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Vampire AU - Jimin, BTS

why have only a vampire au when you can have a neighbour au too

  • Jimin, your friendly cute neighbourhood guy
  • oh, he’s also a vampire
  • he tries his best to hide it because he doesn’t want to freak the community out, but honestly literally EVERYONE knows
  • someone who works at a cosmetics shop said that Jimin orders daily wear coloured contacts in bulk
  • the grocer knows Jimin because he orders boxes of sunblock every month
  • one of the nurses that lives in the building told a few people that some doctor called Namjoon keeps taking blood bags from the hospital
  • the news spread and everyone kinda was like ????? but why does he need blood???
  • then everyone kinda pieced everything together
  • “is he… a vampire?”
  • “well, he did reject me every time I asked him to go out with me in the day”
  • basically it was kind of obvious that he was a vampire
  • but no one told him that everyone knew, they just let him do his thing
  • and so Jimin kept sneaking around
  • you knew who Jimin was of course, he lived right opposite your apartment
  • you talked to him every morning when you were leaving for work so he was no stranger
  • you were one of the first people to notice that he was a vampire because you would smell blood when you left your apartment
  • one day you found a random drop of blood on the ground and you were like
  • … . ?
  • oh okay got it
  • you didn’t treat Jimin any differently tho, he wouldn’t even hurt a cockroach
  • no seriously
  • he wouldn’t
  • you heard him screaming from his apartment telling the cockroach to “get off the sofa you freeloader”
  • he may be a vampire but he isn’t brave against insects
  • so one day you’re at the grocery store buying your stuff
  • and you’re in the snack aisle when you see Jimin standing there looking at chips
  • you go up to him a without thinking, you just say
  • “you eat food?”
  • Jimin is startled by you and your question makes him almost faint
  • “haha, what do you mean? haha, of course I do, pshhh”
  • you realize what you just did and you cover your mouth and mutter “oh shit”
  • Jimin just stands there with bags of doritos in his hands and with a look of disbelief on his face he asks,
  • “you… know…?”
  • you just awkwardly laugh and back away
  • “know what, I don’t know anything, oh look a sale on aisle 87 gotta run”
  • but of course you couldn’t run away forever and Jimin catches you as you’re hauling your bags out of the store
  • he offers you a ride and it’s kind of awkward for a while but Jimin just starts telling you about himself
  • “yes I eat, but I need blood to survive”
  • “no I don’t sleep in a coffin”
  • “no I don’t die when I’m in the sun, I just feel pain”
  • and that’s how you ended up in Jimin’s apartment listening to him talk more about himself over a cup of coffee

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Hey Jen, I hope you're not feeling down and/or stressed right now (AND THAT YOU'RE GETTING PLENTY OF REST)!!! Just a reminder that you're one of my all-time fav blogs, and that ALL OF US are so grateful that you reply to so many messages :)))) we're all one big happy family :') - Anon who is also named Jen

THIS IS FILLED MY HEART OMG!!! THIS WAS THE SWEETEST THING ANYONE HAS EVER SAID TO ME! THANK YOU I WANT TO CRY!!! thank you so so so much my love!!!! i hope you are healthy and happy! you make me smile so much! i love you <3

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first of all, thank you for keeping asougi alive in our hearts ;-; also your drawings are super cute and lovely and it brings me the greatest joy to see them in the tags (ノ´ヮ´)ノ*:・゚✧ if you don't mind, can you draw the the meiji trio sleeping in a pile, maybe? (as simple or as detailed as you want) thank you, and hope you have an awesome dayyyy

Wowwee, thanks a bunch! It’s always nice to know that there are people who love these characters as much as I do

(It’s been a long work day for them)

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I'm worried I'm lying to my treatment team by telling them about my paranoia, even though it's true. They seem to think it's a symptom of psychosis (along with other things I've said) but I don't feel psychotic, I think I'm just paranoid because of my anxiety. I also think my anxiety causes my delusions, bc I get so worried about seeing something maybe I make myself see it. I don't want them to think I'm lying to them if I try to explain I'm not psychotic? How do I know if they're right and I am

hey anon, 

as someone who experiences psychotic symptoms almost constantly, i think i understand where you’re coming from. when i first started having delusions and hallucinations i didn’t think that made me psychotic. i didn’t want to be “one of those” people, you know? yet as someone who tries to be as sympathizing and empathizing as possible, i realized i needed to challenge my thinking. i needed to change the way i viewed psychotic behaviors and people who experience it. i didn’t do this just because i developed psychosis but because again i generally try to be understanding of others and where they are at. 

 according to my understanding of psychosis–and having read up and studied what exactly it means since 2012ish–i’m going to have to correct you right now. paranoia is part of psychosis–it specifically falls under the delusional category. so if you are experiencing paranoia and other things, you are experiencing psychotic behaviors. 

rather than trying to convince your care team that you’re lying or not lying, or anything, you should try and establish a more open dialogue with them. work with them to figure out the best treatment plan for you and how to help you cope/manage your symptoms. it’s great that you think you know where your paranoia/delusions are coming from! that can be of great use with your care team, you know? talk with them. 

being psychotic isn’t a death sentence, and there’s no right way or wrong way to be it. psychosis is heavily stigmatized in our culture due to its association with more “dangerous” mental illnesses, so it’s up to me and you, and everyone really to help fight back against that. someone with psychosis is just in much need of assistance as someone with “just” anxiety or other “less dangerous” and “more romantic” illnesses. as a community of mentally ill people, we have to stand together and support each other to fight back against stigma outside of and within ourselves. 

stay safe, 


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Yes, I would also love a CS baby!!!! It's only fair that Emma gets a second chance to raise a kid. She clearly wants them with Hook (as we saw in 6x03), and he already had practise as a father-figure. They should have a kid!!!

If Emma decides she wants to have a baby with a man who truly loves her and who wants to be the kind of father her child would deserve, then I think she has every right to do so.  And I know that some people are constantly preaching that Emma doesn’t ‘need’ another kid.  That Henry should be ‘enough’ for her.  But that’s not the point.  Having another kid =/= replacing the one you already have.  I think that if Emma and Killian decide that they want a kid that they should, and if they don’t, then they don’t (but I so hope they do!!).

Hi, hello! This is just to let you all know that I’m closing the anon feature for a while. I understand that there are people who feel reluctant to ask or talk with their blog names open, and I totally respect that. However, due to some current anon trouble, I’m not keeping the option open for a while. You are most welcome to ask from your blogs and if you do feel uncomfortable with me answering or replying by posting for all, I will definitely stick to private replies. I have no problems with you wanting to feel secure and keep certain things private. At the same time, I would also like to preserve my sanity and not entertain disturbing messages that affect me badly. I hope you understand. Thank you for your support and involvement in making Tumblr an enjoyable place. As for those who ignite trouble on anonymous mode, I’d rather not give you the power of exposure than entertain any conversation with you. I hope you find another outlet for your negativity. Cheers!

Hey it’s Nicole. Just wanted to let you all know that I’m working on making the net more active again. Check out the rad new icon/header and themes my lovely co-admin @jen–ne–sais–quoi has set up. Also make sure your blog URL is correct in the member directory.

I’m going to find and reblog the trigger tag post, because I’m sure I’m not the only one who hasn’t been keeping up with tagging how I’m supposed to. (And if your needs have changed please let us know - you can make it on anon if you want.)

So start tagging the net again for your original bandom-related posts, and remember to make sure it’s in the first five tags or it won’t show up in the search. Don’t be afraid to send a post to me or Jen if something gets missed - we definitely didn’t do it on purpose!

Looking forward to interacting with my fellow Adult Dishes again!

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Please pray for me. I have a lot of pain going through me. Emotional pain as well. I want to be happy and to enjoy life but this is so much on me. Thank you and God bless you

Hi Anon - I’m so sorry to hear you are going through such difficult trials.  I will be praying for a healing miracle for your body and that you will experience God’s peace and love during this tough time.  God bless you and remember, you are LOVED and CHERISED by your Heavenly Father and His Son, our Lord Jesus Christ. 

I also ask of those who are reading this to pray for this child of God as well. 


Based off @goldentruth813‘s post, have a bit of drarry love  (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

Request for Anon who wanted something for the Victuuri couple with a theme of wedding or domestic bliss. Wedding with Minako-sensei gunning for that bouquet while Yurio’s feeling grouchy as always. And Makkachin is too important to leave out in Victor and Yuri’s wedding.

I thought about going in with strong color but I also wanted to show softness so this one’s an overall experimental piece… hopefully, it worked out.


i think we can safely assume that oikawa sings in the shower, but i’d like to think that whenever they shower together, he gets exceptionally into it, and while it starts out as a sweet serenade for iwaizumi, it quickly turns into him belting the song at the top of his lungs (and it usually ends in either a whack on the back of the head or a totally awesome make out session)

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And The Oscar Goes To
Also on AO3
Being publicly in the closet means Stiles can’t go to the Academy Awards with who he really wants, but it’s not like he’s going to win so he doesn’t have to worry about slipping up and thanking Derek in his speech… right?

This one is for my OSA (one sentence anon) who keeps cheering me on and motivating me. I wouldn’t have finished this WIP if it wasn’t for you, so thanks dude, whoever you are!

Earlier in his career, Stiles Stilinski had thought that walking one red carpet meant he had walked them all, but this award season had proved that assumption to be totally false. Walking a red carpet when you’ve been nominated for an award at the show was an entirely new experience. Sure, he had been nominated for People’s Choice Awards and more fan-driven ones before, but this year he had finally broken out of the rom-com and buddy comedy genres and into roles that challenged him. And this year, he was walking the red carpet at the Oscar with the chance to win not just one, but two once he entered the building.

Some had called 2016 his breakout year, others had said they knew that he could do it all along, and others still had questioned his ability to take on some of the more serious roles until they saw the films he was starring in. So here he was, at his third Academy Awards, but this time he was nominated instead of just attending. It had been a nerve-wracking award season that had left Stiles with a Golden Globe, a SAG award, and two Critic’s Choice awards, but none of that would hold a candle to this.

“Stiles, you have to move,” Lydia Martin–his agent and manager–said to him, pushing him toward the final reporter along the carpet. “Smile more.”

Stiles resisted the eyeroll that he could feel building; he didn’t want to be on the cover of some trashy tabloid with his eyes rolled back in his head and a caption commenting on his mental instability or an attitude problem. “Stiles! You look great,” Erica Reyes from Access Hollywood said, her voice sweet as syrup and her lips fire-engine red.  

“So do you, Ms. Reyes. Are you sure I can’t convince you to leave your husband and run away with me?” Stiles said with a charming smile. He had gone to UCLA with Erica’s husband Vernon Boyd and they had been, and still were, good friends. Boyd was currently the star wide receiver for the New Orleans Saints and would kick his ass if he were here in that moment.

“Ah ah ah, you know that I’m loyal,” Erica said with a smile. “But what about you? Who are you here with? Have a hot date that you’re hiding somewhere?”

“Of course I do,” Stiles told her. “My dad’s right over there.”

“Oh! Of course he is; he’s your permanent date during award season.” Erica said and then waved. “Hi, Sheriff.”

John Stilinski waved back with a smile, “Aren’t you going to ask me who I’m wearing?”

“I would, but that’s Laura Hale and I need to catch her before she gets inside. She and that hunky artist brother of hers skipped half the reporters already; I can’t let them skip me,” Erica said, giving Stiles a little smile. “It was lovely talking to you Stiles; good luck!”

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