also go read that book it's amazing



-ok so Ponyboy would certainly try and get her to love books so he would read to her
-and help her with her hw
-and teach her everything for the next year
-but mostly it’s princess books he gets from the library 
-she also always manages to convince him to let her do his makeup??
-always tells her it’s amazing and she should always do his makeup
-he would be all like ‘wow! that’s… something! You lil artist!!’
-and she would alway smile all big and like!!!! so would Pony!! 
-and its just A++++

-Johnny would be the one to play dolls with her
-and he would always be the purple doll
-idk why I just feel like that would be something he would do?
-and he would do lil voices for her
-and he would get like REALLY into it
-and he would sometimes forget how into it he gets (wow ‘and he’ three times in a row, yikes)
-it gets to the point where whenever she sees Johnny she asks he would play with her
-and like she would drag him into the room
-and Johnny always tries to make it all silly for her
-so pure?????

Soda & Steve
-since Soda and Steve are always together
-they would play with her,,,,,,,, together
-i feel like they would play dress up!!!
-and its so pure!!
-she would always choose their outfits
-and i feel like Soda and Steve would try and out-sass each other
-like they wanna see who can make the best show!1!!1!1!!
-and their goal would always be to make her laugh
-then they would dress her up
-and Steve would be all like ‘You look too pretty we have to make sure you don’t get a boyfriend!’
-and she would scrunch her nose and say ew
-AND STEVE AND SODA ARE LIKE!1!!!! ‘das right no boyfriends till your 32!!’
-and you can hear Two-Bit in the back agreeing with them

-Darry would 10000% love giving her piggy back rides
-and he would like lift her up and spin her around!!
-he would also like arm wrestle her
-then let her win
-and he would try and braid her hair
-but it wouldn’t really look like a braid
-kinda just a knot
-but he does it so often he gets really good at it??
-did I mention putting her on his shoulder and always bringing her a candy bar or something adorable like that
-he would also let her paint his nails
-more like  feel so bad that she is getting so sad when he says no so he says ok fine
-and he never gets to choose his color
-and hes like???
-what kinda salon is this????
-and she just kinda shrugs and giggles

-so yeah yeah Dally ‘hates kids’
-but this one is an exception!1!!!!1
-he’s also secretly her favorite
-Dally likes to bring her little toys
-like tiny little plastic dolls
-but like nobody knows he gets them for her
-nobody also knows that he attempts to do her hair after she asks him but then gives up after it gets too hard
-keeps accidentally cursing in front of her
-so every time he does he slips her 25₵ and tells her not to repeat him
-lets just say her piggy-bank is LOADED
-also she  began to say ‘man’ A LOT
-gives her piggy back rides as well
-always tells her what to do in situations
-like what to do if she’s at the wrong place at the wrong time
-and its like?? Dally??? a lil too early for that???
-but he actually really cares about her like a sister
-just don’t tell anyone!!!!!!!!!!!
-that is #classified information!!!

-always watches Disney movies with her
-she’s the reason he likes Mickey Mouse so much!!
-always sneaks her some candy
-is VERY over-protective and will SQUARE UP if you even SUGGEST she isn’t the best thing on this Earth
-they have a secret handshake
-always makes forts with her
-when he is home at night (cuz u know he’s a PARTY ANIMAL) he will tell her silly made-up stories before bed
-and if she has a nightmare he will be the first one up to comfort her
-also if you ask her he has super powers that scare away closet monsters
-basically does what all of the gang does for her (meaning dress up,  piggy back rides, etc) and more
-when he does come home drunk he will make sure she is asleep
-if she does see him with the occasional ALCOHOLIC BEVERAGE and asks what he’s drinking
-he makes sure to tell her no matter what to never drink it
-because he doesn’t want anything bad to happen to her in the future


Mr Thesassygandalf got me a present *-*

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hi! im hoping to become a storyboard artist but im not sure where to start learning... any tips? love your art btw💕

Hi! Thank you!

First of all I’m sure many people have taken different roads in storyboarding so there’s no RIGHT way to become a storyboard artist - these are just things that help me all the time. 

 REAL ADVICE: JUST START BOARDING. You can read all the books and tips in the world, but there’s no better learning tool than just going for it. 

Rule number one - Have fun! If you don’t like it, its fine. One of the first boards I did was in high school as my part in a group book report just because I wanted to and it was awful, but it was fun! :) 

If you’re looking for drawing tips I would say just start keeping a sketchbook and draw in the free time you have - observe from life, if you can go figure drawing that is also amazing for seeing and analyzing form. Be a sponge! 

For drawing and storyboarding - the goal is to not show a series of pretty drawings, the goal is to draw well enough so your drawing skill level doesn’t restrict you from telling the stories you want to tell.  Storyboarding isn’t really a drawing job, its a filmmaking job that uses drawings. 

Good draftsmanship is just the tool to convey the ideas in your head, whats really going to make a good story artist is your attention to the filmmaking. Here are some quick bullet points I can think of for that sort of big “filmmaking” blanket term. 

1. Characters and character relationships are key. Study screenwriting and take note of people in your life that have specific things about them that convey their unique personality! Your mom always taps her fingers on something when she’s thinking? Small things like that make characters feel real. They need to feel real to you when you’re drawing them! :) 

2.  Try to make your boards clear, concise and pay off whatever story you have set up. Show them to your friends and ask their opinion “Did that make sense?”. 

3. Learn the language of film. What is a close-up? Whats the difference between a “pan” and a “tilt”? Why does that cut work or not work?

4.  Watch movies and do film studies. Studying film is important. A lot of people will leave a movie and think “Hm. I didn’t like it.” yet not be sure how to articulate why, but they felt it. Start asking your self why.  

5. Vary your shots and try different tones (esp when starting out!) Comedy, drama, action, romance etc. It not only helps you become a diverse storyteller, it also points you in the direction you like best. 

6.Technical tip. Pay attention to geography in the shot, the 180 degree rule, making sure the space you’re drawing is convincing (this is where I’m trying to improve the most right now). You can draw a beautiful character, but if the space doesn’t feel right, then that’s going to distract from your storytelling. Remember to have the characters interact with the environment occasionally, it grounds any scene more! 

7. LOOK UP TO THE PEOPLE storyboarding now! There’s so many incredibly talented artists working now that are literally a Google search away. Check out their blogs (Mark Kennedy’s is particularly a treasure trove of knowledge) and just stay excited! Whatever storyboarding job you aspire to whether its independent, TV or feature animation - set your bar there! 

Hope that helps and good luck! 


I saw it advertised in assorted DC Comics, as I had seen the ads for the previous issues, but I didn’t quite know what a “fanzine” was, so I never sent away for any of them. Until this point. This particular issue of THE AMAZING WORLD OF DC COMICS was said to contain “The SHOWCASE Story.” Knowing that the silver age Flash first appeared in SHOWCASE, and desperately wanting to read that first Barry Allen adventure, I convinced myself that this magazine must reprint that key story, and so I convinced my Mom to send away a dollar-and-a-half for a copy, which eventually turned up in the mail.

What I got wasn’t a comic at all, but a well-produced insider’s look at DC–one that I really wasn’t able to fully appreciate at the time. THE AMAZING WORLD OF DC COMICS was produced in-house by DC’s youngest staff members, the so-called “Woodchucks”, many of whom would go on to a place of prominence in the industry. The “SHOWCASE Story” was a lengthy article on the history of that since-discontinued magazine, and its place in comic book history. I was pretty fascinated by it, despite my disappointment at not getting to read that first FLASH tale.

There was also a lengthy article/interview with Sol Harrison and Jack Adler about their long association with the firm. Adler was the person in DC’s production department who had innovated the greytone process that had been used on a number of excellent covers in the 1950s and 1960s. The centerspread to the issue reprinted this one from GREEN LANTERN #8, the cover to a story that I had actually read a few months previous in DC SPECIAL.

There was also an extensive section previewing upcoming issues that had yet to be released, which fascinated me and made me lust after some of these comics–most of which would end up in my hands in the weeks ahead. This was preceded by an article about a group of fans in NY for the Super DC Convention visiting the offices while costumed as the Legion of Super Heroes.

Next came a short mystery story, which I loved, as it was all about a comic book writer. It’s actually one of the cruelest stories I’ve ever seen, and I completely understand why somebody at DC thought the better of it and pulled it from the regular books, running it only in this limited edition fanzine. The story is a bitter slam at the then-recently-deceased DC author Bill Finger–the co-creator of Batman and Green Lantern and writer of thousands of individual DC stories. Here, he’s cast as “Phil Binger”, a compulsive procrastinator whose best stories are the lies he tells his editors in order to get an advance on his paycheck. As a kid, without the context to understand what I was reading, I loved this tale, and the zany Ramona Fradon artwork really made it sing. But it’s a story that, once you understand what it was really about, is stomach-turning.

Next up was the latest in a series of articles concerning how a comic book was put together. This installment was about lettering and production, two subjects that really didn’t interest me all that much. Still, I learned a bunch from it–in fact, a while later I got my own Ames Guide for ruling lettering guidelines as a result, though I don’t think I ever actually used it for very much. My homemade comics at this point were still being drawn in ballpoint pen, so I couldn’t quite see the point in ruling a bunch of lines that I was just going to have to erase again anyway.

And the issue closes out with a two-page comedy filler by Jack Kirby originally intended for the second issue of the aborted IN THE DAYS OF THE MOB Magazine. There were a bunch of images in this little two-page short that I was enchanted by–I found Kirby’s comedy work more entrancing than his contemporary adventure stuff, an opinion that would change in the years to come. 

Fic recommendations

so my sib @awesomeundertalelover3 asked me to recommend all my favorite fics so here it is 

(note, these are all reader insert bc im trash and none have the reader as the one who saves them from the underground. also some of them have smut but i just skip those parts) ((also also im bad at writing descriptions so theyre gonna be short lmao)

Nuclear conscious

by Circus4APsyco on ao3 

this fic is a sans/reader

readers a bit of a nerd, but also a badass. cant say to much without spoiling it tbh

its got alphyne and nicepants (whitch immediatly has me hooked)

Masks and meanings 

by catthay on ao3


a little papyton worth mentioning ;) , the reader is a dancer who does anonomous dance protests (kinda like step up) for the rights of monsters

honey we bee-long


 reader owns a flower shop and befriends chara and the skelebros. (this is the 3rd book or smth in  a series but i dont think the other ones have to be read first considering i didnt. definatly check out the other books tho)

skeleton squatters and the landlady

 by @tyranttortoise

this is a multiverse fic 

and it so DAMN GOOD 

GO READ THIS!!! its seriously so funny and well thought out, the writing is amazing and its just genuinly great. please read it. i cant say a lot without spoilers but seriously??? its so good!!!! also it has edge in it makingit an 11/10 even tho its already a 10

the call of a mute heart 

by calix on ao3

this is a mettaton/reader fic

basically the reader has always wanted to be a performer but has mute vocal cords so they become a songwriter instead. this is a really good fic and i defiantly suggest it for any mettaton lovers. also it has sans and pap as your best friends so thats cool

the party incident and other embarrassing anecdotes 

by poubelle_squellette on ao3

this is sans/reader

this fic is fucking hilarious. ive never experienced such bad second hand embarrassment. slow burn but absolutely worth the read. also papyrus is really cool (and not treated like a baby) reader is in college and needs a break

your neighbors friends


basically tori and frisk move in next to you and really fluffy stuff happens. reader is really cool and realllly hates racist assholes. also sad snas warning 

(male edition)

the skeleton games

by poetax on ao3 or @theskeletongames on tumblr


this fic is super funny! red is SUCH a tsundere and hella salty. he moves in next to the reader and annoys the shit out of the reader with loud music so the reader strikes back. this fic is sooooo good and really funny. also muffet is the readers best friend so thats cool. 

not the best way to go about life

by Llama_goddess on ao3


guys this is such a good fic, really well paced and well written! i just got caught up on this one actually! its like 56 chapters so far too. 

the house next door

by battleMaiden13 on ao3


this fic is super funny, and the first multiverse fic i ever read. the reader basically gets to know her interesting neighbors! also sf!sans??? is so cute in this?? like damn hes so cute. 

love yourself

 by starlight1395

this is a more serious fic. each chapter is a oneshot about the reader struggling with one issue or another and sans helping them learn to love and take care of themselves. this fic does contain some serious shit like different disorders, bullying, abuse and other stuff like that but its definitely one of the best things ive read. 

AND ITS DONE!!! THIS SHIT TOOK SO LONG TO MAKE YOU DONT UNDERSTAND. anyways i know that a lot of the spelling and shit is wrong but whatever. also if you guys know the tumblrs of any of these ao3 writters can you tell me so i can tag them? also if any of you guys wanna swing some underfell papyrus fics my way that would be cool. if i find any more good ones ill update this list then reblog it with a note of whats been added.  also if anything doesnt work just tell me and ill try to fix it quickly.  

reblog this for other people to see!!


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Skulduggery Pleasant is a series of childrens/ya books that’s been running for ten years - there’s currently ten books in the series and a few spin off novellas. It’s my favourite series of anything ever - I love it so much I have the two leads tattooed on my body. 

It follows the adventures (and often misadventures) of Valkyrie Cain and Skulduggery Pleasant - a young sorceress and a skeleton. We meet Valkyrie in book one, at the tender and adorable age of twelve - but make no mistake: Valkyrie is the most badass character you’ll ever read about, and twelve yr old her is no exception. 
Skulduggery on the other hand is 400some years old, and died many years in the past only to be resurrected. It didn’t quiet work out as planned however, which is why he’s a skeleton. He’s a detective! He and Valkyrie (then Stephanie, but that’s a story for another time) work together for the first time when they solve the case of her uncle’s murder. It’s the start of a beautiful, badass, hilarious friendship.

The books are a mishmash of genres - anything from horror to comedy most of the time. They’re addictive, hilarious, and just overall amazing.

The tenth book just came out - after a three year hiatus. Lucky for the long haul fans, the wait wasn’t too bad - we didn’t actually know we were getting another book until about a year ago. The series effectively ended in book nine - but now it’s back with a vengeance !! Val’s 24 in book ten (spx) which is another one of the best things about the series - growing up with Val !! I’ve always been a few years younger than Val as the books have come out - she feels like a badass magical big sister.

ANYWAY !! I could go on about this series for hours - or I could just make you go read it and discover it’s mysteries for yourself. So - if you’re interested in an amazing book series about an amazing badass sorceress solving mysteries with her hilarious skeleton partner, run off to your local library right now and pick up the first book !!!

Thursday 7th September

I am kind of proud of myself for taking time out and focusing on what I needed to today. London was amazing, but it was also exhausting, so today needed to be about getting on track with food and taking time to rest. I ended up reading part one of Harry Potter and The Cursed Child this afternoon, well, that was before I ended up falling asleep for 45minutes as I was so tired! Then this evening I picked it up again and read the first half of part two, so I now only have one more section to go! I am flying through this book and it is amazing and I am reliving all of the show and its staging from yesterday.Food wise I have also made sure to not scrimp out because in the past I would have let days like yesterday really throw me off, however not now. Yesterday was one of those days, and no they are not ‘good’ or ‘okay’ to have, but they sometimes happen in life and I realise that I can’t let moments like that throw me off completely. It was one day. ONE day. So instead of dwelling and listening to anorexia, I let today be a new day and focused on what I knew I needed to do. Hunger has been very much present throughout the day and arrival of Mr Period has thrown even more into the mix, however despite all of that, I have made it through. I honestly cannot wait to snuggle up in bed and have a long sleep tonight (fingers crossed) as I have felt in quite a daze for most of the day. I hope you have all had a nice day wherever you may be in the world, I can’t believe the week is nearly over, and it has literally only just dawned on me as I write this post that I move out a week tomorrow…gosh. I don’t quite know how to feel about that *gulp*

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Hello! I know im probably spamming your inbox with ask and request if im being too much you can ignore this. Sorry if im asking too much. But if i can request a match up. Im a 4'11 girl, really chubby scratch that im fat (200pound),a bit inclined in science , took up biology but math kills me . Happy go lucky, lazy and a bit random and all over the place. I like to read fantasy books and lots of cuddles. Usually have lots of insecurities but often brush it off but its gets to me. Thanks you!

You’re chill boo also rock your body, as long as you’re happy with yourself; you do you.

I ship the cinnamon roll with the other cinnamon roll! Your match is UT!Papyrus :D While he’s not inclined into science, he’s actually fairly smart enough to keep up if you talk about it to him, he’s also an amazing listener so even if he doesn’t understand, he’ll make up for it with his undivided attention. Although he doesn’t really like you being lazy, he knows how to deal thanks to Sans. Paps will also compliment you everyday so he can help fight your insecurities.

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So I just finished this book called Rosa York and the Qualia and i’m just going to break down some of the reasons its awesome and you should read it:

1. Rosa York is a kickass biracial and bisexual main character 

2. The Qualia are led by Lucia Sovrano, also known as the kickass lesbian you will immediately fall in love with. (ft. so much thirst from the protagonist its amazing)

3. Divines are a whole group of agender beings who are basically kick ass by nature and based on mythology etc. 

4. Aurora aka the one you will fall in love with from the moment she shows up she is literally the purest cinnamon roll.

5. so many POC characters like so many (+3 points for a latino character that speaks spanish in a way that doesnt seem like someone just switched every ‘bro’ in their dialogue to ‘hermano’)

6. storyline in which all of these characters just kinda are and then go on quests to try to solve magic things.

7. A villain based entirely on the concept of overcompensation.

8. polyamory? (read and find out)

9. sex positive as hell

This is just a good book okay and because I’m so in love with it i’m starting a re-read right now and although i have zero idea if anyone wants this I’m going to be doing a live-draw of chapters as I re-read highlighting the coolest (read gayest) moments. I will be tagging this RosaYorkandtheQualia or RYQ live-draw for short.

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What are the sexualities of the main characters in "Every Heart a Doorway" (other than the very ace Nancy, who btw is amazing, it's the first book I've read that has a character that represents me and it quickly became one of my favorites)?

Jack is pansexual.  She’s also sex-repulsed.  She takes a lot of very cold showers.  Really, she just takes a lot of showers, period, as her sex-repulsion is tied into her OCD.

Jill is heterosexual.  Jill probably needs a cold shower more than Jack does.

Kade is heterosexual.

Sumi is bisexual, but has some odd Nonsense-related hangups that I don’t really want to go into until they’re plot-relevant.

Eleanor is panromantic, but her actual sexuality is unclear, even to me.

Christopher is bisexual and poly, although his primary relationship is with the Skeleton Girl, so I try not to think about that too hard.

You know, most impressive books and shows are amazing, but I can rarely finish them because I’m driven to fury by the pretentiousness within them.

Like, I can’t finish an Oscar Wilde book because he’s so proud of his clever words and I can’t watch more than 3 minutes of every indie film.

So the fact that I’ve never been bothered by The Get Down really says something about the quality and realness of the show.

It’s amazing and beautiful and true and fun and not full of itself and I love it and miss it and I’m gonna make my kids watch it one day tbh
Actually not just my kids I’m gonna sneak copies into random children’s backpacks until I’m 80 years old catch me at the playground getting arrested for slipping masterpieces into bags

Something Different *Steve Rogers x Reader*

Originally posted by myoneandonlycap

Requested by @mrs–rogers
Summary: Insecurities, Steve helping you and getting the Avengers to prove you are important to them.
Warnings: Swearing, body shaming, self-loathing and hate, fluff and love
Admins Note: Sorry this took so long to get up, I had to refine it (probably still need to edit it). Hope you like it, let me know what you think.

You weren’t anything special, not to you anyway, you didn’t see anyone important when looking in the mirror. Yes, you are an Avenger but there are much more important faces in the squad, people that if they died whole nations would mourn for them but for you? 

No one would bat an eyelid for you because you have no emotional or physical impact on anyone. You deemed yourself useless, there’s someone always better and you were waiting for the Avengers to realise that, you enjoyed your time with them while it lasted and you would be upset to go but you’d understand. 

You weren’t physical attractive or to you anyway, you saw an average looking person, who had minor fighting skills; compared to Natasha, you were mediocre, she was badass and intimidatingly pretty. You didn’t stand out in a crowd, you blended in so well that you even found yourself boring, uninteresting and pathetic. 

You’re different, you’d rather be sat reading and watching TV than doing anything productive, you hate conflict and thrive off social media sites; you actually have a few friends on the Internet, you’d consider those people the closest to you- without including the Avengers. Yeah, you are different and sometimes that’s not entirely a good thing, it can make people dislike you for having another opinion. 

Although you saw yourself as different, useless and unattractive; Steve and the other Avengers saw you as unique, you weren’t afraid of conflict that you hated it, you still got the job done.., perfectly well, almost or if not as perfect as Steve does the job. You had a different fighting technique to them all, it was graceful, elegant and but at the same time clumsy, Steve didn’t know how those things go together but they did when it came to you; you are gracefully clumsy as he describes you. 

So, Steve has a difficult time understanding why you are so shy, insecure and not confident like how he imagines you should be, he believes you should be bold and outright but instead, you are reserved and paranoid. 
You obviously have the biggest crush on Steve, he’s like the perfect man, gentlemen. For obvious reasons you never said anything because you felt as though he deserved someone better, someone pretty and smart, who is outgoing and energetic as he is. 

Steve and the Avengers had talked, about you and decided that it was time to tell you how they felt, truly about you and all that you do and your place in the team. You followed Wanda through the halls to the common room, where everyone sat or stood to wait for you, a small frown edged its way up on your face and you sat beside Bruce and Wanda. Tony coughed earning your attention, you looked at him as he smiled at you, it was welcoming and warm: Something was up with these guys.

“(Y/N)” He begins “We all know how you really feel about yourself, outside and inside, so we each have something we’d like to say to you” you nodded slowly at him “first off I would like to say that I am so happy we recruited you, I mean I have never met someone so interested in the technology of the suit; despite not knowing a single thing about technology” you chuckled, that was true, you had no idea what Tony would say but it still interested you. 

“You help out an awful lot, within the tower on missions and with us, all…  emotional” he sighs “you were the person I confided in about my anxiety, panic attacks and general mental breakdown moments, you listened and comforted me in ways I could never repay you for; so please don’t feel like you aren’t part of the team” you nodded slowly, feeling a little emotion just from Tony’s speech, you’d have to listen to everyone else also: you weren’t going to make it through without crying. 

“Tony’s right” Bruce said from beside you “you just have this calming energy or whatever around you, it’s always good for me to be around people with good aura, you have that; a sense of calm and silence, its what I need in this hectic world” you smile watery “also I like the times we read together, just sat in silence reading a good book with some coffee and tea, it’s lovely and I have never met someone that even the HULK likes… truly; we both know he’d never harm you” he nudged, you grinned, and nodded allowing the tears to cascade to go down your cheeks. 

You are hilarious” Natasha quipped loudly “Unintentionally but still, hilarious and you are badass, it’s like you go from this quiet girl around here but out on the field… you transform and its amazing to see” everyone nodded “your fighting skills are… different, but they work for you like everyone here we all have our own styles, so don’t feel like you are doing wrong; you are doing right by you” Natasha smiled at the end, Wanda nodded in agreement, adding in how graceful you are when fighting. 

“What do you call her, Steve?” Tony asked nudging him, you looked at Steve who had his arm crossed, smiling wide as you took in everyone’s words.

“Gracefully clumsy” he shrugs, that was true, you fell and stumbled daily even on the field which isn’t great but you couldn’t help it “you stumble and fall, you stutter when put on the spot and you somehow still don’t see how amazing you are” he smiled and you blushed brightly “you are unique like everyone here, you play a role, a part in our lives; you worked your way into our hearts and we all love having you around” he tells you sternly but gently, everyone nodded in agreement 

“You are important to this time, you make us a family, make us feel human… also you don’t laugh at me when I ask a question about modern day culture” you chuckled lightly “so, grateful for that by the way. You don’t judge anyone around, you are everyone’s biggest fan but you are your worst critic without being your biggest fan, and you judge yourself” he frowns slightly “so we’ve all decided to be your biggest fan, every day we are gonna spend reminding you that you are amazing, beautiful and a good person” you nodded slowly, holding back the tears. 

After everyone spent some time calming you, and just telling you how needed you are, you felt exhausted the emotions you didn’t think you’d feel had come up. You excused yourself to go to sleep early, as you walked down the hall you could hear Steve calling for you gently, you turned and looked at him with a tired expression but a smile still settled on your face. 

“Um, (Y/N) I wanted to say something else but to you in private” he admitted, he looked nervous as he shifted uncomfortably on his feet, you nodded signalling for him to continue “um, just I-I think you a-are really pretty and I’d like to m-maybe go out sometime, for like dinner or something” you blinked a couple times at him “if you wanted- I don’t want to make things awkward for us, especially if you don’t feel the same way, you know what pretend what I said didn’t happen” he rushed and you slowly smiled but still frowned.

“Wait… you like me?” you asked and he nodded “like-like me?” you asked, he chuckled lightly at that and he nodded slowly, looking at you for a reaction. 

“Um, are you sure?” you asked with a frown, not fully realising that he had just asked you out but more so that he actually liked you enough to ask you out, he nodded with a frown also “I don’t understand” you mumbled.

Well, I really like-like you and I would like to take you out sometime” he clarified “but for some reason you don’t understand” he chuckled “you’ve made me feel welcome in this time, you’ve made it feel like home despite me being so far from it and during that time… that home feeling” he stopped and looked at you “has somehow transferred onto you, you feel like home to me and you are different to my old home, you are something different in general” he shrugged “and now I am standing here telling you,  you are just staring at me with wide eyes, so…” he smiled nervously. 

Um, I like-like you too” you mutter “I just never thought that… this would happen” you mumble and he grinned, which made you smile brightly “so, I guess I’ll go out with you” he smiled and nodded “I’m free tomorrow evening and I like ice cream” he nods.

“I know the perfect place” he smiled before leaning down and kissing your cheek softly before leaving down the hall to gush to Sam about what just happened, he looked back to see you smiling bashfully with a small smile.

(Hopefully you enjoyed this. Remember you can request; imagines and one shots by myself and Angie - Rosalee)

it’s interesting to me that i’ve seen multiple ppl (including cast and crew maybe but lol fuzzy memory) talk about not liking hilbert’s voice in s1, cos it’s one of my fave things about him and it’s a totally cool indicator of his mood and character

like someone?? somewhere?? called it a twee chekov thing and i think that’s so true and great. because obvs he’s not going to go all grim and gritty Dark ScientistTM in s1 and provoke any kind of suspicion. no, he’s alexander hilbert, cheery silly soap guy, totes harmless, nothing to see here, leetle strange, yes maybe, but always happy to help commander. the accent is so ott and it completely suits the persona. a bit odd, kinda whacky, but definitely, definitely not a threat eiffel. is all in your head.

and then great googly moogly it all goes to shit lmao, so fuck keeping that up. u know how u read in books about how a character goes steely in a second and it hits everyone like a shock? hilbert’s voice the first interrogation in s2 has the same effect on me. like he’s just completely wiped that other personality away. there’s no point to keepin it up at all so it’s gone forever without a thought. it’s amazing

and like obvs this also reflects like … yes its an act but i like to think that mb in s1 he’s also a genuinely happy dude. the work’s going well, no one is dead yet, so he’s chatty and happy and careless. and then after he loses it all he gets more and more grim and short and uncommunicative. he’s super tired and u can hear it in his voice

so like i get the complaints of like inconsistency or lack of realism but i really really like it lol, i think it suits the character and gives him more depth if u take it as part of the universe instead of as something to ignore


“But lying silently curled into him, feeling his breathing, steady and even under her fingertips as she rested her hand over his heart, she had never felt so at ease.

FIC REC: Lilac Wine by blowmiakisscolin

CS AU: Emma Swan is an international popstar who goes off the grid following a very public and messy breakup with her now-former manager, Neal. Killian Jones works at a small hotel owned by his brother in the rural English village where Emma chooses to hide out. They find themselves drawn to each other, but what will happen when Neal refuses to accept Emma leaving him?

If you enjoyed Shadow and Bone, then check out these books with similar themes!

The Burning Sky
Fantasy | Magic | Romance | Chosen One
I absolutely loved The Burning Sky and all the books in this series! The Elemental Trilogy is one of my all time favorite series and I would definitely recommend it for fans of Shadow and Bone :)

The Girl of Fire and Thorns
Fantasy | Romance | Chosen One | Self-deprecating main character
I haven’t read this one, but from the reviews I’ve read, this book appears similar to Shadow and Bone in quite a few aspects. I think the main character Elisa also sounds quite a bit like Alina from Shadow and Bone.

The Crown’s Game
Fantasy | Magic | Romance | Russia
This book hasn’t been released yet and there aren’t many reviews out yet, but if you’re a fan of that Russia-like setting in Shadow and Bone, then this could be a great book for you! Plus, one of the character’s name is Nikolai… ;)

The Demon King
Fantasy | Romance | Magic | Epicness | Poor main character becomes more
If you’re looking for more magic and high fantasy, this is the series for you. The Seven Realms series is EPICNESSSSSSS :D Go read it o__o

Six of Crows
Fantasy | Romance | Magic | Grisha World
Now the plot for Six of Crows and the overall feeling is quite different from Shadow and Bone BUT this is set in the same Grisha World that Shadow and Bone is set in. Plus it’s written by the amazing Leigh Bardugo, so how can you go wrong with that?

Fantasy | Romance | Magic | Adventure | Special Flower MC
Truthwitch was a good fantasy book that many fantasy lovers will enjoy with its magic and adventure. There’s also a romance with a prince and the main character has a special power that no one else has (like Alina).

Red Queen
Fantasy | Magic | Romance |  Special Flower MC |  Poor main character becomes more | Betrayal
The Red Queen has quite a few similarities to Shadow and Bone. The main character, Mare Barrow, has similar experiences to Alina. They both have hidden powers that they didn’t know about and that are very unique. They are both thrust from their lowly positions to ones of higher power where romance abounds. They also go through magic training and dueling :)

Air Awakens
Fantasy | Magic | Romance | Special Flower MC |  Poor main character becomes more
Air Awakens has elemental magic and the MC, Vhalla, is the first air bender in a long long time. She goes from an ordinary library apprentice to someone that both princes of the kingdom seek out. Overall, an enjoyable fantasy, filled with magic and romance :)

Also! I found a Hogan’s Heroes comic at the comic book store! I’m hoping it’s decent, at least. They had a second one, but its previous owner had drawn all over the cover and a little bit inside, so I decided to hold off on it unless this one turns out to be absolutely amazing and I need to read more. They also had a Monkees comic, some Get Smart comics (which were kind of on the expensive side), and some Disney comics (Donald, Scrooge, and Mickey Mouse), but I decided to pass on all of those.  At least for now.

anonymous asked:

hello i've been thinking of reading discworld but there's so many books i dont know where to start??? do you think you could give some advice on which book to read first?


So Discworld is divided in several different series, of which the main and most linear ones are the Death books, the City Watch books, the Witches books, the Industrial Revolution/Moist Von Lipvig books and the Tiffany Aching ones, and there are several standalone books that are pretty excellent. Here is the official chart!!

Here is my advice on the matter: first of all DON’T START WITH THE TWO FIRST BOOKS IN THE SERIES, The Colour of Magic and the Light Fantastic are not actually bad, they’re pretty funny and interesting but just not quite as good as what the rest of discworld has to offer and knowing myself, if I had started with them I would have given up on the series right then and decided that it’s not my thing and is quite overrated.

Instead I recommend you start with a first book in one of the sub-series. Here it really comes down to your taste, you have the choice of either:

  • Mort: first of the Death series, in which Death takes on an apprentice and then goes on holiday
  • Guards! Guards!: first of the Watch series, in which a guy who was raised by dwarves and doesn’t realize that he is over six feet tall comes to join the decaying and useless Night Watch of Ankh Morpork. It’s only the beginning of a glorious ascension of the City Watch to the state of one of the most powerful and organized institutions on the discworld oh and a dragon is involved.
  • Either Equal Rites or Wyrd Sisters: Both are great books to start the witches series with. The former is about a little girl who decides to be a wizard instead of a witch and tackle more powerful magic, the latter is an amazing parody of basically everything Shakespeare. But with witches. Yeah, you want to read it.

You could also start with one of the standalone books, the best ones would be Small Gods, about religions on the disc and Monstrous Regiment, the one that is all about kicking the patriarchy’s ass but I don’t want to spoil anything just trust me its amazing. But yeah honestly I’d recommend to check out the sub-series first and slide into those when you come back wanting more of that amazing world. Same for the Moist Von Lipvig books, Going Postal is wonderful but even better if you wait to know Ankh Morpork well enough before reading it.