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Hey! I don't know if you remember me but I'm the anon from a while back who said I was pregnant, well I gave birth to two lovely twin girls on the 16th of this month! They're very cute and i just wanted to share this with you... Also, I'm a trans parent, so to all the trans kids out there: it does get better and you can be whoever you want. Everything will work out.

Omg this is so precious… CONGRATS! Twins, oh my goodness… that’s so exciting. You’re going to be a wonderful parent!!

Nobody Else But Me

Tobi x Reader

Request: “Could you please write an imagine based on that shirtless tobi gif? Something where he gets super jealous and then somehow leads to that situation with him shirtless and out of breath. Honestly you can write it however youd like but I need something to satisfy the tobi feels after that gif”

Note: 2400 words. Shout out to the anon who told me to listen to this song because it inspired this imagine. Also shout out to @sveta-sdmn for turning all of my followers into Tobi stans. I appreciate dat. Sexual themes below (like, seriously).  [master list]

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remind me if i'm wrong, but, didn't you once have a post about ignoring g@brinette shippers and the anons you get about them? or maybe i was thinking of some other blog, oop (also i'm sorry about that anon they seemed more like someone who wanted to stir up trouble)

That was mostly in reference to people asking me why I am deeply, deeply uncomfortable with it; I’m not going to ignore every vitriolic anon that slithers into my inbox. 

I can’t tell what they were after, but if you’re suggesting that I quietly accept whatever abuse the internet wants to hurl at me, you’re going to be disappointed. Sorry if it showed up in your tag but I didn’t choose to put your ship name in my inbox; that was the responsibility of whatever fan that decided to invade my inbox with their two-cent opinion. 

I don’t tag my opinions; I don’t harass people who elect to ship something that viscerally triggers me. But when people show up to my front doorstep trying to rub it in my face, you’re damn skippy I’m gonna tell them to fuck off. 

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Hi! I'm sorry to bother you with this and you don't have to make it public if you don't want to, but I'm in dire need of an artist taking commissions and I just can't find one. Would you happen to know any really amazing artists, maybe in the ACOTAR fandom who are taking commissions right now? Please and thank you, and have a lovely evening! P.S. YouxAzriel forever.

I actually have no idea of anyone taking commissions right now, I’m sorry :(

Friends! Help this anon out please, reply or reblog this with any info you might have!

(Also I love you for loving me and Azriel omg)

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When your favorite is problematic and no one will forgive his resting bitch face nor him chopping a person of but will forgive the one that killed said chopped person 😒

Yeah, I don’t understand why Annalise keeps holding the whole “chopping up my husband’s body” like she wasn’t the one who told Wes to convince them to dispose of the body. Connor didn’t actually kill anyone. And he was also ready to turn himself in with Michaela until Annalise stopped them. I blame the writing more than the characters. They just want the characters to be super dramatic in their reactions to things. They say pretty hurtful things to each other. 

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Noora's inner conflict: she deals with problems on her own and doesn't want or ask anyone's help. her season is about accepting that she can have friends who take care of her, that "people need people" and that it doesn't make her weak. she's a very lonely and "better off alone" person at the beginning of the season, she's not by the end

Anon, I can make out what was intended. But season two was not well done at all. Symptomized by how her sudden changes in behavior seem to come out of nowhere. And also, be kind to people shouldn’t translate into ‘don’t have any boundaries and accept anything’.

I’ve noticed how much Julie likes to set up her storylines – so she used season one to set up season two, her first story that she actually wanted to tell. But she actually did a much better job with season one, which she couldn’t set up beforehand, and that’s because Eva had a very clear inner conflict, and so she grew as a character.

I’m still disturbed by Noora apparently dropping out of school and I wonder if that’s ever going to get addressed.

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the best part about it is that an anon sent me that exact message and the person who sent it meant to say ‘onceler’ not ‘lorax’ but i feel like what they said was truly what was meant to be said

i wanted to see if anons, who send me hate, can send me messages again, if i blocked them (because it doesn’t show who u blocked if u block an anon.) so i sent myself a message, on and off anon & it worked for off anon, but i’m unable to send myself anonymous messages, so i’m blocking anons who send me hate from here on out, bc i want this to be a positive space.

hey guys just wanted to say thank you to everyone who sends me nice asks n stuff, but also to anyone with questions about me and/or the stuff I make, make sure you’ve checked my about page before asking. thanks!

sorry if I’ve ever left your ask unanswered, but I usually won’t answer a question multiple times, especially if it’s sent as anon. have a nice rest of your day everyone!

ohh GODd so many lisa asks. anon i can’t.

i also wanted to say sorry, i still haven’t replied to all of you who wrote me : c i’m the worst person i know, i try to get on it this week!

asks under the cut!

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Hey, Edy! I'm quite young, (under 16), but I really want to come out. My mom is a tiny bit homophobic, but I don't think my dad cares. My only problem is that because of this, I have no idea how they'll react. If I'm kicked out, (which I'm pretty sure I won't be), I have no money or anywhere to go. I just don't want to be shunned because of my sexuality, but I also want to be able to talk freely about who I like, like my straight sister. What should I do here? Much love from Mexico, xoxo

Obviously, I really have no clue about your parents, so I can only trust your words. If you’re read to come out, then you should. If you feel like it’s inside and you have to let it out to be in a healthier space with yourself, you should. I understand your concerns because despite always knowing that my parents would have never kicked me out or react badly to it, I only came out to my family last year and almost by accident. 

“A tiny bit homophobic” might change in time. Having someone so close to you not be straight often helps this view, because a huge part in homophobia / biphobia / transphobia etc is related to never having met / cared for someone who was any of those things. You’re not forced to see them as people, so it’s easier to endorse it.

If you feel like you want to wait a more stable situation and more options for yourself in case it went badly, then wait. It’s really person, based on how much you’re holding inside and if it’s too unhealthy for you to stand it anymore.


replied to your



I know the average IQ among Hoodies isn’t very…

Anon is a douchebag. I’m Swen and it’s obvious to me that OQ shippers ARE Evil Regals and definitely have a place at the OUAT table. ❤

Thanks, friend! This anon is just an ass. I love and appreciate all my swen pals, especially those who take the time to reach out.

I also want to take this moment to be real clear in case it is not clear to anyone who follows me – under no circumstances should this asshole anon’s behavior be attributed to any ship at large. I don’t know what they ship, if they ship, if they are pretending to ship, whatever. Assholes are assholes, that falls outside the purview of ships. And I might let this asshole keep dancing a bit, but I want to be clear that we’re all Evil Regals, we’re all Oncers, and the bad behavior of one person should not be allowed to taint the reputation of other kind, friendly, shippers, as I know sometimes happens when the antis get all feisty like this.

I have spent pretty much my whole time in this fandom intermingling across ships and one thing has become abundantly clear to me: Assholes are assholes first, shippers second or third or tenth, whatever. So while I give this asshole repeated viewings of Lana Parrilla telling them not to be an asshole, I want to make sure we keep in mind that they are an independent agent(s) not a representation of any group as a whole.


Based off @goldentruth813‘s post, have a bit of drarry love  (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧


i think we can safely assume that oikawa sings in the shower, but i’d like to think that whenever they shower together, he gets exceptionally into it, and while it starts out as a sweet serenade for iwaizumi, it quickly turns into him belting the song at the top of his lungs (and it usually ends in either a whack on the back of the head or a totally awesome make out session)

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