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Fitz complimenting Jemma - a progression

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Hellooooooo Dr. Fitz

Iain’s a really good singer, who plays Fitz. He’ll never admit it, but I’ve heard him humming before.
—  Chloe Bennet, Entertainment Tonight

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I want everyone to call him Leopold. Pretentiously.

omg that would be amazing. like legitimately would make my year.

like just imagine real jemma going up to fitz and being like

“fitz, thank god i found you”

“fitz is my father. it’s leo”

*cue jemma’s like super shocked/offended/surprised face*

“okay, leopold”

okay but also it would make total sense for him to be called leo in this world if he’s going to be with his dad. like his dad might be called fitz, so he would have to go my leo. why must my jokes end up being meta like why

I’d just like to say that I feel very personally vindicated by how the episode resolved the AIDA thing. I have been arguing that Fitz’s curiosity about AIDA was only to figure out what went wrong. I was worried for some time that he really did think that the Darkhold “magically” changed AIDA. So, I was particularly pleased to note that he was actually following the rational track and assuming that they had been betrayed by Radcliffe. Which led them to apprehend him.

In other words, I am very grateful that AoS, once again, showed us a complicated issue between Fitz and Jemma where they were both right and wrong. And resolved it in a way that showed us that sometimes you’re going to be on different sides of issues, you’ll both have ground to stand on, and both make mistakes. 

But, at the end of the day, you love each other and you will work through it. And it’s ok to disagree and mess up. It doesn’t make your relationship any less valid or good.