also flatters me

i went with sexy hawkeye as my costume. and so did at least half of the other avengers & shield agents. awkward

i told steve no photos so he drew a picture instead. asshole

쩔어 (Dope) - Google Translate Ver.
Google Translate | BTS (방탄소년단)
쩔어 (Dope) - Google Translate Ver.

Google Translate singing Bangtan Boys’ “Dope”
inst cr: TJ KARAOKE

EDIT: oops

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im sorry to bring this here and u dont have to answer this but i was scrolling thru the tag for my favorite book (aristotle and dante discover the secrets of the universe) and this persn was like 'i read thsi book and it made me think of sh//th!!!' and its like how does a book about two teenaged mexican american boys falling in love remind you of your underage aged gap otp, shannon. how. How. agsdfg again sorry about this but i thought you'd understand my frustration the best



Anyways, I have adult responsibilities to take care of so I gotta dash. But! I super appreciate everyone’s love and support! This is a good time to remember that it’s always possible to turn negativity into positivity.

If anyone else gets that nasty message about me, I recommend just deleting it. I think it’s been made pretty clear that my friends stand by me and aren’t going to tolerate slander.

Have a great day/night everyone!

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youd live because a group of people would like you and you basically have a mini-entourage willing 2 defend you like some secret service type deal, get down mr president


Wait @project-beast isn’t this essentially the Princess Dani Protection Squad™-

would i survive / be a victim / be a killer in a danganronpa scenario + bonus if why

the server in this restaurant is clearly in his mid to late twenties and he asked for my number and for a moment I was like DO I? LOOK LIKE IM OLD ENOUGH and then I realized I do because I am. like im at a perfectly normal age to be hit on by anyone in their twenties. what the hell and fuck

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Help I have a huge (platonic) crush on you! What do?

O shit!! Platonic crushes are a lot easier to deal with than like, romantic ones. If you want, you can message me! I’m a pretty fucked up person and sometimes have trouble communicating but I love making friends! What kind of platonic crush is it?

Also I’m hella flattered omg

And if we’ve already talked before, and you’re willing, you can just tell me! I don’t mind!

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So, uh. I have a league OC that I've been working on for a while and have actually added an awful lot of detail to them. I was thinking of bringing them to tumblr to rp and interact with people but first i wanted to ask you how your experience with rping an OC on tumblr has been because, well. I'm just a little bit terrified of it being a bad experience.

At first it was pretty scary, I was super intimidated, because I was new to tumblr, and rping outside my friend groups. I also used to be very self conscious about my lore-building, and about my ocs and character design.

As I got around, and put myself out there it got better. I’ve made a ton of friends here, and I get a lot of positive reactions with my oc. However, I had to accept that while yes, a lot of people liked my character, some people wont. And even if I got negative comments, I never once have allowed that to deter me.

I’ve actually gotten a lot out of this community, my writing has improved, my drawing has really improved, and I feel like I’ve become much better at design and concepts.

Tips for new oc’s coming into the light?

A lot of it depends more on you, and less on the community itself really. Like, yes, this community( and others )seems to be a little bias with OC’s sometimes, but a lot of your experience will depend on how you treat yourself, and your interactions. Be confident, be patient, take your time, and ease yourself into it. If you don’t get a lot of attention at first, don’t let it bother you. Just focus on putting yourself out there more, and don’t be afraid to. 

A positive outlook, will promote a positive experience.

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✨ When I first met you Haruhi Suzumiya. You were headstrong, confident, and ready to take on the world and you didnt let things like negativity or common sense get in your way. Now I think of you more as Sailor Jupiter, rambunctious at times but with a soft core who would punt someone to the moon for their friends

I… I feel like you just handed me a scary accurate horoscope, but the predictions are all anime. You have stared into my soul, and from toe to tip it’s all anime wow. I am aghast. 

Also the number of times I’ve legitimately stated I would punt something to the moon… I might have to dial that down, if that’s such a prominent part of how I present myself to the world. 

That or I need to stop encountering things and people I want to punt to the moon.

How I Started Becoming a Polyglot

I finished my freshman year of university about a month and a half ago, and at an end of the year dinner with one of my clubs, the officers gave out these superlatives to different members, based on certain traits. One of mine was “Best Dressed”, which I’m flattered by, but the more important one in this story is “Most Likely to Speak Your Mother Tongue Better Than You Do”. This also flattered me, because I don’t consider my abilities to be particularly great, especially considering that my grandfather (peace be upon him in death and the next life) spoke eight different languages, including several Indian languages, German, and Japanese!

This brought me back to when I first began my journey into language learning, when my dad sent me a video of Timothy Doner speaking 20 languages, one of which was Hindi. 8th grade me immediately began to criticize him for his pronunciation, when I couldn’t even speak my mother tongue, Kannada, much less Hindi. I was angry that a foreigner spoke an Indian language significantly better than I did, in addition to several other languages. I’d barely begun learning Spanish, and yet, I was determined to get ahead. I began to learn Spanish as quickly as I could, reading ahead, learning tenses, and trying to prove that I was better at Spanish than most other kids (aside from the natives, of course). 

It was also that summer that I began my earnest efforts in learning Kannada (or perhaps it was re-learning). Years of shame over my incompetence and inability to talk to my grandparents and many relatives had created a troubled relationship between me and my heritage. I decided that I was done being incomplete. That I wanted my life back, instead of wallowing in my self-pity for how poorly I did in most subjects. Language learning put me back on the path to academic excellence and also inspired confidence in something that I actually liked to do.

Today, I found myself in the middle of writing my Hindi textbook (which will hopefully be done soon!), reminiscing on how I got here. Hindi was the very language that had sparked my passion for languages, and here I was, writing a book for others to learn from. I know and fully acknowledge that my momentary envy of Timothy Doner was what put me on this journey. Envy in general isn’t the right emotion to have for this kind of thing, but it got me here, and now I have nothing but the deepest respect for him and his achievements. Being a polyglot isn’t a competition, but a shared experience. There’s frustration and despair, but also joy and relief. Always remember why you started, because what you learn from it, makes you stronger and better for it.

Okay, looking at the lolilo tag in the aftermath of AFTERMATH, a lot of people seem to be thinking of Balthazar as like perfect or not having any flaws but… i disagree. a lot.

I think the responsibility that Balth feels for peter is a Major Flaw. That is not healthy. that is so not how to have a friendship. ultimately Peter is responsible for himself, and while it’s okay to care about friends, it’s really not a good thing that Balth feels guilty about and personally responsible for Peter.

Let’s also not forget that Balth is non-confrontational to a fault and doesn’t sit down and talk things out and actually address problems.

Now this is not me hating on Balth at all, I love him as a character and I think he’s a very interesting character, but he’s certainly Not Perfect. In fact, one might argue that the point of LLL is that Nobody is Perfect.

I know that people often fall into dichotomous thinking that there is “Good” and “Bad” characters, or people, or whatever. But I’d like to encourage people to consider that stories, the world, characters, other people, etc. are a lot more complex than just “Good” or “Bad”.

As always, all dichotomies are false dichotomies. Putting someone (even a character) on a pedestal is one of the worst things you can do to them because they will inevitably fail to live to your expectations of them.