also gemma but not in the pics

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Who are Harry and Antonio?? If you don't mind could you tell me?

okay, i have like ten anons about them in my inbox every time i talk about them, so let’s make this answer a thorough one that i can link back to in the future! harry lambert is harry styles’ stylist (from around mid-2015 onwards), first for 1d related stuff, now obviously for solo stuff too. he also did harry and gemma’s outfits for the another man launch. recently, he’s been hanging out with crusty through their social circle too lol. antonio is his boyfriend - he works at selfridges - and he’s formed a lot of friendships of his own since (they hang out with nick a lot recently). antonio attended lottie’s matchbox launch (he’s in a few pics with louis) and went to the another man launch with gemma for example. i just really like both of their social media presences and i’ve been following them forever. they’re just really sweet people and it’s obvious that they’re good friends with the styles-tomlinsons!

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first of all thank you sooooo much for looking at my trash blog.


the “wellington curse” is used to talk about some mysterical, ridiculous, highly dubious incidents of HarryAndLouis being together and unfortunately seen by people. however, (apparently controlled by someone), all photos or videos that go leaked seems to be taken by a Nokia being dumped into the sea bitten by sharks then burned dry with fire. eveything BLURRY and UNCLEAR. and we call this a “curse” because every single fucking Harry and Louis are together something like this happen. All. The. Fucking. Time. What. THe. FuCK.

it’s called “wellington” because the whole fiasco originated in wellington.

and when you hear people saying “investigate it”, it means we’re gonna dig deep and find out everything about one incident.

so here we go.

back in february in 2012, the first wellington incident happened in a bar. (click on the link and there’s the shite video)

they are caught on (shitty) video, seems like kissing or have any form of intimacy going on lol

louis is leaning in as harry also simultaneously pulling him towards himself. then harry sorta holds him from behind and goes in for his neck. 

then idk what louis is doing (bc he’s drunk outta his mind), seems like he’s going in for something or idk, dancing?

here’s an enhanced gif of harry like, biting/kissing/idk into loui’s neck

very unclear

i mean, like, there are soooo many people around???? and they have so many phones????? why is this taken by a potato??????


(that is meant for a sarcastic tone)

TWO MONTHS LATER again in wellington, harry and louis are seem together in a cafe with gemma and keith.

here are some clearer pics that i managed to find. they are leaked WAYYYY after when the incident first happened.


yet apparently,


and then of course, the internet started freaking out at about 2:30, then that evening harry tweets this

and aND AND!!! it’s not over.

here is another thing that happened in wellington. the third wellington incident. (click the link for video)

actually, DO watch the video, you’ll see everything so i won’t copy what is said here as it’s not that important. but just so you see, every time in wellington, magical SHIT happens.

and then it’s not only wellington, the curse spreads.

first allow me to introduce you to tHIS.

hOLDING HANDS?????!!!!!


everythign is blurry????


noW WHAT????


how about tHIS SHIT?????



mind you, here’s just a few that i find significant, the Wellington Curse happened more times than you imagine. 

f king pissed.

when H&L has come out, they better explain every about all these mysteries.

haha here’s drunk louis again

and tHEN, ONE MAGICAL DAYYYYY. the great Ian McKellen confronted them on tHE SHOW!!!!!!!! (i think you all know when is this so…)

so apparently Harry and Louis didn’t go to the Hobbit premier, and they were in a bar or together in their house, somewhere, you see.

Sir Ian diD A THING



okay now they’re apparently sooooo “uncomfortable”

and then Sir Ian did this thing with his hand, to mimick some drink and smoking.

hahAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHHAHAHA Harry and Louis you are not going anywhere hAHAHAHAHAHHAH

okay, so, there is it!!! the Wellington Curse and now let’s investigate some more.

when iPhones do not turn into a potato is the time i rISE FROM ME ASHES.


Gemma Chan Joins ‘Mary Queen Of Scots’ Opposite Saoirse Ronan & Margot Robbie

British actress Gemma Chan has joined the cast of Working Title and Focus Features’ Mary Queen Of Scots. Chan will play Bess of Hardwick, the friend and confidante of Elizabeth I (Margot Robbie) who, along with her husband the Earl of Shrewsbury, eventually became keeper of the captive Mary, Queen of Scots (Saoirse Ronan) for 15 years. Pic also stars Martin Compston, who plays the Earl of Bothwell, and Jack Lowden, who plays Lord Darnley.

Stage director Josie Rourke is directing the title.

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Hey love. Could you maybe do a quick summary of what's been happening since March 25th? That's the last day I was properly online and rn there's just so much going on.... Thanks so much!

Oh wow, I’ll try, but I’m really bad at remembering what happens when and dates and stuff, but here goes (if anyone wants to add on stuff i’ve forgotten, feel free!) 

Saturday 25th March 

  • Louis played Ultra fest with Steve in Miami to 100,000+ crowd and tweeted about it a lot.
  • Cheryl gave birth and Liam and Cheryl both released statements via IG I think
  • During the UK The Voice there was a ‘teaser’ ad for Harry and his forthcoming music. And news that music will come on the 7th April.
  • Harry also changed his IG icon to a white blank space, and posted three white squares like he did before Another Man. 
  • Gemma blew up at a Larrie on twitter - i think she might have deleted the tweets now? Anyway, it’s the same old stuff we’re used to.

Sunday 26th March

  • I don’t think much happened? Other than lots of media coverage off of the back of Harry’s ad and Liam’s news - you can google and it all comes up. 

Monday 27th March 

  • Liam tweeted about changing nappies.

Tuesday 28th March

  • Harry tweeted to let us know that he now has a website. 
  • He also updated his twitter header pic (as did Louis) - both of which feature blue and green. 
  • We also found out that Harry would be on SNL on 15th April, and possibly playing two songs as that is tradition. 
  • The Daily Mail ran a piece trashing the pap involved in the scuffle with Louis including how he has gone after other celebs in the same way and that he also “harassed” his ex. It’s worth noting as Louis is poss supposed to have a hearing soon.

Wednesday 29th March

  • Articles saying Harry’s single will be 5mins long and the album will come soon after. 

There’s probably a lot more, but that’s the best I’ve got at the mo - hope that helps. 

If anyone wants to add on things I’ve missed, go ahead! 

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Hi there! I have a few wcifs. First, what skins/skin overlays do you most commonly use (specifically on Gemma and Eden) and what do you use nose shines, and, if so, which one(s)? Also, what toddler skin do you use and wcif Gemma's teeth? Thank you, sorry for the long ask!

it’s no problem sorry for the super long wait!!! the skin i use on pretty much all of my sims is here and the nose shine is this one! the toddler skin i mostly use is the same skin i answered here, and gemma’s teeth i believe are part of the base game! (:

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I didn't use Tumblr often until May 2015 , so could you please tell me which day is Haylor day ? December is coming :)

December 2nd - the day they were first seen together in public, in Central Park. 

December 3rd - Taylor makes an appearance at 1D’s MSG after party where this happened

December 3rd - Harry spends the night at Taylor’s hotel

December 4th - Harry is seen leaving Taylor’s hotel in the morning wearing the gray t-shirt he’s holding in the picture above. He also comes back that night to spend the night with her again.
December 5th - He’s seen leaving her hotel in the morning
December 6th - They both attended Emma Stone’s birthday party

December 7th - they both performed at the Jingle Ball and these cute videos of them backstage were leaked. After the show, they flew to London together on a private jet

and that’s probably when Harry joined the mile high club

December 12th - Taylor and Harry at Lake District feeding birds and shopping and doing regular couple things

also, here’s a manip of one of the pics above cause I love you

They also had dinner later that night with Gemma, Harry’s sister, according to fans.

December 13th - They were seen walking around Cheshire together

Harry also bought her that Burberry purse from the picture above and 23 cupcakes (this is what he got her from all we know, it could’ve been more)

Harry took Taylor to dinner that night too

December 18 - The boat tattoo

December 19 - Harry stays at Taylor’s house during the LA trip.
December 21st - They go on a skiing trip in Utah with her family
December 22nd - They meet fans at a restaurant, it looks like

December 23rd - Harry tweeted

The accident may have taken place on the 22nd or 23rd, we don’t know for sure.

December 24 - Harry returns home (UK)

December 28 - Harry flew back to the USA and we haven’t seen them together until New Year’s Eve
December 31 - Taylor performed in Dick Clark’s Rocking New Year’s Eve. while Harry went to the Coldplay/Jay-Z concert. They met up just in time for the ball drop and the cutest thing in the world happened I’m still crying


ello hiya mates my name is gemma but do feel free to call me gem if you ever bring me biscuits. please do not be fooled by this picture as though i look like it I’m anything but a mysterious lass with great looking hair (at the moment its a ball of fluff). though most of my days are spent in front of a camera pretending to not be thinking about becoming a dog guardian i also run a secret salad pics ig because doing it so on my own causes makes people get their knickers in a twist. i have the connections for the last lost pepes and harley n me grandma both think im a decent human being so do hmu @ floofgalore for 2 hours late replies. all the love x

Gemma is staying with us for the month while her raisers are out of the country. She’s very excitable and definitely has her moments where I think, “Whoa, you are A LOT!” But we’re also figuring each other out and she seems a lot more settled with her blanket, now. We’re also keeping her on tie down, even taking her out on it instead of switching to the leash, because body contact seems to be one of her low-self-control areas. It seems to be working.

Photo Description: Black Lab Gemma lays in a ball on a white blanket with black paw prints. Her head is up and alert, looking at the camera.

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I know everyone thinks IG is everything but the private people in lottie's life definitely also tell her how proud they are and congratulate her . And I mean people like louis or even Gemma, Anne, Dan, her hometown friends. I've seen comments wondering why louis isn't all over lotties pics and well maybe it's because they don't need to prove to fans they support her. Just because some people love to display it, it doesn't mean they're more supportive than others in her life 🙄

Of course! I don’t understand the big deal about ‘oh why didn’t x person post a picture with Lottie’ or ‘why didn’t y person congratulate her’ :) private life and mobile phones exist!

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May I ask you why you don't like Gemma Gary? I never read her books, just some abstracts here and there on tumblr and this is the very first time that I actually read of someone who dislike her, generally she's praised as a great author and her books are used very often in fancy pics... I'm just curious, I don't want to criticize.

The reasons I don’t like Gemma Gary are less about the woman herself and more about her books and public presence.

First, she lies about Cornish “traditional” witchcraft. Many of the terms, charms and traditions she claims to be part of her Cornish practice are pan-British, or taken specifically from other areas of Britain and aren’t local at all to Cornwall. She also makes big blanket statements about the magical practices and concepts of Europe, Great Britain, and Cornwall that are baseless (of course she sites almost no sources ever) and are highly contradictory to theories and histories that come from peer-reviewed properly academic texts.

All of that is working solely within the parts of her writing and media that can actually be attested as “traditional” or part of folk tradition – ignoring that the word “traditional” is already so misused and misunderstood in our communities. The major basis for all of her craft is the same modern wave of practice and tradition that lies at the heart of Wicca, which so many of her followers claim to detest; that is the ritual structures and philosophies of the 19-20th century occultists (such as the Golden Dawn) that have no place in vernacular folk magic. She regurgitates the same structures, philosophies and false histories of her very recent, and rejected, magical predecessors with newly invented names, symbols, and explanations behind them. In short, she has made up a new system based on the same modern systems she rejects with no authenticity to her creativity, and then has the audacity to call it folk magic and Cornish tradition. She is renaming parts of Wicca, with words and ideas that excite an audience bored with 90s hokey witchcraft, and claiming them to be traditional (another exciting trend-word) and naturally/rightfully keeping all the profit for her creations.

Secondly, Gemma is one of many authors under the same series of occult publishers who abuse overly flowery/poetic writing that can fill up 30 pages with two paragraphs of actual information. While she is not as bad as Schulke by any means, this is still an annoying waste of paper, but more importantly distracts from the substance and legitimate education possible with her media presence. It also is more and more risking exclusion and classism as the flowery writing gets worse, leaving the texts available only to those of a class or background able to understand the points of information amid the nonsense.

Thirdly, she plays on people’s desire for authenticity in witchcraft, for culture, and bluntness, using exciting topics, misplaced folk terminology, overemphasized rituals and the devil to excite her thirsty audience while really just feeding into capitalist witchcraft trends, further continuing the glass ceiling above young witches’ heads, preventing them from pursuing authentic vernacular traditions of magic and superstition through real sources or researching through properly academic channels. She is part of a large system that completely convolutes vernacular practices around the key words and exciting fads of a suburban internet-based magical audience. If you think the average cunning-folk of Cornwall two hundred years ago were running about calling crows in the north and bunnies in the south and asking the great serpent to envelope them while they pray to the wise devil, if you think they were proud to call themselves witches and embrace the darkness in the world…you have a serious gap in your education, further exacerbated by Gemma’s and other authors’ misinformation and profit-seeking books.

She can do whatever she wants, but the fact that she markets these lies the way she does, and the fact that she is claiming to be an expert while she is clearly still struggling through these complex subjects herself are what rub me so much the wrong way. There are many flaws with her practice and theory, but that is normal. This is not why I am fed up with her and her publishing peers; it is that she claims authenticity, tradition, and reliability in the midst of these blatant flaws. She is such an indication of the myriad concerns that should be raised within the witchcraft communities about capitalist profit, trend setting, laziness, and disrespectful appropriation of real traditions.  

The Zouis family album - part 2

So if you haven’t seen part 1 yet, you can check out that post HERE, it shows Zouis being attached during group photos.

(Look at them not even being able to not look at each other while taking a photo.)

The thing is that I have noticed that maybe Zouis in fact do have a album of their own….

Keep reading

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I think people who really know about this situation (like Grimmy, James, Stan) are silent. Also funny how Anne and Gemma haven't said anything yet.

There is literally NOTHING coming from the people that are really close to him, nothing! And even if (at some point) there will be a tweet from them - why did they wait so long? It’s been 12 hours since ‘louis’ tweets’ and there is NOTHING from his bandmates, nothing from his fam, nothing from his friends. Most of them have been online by now, Liam even posted a pic, still NOTHING. And people think this is normal behaviour? They used to say it’s to ‘keep things private’, that Louis ‘didn’t want the attention and wanted to protect the baby’ etc etc. But now that 'Louis’ tweeted about it - where are all of them? You think it’s normal that none of them tweeted about it? That the whole Tomlinson crew posted selfies the very day the 'baby’ was born but still not a single word coming from them? That his very own bandmates did absolutely NOTHING? When their close friend just became a dad? People can spin this whole thing whichever way they want but this is not fucking normal.


Happy Sibling Day!!!

Ps. Sorry it’s so late, I still have about an hour left in my time:)

I also apologize for the Louis pic I know all the sisters aren’t in that picture.

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hi sorry if this is stupid but do you think Gemma is referring to the freak out when fans saw the pic she posted with Harry and Louis' pic in the background? also sorry something else, the gif you just reblogged Harry's standing away and not doing anything what is this! if they're making it look like he's about to leave to make fans buy tickets they're doing it in the worst way possible it's so awkward! or maybe there's something else I didn't watch the vid I just saw the gif but it's so ugh

Nah. The speculation about her Instagram post was mostly yesterday. I actually think she posted that pic as pre-emptive shade because she knew what was coming today.

Yuck. Shameless stuntin’. I’m taking Gemma’s shade as further confirmation that there is no baby. And of course, Liam was tasked with addressing babygate, rather than Louis. I hope that means it will eventually be put to an end without humiliating Louis by forcing him to speak about it.

And about this new old pic. Hello snapchat promo…AGAIN. And this definitively proves what we already knew: Snapchat photos are not always real time. You can take existing photos and snapchat them and you can save snapchat photos for later use. Both these things are important to remember as 1DHQ uses snapchat to further their bullshit narratives. Also, the quality of the pic is so poor, photoshop cannot be determined. However, I suspect this is photoshopped.

And as usual with 1D’s manufactured storylines, they can’t keep their lies straight.

Nope. Briana wasn’t actually at that concert. And Liam met her in May, at the Snoop Dogg party.

Smh at this. All of 1DHQ’s lie telling needs to come to a merciful end soon.

As far as Harry and the mysterious empty space thing.

He’s done it before.

I think it’s subtle protest against the whole Zayn leaving stunt.

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How am I supposed to lower my expectations now???

I don’t actually know. But let’s sum up what we have ok?

- sbb wearing police hat (justice?): player: 02:01
- sbb wearing police hat: today is 201 days since bg started
- sbb wearing police hat: smiley blue birthday candle
- Gemma liking a Monday delivery of a shirt that says: not my baby
- happy birthday Harvey cake
- feb 1 Anne: today’s the day
- feb 1: sbb no longer hanging on that thread - no one’s puppet anymore.
- feb 1: sbb took off the sunglasses for the first time. Looks naked, (=free) only wearing his original bondage
- feb 1: rbb and sbb are no longer posting a warning-like pic. Both pictures were *pure*. No stickers needed. Holding hands. It’s like a new beginning.

Bg side
- not much time because people will start questioning the lack of birth certificate
- paternity test also has a window
- Superbowl and the Oscars are right around the corner.
- tmz non-stop talking about it, getting more and more blatant
- it literally reached its peak. Confirmation came. Ig pic came. J’s were strolling w the carrier. Louis was also papped with B so they cannot really give us MORE.
- Louis can only be papped so many times before people get bored or annoyed.

So idk man.. this is the first time they are so blatantly obvious with references to a SPECIFIC DATE.

I’m gonna remain positive because I’m constantly being told to watch out on Feb 1 and my brain just simply refuses to ignore it and shut up. :)

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Well. There goes my happy mood. Thanks Radio1D! :(

No offense (and this is the only time I’m addressing it because it deserves 0 attention) but I don’t get my inbox right now.

That picture already happened (they aren’t even kissing in it ffs) - it’s from that night in May everyone flipped over.

Do you realize how OBVIOUS it is? Ashley is LITERALLY posing in front of them, like it can’t get more obvious than that. And it gets posted today, after a Larry pic is discovered behind Gemma. Ok…sure…totally natural.

It’s a pain in the ass but also obvious as hell. (For people who didn’t see it it’s a snapchat of Ashley posing in front of Briana and Louis standing together at a club. They’re not doing anything they’re just close up in each other’s space. As people tend to do when they’re drunk or…y'know…STUNTING.)