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I just can't watch the fantastic beasts franchise, I just can't. Jhonny Depp being there ruined the experience for me, I don't feel comfortable with a woman agressor being in such a big movie and how people do not care about it. What to you think about that? (sorry for the bad english)

Tbh if you don’t want to watch Fantastic Beasts because of Depp, or you want to watch it but in a way that doesn’t give him money, I’m totally with you on that. Like, me and my friend saw Murder on the Orient Express last weekend and if we hadn’t already bought the tickets before we realised he was in it, we would have made other plans. It’s despicable that men who are proven to be abusive are still given work and attention and celebrity in Hollywood, and their victims treated like attention seekers.

Bear that in mind, actually, when we talk about Fantastic Beasts - we don’t support Depp, or his casting. I loved the first Fantastic Beasts film, but I’m very apprehensive about the next four because he’ll be more prominent and that’s? Not something I’m down with. I’ll still probably see them (by whatever means) but I don’t want to support him at all.

(also your English is great anon, no worries!)

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Just wanted to say I hope you're doing ok with all the chaos that's happened with McHanzo. Also it breaks my heart seeing people drag the ship name and the people who like it under the bus. It would make me sad if you or any other artist who got caught in this discourse even though you've done nothing wrong. Like I said just wanted to send you positive vibes and hope things go better

Thank you for the positive vibes, Anon, but I will send them further to those who truly need them, since I wasn’t part of the project!

The ship is strong with us! *gives ya some McHugs*

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I want a grammatically careful dog, anon, as befits an owner who has an English MA from Yale and a habit of deleting and retweeting his own tweets when he makes mistakes. Lol!

(I also don’t want such mistakes to make me think that perhaps the Brick account is being run by a young millennial whose interests lie more in the realm of bikini selfies than proper punctuation. But that’s my own issue. 🤢)

M!A List

M!A’s Based On Set It Off’s ‘Duality’ Album

The Haunting: Your Muse is possessed by an angry , manipulative spirit. They will act nice and friendly , but they will also do anything in their power to get what it is they want: closure and revenge. They are seeking out a particular Muse , one who looks like the one who killed them. Anon decides what Muse they go after (with permission from said Muse’s mun) and duration.

Forever Stuck in Our Youth: Your Muse is a very young child again (anywhere from the ages of 2-7) and is full of reckless abandon. Think the ultimate problem child , causing trouble wherever they go. Anon decides age and duration.

N.M.E: Muse believes their significant other (or a very close friend or family member) is out to get them. They have several thoughts telling them that they need to leave as soon as possible before they get hurt and they become paranoid to the point of avoiding the person altogether. Any confrontations with said person will likely result in an argument regarding the Muse’s delusions. Anon decides duration.

Why Worry: Muse becomes extremely paranoid and fearful of everything. No matter what it is , they are afraid it’s going to hurt them in some way and they go out of their way to blatantly avoid life as much as possible. Any time someone tells them not to worry , their worries are cranked up a notch. Eventually , it can get to the point where they begin to have hallucinations of their fears and they become more and more desperate to get away. Anon decides duration.

Ancient History: Muse can’t shake the idea that everything they do is a mistake. They feel incredibly guilty for no particular reason , no matter what. It gets to the point where they feel wrong for talking to certain people (Anon can decide which people) and they end up cutting off ties with said people. But even after doing this , they can’t shake the guilt , and if anything they feel even more bad and guilty after leaving those they’re close to behind. Anon decides duration.

Bleak December: Muse becomes angry at another Muse (Anon decides) for no discernable reason. They seem to have this false delusion that the Muse is doing things behind their back and hiding things from them , which causes them to get increasingly angrier. Eventually they reach their breaking point , where they will then bring their delusions to light and begin blaming the other Muse for their supposed actions. They may potentially become very aggressive during this time. Anon decided duration.

Duality: Muse now has a split personality ! One side is more conniving and considerably more “evil” , whereas the other side is an absolute saint. The two personalities constantly clash and fight with each other , causing the body of the Muse to physically harm themself unintentionally on many occasions. This appears in the form of an intense breakdown , and no one knows what the extent of the situation really is , unaware of the two clashing personalities. Anon decides duration.

Tomorrow: Muse is being held hostage by another Muse (Anon decides , with said Muse’s Mun’s permission). They are trying to escape , but they don’t have much luck when attempting to do so. They are being treated badly , having to work for food and other so-called privileges. It is up to another Muse to break them out. Ends when the one holding them hostage either sets them free (highly unlikely) or they are broken out by another person.

Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing: Muse has become aggressive and seeks revenge for nothing in particular. They are ready to hurt anyone who comes between them and their goal , bit it’s likely they’ll end up hurting people no matter what anyone does. They hide their malicious intent behind a guise of friendliness , doing their best to make sure no one finds out about what they plan to do. They grow more and more angry as time goes on , the craving to get revenge taking over. Anon decides duration.

Bad Guy: Muse believes that everyone hates them. No matter how many people insist differently , they can only hear it as negativity and mean words directed at them. They become absorbed in their own thoughts of self hate , and they become upset and withdraw from everyone. Anon decides duration.

Miss Mysterious: Muse who ? Muse has become nothing more than an idle thought , having been completely forgotten about by everyone. They still exist wherever they are , but they can’t be seen or heard and might as well be non-existent. People remember vague memories with them , but they can’t remember the Muse themself. Anon decides duration.

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Honestly, if people keep asking the boys to produce music in english for us i'm going to snap someone. They already do english covers, there is the remix coming out that is known to mostly be english like why do fans get so demanding THEY ARE KOREAN. I'm so pressed and sorry but I need to vent because I hope that BTS know that most army do not want them to change, we are happy with their current music and just hope they are comfortable no matter what language they speak. JUST BE GRATEFUL FANS

P R E A CH ANON PREACH, what annoyed me the most is the interviewers were like “the fans asked this” NO WE DIDN’T, we stan a korean group from korea like we knew what we signed up for and it’s not english songs. Also there is only one member who can speak english fluently, the boys are uncomfortable enough to speak english on their own without Namjoon’s help. I just hate how they are expected to learn english because of how selfish & lazy people are, but we’re not expected to learn korean. 

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yeah, that's fair. it's a pretty huge timesink, but it might be worth giving a shot at some point if you have time and want something new to get into. i feel like in general people who are or were at one point fans of homestuck will probably like taz, medium aside... there were a surprising number of aspects to it that reminded me of hs, but that i generally felt like were better done in taz, personally.

homestuck took me 8 months to catch up to and that was back when it was still in act 5 HSDHJLG

and idk, my watch/play/listen list is already a mile long without it, sorry :(

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1/2 Hi. Your biggest fan here. Just coming by to ask you how was your day/ has it been so far. And I don't want to bother you but how is your WIP going? I am waiting very patiently (three asks in so long about it is patient for me, sorry?) for it and would love an update.

2/2 I also have come by with a few hugs. ❤❤😘😘(Btw English is not my first language so I hope I didn’t make any mistakes) (and let’s hope that no one starts fighting about who is your biggest fan because I know there are a lot of people who love you.)

Hello, biggest fan! Wow I didn’t even know I had one of those; I’m very honored!!!

About my WIP, you should probably give up on getting it until sometime (late) next year, hahaha. I did decide that I would prefer to post it all at once, so it’s gonna be a while! I’m sorry to make you wait, but I hope it will be worth it! I don’t understand how some writers can crank out fics like they do– I definitely have to take my time. 😅

And thank you for the hugs!!

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Hiya, I used to have a dn blog but I deleted it due to not being active enough but recently, know that the holidays are coming up and I have slightly more time, I was thinking of creating another one with new fandoms Aswell. Anyway I was wondering since your account is really successful, how you got so popular/a lot of asks? Also would you recommend me creating it as a side blog or as a whole new tumblr account altogether? Thanks!!!! 💕

Hmm… The biggest thing for me was getting the word out, so I went around asking popular blogs for a shout-out. Do this OFF anon so people can see who you are! I’d recommend only doing this once you’ve:

  • Made a post listing the fandoms you’re writing for
  • On the same post if you want to, write your do’s and dont’s so people know what the rules are
  • Posted a few things so people can get a feel of your writing
  • Ask people for requests as that’s what blogs run on!

Another thing I do is I follow people back, as that might entice others into following you. Writing on a sideblog is probably the best idea and you can just follow back on your main :) 

I don’t consider this blog popular, even with more than 2k followers, but I got this way by writing consistently and talking to people. On my sidebar I have fifteen conversations happening and about three others that don’t fit, and right now I have 58 DMs that need answering. So talk to your followers and it makes it fun! Plus you get a lot of support and encouragement the more open to making friends you are!

Be nice to people but don’t let them walk all over you. I’ve made this mistake more than a few times but as it’s a learning curve, it’s fine to make mistakes! The Most Important Point (so important it’s capitalised) is to HAVE FUN! It’s YOUR blog, YOUR writing, YOUR free time and no one is entitled to demand things from you unless they pay for it. You owe nothing to anybody so just kick back and have fun and don’t be afraid to experiment! The best things come from being out of your comfort zone! <3

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I hate that I'm on anon while doing this but god, seeing ppl saying that its like oppressive? to assume bts is lgbt??? like what that means ur assuming their straight everyday karen. also i swear half of the people who dont want bts to be gay r just saying that so they can harcore ship themselves with bts. Like if the boys ever put out official statements about their sexualities its not like im gonna go around sobbing that they only like girls. also Nj saying bfs and gfs gave me a heart attack

i don’t think some people understand the full impact of what namjoon said. i’ve had a lot of people come to me saying that it saved their life. like i’ve said, representation is so important and impactful and what he said made my heart burst i love him so much, and i love you anon 

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hey I just wanted to say that I'm so happy you're back and after whatever happened before, I wanted to tell you that we will all love and support you no matter what - also I really love your art and what you do, I hope you make more but don't feel pressured to, and don't listen to those hateful anons. Listen to the nice ones because there'll be lots of those. Have a nice day!

Thank you so fucking much fam.. I’m the kind of person who almost always lets the hate get to her, but I’m trying my best, I swear. Also I turned off anon asks for a while because of obvious reasons hhnghhhh- I hope people don’t mind

Why People Ship Reddie

I’m finally getting around to writing this post!! Thank you so much to all of you who messaged me (@richietozzzier @nikkiesea @coraz0n-delator @ardentverdure @fandomtrash2405 to name a few as well as a bunch of anons!). I just wanted to list some scenes from the movie and book explaining why so many people ship Reddie, so here you go! Please feel free to add stuff on :)


- A good majority of the time when either Richie or Eddie are on screen, they’re interacting with one another. Not only do they have hilarious banter back in forth, it’s very obvious they also care about each other immensely.

- Richie is always seen worrying about Eddie’s well being and putting himself at risk to make sure Eddie is okay. During the projector scene, he grabs and hugs Eddie and rubs his back. At Neibolt Street, he holds Eddie’s face to calm him down/make him not look at Pennywise (despite the fact that clowns are his biggest fear!), he rubs Eddie’s shoulder when his hand gets cut. Just to name a few, there are many other moments in the film.

- Richie’s always using Eddie’s mom as the butt of the joke or playing his jokes off of Eddie (ex. when they go to the well, Richie asks Eddie if he has a quarter)

- Cute little moments they have together! Eddie getting Richie ice cream, them talking about something funny when walking into Ben’s room, being the only two that hug at the end

- Richie goes into the clown room (again, his biggest fear) because he thinks Eddie is in there. In reality, Pennywise is presenting himself as Eddie to lure Richie in. Pennywise shows itself as a person’s biggest fear, so at least for a moment Richie’s biggest fear is losing Eddie. He will risk everything to save him.


- Richie always calls Eddie nicknames, whether it be “Eds”, “my love”, or just calling him cute a lot. Eddie always says he hates it, but in the book he thinks to himself that he actually kinda liked it, too.

- Richie always making suggestive jokes to Eddie and winking.

- One day when they’re hanging out alone, Richie tells Eddie about all of his ambitions of become a famous ventriloquist as an adult. Eddie says he really admired Richie (although he saw flaws in his plan, since Richie’s ventriloquism wasn’t very good) 

- Richie literally tells Eddie that he saw how cute he was the first time they ever met.

- In the book, too, Richie is often making sure Eddie is okay. (During the Rockfight, after it’s over Richie is the one to get Eddie’s inhaler and put it in his mouth for him, Richie is holding onto Eddie when they’re running from Henry and into the drainpipe)

- Stephen King literally wrote a scene into the book where Eddie is licking Richie’s “rocket” ice pop and it’s very suggestive and it does not seem like that’s an accident. All him not me.

- When Eddie gets his arm ripped off, his last words are to Richie. Richie is holding Eddie and Eddie is touching his cheek. His last words are “Don’t call me Eds… You know I… I…” 

- The other Losers are sad about Eddie dying, but Richie is freaking out and sobbing and holding him. Richie tries to carry Eddie out and the others tell him to leave him. Richie nearly refuses to leave Eddie there, saying that it’s too dark and Eddie wouldn’t want that. 

- When Richie finally has to leave him, he kisses his cheek before screaming “Fuck you, bitch” and kicking the door shut. When Bev asks why he did that, it says: “’I don’t know,” Richie said, but he knew well enough.” Take that as you will. 

There are other things that make people ship them, including the amount of things in the book that point to Eddie being gay, as well as some moments they had in previous versions of the movie scripts. If you want me to make separate posts for those lmk! 

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kjdshjf i can't believe you think you draw girls w/diverse body types lmao

I clearly don’t…

You know, you can lmao at me as much as you like, but does it ever occure to you that I….don’t owe you anything? I don’t know you. And funny thing, you seem to not know me as well.

Maybe I am not that great at drawing super varied bodytypes, even though I actually try (you’re very welcome to lmao at me yet again). I TRY. Is it my fault that fandoms I’m in doesn’t seem to have enough diversity? Is it now a bad thing to follow the anime design? Oh. right.

Whenever I made my girls volleyball team ocs and had the chance to give them variety at bodytypes, because I had the freedom to do so, I did so. So what if I didn’t do it as well as you’d like me to? Why do you think I owe you the style or visualisation that YOU’d like to see? I draw for myself, if there are people who like it - it’s great! If there are those who don’t - also great! As long as you guys don’t bully me for not drawing the way you want me to. 

I’m tired of this moral highness you guys seem to carry through every call out and anon message. It seems to be rolling past you that words have consequences. YOU DON’T KNOW me, once again. Nor my mental state, nor my backstory, nor nothing. It also seems to go past you that I *might* be as well another human being with own feelings just like you, and hey, what a great thing it is nowadays to be able to anonymously upset someone! 

You ride your high horse of morality with all the “problematic” things I am doing or not doing, searching for them in everything and feeling so high moral, yet refuse for a second consider that you can talk privately with someone instead of writing vague passive agressive posts or messages. If you want to make a change - good arguments is your key.

Also, a food for thought. You never know when someone you write anon hate or make posts about can be depressed, and when something you said might be the last drop. Consider this.

As for me, no, I don’t have depression and I am pretty stable mentally, but for a future reference and more messages you might write to whoever, think first. 

All best, sorry for the rant, I am just very exhausted and had to let it out. 

The Secret Book Club

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Pairing: Loki x Reader

Content/Warnings: Innuendos and a cheeky Loki and a very very shitty book. Also mild swears.

Words: 1767


Soooo this turned out much different than what I expected, (sorry anon I was having too much fun) but there is most definitely going to be a part 2 to this coming soon. At the request of a few people I’m starting a tag list, so if you want in then just shoot me a message! :)

Enjoy ;)


Part two
Part three
Part four
Part five

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