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Zen and Jumin having a little sister who is depressed and have anxiety but hides it behind her smiles, jokes and corny puns. I'm sorry if this disturbs you, I'm just really having a bad life. You don't have to do this if you're uncomfortable with it. Thank you.

Sorry, this is so late, anon. I hope you are feeling better now nonetheless, but in case you still need this to cheer you up then here you go!

– Admin Void


  • She’s the only family member that he can still tolerate, tbh
  • He calls and visits frequently. Though he wants her to come with him, knowing fully well how toxic the home environment is, his financial state isn’t stable enough yet and there’s also legalities involved. 
  • He was probably the one who fought tooth and nail with his mom to get her properly treated and diagnosed when she just brushed it off as “a teenage phase”
  • He sneaks her out of school on days she doesn’t feel well enough to be in school bc Mom wouldn’t let her stay at home

“Y/N?” You turns over to your window sill, cheeks blotchy and eyes red from crying. School stress, exams, strained friendships, endless days of unexplainable loneliness and fatique plagued your teen life. It feels so small in comparison to all the problem of the world, yet why do you feel so suffocated?

“How are you doing, little bird?” Zen falters a bit when he notices your tears, but he doesn’t comment on it. You wonder how he has managed to pick up on your sour mood when you have been nothing but jokes and memes that afternoon. ‘Brother senses tingling’ probs. “Wanna come with me? we can buy some junk food, or something nice. I dunno. Up to you.” He winks and you smile, sluggishly crawling out of bed. You two eat shit food and fishbread, joking until you could smile again without feeling guilty for having fun. 

You come to school the next morning to find your favourite teacher explaining that Zen has contacted them regarding the hard time you are having. After some negotiation with your other teachers, you have gotten extra time on some assignments and offers for extra tutoring if you need it.


  • When she was first diagnosed, he took the time to research everything so he’d get an idea of what she’s going through.
  • He comes to personally pick her up after her sessions because he knows it’s often the time she’s most vulnerable. Also, he gets to give her psychiatrists/therapists The Glare to make sure they’re still on their A-game.
  • He doesn’t understand memes but he sends the “:)” emoticon whenever she sends him a rare pepe.
  • If her anxiety makes it hard to go to school, she’d have personal tutors and Jumin probs frequently check in on her if he isn’t too busy. Chairman Han be like “I think she should be outside interacting with people” and Jumin is just like “she’s interacting with me and Elizabeth aren’t we people”

The company’s New Year party is getting a bit too loud and you regret agreeing to come along. Your stylist, friends and brother had assured you that you look great, but every glance your way sent a wave of panic through you. Have you sat on something and stained your designer dress? Did you smear your lipstick across your face and is unknowingly walking around, looking like a clown? Are you slouching too much? Talking too little? Walking too awkwardly??

Your older brother stands on a podium, giving a casual speech with a glass of champagne in hand and you wonder— how? How could he do it like that? Look like that? Be the face of the company at such a young age, while you cling desperately to anything, anything, floundering and grasping for some sort of footing in life? He suddenly catches your eye and smiles at you. “I’d also like to thank my little sister for coming tonight,” he adds and you look down, smiling timidly. Despite everything, the hidden words ring between the both of you. “Let’s toast to the new year, everyone.”

You end up leaving early at Jumin’s insistence after you briefly commented that you are feeling a bit jittery and light-headed. “Get an early rest,” he tells you after escorting you out to the car. “Hug Elizabeth for me. I’ll be home late.” Later on, when you are safely tucked in bed with a happy feline in your arm, you find a text from Jumin. “You looked great tonight. I’m proud of you.” Attached with a picture:


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This one is dedicated to @onceuponagladerhead, @noones-girl1980 and that one anon who said they wanted it I appreciate you guys so here it is

Pairing: Jughead x reader

Summary: AU in which Jughead and the reader are roommates at boarding school and they hate each other. The reader employs some ~interesting~ techniques to find out if Jughead likes her


A/N: I know some people really want Jughead to be asexual but he is not in this fic so if you don’t like the idea then please don’t read it 

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Soccer Date w/ Yuta
  • bROOOO okay so rlly short storytime, i was writing tis and suddenly my fucking computer started to act weird and the mouse and keyword didn’t work well and i started panickinG but because of my hacker skills i fix it, jfc but i almost died like this computer is precious to me
  • but anyways, i’m so happy bc this is my 1st yuta request ever and i <3 him u know
  • also, shout out to the anon who requested this, i loved the idea of a date like this with yuta tbh and writing this was so fun!!
  • also, i want to apologize in advance bc i know nothing about football or soccer or idk okay?
  • just don’t kill me because my lazy ass doesn’t like any sports lmao
  • hehe let’s start b4 my computer gets weird again
  • so, you were in a little holidays with your boyfie yuta in osaka
  • you can’t imagine how happy he was no finally being able to present you to his family and show you around his hometown
  • he even obligated offered to teach you a bit of japanese
  • also, you would only were allowed to watch anime and nothing elese i swear this idiot did thAT
  • “yuta, can we least watch something else¿ we have been watching sailor moon for the past four hours”
  • “ うるさい あま(shut up bitch)”
  • “yes, i love you too yuta but you better change this shit you くそがき (unpleasant brat, lmao)
  • “damn girl~~ i see you improved”
  • hopefully it’s well translated lmao
  • and once you were in there hE WAS SO HAPPY
  • he would want to do like a million of different things and you were so tired but he looked just so happy that you couldn’t say no to him
  • he showed you around the whole town
  • his primary and high school, his old house, his parents house, and every little corner of osaka tbh
  • and he would want to have dates e v e r y w h e r e
  • even in the old soccer court where he use to spend all his time in
  • he would tell you funny stories that happend to him and his friends while you walked around
  • he deadass even brought a ball with him to play lmao what a nerd am i right
  • and he was just there doing some tricks witht he ball and talking to you at the same time
  • but at the same time u were like my boyfriend is such a loser, playing on his own lmao so you suddenly went
  • “let’s do a short match”
  • and he looked at you with shiny eyes and with a little smile forming on his lips
  • “are you for real? do you really want to play?”
  • “sure, why not? i mean you only have to run beside a ball and then kick it, it’s not hard”
  • he was 100% ready to throw the ball right at your face after hearing that awful definition of soccer tbh
  • “what are you going to do if i won?”
  • “what are YOU going to do if I won?”
  • yall are so competitive is just so cute to me idk
  • “my mom has like two huge books fulled of all my predebut pictures, since i was a baby till when i moved to korea..”
  • just imagine how much you coulduse those pictures to tease him and torture him
  • you. needed. those.
  • so you started your match
  • it would be so funny, honestly you would flirt and tease with each other the whole time
  • “hey sexy, do you like messi? ;)))”
  • “honestly, i don’t know why do you even try y/n, we’re waisting time by doing this u know”
  • and everything was kind of normal the first like five minutes before yall started to cheat lmao
  • “yuta, you played football for more than ten years and you’re cheating like this? that’s a no no”
  • “excuse me? you started cheating!”
  • it was a disaster honestly
  • but, yeah, as it was expected yuta won the match
  • yall sat on the grass and talked for a bit while you recovered energy
  • “but seriously, it’s really funny because i gave you so many oportunities to let you won but you’re just so terrible at it that you didn’t even realized”
  • “shut up, yuta, you know that i never played this before, yOU TRAINED FOR TWELVE YEARS”
  • “whatever, the important part is that i won, so.. what should you do first for me first?”
  • you got frozen in your spot when you heared that
  • you forgot about THAT part of the deal, jesus christ
  • you decided that if he won you had to do whatever he wants until you came back to korea
  • “what about making out?” i mean, i didn’t put my lip balm for nothing”
  • “it’s going to be a long fucking week”
  • you got closer and closer to him
  • and you kissed him sweetly, you could feel how his smile was slowly forming in the middle of your kiss
  • but you had to separate after a few seconds because you got shy lmao 
  • he started to laugh at your cuteness while looking how you were covering your face with your hands
  • “don’t get shy, babe, this is nothing yet”
  • “i really hate you right now”
  • he giggled and then hugged you so hard that you ended laying in the grass with him over you
  • both of you were smiling to each other, you had your finger running through his hair and he was simply looking at you with nothing but love in his eyes
  • he gets even closer to your face, and pecks your lips a few times, each kiss getting more long and pasionate everytime making you feel a million of butterflies in your stomach
  • his lips felt so warm and soft and his smile, that never really dissapeared, was in between, making everything even more sweet that already was
  • “わたしは、あなたを愛しています (i love you)”
  • he said between pecks
  • “i love you too, yuta”

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former assassin!hinata with a mysterious past, who now works as a coffee shop owner, and his former partners/team members keep visiting his shop to wreak havoc and to get back into the business, and of course he keeps refusing bc he met someone, now that person is in danger and hinata wants to protect him at all costs. (I hope it's interesting enough lol also btw I love your work and thank you so much for doing this <3)

of course! ~  this isn’t super long, but if enough people are interested i’m sure i could continue!  also, ship wasn’t specified, so i hope this is alright.. :)

Hinata wipes down the counter of till, humming to himself.  After a long day of work, it was refreshing to be able to clean down the coffee shop and go upstairs to his apartment to rest and prepare for the next day.

Was it fulfilling?  No - but was anything really?  Well, Hinata smiles to himself, the image of golden eyes and soft hair filling his mind.  Kenma. His customer-turned-boyfriend would visit every other night of the week, and he balances Hinata out perfectly.  Loud and quiet, bright grins and tender smiles.  They clicked almost immediately, and he had changed Hinata’s life for the better.

“Hinata.”  A sharp voice shatters Hinata’s serene thoughts, and the latter looks up to see a familiar face, glasses resting on his nose.

“Tsukishima,” Hinata sighs.  “What are you doing here?  Again.”

“Not like I want to come here every day,” Tsukishima grumbles.  Usually he would lean against the counter and throw a snarky comment towards Hinata, but he seemed unusually serious tonight.  “I know we keep asking you to come back, but you really need to come back.”

“No,” Hinata shakes his head.  “I’m not going back to that job.  I have a real job, and a real life, and…” Hinata trails off.  Tsukishima knows about Kenma - he had figured it out almost immediately - and knew that after Kenma had entered Hinata’s world, there was no way Hinata was leaving his new life behind.

“That’s the problem,” Tsukishima opens up a folder and slides a photo out.  “This is your significant other, correct?”  Hinata’s stomach drops as he looks at the picture of Kenma, leaving a building - wearing a dark hoodie and sunglasses.

“Kenma,” Hinata’s voice shakes as much as his hand, and he looks up at Tsukishima’s grave expression.

“He was reported missing from his afternoon class this afternoon-”

“He never misses his literature class,” Hinata bites his lip.  “He loves that class.”

“And we did some more digging,” Tsukishima grabs another piece of paper and scans over it before continuing.  “It turns out your ‘Kenma’ isn’t as clean as you think.  He was a part of the huge operation that exposed the Nohebi.  He was - or is, we’re still unsure - a talented hacker.”

“Ken…ma?” Hinata feels hollow; his heart beating against his chest rattles his empty core, and he stares at Tsukishima in disbelief.

“We think one of Nohebi’s remaining members got involved with a bigger group and had them take Kenma,” Tsukishima strokes his chin.  “A few others are missing too, and it’s probable that they were a part of the operation.”

“So,” Hinata takes his apron off.  “What do I need to do?”

Tsukishima’s lips morph into a smirk.  “Oh?”

“I’m sure as hell getting in on this,” Hinata hops over the counter.  “Because I’m getting Kenma back.”

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Also I'm really sorry if any of this is bothering you, I'm just really fuckin lonely lately and any outreach to another human being who won't tell me to fuck off and die is refreshing.

If you really actually want to talk to me and you can do it non anon with me in private, but as of now this convocation is over and I’m wary of how sharply your argument and tone with me changed after your first anon.

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Literally all of the black characters disappear or die. Maya, Shana, Nate and Yvonne (?): dead. Clarke, Lorenzo, Eddie Lamb: vanished into thin air. Also all these deaths and disappearances have nothing to do with main plot lines, it's obvious Marlene wanted to get rid of them on a whim.

^^^^^^^ yepyepyepyep. Marlene can tell me until she’s blue in the face that this show is an “equal opportunity” show in which anyone can die or disappear and I’m sure she believes that, but. nope. OH And don’t forget Talia, the bi girl who worked at The Brew. She didn’t get killed off but she sure disappeared!

They made Shana irredeemable even though her storyline wasn’t even that bad and we still have characters like Jenna who are literal rapists but is portrayed as nothing but a victim.

They killed Maya, black AND bi, only to have her be ‘replaced’, so to speak, by a white girl who tries to drown Emily. And not only that but has Aria ever had a love interest die? Ezra, Liam, Jake…I guess Noel dies but they weren’t romantically entangled at that point so does it count? What about Hanna? Caleb and Jordan are both still alive and kickin’. And Spencer? Toby’s still alive although he’s “almost died” like 8 times. Caleb is still alive. Dean. Wren. That artist dude Jonny or w/e. The only other person who has lost a love interest is Alison but they make it 100% clear that her hubby was a bad man who deserved to die. 

like. She can tell me all she god damn wants but the facts don’t lie

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Late to the party anon here. Just wanted to put my 2 cents in and say that I run a stim blog and also kinda get worried about over stepping too D: I stim because of ADHD, not autism. There isn't really much discourse around peeps with just ADHD so I'm just over there in my bubble being all "I hope I don't accidently act like a butt-face." T_T

Gaaahh me too ;w; I know a few other stim blogs run by people who stim for anxiety and/or depression, and none of them ever seem to be caught up in any discourse about it either, so I’m like….I guess we’re aight…..but I still can’t help but feel like I’m on thin ice lmao ^^;;

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Sorry if you answered this, but what is COG?

its my upcoming webcomic about my ocs vern, cerise and viris.

the story is basically about vern who wants to leave his old life and better himself by doing as many good deeds as he can while finally being able to move past his trauma. he meets cerise and viris and his life changes drastically from there.

cerise and viris also have their own personal arcs but i dont wanna spill too much!

Hey lovely people,

I just wanted to take a minute to thank you guys. When I started writing specifically in this fandom, it was in pursuit of cultivating a way to relieve stress for myself while also returning to writing (which I haven’t done much in a while, it kind of slipped by the wayside) - so I was afraid that I’d be really rusty and everything would be fucked up. And I honestly didn’t think people would even interact with this blog even a quarter as much as you guys have. 

So to the anons who have worried about sending in prompts - I mean it when I say you are not bothering me. You’re actually helping me, A LOT. Because your prompts have been a tremendous help in keeping me writing every night. I have written more in these past few weeks than I have in years and it has done wonders for helping me wind down after work. Not to mention the fact that ya’ll are so kind and supportive and that has been such a huge encouraging factor for me.

Additionally, “The True Nature of Percival Graves” was actually the first smut I’d ever written and I was really worried about how it would be received. So the open-mindedness here has been so liberating. You guys are just amazing, I can’t even.

So thank you all for helping me get back into writing and for sending in such lovely ideas. I really can’t express how big of a help you’ve all been to me.

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for the last anon: Bisexual Visibility Day is September 23rd & Pansexual Visibility Day is May 24th... I'm pretty disappointed that there isn't a visibility day for Polysexual and Queer identities... anyway, I also just wanted to let you know, anon, that you're allowed to don the lesbian label if you want! like p l e n t y of people who identify as lesbian experience mga!

Yeah I personally could probably id as a homoromantic bisexual if we’re being technical, but lesbian is much more comfortable for me!! In the end, your label is yours and yours alone. Anyway, thanks for your help nonner

Mod j

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Sorry but what's the appeal of ugly girls who think they're satanic?

Lmao if you’re trying to hint that I’m ugly, just say that I’m ugly… Also, I don’t “think I’m satanic” but I do follow a lot of the LaVeyan satanist beliefs. However, if that wasn’t you trying to passive aggressively tell me I’m unnattractive, the only ugly person here is you dude, let people look how they want and get the fuck off my blog if you don’t like it. You’re so inconsiderate, I literally just talked about trying to kill myself and this is the shit you want to send me? Fuck off

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yes hello your art is very cute like ????? i can't believe. also you're the only GW fan i follow that doesn't appear overly concerned with the meta and therefore i want to suggest a thing. instead of team mom quatre, i would like to imagine team mom duo. yes thank you good night <3

Aaaaaaaa thank you?? Im so glad you like the art ;w;

As for the meta… what do you mean? Is the GW fandom concerned with the meta of who is team mom? What about team 5 moms + team dad relena? The pun mom, the trash mom, the dory mom, the nice mom and the very very angry mom. And then dad.

I’m gonna kill you.

Hi gonna kill you, I’m Relena.

Request for Anon who wanted something for the Victuuri couple with a theme of wedding or domestic bliss. Wedding with Minako-sensei gunning for that bouquet while Yurio’s feeling grouchy as always. And Makkachin is too important to leave out in Victor and Yuri’s wedding.

I thought about going in with strong color but I also wanted to show softness so this one’s an overall experimental piece… hopefully, it worked out.


Rhodey: Okay fine, but we’re turning it into a Hummer. Corvette’s are completely show-off-y, uselss, mid-life crisis cars.
Tony: I’m just going to pretend I didn’t hear that, Honey Bear.

Thank you guys for the prompts and so sorry for the wait! This definitely got a little more intense than my original plan… :P But no regrets! Here is the Sciencelings’ attempt at an (ill-advised) birthday present. They tried