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the Elric’s preparing to go back to the Rockbell’s:

Al: “they haven’t seen me in years, i should try to look nice… a pair of dress pants, a collared shirt, and vest should be good!”

Ed: “…ah, fuck it” puts on a hoodie and sweatpants

Phichit Commands!

A/N: Yuri on Ice!!! (Victuuri) - 24. “I’m sorry, are we 12 now?” - I got creative with this one. Recently I’ve started to like involving Phichit in fics. Enjoy XDD

Summary: [Pre-relationship] Victor finds Yuuri skyping with Phichit and decides to eavesdrop for a little. As he does, he learns some veeery interesting things about Yuuri. Like… how ticklish he is?

Word Count: 2363

“Fanclub? Phichit-kun, I’m sorry, are we 12 now?” A smile grazed Victor’s lips and he had to pick up the cold damp towel from his bare shoulders to press it against his lips as he stood outside Yuuri’s room, peeking inside and listening in. 

The action was a good one that turned his laugh into a soft muffled chuckle, which did not give him away just yet. It had been a couple of minutes since he came back from his shower to find Yuuri engaged in a fascinating conversation with his buddy Phichit. 

He knew very well about their friendship but was just curious about their relationship since Yuuri was often talking about the Thai figure skater, but Victor had never really seen them interact. So finding Yuuri in his room, skyping with the younger male was enough to have him stand behind the door to eavesdrop. It gave him a lot of interesting and especially hilarious information:

Phichit shipped the two of them so bad, even jokingly calling them his OTP! Genius. Victor couldn’t help but blush and giggle at this. Sure he noticed their chemistry and Yuuri even boldy invited him to be his coach. But despite all that he still seemed pretty shy, which was why he just decided to take things easy.

So hearing how Yuuri’s best friend approved of them (well, even shipped them), of course that made him very happy.

“We both know you’ve been crushing on him ever since you were little.” Also that. Yuuri idolizing him, he knew, because hell those posters and pictures and what-not in his room weren’t hidden properly. 

But Phichit’s words were all the extra confirmation Victor needed to verify they were not just coach and student, not just colleagues and not just friends. They were developing a romantic bond and everyone around them probably noticed except for Yuuri himself because he probably didn’t want to believe it? 

“Phichit-kun stop it! You’re being silly!” Yuuri was still flustered and scolding Mr. shipper for joking about making a fanclub solely for shipping ‘Victuuri’ as he called it, and Victor was still barely over that and the crushing- comment when the directness of Phichit’s words took a next level.

“I’m not being silly, you are. Can’t believe you’re still not dating. You even sleep and bathe together!” Phichit joked, and Victor let out another muffled laugh.

“W-we don’t sleep together!” Yuuri protested with a squeaky voice. 

“Yeah yeah. I bet he hasn’t found about that either then,” Phichit said with enough sass and mischief to replace Victor’s urge to laugh with a lot of curiosity. ‘That’? 

“You don’t mean that that right?” Yuuri replied. What were they talking about? That that? Phichit chuckled mischievously in response.

“Oh Phichit-kun don’t you even dare ever telling him!” Yuuri argued, sounding very nervous and embarrassed, and even though Victor couldn’t see his face, he was sure he was blushing now. More curiosity. 

“Of course I am. It’s attractive, you should let him do it to you.” Do it to him!? Victor was close to having a nosebleed, or so he felt. His face was getting hot and he had no idea what these boys were talking about.

“Definitely not! It’s embarrassing!” Yuuri protested, even raising his voice. 

“No it isn’t! All he has to do is touch you in the right way and–” 

“PFFtt!” Victor wasn’t sure if it was his own flustered reaction, the hilarity of it all or both, but he suddenly couldn’t hold back his snorty laugh. Well now that he did that, he’d better make his entrance right away, and still laughing with his hand covering his mouth he wobbled into the room to where Yuuri was sitting.

“Victor!? How long have you–” Yuuri squeaked, but Victor patted his head and leaned over him to pay some good attention to the little ball of energy that apparently consisted of a lot of Yuuri-secrets.

“Hello Victor. How are you doing?” Phichit asked casually, and while ignoring Yuuri’s squeaky remarks about him being half naked and his questions of how much he’d heard, Victor responded merrily.

“Doing good! And very curious to your secret language. What is this attractive thing I have yet to find out?” he asked with a smirk, and Phichit giggled.

“What, he really doesn’t know yet?” Phichit reacted to Yuuri first, who jumped in surprise and shook his head, his hands waving as a silly reaction to some secret that was probably about to be spilled. Just when Victor tried to butt in again, Phichit already released him from his curiosity. 

“Yuuri, why don’t you tell him how ticklish you are!” 

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Finished the painting of Gansey, finally! Decided to put him up here with Ronan from a few months ago because they’re meant to sort of go together. Might do more of The Raven Cycle crew if I get the chance. I do have some other projects I need to focus on for awhile though. 

But anyways! Here’s Gansey laying in his cereal-box Henrietta on the floor of Monmouth at two in the morning. I really wanted to find a way to pose him like a dead king, and to show the importance of Henrietta (and the general area) to his quest and this seemed like the best way to do it. For the little town itself I made it a tiny bit bigger than I really picture it so I could easily fit Gansey in the streets, and I also made it only partially finished since it’s an always on-going project for him. There’s also a fair amount of little details scattered around the town, so be sure to full-view!


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Hello have you watched like seventeen 1-4? Do you know where to watch or download all of them? I think there's two versions of like seventeen 2, which one is your favorite? I'm confused to download which one. Sorry for bothering

hey anon! yeah i’ve watched all the like seventeen concerts on youtube. theyre not all the best quality (first two are filmed with bandicam) and i’ve never seen 3 in full but i’ll link the videos i have for you.
to download just use a youtube downloader





and you can watch cuts here at  Hey SM17E! - SEVENTEEN BR (scroll towards the bottom)

downloading is just a matter of preference, anon. so choose which ever ones you like :)

Light and Dark

 This video shows one of my new favorite things about the solstice. The Japanese Meteorological Agency’s Himawari-8 weather satellite is in a geostationary position over the Pacific Ocean and eastern parts of Asia, sending down pictures to monitor weather over that part of the planet. In the process, it gets a full frame view of the orb of the Earth, and it automatically shares clips from its cameras online. Here’s the view taken as the sun set yesterday just before the official solstice time – take a look at the poles. The North pole never exits a shadow and the South Pole is a tiny sliver of light that never goes away – the best shot you’ll get of this arrangement for a year. This one also gives some nice sunglint on the sea just before the sun goes down – reflection of the sunlight off the smooth surface of the ocean.


Video Credit: Himawari-8 satellite

when someone says something bad about exo :

 me: *crouches* oh no they didn’t??

friend: she bout to do it!!!

me: but exo are double(tripple) million sellers, got one million purchases on v app, 660,000 pre-orders on the ex’act album, received a full score on inkigayo, sold more albums than 1D in 2015,won best album of the year 3 times in a row AND got 4.5 million views on monster in 24 hours topping call me baby’s 4.1 million views…so your comment is technically irrelevant?

also me: *dabs all the way home*

[Fan account] 140831 UKISS Japan Live Tour Okinawa noon session

The last day of Japan tour 2014. I’m finally seeing them again after one and a half month, and I’m really happy and grateful that I could live this splendid day with UKISS and KISSmes. More tears than the first concerts, but there were more smiles and joys as well. Being in front rows was totally an incredible experience. 

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Worldviews and partial understandings in complex systems

I was reading a chapter of my friends thesis this morning and discussing it with her. Most of you may not know, but I did a Ph.D. a couple of years ago, looking at how librarians and archivists can better help social workers do their work (which is incredibly complex and relies on a lot of insider knowledge of how to get people linked into housing, treatment, work etc). This has had a profound impact on me, and shaped how I view the world (i.e. my worldview). It also taught me about how you only ever partially understand how other people work, think, experience the world.

Why am I making a post about this on my 1d Larrie blog? Because I think with so much being unknown behind the scenes right now, and everything from the continued existence of the band to Larry being questioned, people are feeling anxious and stressed, but not getting the solid info they need to understand what is truly going on.

And I think that the difficulty we all face now is that none of us can really fully understand all the nuances because we only have small snippets of info, not all of which is reliable. And the situation is clearly complex, with (in my opinion) multiple teams and other entities all putting both truth and misinformation out there. Claim and counter claim. We as a fandom or fandoms can’t actually have a full understanding. And that’s tough to come to terms with.

What’s also difficult is that because of this complexity, we all use our life experiences and world views as lenses to try and interpret from day to day as best we can. That interpretation can change as ideas emerge. Our friends, mutuals or even blogs we follow may change their views profoundly in these circumstances and it feels sudden to us, maybe even another emotional loss after all our other losses.

Fandom for many of us has an added overlay of profound emotional investment and connection, in the band members, in the music, in their relationships, in our connections with other fans. I myself now have dear friends around the world who I met through fandom.

All of these issues are joining together at the moment to cause tremors and unease in the fandom right now, I think. But sometimes accepting the complexity and the unknowns can help, to allow us to be aware and be kind and understanding of other fans, who may be coming from a profoundly different place in terms of worldview and investment in the band and fandom.

Or you may not accept that you don’t know, and go on a quest for more information and understanding. That’s fine too.

Or you may decide you need to leave, take a step back, become a Finnish death metal blog, whatever you need. This is definitely ok. You can come back or not (you do not owe anyone to be a Teflon Larrie or stay when it is painful to stay).

I think…..we don’t know what is going on. I have beliefs about Larry still being real, and one direction still being a band, that are what I believe given all the info I know right now. I might be fully right or completely wrong. I’m ok with that but I understand from others they are not ok.

And that is ok. I just hope we all keep talking and analysing and dialoguing respecting each other. Because I love this band, the boys in it, the fandom and the shining stars in it. And I’m going to do my best to keep going and showing my support to all of those beings for as long as I can.


Okay so here is my very rough Bates cottage layout/floorplan thing. With my diagram here, I want to implore that my scaling is… off… especially in terms of S3. I think that in S5, the cottage sitting room has expanded a bit in in size in order to fit the camera crew in there better. But also I am bad at perception, even though I can remember were things are lol. I also don’t have all the paintings marked, as I said, things changed between seasons (i mostly used S5 for the decor, as it’s most recent), and I think that the furniture gets pushed around a bit. And terms “dressers” and “tables” are in some cases interchangeable.They have more chairs that I assume are pushed in at the table, but they aren’t always visible in the shots we have. But anyway, this is a guide, but not like… 100%

Sorry for the super long post, but this was the best way of posting it.

Please click on the pictures for full view, and open the diagram in a new tab.

0. First and foremost, it should be pointed out that the exterior just…. doesn’t match the interior. The shape, the windows… none of it. The exterior is shot at Highclere and the interior is built and shot at Ealing and yeah. The cottages are also seen in S1E4 when Matthew is fixing them up, but I haven’t included them because I think it makes it more confusing.

1. Starting with this view, we can see some sort of see an entry way behind the sitting room door. O’Brien comes in from that way, so it seems to be the front door. In that entry way, we can see a mirror on the part of the wall that juts out, and a table to the right of it. In S5CS, the sitting room door is closed.

We can assume that the entry way’s hallway leads to the staircase, but I left it as unknown in the diagram.

2. Here we have where that wall connects to the corner with the china cabinet. In S5, the Bateses have a new bigger china cabinet.

3. That leads us to the table. The wood paneling was blue when they moved in, but they painted it. In S3, it doesn’t seem like the table is pushed all the way against the paneling, but it seems like it might be in the later seasons. Also in S3 we got a view of the that panel from the other side of the sofa.

4. From here we will slid over to the wall with the windows.

5. And then we go into that weird corner thing were there is a side door that’s only ever opened when they paint, and then a little closet thing to the left of the fireplace that is rarely visible.You can see it better in the episode stills. I also don’t really have the shape of this right in the diagram but please bear with.

6. Next the mantle and the fireplace.

7. And then the shelf and the little dresser that had Mary’s stuff in it. In this shot you can see the little closet thing’s door as well. This loops us back to Point 1.

So now when you look at the last collage there, from S5E6, you can see behind Bates’s chair curtains to the big window, the side door, and the closet door. When the camera angle changes, there’s the fireplace to his left. Anna, sitting on the sofa, has the table behind her. And then when the shot is from the wall with the windows, we can see the entry way door and the dresser next to it.

I hope that this all makes some sense (and I’m sure I have a mistake in here somewhere…)

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hey so i realize you are a big fan of all time low (from what i have gathered) and i just started listening to them quite recently. any suggestions on what to listen to/ watch?

Okay. I’m about to take you on a ride. Grip that bar and strap in to your seat belt.

All Time Low is a band that, when it hits you, you usually run ramped and listen to whatever you haven’t and watch whatever you haven’t. I’m here to guide you on a little journey on how my descend took place, which is more than likely how yours will and many others:

•Start off listening to Dirty Work for that pop-punk, catchy vibe from them. That whole album has the best lyrics I believe they’ve ever written, including the most “get out of your seat and dance” songs they’ve performed.

•After Dirty Work you’ll probably want to watch a couple music videos. So, go ahead and look at “Time Bomb” and “I Feel Like Dancin”, these videos are completely different from each other and will show you the two sides of the band. DONT watch “Merry Christmas Kiss My Ass” it’s a waste of a video, but the song is very decent.

•After “I Feel Like Dancin” you’ll more than likely want to listen and find more music videos of this band. You’ll start wanting to know the names of all the members, the front man especially. I suggest going to “So Wrong It’s Right” (album) and listen to that album until you can recite it in your sleep. BEST ALBUM. You’ll see the sudden change of vocals and song sound between Dirty Work & So Wrong It’s Right. There’s a few music videos off that album that I suggest you take a gander at before moving on. “Six Feet Under The Stars”, “Dear Maria”, and “Poppin Champagne”

•You’ll realize none of these videos make any sense and this band is basically a big “what are you” joke.

•You’ll love that album so much that you’ll google the names of the band and read each description of them and try to remember name to faces. Chances are you’ll get Jack and Alex mixed up a whole bunch.

•Nothing Personal is the next big winner for album listens. This album is sorta a “summer whatta summer” album and it’s full of angst but also “I don’t give a fuck” party songs. It’s real pop-punk but not as much as Dirty Work.

•Around this time you’re probably ready for some interviews and also some random funny moments of the dudes to get a better feel of all of them. I suggest any old “Jack and Alex” interviews first of all to get yourself ready for their bromance and how gay they acted when they were younger. If you see an interview of Jack on top of Alex, that’s the first interview you need to view. The ATL blog videos are a big one to view, as well as typing in any “All Time Low” funny moments, that will link you to other funny band videos. Don’t forget performance videos

•The Jack and Alex interview in a bed together basically ties the whole video montages together.

•Don’t watch any Bryan stars interviews of them. It’s a waste.

•By this time you probably have a massive boner for either Alex or Jack, since they are the front man. That’s perfectly fine. Rian and Zack will grow on you if they already haven’t.

•Now you’re ready for their newest album “Don’t Panic”. I didn’t suggest you start with this because it’s a lot different as in, more punk and more angsty. Like Dirty Work makes you want to dance, Don’t Panic makes you want to punch kids in the face. You feel on top of the world. This album is a sorta “Fuck You!!” Album. Listen to the “Don’t Panic (it’s longer now!)” to get all the acoustics as well as newer songs they came out with.

•By this point you probably believe Alex Gaskarth is a lyrical genius. You’ll end up googling Alex Gaskarth quotes and seeing all the knowledge, yet also stupid things he’s had to say. This will take you to his tumblr. Read all of his poetry. Beautiful beautiful scribbles

•Now, go watch all the “Don’t Panic” music videos and interviews promoting the album. This shows more ridiculously funny yet no sense videos, and their true intentions behind being musicians and how big this album really was for them.

•You’ll realize that Rian Dawson is a fucking babe

•You’re wanting more, craving more by this point. You are going to google all of their albums and start listening to their older older stuff. This is quite different but also my favorite ATL album era. You’re gonna end up knowing every album by heart, I swear.

•Now, you are ready to watch STD (their docu-concert). Illegally download it or buy it for about 8 bucks on Amazon to watch instantly. You will be changed, nudity will arise, and you will feel a bit of nostalgic, warm-heartedness for this band by the end of it.

•You’ll also realize that Jack is the biggest man-child, perverted, sweetheart on the planet. He just really likes genitalia.

•You will realize Zack is a mega babe, who is the most precious being on the planet

•By now this band is just a big dick joke but you’re into deep and you’re sorta repulsed but you can’t help wanting more

•Listen to as many “Full Frontal” episodes that you want on iTunes. It’s mainly Jack & Alex’s radio show. It takes you on a joy ride of things you probably didn’t want to know, but now you do. You also feel like their best friends. It’s full of entertainment for about two hours.

•Watching the “Guitar Center Sessions” segment they did will give you an even deeper backstory of the band, as well as how they view themselves and how they want the public to view them as musicians and guys.

•You’re either pro-jalex (as an actual ship) or pro-jalex (as a bromance)

•Your life will spiral continuously out of control until you are wanting to buy their Merch, follow them on all social sites, learn everything about each member, watch any new videos you can find, look up any photos you haven’t seen before on photobucket, and wait for their next tour to see the dummies in the flesh.

•Fanfiction of the band (especially jalex) is up next, and once you read one, you read all. It’s a disease. I suggest you start with fluff (all friendship/cuddly stuff) before moving on to the deeper archives named smut (downright sex and the dirtier the better) Kinks are the final throe before you know you’re too far gone.

•I hope you have your favorite member by now, because that starts the beginning of the end. You will be ripped to the core will your admiration and love for this guy, until you wished you never started listening to this dumb band in the first place. You might cry a bit over the member or just the band in itself.

•Who knows, this band might also help you out tremendously in your hard times. I know they did for me.

•By now you know every hair era, every relationship, and every story behind each popular song of them, so you’re too deep for any other bands now. You’re just stuck.

•Maybe now you’re craving a M&G because you just realized that they have those for the hustler club which you also just found out is their fan site!! So you sit and wait for presale tickets to try and get to meet your now favorite band.

•The crew is now your second family.

•There’s nothing left to do but analyze all the lyrics and pick out favorite songs and what you really relate to. You find out how beautifully crafted their music is and get sorta angry that they aren’t more well known.

•You’ve gotten to the point of viewing other artists music videos to see Alex cameo to sing

•You start finding quirky things about each of them that make you want to squeal but you keep your cool ie. Jack’s lisp

•You are more than likely in love with Cassadee Pope by now and want Rian and her to already get married because they are your otp until you die.

•Have you bought anything from JAGK or AWG on Glamour Kills? Bet you’re gonna go do that now.

•Now you’re in denial. This band isn’t that great. They’re just four dudes. You try to pull yourself away a bit, you think you’re getting too invested

•It doesn’t work. You watch 29 more interviews of them you didn’t know existed. You stalk each of their tags on tumblr. You laugh until you cry because of how dumb they really are.

•You love this band.

•You hate this band.