also from gotham academy

Wait, you mean to tell me that’s how this all started? Olive’s mother was a mentally ill woman in stable condition, came upon some hard times, couldn’t afford her medication, had a (presumably) violent episode, and Batman couldn’t come up with a more eloquent solution than sending her to Arkham?

Sounds like Bruce needs to explain himself a little better. Olive makes a pretty decent case for herself here and “One day you will understand” doesn’t really cut it as a response.

The new girl (Closed Rp with ihatefreezers)

She was dreading this for weeks now. Her father wanted her to get out of the hero life so she took her out of sports and school. Then moved her from the huge city of Gotham, half way across the country to a small town in California called Beacon Hills. She walked in to Physics a few minutes late, As she walked in she wore purple converses, black skinny jeans and a Gotham Academy Girls Lacrosse Tee shirt to cover her ‘jessica rabbit’ figure. Her bag was also from Gotham Academy though it read cheerleading instead. She then took the seat beside isaac that was open and gave him a soft smile.