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Getting Asks

A lot of people on my dash seem to feel disheartened by the lack of asks they receive.

While it is good to communicate how you feel every now and then and that it is completely understandable to feel dismayed at the lack of response from other people when you reblog an ask (it happens to me too!), it’s not very effective motivation to call people out on their ‘failure’ to send asks. A gentle nudge, a gentle reminder that we appreciate receiving asks is great. But.

Here’s the thing. No one is obligated to send you anything. In the end this is all for fun. No one likes being guilted, so let’s not play the blame game. Instead of going at length about that, here’s what I think:

I DO think it’s common courtesy to send someone an ask before reblogging (I certainly do it, and make an effort to choose questions that might be interesting/challenging) but it isn’t necessarily a requirement.

It’s a two way street. You may be doing things that put people off, and I’ll tell you what and how you may improve interest from other people.

1. Make your characters accessible.

Here is the number one thing that personally stops me from sending asks for more people, or responding to some asks. I don’t know anything about some of your characters. I know some off the top of my head, but for people I don’t know very well, sometimes I’d like to get better acquainted. Then I get to their blog. No links to profiles. No links to character tags. I don’t even know the character’s full name, so I can’t even look it up on lodestone. I have no face to put to a name. I don’t even know what race this character is.

People are curious. Let them be curious, but point them in the right direction! Put stuff about your character where people can easily see, on your sidebars/links. I have encountered interesting characters just by reading before sending an ask.

2. Don’t reblog 50 ask memes in a row.

As fun and as tempting this is to do, a stranger going to your blog and seeing nothing but reblogs is… off-putting. It’s hard to approach someone you don’t know so well. It’s much easier to send asks to a blog with a personality, which brings me to my next point.

3. Original content makes your characters attractive.

Maybe you like drawing your character. Maybe you’re good at taking screenshots. Maybe you’re good at edits. You don’t even have to be good at visuals per se. You can write drabbles. Or maybe you have a wicked sense of humor involving your character and you can make memetastic content. Go for it. People will be curious. People will get to know you and have a better idea how to approach you. Put your heart into it, show people who your characters are, what they like, little scenes of their lives. People like stories, so tell them a story.

Put you and your character out there, and people will recognize you. People won’t know anything about you or your character if you don’t take this step.

4. Don’t JUST send asks. Talk to people.

Sending asks is only ONE part of the give-take. Get to know the people around you. IC and OOC. Sometimes sending asks isn’t enough. If people have only seen a name a couple times, interacting with them to send one symbol and disappearing, never to speak to them again, it’s not a memorable thing. Talk to the people around you. Befriend them. Get to know THEIR characters. Show interest in theirs, outside the ask box, on a more personal level and with luck, they’ll show interest in yours. Have fun with other people, share silly things you do with them. It helps. It’s easy to want 328490 anon asks, but it’s also very satisfying to receive asks from friends who understand your character.

5. Reblog the 'correct’ kind of ask meme.

You’re free to reblog any ask meme, just understand that if the topic is not one other characters can relate to easily, people aren’t going to send you asks. If it requires intimate IC knowledge of a character, it’s difficult to send asks to you. If you want a wider audience, here’s a litmus test: reblog memes that you can easily send to a stranger without shame. You don’t really want to send one like [MY OC DIES IN YOUR OC’S ARMS] especially if that sort of a thing only elicits an IC reaction when your character personally knows them. Speaking of which, people usually love memes that have your characters gauge theirs. Sometimes you’d be surprised to know your character may feel antagonistic or attracted towards someone else’s. Or even ones that ask your character questions without putting their own character in it, to see yours have a fun reaction. It’s a two way street, and if it’s fun for them to read, chances are they’d love to come back and send you more.

6. You have 50 characters.

This isn’t a bad thing but this is related to points 1 & 3. It’s hard to get to know and remember so many characters. You might wanna put one in the spotlight if you really want to maximize interaction. I have difficulty getting attention for my alts but that’s because I personally hardly produce content for them. I love my alts, and I want people to know them, and I’m sure some of you do as well, but realistically, if you want equal attention on your characters? You need to put equal effort into posting about them.

7. Sometimes people won’t send you anything.

THIS IS THE REALITY OF LIFE. Sometimes you’re SUPER into a set of questions that people are coincidentally not. Maybe they’re busy. Maybe your reblogged it at a weird hour. Maybe they’re feeling shy. In any case, this happens. If it does, move on. Don’t dwell on it. You’ll only feel worse.

possesive [ darkiplier x reader ]

warnings: this is defo not a healthy relationship bare in mind

a/n: i’m kinda tired. i rly like the ending of this
also! request by anon:  Possessive!Dark x Reader. Where he actually FEELS affectionate towards the reader and he doesn’t like anyone else showing her affection or kindness because he wants her to think that he’s the only one that loves her. He wants her to seek comfort in him so that he can listen to her pain and feelings of rejection and he feeds off of it. And he loves to reassure her that he loves her because he knows that his claws of manipulation will sink deeper into her

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There are two sides of him, one might say. One is primarily controlled by logic and cold polished feelings, a strive for success and the masterful art of manipulation. The other, however, one that shows much more often when he’s around you, is the incurable desire for both affection and destruction, love intertwined with hatred and violence mixing with a gentle touch. There is not a doubt in your heart that he loves you – in his own twisted way perhaps, but loves all the same. What you do doubt sometimes is your ability to hold and bear his love, because it is no sweet trip down the river in sunny spring. No. It is more of a stormy night, a bullet being fired or a car speeding down the highway bound to crash. It’s chaotic. Intense. Unstoppable. Destructive.

Ultraviolet, one may even say.

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anonymous asked:

I love your writing so much! It’s perfect! Do you have any tips for us who want to start writing?? Also hope you’re doing good💗💗

Write, write, write. Just write what you want to write, not what people want to read. It’s not about the people. I know most people just like reading smut without plot, but there’s a ton of stories like that out there. I don’t have anything against that, I write those myself, but I just feel like if you’re just writing stuff that you think people want to read, you’re not writing for yourself, and there’s so much you can give, and so much you can put into your writing if you focus on the things you want to express in your story. Focus on that, don’t compare yourself to others, and don’t think of Tumblr as competition. Some people on this site turn everything into a competition for no reason. We’re all here to write and to read and to fangirl together, I don’t get why notes and followers should be something that needs to be taken into account when making friends. Don’t compare yourself to others. Your writing is just as good as everyone else’s, you’re giving it your best, and you will keep improving with time. Good luck! :*


To anon who wanted to know about when Tom bought Z’s snacks at the movie theater.  

Also for @tomdayareceipts

Source:  all_things_tomdaya, IG

all_things_tomdaya, IG:  [TOM IS GETTING TALLER ??] 
as you all know tom.and Z went to the movies together yesterday.. the cashier is this girl’s friend and she told her about it.

Tom paid for her food kid😍😍😍 my heart… omfgg.. And 

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It’s the anon with the daddy who had 136 partners. To put it in context, I’m 17 and he’s 33 so a lot of them were before I was even alive. I know he is committed to me now and wanted to know how to get past this so I can fully appreciate my daddy.

ohhh…. so.. in addition to being am uncommitted whore, hes also a criminal and a pedophile. how lovely for you.

gee. imagine that..

All of you who were chastising me for being too harsh or whatever in the comments of the original post can send your retractions and apologies in now. thanks.

p.s. I’m correct 98% of the time.

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talk stanman to me my dude


OKAY OKAY Cartman needs someone who can show him that what he does is wrong in a firm, but non-aggressive way (like Kyle or Wendy or Kenny are too angry imo). Stan could shape him up in a way that’s calm but also doesn’t tolerate bullshit. Not to mention, Cartman does seem to like Stan?? Or at least respect him a lot??

In the episode where they flood Beaverton, Cartman says to Stan: “Nice we’re hanging out together, without stupid Kyle here” (something like that I don’t know the exact quote jeiwnaj) which shows that he probably would like to be closer to Stan.

And in “Trapped In The Closet”, whenever Stan ditches his friends, Cartman says “I still hate Kyle more than you.”

And in “Fun With Veal”, Cartman helps Stan even though he got nothing in return?? And it was for a “hippie” cause, so that was unexpected for him. He manipulates people for Stan’s benefit and seemed genuinely concerned when Stan was getting really sick.

And not to mention, the last episode where Stan tells Cartman “I need you.” Fjdinskdks that killed me

In short: I love Stanman.

anonymous asked:

I'm the anon who originally requested it and I feel bad for anon that had a panic attack but i really appreciate you drawing it for me as it's really cathartic for me (which is the whole reason I enjoy gore in the first place) so I guess I just wanted to say thank you a lot and also I'm happy you used Mark cuz I love him too

Well it gives different reactions to different ppl ;v;
Im glad ur happy with it despite I took a while to get it done heh

anonymous asked:

Hiii, thirsty hoseok anon dropping by to say i'm in love with yr blog rn. I mean i'm always in love with it cuz like yr funny & i love reading yr tags & i love yr writing & i love yr iris rambles & i love you but like those HOSEOK reblogs 😩🔥 this is some quality content™ that i'm not getting from hobi blogs i follow-- & i'm super thankful for it!! & for you! & for yr existence!!! Also I actually already have a tag but havent used it since 1st thirsty ask cuz i wanted to b even /more/ anonymous

Also– i hope you can get some rest and apply for that promotion and get that extra monayyy :DD 😎💴💸💵💸💷💸💶💸

Hi, Thirsty Hoseok Anon! Thanks for stopping by to remind me of all the weird, thirsty tags that I overshare for Hoseok, my bias wrecker who has been out to get me and won’t calm tf down! *fans self* All that quality content™ is really just him glaring and thrusting while sweaty and looking like a full-course meal, and I can’t NOT reblog that…I mean, if it physically hurts to look at or I made a noise when I saw it, then I share it. I’m a simple gal.

I’m still working on this damn application process, which is going into the third hour. I told myself that I’m not allowed to work on Call Me Mistress series until it’s done. I stopped writing at a really messed up place too; I’ve basically left myself hanging in the worst way imaginable to stay motivated.

anonymous asked:

Hello, I'm the anon that was afraid of the dentist. Today I got there and I was there for 40 minutes. This dentist is not the one who usually see me for problems, and it was kinder than him. He was really nice and explained me almost all that he was doing (also because I asked him: what is that what is this etc). He told me that it wasn't painful and when it could be he warned me. It went so much better than I imagined. I wanted to thank you from the bottom of my heart because ---->

(2)  you really helped me with my anxiety. I was scared as hell but with your words I tried to think about it in a logic way more than a: I’m gonna die way. So really thank you. You are so kind and nice and patient and I wish a lot of beautiful things happen for you, I hope you are happy and will be happy a lot ♥ – The anon scared of the dentist

Oh this makes me so so happy!!! I’m so glad everything went well and I’m very proud of you!!! :’)

anonymous asked:

Question: does the image size/clarity for the tea tins vary from sample to 5oz? I'm assuming the latter would be larger. Wanted to know if I should go for the bigger one or if the smaller one is cute enough to that small. Also, what tea would you recommend for someone who's doesn't really drink tea? I need everything to be sweet, but I'm worried even the Mabel blend might be too much for me lol

the 5oz would definitely be a bigger container, but i haven’t ordered the 5oz so i can’t say anything about the clarity or resolution of the printed image. i think the sample tins are cute and clear enough for me, but i will say the image has a different quality when printed (specifically the warm tones are more saturated than they appear on my monitor)

i liked stan’s the most, actually! if you’re just looking for a nice sweet tea stan’s the way to go. for all these loose leaf teas i usually leave the leaves in until the bitter end (the end isn’t actually bitter, don’t worry) and the flavors just get more prominent with time.

and none of the blends are especially sweet on their own, i’ve always added sugar. mabel’s blend is…strange (there’s really few other ways to put it), dipper’s blend is safe, and ford’s blend is a liiittle brash. the author’s blend is pretty safe if you’re used to black tea.

anonymous asked:

Will I ever be me again? Will I ever get better? Will I ever get past this?

Hi anon,

First of all, I want you to stop and think for a second. You are you. You are under no obligation to be who you were before.

Secondly, there’s no time limit on healing. You take as long as you need to. You’re not weak or anything.

It’s okay if you’re different and don’t go back to who you were before. In my opinion, you shouldn’t try because it’ll just exhaust and frustrate you.

It’s also okay that you’re still healing, no matter how long it’s been. There’s no set calendar.

I have faith that one day, you will be doing much better.

Why People Ship Reddie

I’m finally getting around to writing this post!! Thank you so much to all of you who messaged me (@richietozzzier @nikkiesea @coraz0n-delator @ardentverdure @fandomtrash2405 to name a few as well as a bunch of anons!). I just wanted to list some scenes from the movie and book explaining why so many people ship Reddie, so here you go! Please feel free to add stuff on :)


- A good majority of the time when either Richie or Eddie are on screen, they’re interacting with one another. Not only do they have hilarious banter back in forth, it’s very obvious they also care about each other immensely.

- Richie is always seen worrying about Eddie’s well being and putting himself at risk to make sure Eddie is okay. During the projector scene, he grabs and hugs Eddie and rubs his back. At Neibolt Street, he holds Eddie’s face to calm him down/make him not look at Pennywise (despite the fact that clowns are his biggest fear!), he rubs Eddie’s shoulder when his hand gets cut. Just to name a few, there are many other moments in the film.

- Richie’s always using Eddie’s mom as the butt of the joke or playing his jokes off of Eddie (ex. when they go to the well, Richie asks Eddie if he has a quarter)

- Cute little moments they have together! Eddie getting Richie ice cream, them talking about something funny when walking into Ben’s room, being the only two that hug at the end

- Richie goes into the clown room (again, his biggest fear) because he thinks Eddie is in there. In reality, Pennywise is presenting himself as Eddie to lure Richie in. Pennywise shows itself as a person’s biggest fear, so at least for a moment Richie’s biggest fear is losing Eddie. He will risk everything to save him.


- Richie always calls Eddie nicknames, whether it be “Eds”, “my love”, or just calling him cute a lot. Eddie always says he hates it, but in the book he thinks to himself that he actually kinda liked it, too.

- Richie always making suggestive jokes to Eddie and winking.

- One day when they’re hanging out alone, Richie tells Eddie about all of his ambitions of become a famous ventriloquist as an adult. Eddie says he really admired Richie (although he saw flaws in his plan, since Richie’s ventriloquism wasn’t very good) 

- Richie literally tells Eddie that he saw how cute he was the first time they ever met.

- In the book, too, Richie is often making sure Eddie is okay. (During the Rockfight, after it’s over Richie is the one to get Eddie’s inhaler and put it in his mouth for him, Richie is holding onto Eddie when they’re running from Henry and into the drainpipe)

- Stephen King literally wrote a scene into the book where Eddie is licking Richie’s “rocket” ice pop and it’s very suggestive and it does not seem like that’s an accident. All him not me.

- When Eddie gets his arm ripped off, his last words are to Richie. Richie is holding Eddie and Eddie is touching his cheek. His last words are “Don’t call me Eds… You know I… I…” 

- The other Losers are sad about Eddie dying, but Richie is freaking out and sobbing and holding him. Richie tries to carry Eddie out and the others tell him to leave him. Richie nearly refuses to leave Eddie there, saying that it’s too dark and Eddie wouldn’t want that. 

- When Richie finally has to leave him, he kisses his cheek before screaming “Fuck you, bitch” and kicking the door shut. When Bev asks why he did that, it says: “’I don’t know,” Richie said, but he knew well enough.” Take that as you will. 

There are other things that make people ship them, including the amount of things in the book that point to Eddie being gay, as well as some moments they had in previous versions of the movie scripts. If you want me to make separate posts for those lmk! 


Quote 40: “You know what? I wasn’t even surprised by that.. I am that used to you” for Anon.

John Bond sometimes wishes he had a licence to kill.

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