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1/2 No, ok, but LISTEN. In the EW promo pics Jon is definitely wearing DOUBLE Direwolves across his chest and no matter HOW much the other nobles proclaims him KitN, he's never going to assume Stark insignia on his own volition (that was Stannis' mistake in offering to legitimize him; Jon wants THE STARKS' approval, not the name in itself). Arya is not home yet and who knows where Bran is, so the ONLY option is that Sansa designed and ordered that armor FOR Jon and I'm screamign (unless it's a

family heirloom, which Jon is going to claim by himself even LESS, so Sansa would probably have to strap it on him her-damned-self and I honestly cannot pick which one I want the most) -H.

So the two direwolves are him and Sansa? I’M HERE FOR THIS, let’s go

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“We’re afraid he isn’t going to make it”

Oh boy, Here we go~ You asked for this one. Writing Prompt that was supposed to be published yesterday for Writing Promt Wednesday but WTTM happened and i’m still deceased but WHATEVER

ALSO AUTHORS NOTE: Sorry to the anon who sent this that it took me so long to reply! I wanted to write you a good fic because this is a killer of a prompt. (I didn’t mean that as a pun but oops?)

Potential angst under the cut - 

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Companions reacting to SS coming home with a wound across their eyes that turned them blind? Too angsty?

Nothing is too angsty, my anon friend. (well, almost nothing)

And a huge thanks to @kenthesnake for their help with these. 

And also, I may not be including Preston in these anymore. I can’t get a feel for him like I can for the other characters, his reactions just seem so bland when I write them. If anyone reaaally wants him in these, feel free to request that in your asks. (Same with X6 and Strong)

Cait: “Holy shite!” Cait grabbed Sole’s arms. “What the hell happened? I’ll gut the bastard who did this to you!”

Codsworth: “Oh mum/sir, I’m so sorry,” Codsworth said upon seeing the wound and its effects stretched upon Sole’s face, his voice thick with emotion. “We should find a doctor, and see what they can do…”

Curie: “Oh… Oh dear,” Curie put a hand to her mouth in shock. “You- can you see? Oh, I am so sorry. Please, let me clean the wound. I would not want you to suffer further pain.”

Danse: “Soldier, that wound…” Danse began, taken aback by the brutality of the wound. “Oh. I am… Sorry cannot begin to describe…” He fumbled for words, his chest tight. “That wound must be cleaned. Let one of our doctors have a look at it.” He took Sole to the medical bay, not saying a word. There would be time for questions later.

Deacon: “Oh, shit… That looks… shit,” Deacon, for once, found himself at a loss for words as pity gripped his chest. “It’s gonna be ok, boss. We’ll get you to a doctor and they’ll… do something.” His words felt hollow as they left his mouth. He could see there was no hope for their sight, but he made sure that Sole had the wound cleaned and something done for the pain.

Hancock: “Fuck…” Hancock murmured, cupping Sole’s face and running a thumb along their cheek. His chest tightened like a snake. “I’ll kill whoever did this,” he growled softly. “If they’re still alive, I’ll slit their fucking throat.” But that was an issue for later. “Let’s get that cleaned up,” he said gently, putting an arm around Sole.

MacCready: “Woah, what the hell happened?” MacCready said in a panic, grabbing Sole’s arms. He winced as he looked at the wound across their eyes. “I should’ve been there. I’m sorry,” he said, shaking his head. “Come on. We need that cleaned up,” he said, taking Sole’s arm.

Nick: “Oh, kid. Here, let me have a look,” Nick said softly, touching a hand to their face. He could already tell how severe the wound was. “I’m sorry that this happened. You didn’t deserve this,” he murmured sympathetically. “Come, let’s clean that up,” he said, putting a hand on their back.

Piper: “Blue! What… what happened?” Piper stammered, rushing to Sole and cupping their face in her hands, drawing them closer to see the intensity of the wound. “Oh, no. I’m sorry. That looks awful. I mean- it looks painful. Come on, we need to get that fixed up,” Piper said, a protective and guiding arm around Sole.

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  I knew someone would ask !!! Yep that’s why I put her name here ♥

who? | only know their name | loathe | ugh | overrated | indifferent | dead | alive | just okay | cute | badass | my baby | hot | want to marry | favorite 

My absolute fave in the Shannara Chronicles ♥ Badass, really, really hot, amazing, … I just love her so much.

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Ok I watch that show also for them ^^ She’s bi right ?

Does someone knows when it’s back ?

Put a fictional character in my ask

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Mom told my brother she thinks I'm friends with 'the gays' and is panicking over it. She freaks out when I hang out with people she hasn't met, even though legally I'm an adult. Just sucks cause I'm bi and I have to hide it from my family forever probably. Just want to be accepted by my family for who I am, not some fake persona I keep at home.

😞 big ass mood i accept you always though anon also i need more gay friends to go to gay bars with

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To the anon who didn't like my first ever yumikuri fanfic: thank you for giving me a reason to carry on writing. People like you make me want get better, just to make you realise that you're too quick with your judgement. (Also, to you directly: holy crap thank you so much I worked on making it as amusing yet still in character as possible?? Idk if it worked lmao. But you actually made me want to write these gay nerds).

See, anon, the actual author of the fic you mentioned saw what you said. What if they hadn’t been so cool about it? What if because of what you said, they decided to just give up writing, because it’s ‘crap’? You gotta think first before you type bruh. 

And to you, archaicabadeer, I’m so sorry you had to see that. I was really worried you would. But just know I did genuinely love your fic. If I don’t like a fic, I just exit out of it. But I commented on yours, because I did like it, and I did actually laugh. I love shit like that. And I adored your characterization. Please continue to write many, many more fanfics <3 Just imagining how good your fics could be in like, a year of practice makes my toes tingle lol Also thank you for taking the good out of this situation and not letting other people get you down. 

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I had a dream last night where H and I were on a yacht. I got out of the water and he was staring at me and I slowly stared to take my bikini top off while another boat started passing near us hollering. Before he could get upset I told him "Come up here daddy and show them who I belong to. Show them how loud I get when you fuck me."

Holy fucking shit holy fucking shit holy fucking shit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This is the best thing I have ever read. This is also the most ME thing I have ever read in my entire life. My ass WOULD. You’ve hit me right in the kink. Right in my most major kink. You’ve killed me anon. And I am so glad I got to go out like this. Wow. This is my dream now. I’ve got something to aim high for now. This is all I want. I have to write about this fuck me. A nice holiday drabble. I’m so happy for you, what a dream to have. Also how come I’ve never had a harry dream. I don’t even dream. I nightmare.

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If we were dating, I would take you to the tallest mountains just to breath the air the has not touched another's lips yet. I would take you to a beach just to feel the sands of time. Drive you to the largest city to meet people who you have not seen in this life. I would move the mountains and the sea if you pleased. but mostly if we were dating I would want to go to Taco Bell... I'm starving, you want to go? 😬☺️☺️

Ugh this was beautiful, I also fucking love taco bell, but why are you anon? Love me 😭🌿

Journal Day One:

* JM is still wrapped in the blanket on the couch with Missy.  She woke up early but did get a good nights sleep.  She does not want to wake Missy so she decides to start her journal now. She decided to keep a journal to help manage how she is feeling and to keep track of everyone who needs help. She pulls out her red notebook with angel wings on it and her pin and starts writing*

Day One:

Well I am home.  I still do not feel well and probably should have stayed at least one more night with my family but I needed to get home.  I missed Missy and I knew being gone worried them.  I was worried that mean anons were telling them that I was not coming back like last time. They did not say anything about that when I arrived yesterday but they also may not have wanted to worry me.  I am still terrified that Missy will try to run again.  My heart shattered when I thought I lost them.  Missy is just to important to me to lose.  I will protect them with everything I have including my life.  I just hope I can do a better job than I did last time.

I saw Shy.  I cannot even write about Shy right now.

I saw Alexander and he put me on the sidelines.  I HATE HATE the sidelines.  Alexander knows how much I hate not helping so if he tells me to be on the sidelines I may need to listen.

The problem is so many need help. That is part of what draws me here is I feel I can help.  If they will let me.  Why won’t they let me help?  Why won’t they let me listen?  I try talking to them.  I try listening.  I don’t understand.  I know many of them have been so traumatized that talking about what they went through is next to impossible.  I don’t need the details but talking helps. 

I should know.  I wish someone would talk to me.  Shy is the only one who has actually asked me about me.  I told some of them about Halo but my story is not important to the family.  I am friends with them all but none are close except Missy.  And I refuse to burden them with my past or my struggles.  They have enough they deal with and me leaving did not help so with Missy my issues remain my issues

I see the friendships they have. I see the way they interact. It may be a nightmare that binds their story but they have each other.  They have an understanding of each other. They have a bond that I will never have with any of them.  I see how they rise to protect each other. I see how they protect Shy when someone comes along that she does not like.  Would they care if something like that happened to me?

And now love and flirting seems to be everywhere.  What did I come back to? Heart? Darkness? Solar? And this new person who literally fell into Alexander’s room last night.  What is going on?

I am having a new feeling I never felt before.  I am not 100% sure what it is called but it is the emotion where I want what they have. What they all have.  The friendships, the bond with the family, the bond with each other.  I feel that I have friends but I am just here.  Just existing.  I know this feeling.  This feeling is awful.  This feeling is sadness and loneliness.

OK Shine…get yourself together. Stop whatever this new feeling is because you have work to do.  

I told Armor I would take it easy. I told Missy and Alexander I would sleep, which I did get good sleep last night.  But I have too much to do to be on the sidelines.  Sorry Alexander.

The first thing I need to do is find Eva.  I have not seen her since she left with Tailor and now an anon told me this morning that someone from her past is here and she is not happy.  Eva is becoming a very good friend and if she is hurting I want to protect her from that.  

I need to see if I can find Winter. When she came to me and told me that she was leaving my heart fell apart.  I was hoping I would be able to help her to learn to trust again.  That maybe she could become part of this family. A family that would take care of her and protect her instead of hurting her. Something was off about her when she came to me.  Was that even Winter?  And the messenger that came.  Who was that? I have to find Winter.

And Fallen.  Someone mentioned Fallen is kidnapped.  I will start trying to find Fallen as soon as possible. 

I need to see Imaj at some time today. I promised a movie PJ night when I got back.  I love movie nights with Imaj. His laughter is contagious.  Wonder what movie he will pick?

At some point I want to check on Anxiety.  I know he hates me and I don’t blame him because I could not protect shy.  I hate myself for that as well.  But I am worried about him.  Killing mother could not have been easy even through it was mother.  With Shy being gone and now back and missy running away…well I just want to see if he is okay.  Hopefully he will not yell at me too much.

And Mint.  I promised Jest I would take care of Mint.  Great job I am doing at that with leaving.  I need to find Mint.  Hopefully that M/A wore off and Mint is back to their age.

And speaking of Jest who reminds me of Soul.  I need to figure out what this betrayal is from Soul.  I am terrified of what Soul has done and how it will hurt this family.  I have to find a way to stop it.  

I hope keeping this journal helps keep my emotions under control and I hope that no one finds it… ever.  I would be so embarrassed.  

I cannot let them know how I feel. I know Missy cares but Missy is all I have.  I was hoping Eva and I could become closer friends but with someone from her past here now she will go to them instead of me when she needs help.  

I have to pretend that I think they care. I have to act like I think they think I am important and part of the family, even when I know I am just here to heal and make sure they eat. I have to make them think that I am okay when I am so not okay.  

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Request for Anon who wanted something for the Victuuri couple with a theme of wedding or domestic bliss. Wedding with Minako-sensei gunning for that bouquet while Yurio’s feeling grouchy as always. And Makkachin is too important to leave out in Victor and Yuri’s wedding.

I thought about going in with strong color but I also wanted to show softness so this one’s an overall experimental piece… hopefully, it worked out.


Rhodey: Okay fine, but we’re turning it into a Hummer. Corvette’s are completely show-off-y, uselss, mid-life crisis cars.
Tony: I’m just going to pretend I didn’t hear that, Honey Bear.

Thank you guys for the prompts and so sorry for the wait! This definitely got a little more intense than my original plan… :P But no regrets! Here is the Sciencelings’ attempt at an (ill-advised) birthday present. They tried


Based off @goldentruth813‘s post, have a bit of drarry love  (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

yeah, i’ll always love you guys too :)

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Sometimes I wonder if poeple don't take Phil too seriously (and partly it is because Phil himself doesn't want to show himself too serious) but I mean this is the man who was with Dan when he made the decision to drop out, and somehow had to help him through it (and those were the years where I do believe Dan's crisis were quite strong ones), he also somehow sticked by Dan's side when he was in his 2012!period which I'm sure affected (hurt) Phil as well. What do you think?

Anyone who doesn’t take Phil seriously isn’t paying very much attention to Phil. 

He’s someone who made an entire career out of something that wasn’t a career, just on the grounds that he wanted to be doing something he liked for a living. That takes a little bit of luck, sure, and he did start out in the fortunate situation of having parents who helped support him. I don’t want to seem like I’m being blind to his advantages, because I’m sure as hell not. 

But luck and rich parents alone can’t make an empire out of nothing. It also takes determination and faith in himself and work. A whole lot of fucking work. I don’t mean at making videos; I mean at building connections, setting goals and seeing them happen, reaching out and finessing the luck he was granted into something sustainable long term. He took an offer to do a segment on BBC radio and turned it into a years long weekly stint on a popular radio show. Dan was part of it, but back when they first started with BBC Phil was by far the more influential name with a bigger subscriber base. 

You can see elements of the same attitude in everything Dan and Phil do, and I don’t want to diminish Dan’s role in it but the pattern of behavior is so strongly Phil: they’re offered a book, they spend a year writing it and make it the best book they could make. They have to do signings, they turn it into a year long stage show. Crunchy Roll and Dragon City want them to do a sponsored video, they end up sponsoring the entire show. That’s what people underestimate in Phil, I think - the guy who see what he wants, ignores that it shouldn’t really be possible, does it anyway. 

I think you’re right that it isn’t a side of Phil that we’re really supposed to see, because Phil has such a firm sense of boundary between what is for an audience and what isn’t. Just like we don’t see business-guy-Phil except in the sense that we see the final product that emerges, we also don’t see supportive-partner-Phil except in the final product that emerges: Dan himself, and Dan’s dedication to Phil, his constant almost-awe of everything Phil does despite the more immediate fond mocking we see in actual videos. 

Am I even answering your question? Sorry, I just have strong feelings on the minimization of Phil’s complexity that happens in phandom. Actually, reading it back, it seems like you were asking more about if I thought that Phil was as hurt in 2012 as Dan was; the answer is yes, of course, I totally agree with you, anon. That definitely goes back to Phil having a stronger boundary between what is for an audience and what isn’t. Dan handled his upset by slamming figurative doors and shouting at us across the room, Phil handled it by just quietly locking that door and effectively shutting us out of his mental process for years. But it feels like it should go without saying that just because someone doesn’t want hundreds of thousands of people he doesn’t know to know when he’s hurt or upset, it doesn’t mean those feelings don’t exist.