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Fic from my indie: Hatter’s swirling vortex of thoughts and emotions regarding Alice from the moment he meets her onward.

Word count: 1001

Hatter wasn’t a great man. In fact, he didn’t even qualify as a good man. Not anymore. Not after all the things he’d done.

She was like the sun. To speak with her was to be warmed. To fight with her was to be burned. She was electric and passionate, and for the first time in years… he felt something.

“Who are you?” she asked. Spades, she sounded just like him. Who are you? Where are we? Why? Why? Why? Always asking questions, never taking no for an answer. She was pushy and rash and stubborn as a tea addict, and by every card, she was beautiful. 

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well this definitely did not take a really long time. also just to show how bad I am at animating omg 

Happy 24th Birthday to the danisnotonfire !

Thanks for being such an inspiration. It’s really just great to see someone who was able to get back up from negativity and live life to the fullest when you are in doubt. Truly wish you all the best for years to come, and I hope you know just how much everyone loves and appreciates you.

Have a great birthday Dan