also flatters me


The only thing we need to worry about is the next minute. 

(4) Ignis’ pick-up lines

Ignis: The only way I like men is if they’re the only way I like my coffee. Strong
Ignis: *eye contact with Gladio*
Ignis: Very strong.
Ignis: *brings cup up to his mouth*
Ignis: Ridiculously strong.
Ignis: *sips from his cofffee never breaking eye contact*
Gladio: I’m not sure if this should flatter or scare me. 

It’s been a veeery long time since my last follow forever, and since I hit 3k (how) a couple of weeks ago, I decided to make a new one to celebrate the big milestone!
Thank you to all my followers for deciding to stick with me and my usual rants and emotional breakdowns over cs attempts at editing with photoshop, and to all the lovely people who constantly brighten my dash (and my life) with their awesomeness. You all are absolutely amazing ❤️ 
Under the cut’s a list of some of my favorite blogs that I think everyone should be following.

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I found your Recruiter AU and I really, really like it ^_^ I'd love to see more! Maybe some Maki content? Or Tenko? Also, will we be able to explore stuff about Kaede's group?

i got another ask about maki so i’ll post a comic on her on that ask!! but i wanted to address all parts of this ask, so i drew lil previews, if u will. the actual comics won’t be colored but u kno. sneak peaks.

i haven’t elaborated on kaede’s group yet, but i can tell u that kaede’s the only one who knows what saihara’s rlly up to. or rather, she understands him best, i suppose!! how? why?? i wonder~??

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hi do you have any achilles/patroclus fic recs?

oh gosh anon

ive read quite a few but ive only got three bookmarked lol (two are pretty long tho):

Not Homer’s Iliad: a high school au, i know, but i really liked the way it was done. the way that the trojan war takes place in a school setting is imaginative and cool and also this is super super long and literally full to the brim with achilles and patroclus pining over each other omgg

Half of Mine: eros and psyche au, beautifully written and idk, i just really like this one tbh

The Kiss that Launched a Single Love: au where patroclus is helen’s twin and he goes to troy with her (apparently i like aus idk). idk its long and made me feel the longing that achilles and patroclus must have felt for each other. i havent actually finished this one but what i have read ive really enjoyed so ??

anyway im probably not the best person to ask abt this; maybe ask @achilltatos or check out the tag on tumblr?? sorry :( 

So on Saturday, at our family reunion, I was drawing on paper, and I was drawing a self-insert related character next to Silas to show off their body type difference

but the thing is I was worried and thinking to myself “did I draw her squishy enough though? she doesn’t look like it” which, I’m sure fellow artists can relate to the problem of a character’s body type not coming through enough once you draw the clothes

so my cousin, who is also heavy like me, looks at my drawing and she goes “YES GIRL! KEEP DRAWING GIRLS LIKE THAT!!! WE NEED MORE OF EM THAT LOOK LIKE US!”

which… well, that answered my question :P

i went with sexy hawkeye as my costume. and so did at least half of the other avengers & shield agents. awkward

i told steve no photos so he drew a picture instead. asshole

I’m in the process of dying my hair silver/grey and for the third time today I had someone say, “you’re gonna look even MORE like Evan Peters!”

Apparently, ya’girl, has the exact same eyes (dark and sad looking lol), plus mouth! Now that I’m dying my hair silver imma look like Evan Peters but Quicksilver edition. So, I’m a girl version of Evan Peters! 👌why am I single? Clearly I’mma catch! - Rosalie 🌹

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Hi! I just wanted to say... have you ever thought of putting your theories on YouTube before? You're good at editing stuff, and you've got a sense of humour... and you've been in the fandom for WAY longer than MatPat! If that stuff goes up, Mat's going to have a DEATHLY competition problem on his hands. You and Night Mind are literally the two best I have seen in a long, long time. Why not try aiming for a bigger audience with your talent? Are you scared that people will steal your theories? :0

It’s definitely something I’ve thought about!

The big problem here is that I’m both a full time-college student and I work a part-time job, so I’m basically working anywhere from 50-55 hours per work and wedging time to theorize between all of that, and that’s on top of drawing fanart (I’ve been working on my contest submission for BATIM for over a month now), writing fanfics, making edits, etc. Video editing takes a hecking long time, and writing the theory/script is only step one. Heck, I don’t even have proper audio recording materials right now.

So it’s something I’m very interested in, but I can’t even really consider it until I’ve graduated next year. After that, we’ll see.


OH LOOK IT’S ME (͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

And then it was all of the Papyruses turn to get photographed, which included me, so I let the Asriel cosplayer who held the event to take photos for me <: wish they could had taken the photos from another angle but too late now!

also I find it so funny how there was just 1 regular Papyrus and 4 flippin 4 swap Papy’s xD like shouldn’t it been like the opposite?

and also…


The swap Papyrus to the right is me, the swap Papy next to me is my friend Valle who does not have a tumblr, the swap Pap who is next to the only UT Paps is @dyingstararch :D

If you see yourself in any of those photos and wants to be tagged, then feel free to message me <:

also I gave yet another child, think they were  a child at least, a lollipop here, one of the Temmies if I recall correctly hahaa I srs need to stop giving candy to random children ffs

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WAIT YOU TAKE WRITING REQUESTS ? if so could you do a kacchako married life with kids or pregnant ochako like i want a heartwarming katsuki fanfic pleaseeeee i would love it so much especially if you are the one who will write it really thank you so much for everything you do for this fandom , love you and looking forward for your respond have a nice day

Note: Hint of bakumomo brotp (thanks to blamedorange I can’t get it out of my head). Also comedic LOL You flatter me, anon! Your ask made me really happy. Enjoy the fic!! 

In which Bakugou gives her a surprise

               Her eyes skimmed over his credit card statement scrutinizing every letter and every number. While guiding with her finger, her brows scrunched together looking like she was solving the biggest puzzle of the century. What the heck did he buy at Future Electronics?

               “Katsuki,” Her eyes were still glued to the sheet, “Could you come over?”

               Bakugou grumbled a short ‘mm’ and slowly traipsed over. Watching as she lowered herself against the velvet cushion, her arms made way to rub her stomach in a round motion. She was due in 3 months and they both couldn’t be happier. The journey through motherhood was a difficult one; every morning she’d feel extra tired and she would have horrendous mood swings. Par for the course of being pregnant.

Fortunately, Bakugou was always there early from work. Given his amazing performance, his boss had no problems with him taking time off once in a while to take care of his wife. Yaoyorozu would visit a lot too and would constantly offer to buy baby clothes or any needed equipment that came to their mind. Bakugou once asked her to just create the items but Yaoyorozu, being righteous beyond words, would shake her head to refuse.

Appeasing Uraraka’s eye level, Bakugou knelt down beside her, a hand slowly stroking her voluminous hair.

“Why did you spend $120 dollars at Future Electronics?” She thrusted her lower lip forward looking as though she was expecting an elusive answer, “I don’t see any new electronics in the house.”

His lips curved into a small smile; toying with a brown tuff of hair on her head that was clearly out of place, he said “I got a baby monitor for the crib. The electric dolt was the one who recommended it ‘cas he’s using the same one with earphone tentacles.”

“Please call them by their actual names,” Uraraka commented. She’d been making progress trying to get Bakugou to act more civilized but seemed like Yaoyorozu was the only one who could give him etiquette lessons that he wouldn’t dare forget.

She turned her head over acutely; just enough to see his slightly pointed teeth. A blush grew on her unblemished cheeks as she recalled Ashido asking her if she ever found it hard to kiss him because of his badass demeanor. “Quite the contrary”, she remembered answering.

Shaking her head to pull herself away from her reverie, she found herself an inch away from his face.

“Jirou told me before her baby monitor was only 40 bucks,” she said, suspicious and she saw him dart his gaze away purposefully with a sigh.

“Fine, gimme a second.” He didn’t sound too compliant but he knew he couldn’t keep the surprise much longer. Standing up, he stuffed his hands in his pockets, head tilted high as he trekked up the stairs. Barely a minute after, he walked back down, head peering over the top of the cardboard box that he had enfolded in his muscular arms. The box he was holding sounded as if rocks were inside, rattling side by side.

With the heel of her palm, Uraraka pushed herself up but ceased halfway, halted by her husband.

“Don’t get up,” he called out, “I’ll bring it over. I was planning to surprise you.” He gave a pause, analyzing the wrinkles that appeared out of her confusion. True, he wasn’t the type to give surprises, usually. But marriage changes most people, right?

“I was reading an article in a magazine when I was waiting for your doctor the other day. About music and babies.”

He gradually lowered the box in front of the couch that was pretty much exclusive for her for the past half a year, “So apparently classical music makes babies smarter.”

He stuck his arm inside and retrieved a stack of CDs squeezed between his calloused fingers, “So hell with it, I got one of each CD on the shelf. You shoulda seen Kaminari’s face, he thought I was possessed.”

As he looked through the back description of each CD case one by one, Uraraka’s gaze fell on his gentle expression. If she were to tell people she wasn’t worried about being a mother, she would be outright lying. The thought of waking up every morning, caring for a new member of her family, let alone her own baby, was awfully daunting. Sometimes, when she was alone in the house after her husband left for work, she would curl up in an edge of a room and just sob, letting out all her stress. Whether it was purely out of nerves, or maybe the fluctuation of her hormones, she had yet to tell.

“I’m so happy,” she extended her arm over to squeeze his forearm, stopping him from studying the CDs, “You’re going to be a great dad.”

He knelt down again, “And you’re going to be a great mom.”

Maybe Yaoyorozu’s lectures on etiquette are working, Uraraka thought. Had it been 2 years ago, Bakugou would’ve swore up a storm. Both of them paused for a short while to grasp the moment with Uraraka still in awe of his compliment.

Bakugou cleared his throat, revelation arising like a light in the end of a tunnel, “Hey we gotta find the right name for our little troublemaker. We haven’t done that yet.”

She groaned, “Don’t call her a troublemaker please. I don’t want to jinx anything, which is a high possibility since she might take up after you.”

He let out a light chuckle and clicked his tongue, “If she looks like you, we’ll call her ‘Angel’.”

She smiled brightly at the cute suggestion but that was clearly the calm before the storm. His red eyes flashed ominously. She had been with him for too long to not know that something ridiculous was currently worming through his mind.

“If she looks like me…” his voice trailed off and he raised his arms in emphasis, “we’ll call her ‘King’!”

Uraraka jaw-dropped. Feeling an annoying twitch of a vein on her forehead, she buried her face in her palms and let out a frustrated yelp.

“Katsuki, would it kill you to let me feel sentimental longer for once?!”



- As stated in a previous submission, the human I describe is almost always immortal, with the exception of angst, by a blessing given to her at birth that saved her life. She’s still got all the human aspects, she just won’t age. With that info in hand, let’s get to the fun stuff.

- You, the human, come to Rivendell with Frodo. Your first glimpse of Glorfindel is through hooded eyes as Merry and Pippin keep you held up as best as they can while he scares off the black riders. You get a glimpse of this great blinding bright light and you hear the pained scream of the riders and the rushing water. You were injured in the fight against the riders just like Frodo.

- The next time you see him he’s carrying you through the woods and down the valley. You reach up and shakily touch his face with your non-injured hand.

- He looks down at you and tell you not to speak, you’re terribly injured and you mustn’t strain yourself. You tell him he’s beautiful and then promptly pass out in his arms. Smooth, right?

- Apparently so, because when you wake up not only are Merry and Pippin at your side but Glorfindel is at the foot of your bed, smiling down at you now that you’ve woken.

- ‘How long was I out?’ / ‘four years.’ / 'Master hobbit do not scare her, it has been but three days, my lady’

- He helps you stand, telling you not to strain yourself and to be careful several times. You lean heavily on his arm as he guides you towards the kitchen to get some food.

- You refuse to let anyone cook for you, you’ll make your own food, even if you’re on your death bed. All the women in your village know how to cook, and you like providing for yourself.

- You and Glorfindel eat sandwiches across from each other.

- 'I meant what I said, when you were carrying me. You really are beautiful’ / 'I- I thank you, my lady, you are also very beautiful’

- 'Don’t flatter me, Lord Glorfindel I haven’t done my hair in five days’ / 'I do not tell lies to anyone, my lady’

- (Cue the blush)

- He goes to Elrond for advice on how to court you. Everyone goes to Elrond for advice, he’s the elf with all the advice to give and all the facepalms to do.

- Elrond recommends a date, they do those in the villages of Men.

- Glorfindel takes you on a picnic. He even made sandwiches, they’re not that bad, but his skill is better in fighting massive balrogs than in making sandwiches.

- You talk about your home, about meeting Merry and Pippin, Frodo, and Sam on your journey to come to see Rivendell.

- He tells you about his recent trip to Lothlorien, about the Lady Galadriel and Lord Celeborn and of the trees and you stare in wonder at the sky as you lay on the grass, wishing to see the trees of Lothlorien before your journey’s end.

- There’s a second date, and a third, and then during the Council of Elrond you get the very undeniable feeling to stand up and pledge your sword to Frodo’s cause but you don’t because it would break your heart to leave Glorfindel behind.

- You have to see your friends off, knowing deep down they probably won’t be coming back.

- 'Don’t despair, my lovely hobbits, I’m always going to be with you, in your hearts. And I know that we will meet again, I saw it in a dream, there’s going to be cake’

- Just after they leave and they can’t see you anymore you start crying. They’re your friends, and now they’re heading towards death.

- Glorfindel pulls you into a hug, even though elves aren’t really the hugging type he feels the need to comfort you.

- 'They’re going to die’ / 'no, you will see them again’

- Rivendell stops feeling happy after that for a little while. Despite the music and the dancing and the food it just doesn’t feel right without your friends.

- Until Glorfindel takes you out again. It’s a bit colder now and this time it’s to a festival.

- He leads you with your arm in his, smiling down at you as you walk. It isn’t until the fireworks at night that you start to feel happier again.

- That night, as you walk home, you talk about how much you wanted to see Middle-Earth, all of it. And Glorfindel promises that once these dark times are over he will take you to see everything.

- He keeps his promise.

- About a year after the destruction of the ring he takes you to Lothlorien, you meet Treebeard, who tells you a story that takes hours to finish.

- You meet Galadriel and Celeborn who each tell you story after story about anything that comes to their minds. They tell you that you’ll always be welcome in Lorien as long as Glorfindel loves you.

- And then he takes you to Rohan, and you finally meet Éowyn, who Glorfindel talks to for nearly the whole day. He was the one who created the 'no man can kill him’ prophecy after all.

- And then you visit Legolas in Greenwood (previously Mirkwood), and King Thranduil talks to Glorfindel for a long while while you catch up with Legolas.

- You go to Dale, and you meet Bard and his children. You see the skeleton of Smaug in the lake and buy many fine pieces of jewelry from the merchants there.

- On your second night in Dale, Glorfindel proposes. When elves propose they give each other a silver ring and then get married a year later, so that’s what Glorfindel does.

- You cry, just a little.

- You visit The Shire to see your friends. Sam has two kids already, Merry and Pippin are still crazy rambunctious little rascals, and Frodo is writing his book. But they throw you an engagement party and Gandalf even comes.

- Every time you look at Glorfindel he’s smiling, and it makes you smile too.

- You get married in Rivendell, Elrond married the two of you.

- It’s perfect, he’s perfect, everything about the wedding is absolutely perfect.

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