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so me and @useless-protag started crying at this scene while watching the great gatsby and i promised myself ‘’i’m gonna draw this today or die trying’’

it’s 1 am im still alive B)



English annotating of Gatsby Texts - also my trip to the Winchester Christmas Market in December (which i miss already) 

The amount of work I have to do is making me panic constantly…No free time at all! Also got my exam questions for my Photography exam project and the questions are so bad *cries* what am i supposed to do with boxes! 


Drink with me to days gone by. Can it be you fear to die? Will the world remember you when you fall? Could it be your death means nothing at all? Is your life just one more lie?

Daisy Buchanan is such an underrated character. She’s incredibly smart, and tries so hard to live up to the impossible standards her society and the men in her life set for her; she winds up in a loveless marriage and realizes once she has a child that she’s well and truly trapped, that she has nowhere to go, so she’s ready to give up on her own happiness and be the beautiful little fool everyone wants her to be.

Then gatsby walks back into her life, gatsby who loved her when she was a girl, and she thinks he’s her way out. But no, it turns out he’s become just another rich guy, and a sleazy one at that, with ridiculous expectations of her and no interest in what she wants if it doesn’t perfectly align with his vision of her.

She finishes that novel knowing she’s completely trapped in her marriage, with the lives of three people on her conscience, and even the memories of her youthful first love are colored over. She’s no one and nothing, a pretty face to walk on the arm of her husband. She’s aware of this, too, and it hurts her, so she grins through it and lives the life she’s forced into because she still has a daughter to raise.

I love her so much and I will defend her to the end of my days; there are so many morally grey male characters out there who are just worshipped and she’s shitted on for her mistakes too much.

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Nick Carraway was in love with Gatsby


16 spirk long-fic recs!!

so many kudos to all of these authors; you’re all amazing and it’s incredible that you would share your talent with the fandom like this. writing is difficult but you’ve all created such masterpieces!! thank you!!!

bolded = absolute favorites!!! (although tbh everything on this list is my favorite. so :))

The Lotus Eaters by aldora89; rated E, 93k words

Spock and Jim are stranded on a planet – but Jim’s afflicted by a horrible zombie-esque disease, there are some freaky bugs, and they make friends with a giant lizard warrior. Incredible, perfectly-paced slow-build. And the backstory for the planet is awesome! This is like a legit novel right here.

a sequence that you never learned by annataylor; rated E, 64k words

Jim wants to adopt a Vulcan kid, but he can’t do that unless he becomes a Vulcan citizen. The quickest way to do that is by marrying a Vulcan, and Spock steps up to the plate to help raise the child. This fic is so nice and so sweet, and I really loved reading it.

Obsession by awarrington; rated E, 23k words

Jim pines after Spock, but Spock isn’t available. Which sounds maybe normal and sad – but this one messes with alternate universes and timelines, and the ending had me shook for days.

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