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Daddy looking for a little princess to take care of

Name: just Mr.O or Sir for now

Caregiver Name: Daddy/ Sir / Master

Age:25 ( this December)

About Yourself: I’ve been a dom for more than 4 years and a daddy for more than two , Im a teacher, i teach English.
I’ve been into bdsm almost my entire adult life. And now I’m looking for a submissive little to take care of! I like taking things slow , no getting sexual after 5 minutes, im looking for a real thing, anything sexual will happen when the time is right.

Hobbies/Interest: i love football ( or soccer ⚽️) huge fan! I play it , watch it , read about, support it !
Music is also a big part of my life !
Football & music helped me through some tough times
I also like To read things , trying to understand how the world works. I’m crazy about astronomy (space stars planets and of course aliens haha )

☾fav color: blue is my favorite.

☾fav tv shows/movies: i don’t have a favorite, i like “Friends” , but I also like a lot of other shows !

☾fav food: i don’t have a favorite food

☾activities: i play football ( or soccer ⚽️) and running!

Any Special Talent?: i don’t know.

Things You Enjoy Doing as a Caregiver: taking care of my little!

What Type of Caregiver are you?:strict, bossy , but only when needed! I’m usually playful and enjoy talking about different things!

My Main Rule Is: Always say “Please” & “thank you”

Partner Preference: i don’t have a preference, looks means nothing.

Partner Preference Age: +18

Partner Preference Role: little/ submissive/ pet

What do you look for in a Partner: respect, understanding, obedience

I like when my little does: ask for my permission before making any decision

I don’t like: one word replies ( yes , fine , ok , good… etc ) , lies .

What Do You Like To Call Your Little: little girl, babygirl, princess, cutebutt, cutie, little angel, little cupcake… etc

I’am Looking for a Sexual/Nonsexual/TBD relationship: sexual, but only when we’re both comfortable with it!

Best way to get touch with you is: kik @ 415am
Or here at Tumblr.