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Bughead Feels

Me, 1992: Stupid Archie! He’s so mean to Betty. Betty deserves better. Jughead should be her boyfriend. Yeah!

Me, early 2016: *peruses Bughead tag on tumblr hoping to find long lost fics from the purged Archie Comics category on and the rare fanart; finds the odd comic scan and actual pics of insect heads*

Me, now: *twelve million pages of Bughead posts, my childhood ship is sailing, Bughead is nominated for awards, Bughead is trademarked by Archie comics, my babies are in love and everyone knows it and I’m not crying, YOU’RE crying*

ETA: Had to expand the timeline to accurately reflect how big of a deal this is to my devoted self.

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28, 35, 36, and 40 for the OTP prompt!


I went WAY overboard with this one omg. But I drew basically everything I missed drawing in one shot. Glasses, ponytail, FLANNEL Yuugi! Let’s also call this ‘Atem meeting Yuugi at the train station when he comes home for break from college’ :DD


(Here are the next two! I will reblog this again with the next set later, I can only do two at a time, these took me long enoughXD)


literati fanfiction aesthetics ► To Move With Purpose by missgoalie75

Rory doesn’t say ‘no’ to Jess and they proceed to spend the summer together, traveling from New York City to Venice Beach on an impromptu road trip.


shannon in every episode:

the end
“It was a pain in the ass getting her here from Australia.” 
“Yeah, but dude, it was worth it.”

lance is that friend who’s an absolute mess during the holiday season like he refuses to come in when it gets cold because he wants to watch the snow fall and then shuffles in two hours later sniffling and grinning + starts 90% of the snowball fights (hiding behind hunk and/or shiro with no shame whatsoever) + chases people around with sprigs of mistletoe BUT
lance is also inexplicably fascinated by being able to see his breath and it’s impossible for any of them to be mad at him when he’s so happy, I bet if you let him he’d go door-to-door carolling or spend his life savings buying amazing gifts for his friends

⛄ ALSO ⛄

Lance: makes hot chocolate from scratch with actual chocolate (min. 70% cocoa solids) and whole milk and special sugar and like… a pinch of cinnamon that he just eyeballs but is perfect every time, or caramel if he’s able to steal it from pidge because she hoards all of the caramel jealously. adds marshmallows and so much love
Keith: honestly just grabs whatever vaguely chocolate-flavoured mix he can find and adds hot water, could not care less about making it right which is why he ends up drinking 1/3 of Lance’s every damn time

All I can think of after 1x19 is

what ive been working on the past week

iwaoi ons au because i like to suffer :)))))))

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So, how was your day friend? What’s your favorite color? What’s your favorite animal? Otp? Tell me about you

Umm.. my day was pretty good. I really like the color blue and also giraffes lol.  My otps are Destiel, Johnlock,and Phan.  What about you?  :)

W.I.P.—A sketch of one of the scenes in the future chapter of my friend 3holmes’s Tokka fanfic CHOICES.

Though this page is not actually final. But this is just a teaser from a Tokka project collaboration with 3holmes based on her fanfic— 3holmes in charged with the script and I’ll be in charged with illustrations (and the script is done already so hurray! The only left thing to do is draw the pages.

It might take a while though before the finished pages are posted here since I’ll be only able to work on it during my free time and day off. And I might not be the one posting the finished comic pages. 3holmes will be posting them. =P 

Though I would make an announcement in the future if they were finally posted together with the link. (Don’t ask why I decided not to post them in my own Tumblr page XD)

So yeah, I’m going to have fun illustrating a story based on my current favorite OTP. LOL! XDDDD Also, a good practice for me, too since it will be my first time illustrating a story with such genre.


The truth is, we all love each other so much
We trust each other
We take care of each other

An au where Noah, Blue, and Gansey, don’t have to worry about impending doom and instead can focus on how crazy they all are for each other

Songs for that special someone whom you just want to wrap up in and blanket and hide in your closet.

01. r u mine? - the arctic monkeys // 02. baby, i’m yours - the arctic monkeys. // 03. who’d have known - lily allen // 04. property - say anything // 05. she belongs to me - bob dylan // 06. are you gonna be my girl? - jet // 07. ho hey - the lumineers // 08. soft as chalk - joanna newsom // 09. jealousy - marina & the diamonds // 10. i want you (she’s so heavy) - the beatles // 11. black - pearl jam. // 12. lover of the light - mumford and sons. // 13. her majesty - the beatles.

+ L I S T E N