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Fractured Light - A  Kalagang Oneshot

Okay, this is probably trash. But it wouldn’t leave me alone.

Rated M: Mature Situations

Note: I own nothing related to Sense8 or its characters, nor am I profiting from this writing.

Author’s Note:

This is my first foray into Kalagang fanfiction. Actually, this is my first Sense8 fanfiction ever.  

Fractured Light was inspired by the events at the end of Season 2 (where I think I might have died a little death). I don’t even try to speculate on how the cluster would have gotten Wolfgang out of BPO - that’s for another fanfic. Instead, I focus on the aftermath, in Paris, during what I imagine to be Wolfgang’s recover period.


The stars, the moon, they have all been blown out

You left me in the dark

No dawn, no day, I’m always in this twilight

In the shadow of your heart

  • from Cosmic Love by Florence and the Machine

Wolfgang’s chest still ached even after nearly a week from being rescued from the BPO facility in Berlin. There was also a general soreness to his muscles that still made it hard for him to get out of bed in the morning. But he never complained about the residual pain from the electric shock.  Kala knew these things only because it was in their special nature to know these things about each other. He couldn’t hide the pain from her, even when he tried.

Just as she couldn’t hide her longing from him.

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anonymous asked:

Hi Holly! I hope you're doing great :D! I'm re-reading CWU atm and i had a bit of a silly question: considering the highly televised and dramatic star-crossed love story of Hux and Ren in CWU universe, was there a holomovie adaptation made at some point by Space Hollywood??? If so, what did it look like?? How wrong was it, and what did they get accidentally right?? WAS IT NOMINATED FOR A SPACE OSCAR???? I NEED TO KNOW HOLLY (also, love you and thank you for existing)

Hey!! That’s actually not silly at all because in the original ending (which was a historical document written 200 years in the future) it is revealed that there was a variety of media re: their DARK LOVE STORY and one such thing was a Broadway-style play with songs. Here’s the relevant part:

(This was supposed to be an editor’s note at the end of Hux’s published journals from their time on Enga, and I got really emotional over it when I wrote it and then later realized it wasn’t very good as an ending, so forgive how goofy it is—it was supposed to be from a networked document, and the underlined parts are supposed to be links to further articles, more info etc. I made them fake links here because I guess it’s the only way to underline on Tumblr sry)

Subsequent fictionalizations of the affair between Hux and Ren have furthered this belief, particularly the musical named for Hux’s original memoir, which dramatizes Hux’s escape from the Tower as an assault upon the institution by Kylo Ren. In fact, there is a wealth of historical evidence that suggests Hux escaped without Kylo Ren’s direct involvement but with the help of an unidentified guard who had gained employment at the facility by presenting falsified documentation (some have suggested this guard may have been Kylo Ren or one of his disciples, but Vonmali’s Who Were The Dark Ones? outlines the reasons that this is probably not true). Few doubt that Hux met up with Kylo Ren shortly after his escape, however; there is otherwise no explanation for his ability to leave the planet undetected. Accounts of the red-haired man who was often in the company of the Human Healer on Enga support the belief that they lived there together, and there are reports of a substantial monument that was erected in memorial to the two of them in the jungles outside of Rez’ilanif, though it is said this structure is inaccessible to most who seek it due to protection by the Force, and indeed it has never been found.

I was so into that “and indeed it has never been found” ending when I first wrote it haaa. Thank you for asking! Generally I imagine dramatizations would definitely exist and would get lots wrong, even following the discovery of Hux’s Enga journals. Snoke would be portrayed as a rival lover, lol, or Hux would steal the Force from Ren intentionally, etc etc. Now I want to write a missing scene where those two hear tell of something like this… Ren would probably enjoy it, Hux would refuse to hear the details but would secretly be curious.

Klaroline AU | Crossover, Modern!AU, Frankenstein!AU [with Dr. Frankenstein!Caroline and Creature!Klaus]

New Orleans. After her fiancé Tyler’s sudden death, the young Dr. Caroline Forbes falls in a deep depression. That is, until she discovers some old diaries belonged to one of her ancestors – some study about bringing life into dead subject – and that is why she has spent the last months digging graves and stealing equipment from her hospital.

But before starting to work directly on her fiancé’s body, she decides to test her new discoveries on some corpse she has stolen from the nearby prison – where she has managed to enter as the doctor who supervises the executions. The body has belonged in life to a certain Niklaus Mikaelson – a quite dangerous person, with no relatives, or friends who would have recognize or looking for him in the case her experiment went fine.

Unfortunately, her plans change dramatically when the convict comes back alive. The man has no memories of his past life, he has actually several difficulties trying to communicate or behave like a person again: he’s like a child, a child of which Caroline feels responsible, and honestly she doesn’t think she would be capable of doing such a thing to Tyler. The man, or should she say ‘the Creature’?, is more inhuman than human, and Caroline is both awed and terrified by what she has accomplished. In the end, though, the fear wins – and she grudgingly decides to get rid of him. But she finds killing him impossible – the way he looks at her, the complete and utter trust in his eyes too honest and heartbreaking – so she ends up abandoning him somewhere in the country, confiding that he won’t be able to find his way to her again.

A year passes uneventful – Caroline hasn’t revived Tyler, instead she has slowly started to live again. She has even started dating her colleague Stefan, and the memories of her macabre experiments have been prudently concealed deep inside her mind. But one day, one day suddenly the Creature is at her door, and the nightmare she thought she had escaped is again in her life: he goes by Klaus, now – he insists that she calls him that – and he has no intention of letting her go.


AN. Even though it’s a Modern!AU, I’ve tried to maintain the charm of the original character [credits to Mary Shelley], so perhaps our Creature!Klaus may talk in a bit of a redundant way. Perhaps he has learned to speak in that fashion thanks to all the old literature books he has read? Anyway, hope you enjoy. Feel free to point out any typos or mistakes – no beta, unfortunately – aaaand… maybe I can be persuaded in writing a part 2. Let’s see if this is good first, though. :D

This is when they met again after the year apart.

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