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Gabriel x Soulmate! reader

So I just started writing my FIRST EVER SPN reader insert.

I’m not really sure how good it may be because I haven’t actually watched Supernatural but I’ve read half- a- million reader inserts and watched clips with him so, yeah.

I own nothing but the plot. It can also be found on my Deviantart account: Bugyear2005.

To Truly Understand
This is going to be a two part series because there is a lot to write and I like details.

“I gave you ONE rule. ONE rule, Winchesters.” Gabriel snarled out at the squabbling brothers. The once fighting brothers now stood frozen in front of the seething angel held back only by a rather angry Castiel.


The brothers had been yelling and screaming at each other ever since they arrived back to the bunker three hours ago.

The hunt had gone bad, as in really bad with each hunter feeling unsettled. As four people wound up dead before the target had been taken down. It had been a family of four with two kids. It was suppose to be a simple hunt with only two werewolves, but it turned out to be a full pack that was attacking the nameless town.

The town had only been an hour or two away from the bunker and the team had decided to take up the hunt without to much hassle. But as their search for information led to the realization of just how desperate the situation really was. A pack of werewolves was to be held responsible for the struggles this town was forced to face, and it set the brothers and their latest recruit into action.

The battle had been well fought but with the death of each of the family member the fight became reckless. All the way from the mother first to the daughter last the hunters fought their hardest. Ending the fight just as the life ending blow had landed on the small girl.

(Y/N) had been the one to catch the precious four year old before falling to the ground  from the weight of loss. The little girl had spasmed and jerked in her arms as she whimpered and cried out in pain. She held on to (Y/N)’s arms crying softly between hiccups about her fears and pain. Spilling more and more blood on (Y/N) with every quake in her tiny body, dying (Y/N)’s clothing a dark crimson. (Y/N) tried shushing the small child, even humming in panicked undertones as she prayed to anyone to save the girl.  It was just as the final shuddering breath left before Castiel managed to show up. The brothers had stood in silent shock and disgrace at their failure as (Y/N) sat shell-shocked staring into her trembling hands.

No one shed a tear as Castiel and the Brothers helped clear out the scene. Each going to retrieve the scattered gear from the scene before cramming into the Impala without so much as a second glance towards the newly created mounds in the dirt.

The ride back had been silent all but the low sound of old rock playing in the background. But as the trip continued the traveling members each had time to think over the situation and distinguish where mistakes were made.  Thus beginning the squabble between the brothers.

It had started out as small little comments from the two men before it turned into accusations towards one another. (Y/N) who had been silent up until this point tried to get the boys to think rationally to realize that all of them were at fault. But as the impala pulled in front of the bunker the brother swiftly jumped out of the car to yell and push each other as things escalated.

(Y/N), still trying to be the peace maker tried to get in between the now brawling men. Throwing herself between the two with her eyes closed she screamed “Knock it OFF!!” But before she could even utter a word the brothers had thrown punches toward the other causing the blows to land on (Y/N) instead.  Sam’s landed first, hitting low, just under her shoulder blade sending her body forward to meet Dean’s waiting fist square in the face.

Sam quickly pushed (Y/N) to the side in an attempt to get at Dean, both spitting out a harsh “get out of our way (Y/N)”. To which the two followed by clashing, pushing and shoving with blow after blow.

Each to blinded by their emotions to notice the growing fear which lit up (Y/N)’s now tear filled eyes as she swiftly retreated. Calling Gabriel with every step towards her room.


It was the curled up, bloodied form of his soulmate that greeted him when he had arrived shortly after you slid to the floor with your back holding the door shut. Immediately Gabriel rushed to you, pulling you into his arms shushing the gasping sobbing from you. He didn’t know what had happened but wrapped himself and his wings around you in an attempt to calm the tears.

It took nearly an hour for your now exhausted emotions to settle down. Nonetheless,  Gabriel gently turned your head so he could look your in the eyes. Frowning slightly at the steadily growing bruise from your jaw to cheek, before searching your eyes for some time before slowly peppering your face with kisses to further sooth you. His beloved.

“What’s the matter, Cupcake?” he tenderly asked once satisfied with the small smile on your face from his small display of affection. It was only after snuggling closer to Gabriel did you finally spill the events of the past hunt and arrival home. Gabriel stiffened upon hearing how the boys treated you. Especially since he could still hear the boys shuffling around.

With a light huff into the hollow of his throat you whispered “Gabe, what if the boys lash out again? What if this wasn’t just some accident? I mean I know we were all a little upset but still.” He stiffened before holding you tighter at the confession of your now growing concerns, only to release you at your small whimper of pain as his tighten grip crushed your sore ribs from Sam’s hit.

But not once did he let you go from the feathered cocoon until he was absolutely sure that you had fallen asleep. Placing your sleeping form beneath the sheets before gently leaving your room to deal with the always oblivious Winchesters.


It was only after he fully closed your door did he allow his anger to get the better of him. His eyes darkening and scowl settling as he sent out a message to Castiel and moving to deal with the Winchesters.

Weaving alternate realities with every step, ensuring that every moment will be perfectly crafted to best educate the moronic boys.


Castiel arrived just in time to hold Gabriel back from physically attacking the boys but was equally upset with the boys for their behaviour. He had seen the way the loss during the hunt had affected you. Heavens, he was the one who took the young girl’s corpse from your lap.  Even guiding you to the car when you still hadn’t moved after the graves had been dug and evidence collected.

After all he loved you and cared for you with the strongest brotherly affections. He had been there when Gabriel pulled you out of that hell hole you once called home. Healed you when you returned from hunts black and blue or wide open. No one could have denied his relationship with you and just knowing that you were now questioning the Winchesters hurt him. They were suppose to have your back, protect you, and never hurt you.

Yet they had and even now in your sleep he could feel the traces of distrust in your mind.

But, the Winchesters still had a role to play and he couldn’t let Gabriel have his way with them no matter what the state of his soulmate. So he was the one only just holding back Gabriel.


“I gave you ONE rule. ONE rule, Winchesters.” Gabriel snarled out at the squabbling brothers. The once fighting brothers now stood frozen in front of the seething angel held back only by a rather angry Castiel.

“Dude, what’s wrong with you?” Dean sputtered while looking between the two angels. “You boys are nothing short of a bunch of insolent children. I told you to never EVER lay a hand her!” Gabriel hissed as he strained against Castiel’s hold.

“What-uh- Excuse me- What!? We haven’t done anything to her today, if anything I specifically recall helping her today.” Sam replied insulted. “Seriously Gabe, we haven’t done anything to her, if anything we pushed her out of the way to prev-” started Dean before Castiel spoke up.

“Dean, I would highly suggest that you shut your mouth before I let Gabriel go.” Cas demanded in a deep gravely tone. This caused both of the boys to glance over to Gabriel before Sam strongly replied “Okay. It’s okay” using his hands to motion that everything was fine.

“Nothing is fine, you sorry sons of bitches. My kindred spirit is laying in her bed with bruises on her back and face from you two morons.” Gabriel grounds out jerking himself free of Castiel.

And with a snap of His fingers the world faded from Sam and Dean’s view.

“I hope you learn you lesson this time Winchesters.


my  digital art series (also found on DeviantArt) honoring one of my 3 or 4 favorite movies of all time,  BLADE  R U N N E R  (1982; dir.  Ridley Scott)…..

and below,                                                                                                                                                            a taste of the sequel I, personally, have been waiting for eagerly - - and sometimes, dreading - -  for 35 years  (it’s 30 years later in terms of the film’s timeline), the follow-up to Ridley Scott’s classic “future Noir,”                                           BLADE  R U N N E R    2  0  4  9   (2017;  dir.  Denis Villeneuve), which happens to be a really very good, sometimes even a great, science-fiction motion picture.


Here’s a quick thing I managed to do for Pinkie Pie day, I’m kind of surprised I actually got to finish it in time given the fact I started this just yesterday. Damn Tumblr butchers gif quality real bad, oh well. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Better quality can be found on my deviantArt though. Also Pinkie Pie and Pinkamena are love.

Posted too the individual still frames from the gif if anyone would like to see those.