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I just wanted to say cheers for running this magnificent blog! I'm in love with everything you post— extremely convenient for the youngin's who were still in diapers when these articles were published. Keep up the good work, starshine ♡ (I'm also 22. Loved My Chem 13 years ago & I still love them today. The anon who made being over the age of 18 seem like a bad thing can suck it.)

It never fails to make me happy to know the blog is bringing happiness to others, so thank you for taking the time to write! ❤️

And yes, they can suck it. But if they were trying to make me feel bad (or others), it failed with me because when you’re the same age (or slightly younger), than the band you love, how is that supposed to make you feel wrong?

When you’re a certain age, you can’t imagine ever being, say, 30 (I went into mourning when I turned 22, that’s how fucked up society made me about aging). But then you reach it and you find out, huh, it’s really just like 29 except people take you a tad more seriously. I was actually glad to finally reach 30 and get it over with, I was so sick of the pressure society and the media puts on people to stay 21 or younger forever. There was no mourning like when I turned 22. There was a party.

Just always keep a sense of humor about age:

-Mama Odie

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First of all, i really like your star project! I really like to act and sing and one the first of july, i have an audition for a school where i can act and sing. But the chance that i get in is so little. There are so much people who wants to get in... A couple of days ago, i heard that some bitch that i know is also going to the audition. Her mother is an actress, her father an actor... I am so scared that she gets in and i don't.... Acting is my life... Its what i want to do... X Moi

Thank you! ^o^

Try not to think about all the other people applying, and do your best not to think about their connections and such. Focus on your audition, focus on your skills, and do the best you can. You can do this!

And, if you end up not getting in, that doesn’t mean that your dream is over. If acting is really your life, if it is really what drives you, you’ll find a way to act and to succeed. You’ll do great, no matter what <3

Keep on shining!
♥ Courtney

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Ok, now i want to ask for a second part of that anon dream about Leiftan but from the pov of other boy (Ez is my fave but since you have a lot of request from him maybe you would want to chose other???) after found out that Gardienne wasnt kidnapped -as he suppossed- but run away with Leif, and how that breaks his heart. Also, what would that boy do with both of them? Let them go bc he loves her so much and cant do anything against her? Or kill him? Or capture them? Thanks c:

A/N: Hello dear anon ^^

Well, I wrote a little for this. I hope you like it ^^

First part for those who are curious: here 

In front of him stood Leiftan and…Gardienne who didn´t look like she had been kidnapped, much more the opposite.

“Gardienne…you weren´t kidnapped?” It was so obvious the truth and yet he needed to know from her. He needed the confirmation to see the full reality of it and open his eyes to reality.

“No…I run away with the person I love.”

A stab in the heart was what he felt upon hearing those words that he wished to never hear. She had chosen Leiftan- the villain. The one that betrayed all the Eel Guard. She had chosen someone else that wasn´t him.

And now the traitors were in front of him.

And he had the gun in his hand.

He could attack and kill them.

But was that what he really wanted? 

What should he do?

Closing his eyes for a quick second he knew what he had to do and he was ready for the consequences of his decision.

There was no turning back.

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It's tae isn't it? That boi has some kinks, I don't know if I'd call him pure. But Kookie also threatened to use a shock collar on MC!! Jimin is a pure angel mochi, he needs protection -excited anon

i want you guys to really analyze what goes on with these three boys.

jimin made a wager with namjoon to save MC, taking the blame for crimes he did not commit. yoongi went out of his way to help jimin, saying that he “knew how he felt.” although it would be hell of a good twist, jimin is simply not the kind to switch sides as easy as you guys think.

jeongguk, although haunted by demons of his past and crippling jealousy, is really looked after by hoseok and namjoon. almost as if they’re protecting him from something. however, he does show small acts of kindness to MC, leading you to believe he’s simply a man with a bad past.

tae is kind of a lone wolf who doesn’t like to involve himself with other peoples problems, and has been know to drive away the people who come into his life for an unknown reason, but he is a selfless man.

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Hey! Just wanted to say that I love your blog and that you portray such an adorable young Remus (who we have criminally small amounts of canon material about) super well. Also wow that contour could cut through glass! — An admirer of your cosplays

((Thank you so much! XD And, yea, I crave for more information about the older generations of the Harry Potter characters. Remus being my fave. Thank you again, kind anon! Loves! <3 <3 ))

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I don't want to destroy the happy mode, but the pics of "sold out Twice album" were actually pictures of Stores who didn't fill the shelves yet (was on onehallyu discussed)... But I'm sure they still do great, so no need to worry! Also: Do you know a site where all Twice japanese TV appearances are shown?

Lol it depends if you want to believe Onehallyu or Twitter then. Both troll 24/7, but I’ve seen the exact same pictures the day before and filled too. It’s also multiple Twitters claiming this and backing it up with tons of pictures, not just one. Moreover, Twitter has masternims who literally follow Twice around the world and know exactly what they’re up to in real time (eg. how they supposedly swam earlier today during a brief break) vs. Onehallyu who has so-called “kpop insiders” who supposedly know all of the bad things Twice has ever done and every single person they’ve ever dated… But yeah, mix of fact and fiction everywhere.

You can see Twice via live streaming of Japanese channels in real time (you have to figure out the time and channel they’ll be on though), or you can download their Japanese promotions after they’ve aired through here. Subs to come later through other accounts.

Also, while we’re on this topic~ All the songs on #Twice are charting in Japan rn T.T

another pic for validation:

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whats your dream life like in the future, like your home or job or whatever but also the vibes and the people who surround you

i want my life to feel orange tinted n i wanna spend a lotta time naked. basically like my most unrealistic n idyllic life is like . i wanna be a plus size model w a smallish apartment in nyc n my friends r all real cool n we go to cool places n take cool pictures n i laugh a lot n i dont have to beg for friendship n i give a lot of love n get a lot in return. theres not a lotta drama n i’m free to come n go as i please n i’ve changed my last name already n i’m happy more often than not. there r a lotta big windows in my life n a lotta sunlight n i always feel fresh n i dont feel a need to wear a lotta makeup. my bedsheets r matching, my walls r decorated exactly how i like, my journal is rlly thick n filled w happy thoughts n positive energy, n my room is clean

“I Fell For You.” || Josh Pieters Imagine

A/N – Hey guys!. So this is so short, so I’m sorry for that to the anon who requested. ALSO, a couple of you have said you want more sad imagines, so will you please tell me what about? I’m usually better at sad imagines than happy ones so it’ll be good to write some again. love you all x


- E x

— Josh’s POV —

Me and her, just walking through the park again as we usually did on the way back from lunch or dinner.

“But then, apparently he broke up with her and then said he didn’t.” She says, carrying on her story as we just walk along the wide paths of the park.

“Josh, you listening?” She repeats, snapping me out of the daydream I was in until then.

“Yeah, sorry babe.” I reply, shaking my head to get the thought of how amazing she was out of my head, just for a moment.

“What’s up? You’ve been in such a daydream all day.” She says, laughing to herself about how I haven’t been listening to a word anyone’s said all day.

I usually did this around her, even the boys had noticed. She was just so beautiful and I couldn’t help but stare at her, she was amazing in everyway.

The way her Y/H/C fell around her shoulders, to the way her Y/E/C held the whole world in them.

She was unreal.

“Yeah, sorry. You’re just amazing.” I say, giving her hand a squeeze in mine, and looking down to see her smiling up at me.

“How are you so nice? Even when the boys mess around with you, you just laugh it off. How?” She says curiously, she always saw the practical side to things.

“They don’t mean it, they’re just messing about. It’s fine babe. What were you saying?” I ask, as she just shrugs off my reply, and carries on with her story from before.

She always told me the boys went too far with the jokes on me and Mikey, and yeah they did sometimes but it was nothing. They never meant it. They were my best friends, it’s what best friends did. I mean, I’m abnormally tall and very ginger, I’m bound to get some jokes.

After finishing her story, we carry on walking and talking some more.

“Y/N, I love you.” I say, feeling the urge to tell her that I was completely head over heels for her.

“I love you too, why you telling me this?” She says, looking up at me, smiling away.

Lighting up my world, as she always did.

When I look back up, a jogger is running straight towards us, not watching where he’s going and I have about one second to get her out of the way.

I manage to get her off to the side, before the runner bashes into me and causes me to fall to the ground with a bang.

“Oh my god josh are you ok?” She says, clearly trying her hardest to not laugh at my fall.

“I’m good babe.” I say, grabbing her hand and getting up.

“See, I fell for you.” I say, giving her a cheeky wink at the pun.

“That was the cringey-est thing I have ever heard.” She says, her mind slipping into a state of hysterical laughter.

It was true, I fell for her.

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Cw: conversion therapy So I have a trans character who's parents want to hand them over to "pray the gay away" and I need for the parents to accidentally hand this character off to someone who isn't a church official and just wants to kidnap the kid. How likely is that/can I make it happen? (For reference, they lived in the Midwest and South and had pretty zealous parents)

Thanks so much for your patience, anon!!  Friend and I were both MEGA busy at this conference, and believe it or not I didn’t corner her until afterward.

“Happens all the time,” she said, re: kidnapping specifically, and directed me to the documentary Kidnapped For Christ.  It’s mostly about the camp/boarding school but also spends a reasonable amount of time with what she called “kidnapping culture.”  The important thing here is that the church contracts out to….professional kidnappers, I guess (idk I haven’t watched the documentary!!), and so it would be really easy for someone else to pose as the church person and intercept the kid.

I hope that helps, and good luck with your story!!


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So... crushes: I have a bestfriend and got to know someone else recently and now this new person (who´s now also my friend) seems to have a crush on me AND my bestfriend. They only ever told us both on anon and my bestfriend is lowkey in love with them and I feel really awkward in this love-sandwich between them??? Because I don´t want to hurt them but I´m also not into threesomes and I think my bestfriend isn´t either but ahh I just don´t know since new friend is too shy to really talk about it

Okay so I honestly can’t give any advice on this bc I have no experience with triangle romance etc and like you say you’re not into that and your other friend isn’t either… That’s really difficult though :( Does your other friend know you like her? And if she only told you on anon, maybe it wasn’t her? But if you’re sure, I can’t give you any advice but to not do anything you don’t want. *sends hugs*

misha nudes


For the anon who wanted Ryou’s tattoos ♥

I made two versions of the tattoo - a ‘clean’ one and a ‘worn’ one.

btw: I’m gonna get them, too. I already made an appointment with a tattoo artist, but I can’t decide whether I should get the ‘clean’ or the ‘worn’ one. :3

… Also: What the hell happened?? I never thought somebody would want to get a tattoo I designed for a fictional character? At least nobody else but me?? And now I had like the weirdest bonding moment with an anon about this?!! Makes me think that there’s still some good left in this world. ♥