good for period cramps)

Also, mugwort can be rolled into a cigarette and smoked, or can be ingested like a tea. Use the normal amounts for this (compare with an actual cigarette or tea bag.)

Mugwort can cause everything to seem very colorful. Induces colorful and lucid dreaming.

I would give yourself time to let it leave your body before ingesting/smoking more. So wait about 2-3 days. ☺