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A little something I painted to use as the sidebar for my new blog @shallureith. Prints have also been added to my Society6 shop. The PSD of this picture will also be up for Patreon subscribers, consider checking my page up!

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God, way to go Justin, making me cry with only one word

I finally caught up on episode 68 of The Adventure Zone while drawing this and just :’^) I’m glad I finally joined in on this wonderful journey and I’m just so amazed with the story the Mcelroys have woven together. Can’t wait for the finale, I’m so happy that I managed to catch up before it ends..!

Also please click full view on the gif or open it in new tab, it looks like garbage on dashboard

Kubo confirming Victuuri are not engaged to be married

Interview translation:

“What Yuuri bought is pair rings. When I looked it up I found out that buying a pair was cheaper (LOL), and I also thought that if they were going to wear something matching this would be good. There are actually many real skaters who wear accessories as “omamori”, protective charms. More importantly, Yuuri has been giving Victor fresh surprises until now, and I wanted him to get a new item, a weapon to fight in the final match. When I suggested the rings to the director she was like “Yes, that!!” (LOL). We were like, “yeah, a cornered athlete would do something like that!” More than implicating something like a wedding, it’s similar to members of the same circle deciding to have a matching item”

she literally says it doesnt imply a wedding but rather they’re “protective charms” that members of the same group can have, like a team accessory. 

Yeah so tell me again how anyone can be so blind as to not see that victuuri are so canon because they’re “literally engaged” 

EDIT: I am NOT saying that victuuri cant be real but that the marriage narrative is invalid going by this interview. 

Clonepocalypse 2k17

Alright kids listen up, since this is the last season of Orphan Black let’s bring back an old tradition; the clonepocalypse!

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What’s that?

Well my friend, on the day of the premier (June 10th) we all change our URL’s to a clone name (saving our original ones of course) and act as that clone for the day or just post funny orphan black jokes. I couldn’t find examples but you can search ‘clonepocalypse’ and it might come up with the posts from years ago.URL’s can be anything from sarahmanning989 to ferdinand123 so long as it relates to orphan black then its all cool


It’s loads of fun, just following anyone and everyone who has a clone or other character as their url. It allows people to follow each other no matter how many followers they have because we’re all just here showing our love for our show. It also creates hype for the upcoming season and since it’s the fifth and final trip, why not get pumped up about it.

What kind of stuff should I post?

Anything!! That cophine fan fic you’ve been working on ,the manip you’ve created but never got around to posting, some classic orphan black memes! And as it is the final trip let’s try something new: You could write a thank you note to the cast/crew/clone club in general to show how much the show has meant to you and tag it as #ThankYouOB . (I actually want you guy’s opinion on this because idk if it should be before the final season or at the end, send me an ask with your opinion)

Alright I’m in, when does the clonepocalypse start?

As clone club spreads all over the world it’s hard to set an exact time, so as soon as your clock hits 12 midnight on 10th June 2017 you can get the party started! 

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What should I tag the posts as?

Because not everyone has solely orphan black blogs following them, we will be using the tag clonepocalypse or clonepocalypse2k17. This will also help us find new friends on the day and get in touch with each other

But what if I don’t want to join in?

That’s totally fine my friend! 

So that’s the general idea of the event. I just thought it would be nice to connect with each other one last time and celebrate our beloved show! Happy season 5!

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New to spirituality? tips for beginners!

Hi guys! People have asked me how to get into spirituality. I must admit it took me a while to finally write this post and answer the question. Spirituality is such a big term & people practice their way to connecting to something higher (or to themselves) in very different ways. It’s a personal journey, I must admit :-) However, i also had to start somewhere to be in a place where i can understand these “spiritual” terms and concepts that i now use, so i thought i would give it a try and come up with some tips and advice for anyone who’s interested or for anyone who would want to start a spiritual path! 💖 

  1. Following your inner guidance: Your inner guidance (or intuition) will always guide you and lead you where you need to go. It will provide you with answers and inspiration, you just need to listen to it :-) If a book will serve you, your intuition will probably speak and tell you. Read this post I wrote about intuition for more info! 
  2. Spending time by yourself: In my opinion, connecting to yourself is one of the most important step there is to start. by spending time alone, I don’t mean to never go out haha. What i mean is to get to know your own energy. I always mention this but in today’s world there’s too many voices and opinions! It’s important to reconnect to the deeper parts of yourself. You can do this by journaling & by…
  3. Meditating: Meditation will enable you to get in touch with that higher part of yourself, to your intuition and to your heart. Meditate everyday for at least 5-10 mins and trust me, you will see your mood and life change for the better <3 (New to meditation? Here’s a video that will help you)
  4. Researching, learning, studying: There’s tons of books out there that will help you. Self help, self growth and spiritual books will introduce you to new ideas and concepts. /Here’s a book masterlist/ by @indigoschool. Choose the one that interests you the most! Follow your curiosity, it will guide you :-) /Here are my favorite youtube channels on youtube/ (some of them are self growth channels and others more spiritual, subscribe to the ones you like the most!) /Koi Fresco/ on youtube has lots of videos that will probably help you a lot as well! Follow people on tumblr who inspire you. Important tip: While learning is fun and helpful, also remember to connect to yourself. Many answers you seek are inside, listen to your inner guidance! 
  5. Keeping an open mind but trusting your truth: You don’t have to agree with everyone & that’s ok and normal. Not everything will resonate as true. When i don’t believe in something i kind of put the idea in the back of my mind as “maybe.. or maybe not”. I had to experience many things before believing in them haha. 
  6. Try new things!: Interested in crystals? Buy some! Interested in yoga? try it! Don’t be afraid to be a beginner, start new habits, follow your curiosity. 
  7. Taking care of yourself: So, how did I learn about all of these new concepts? Because the way i was living wasn’t serving me anymore! I was feeling depressed and i knew i could be happier. So i started meditating, eating healthy and reading self help books. When i started taking care of myself, many things in my life shifted, without even knowing… i was getting into spirituality. This is honestly the best tip out there, to take care of yourself. What brings you joy will lead you to where you need to go. Follow your passions & curiosity & let go of everything that does not serve you anymore (including toxic friendships or habits). 
  8. Be patient: It’s a journey, be patient with yourself!

This is all i have for now :-) Hope these tips help you. If you have any question, feel free to ask!

Much love,


Pages || Peter Parker AU

Prompt - Peter is a nerdy, awkward employee at the local bookstore and Y/N is the regular customer who comes back every week for a new book, and finally Peter musters up the courage to talk to her. 

Warning - none. 

A/N: alright so this is going to be a little short but I just wanted to post something. Also I’ve been getting a lot of comments about the first AU that I did, the one with the Teen!Avengers, and apparently you guys really liked it and you’d like another part. If you want me to write another part, comment on the fic or send me a message saying what you’d like to happen in that fic. Thanks <<3

not my gif. credit to whoever made it. 

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Peter loved books. He always has. They’ve always been sort of a passion of his ever since he was a kid, he didn’t have many friends, so he found everloving comfort in literature. To him, books would never hurt him, books would never lie to him, and they always made him feel better when he was sad. They were the perfect friends. 

He was glad that once he was old enough his Aunt May finally let him work in the family bookstore, he was more than ecstatic. Aunt May had never let him work in the bookstore before because she felt he was too young, but now he was sixteen and according to Aunt May, it was old enough. 

He had now been working at the bookstore for two years, and couldn’t be happier. 

Y/N was different. Not only did she love to read and absorb all the knowledge around her, she loved to communicate with others as a way of expanding her understanding of things. She was an outgoing and extroverted person, one of the things Peter liked most about her. 

Every week, she would walk into the bookstore with a joyous smile on her face as she breathed in the scent of the books that waited to be read by her bright eyes. Peter tried to not to stare at her as he watched her pick out some books but he couldn’t help himself. 

She was so beautiful.

But today…today was different. 

Today he was going to ask her something more than, ‘did you find what you were looking for?’, he was going to tell her something other than ‘we have a new shipment of books’ or ‘have a nice day.’

Today was the day. 

He had been preparing for this day for weeks, planning his words specifically around things she might say. He spent hours practicing in the mirror before coming to work, Aunt May thought it was rather cute. 

He wore his best sweater, a navy blue one that May gave him for Christmas, he refrained from gelling his hair back like he usually did and let it sit on his head in its natural brown curly state. He was nervous but couldn’t hide his excitement.

May had told him that there would be some new books for him to stack on the shelves today, he didn’t want to but he did it anyway. 

Y/N walked down the street with a gentle skip in her step, she had just walked out of her favorite bakery with her daily steaming cup of coffee and her favorite banana muffin that the baker, Bucky, makes specially for her. 

She takes a bite from her muffin and washes it down with a soothing sip of coffee, she looks up from her snack and smiles at some people that she knows. Everyone in the small town knew her, and they all loved her. 

She wraps her muffin in some napkins and places it in her bag as she sees the bookstore come into view. She takes one more sip of her coffee before crossing the street to the bookstore. 

The bell above the door rings signaling that someone had just walked in, Peter’s head perked up at the sound. He peeked his head out from behind one of the shelves and saw Y/N make her way through the aisles of books. Peter’s heart jumped at the sight of the girl and tightly clutched a book in his hands in nervousness. The strong scent of coffee invaded his nostrils, the smell came from Y/N. She always walked in with a cup of coffee. 

Y/N walked quietly as her fingers traced the spines of the carefully placed books, causing some dust to float in the room. Her eyes reading over the titles of the books, as she took a few sips from her coffee here and there. Peter, who was silently watching Y/N, smiled as he walked over pushing the cart of books in front of him. 

He had never been so nervous before, but you couldn’t blame the poor boy. Y/N was the most beautiful girl he had ever seen, not to mention the fact that they had never really talked before. Aside from the things he was supposed to say to her and Y/N asking for some good recommendations from Peter. This would always fluster Peter, making his cheeks flush a rosey pink.

Y/N would always notice his blush, it would make her smile and give a light giggle as Peter smiled awkwardly, scratching at the back of his neck. She thought it was cute.

She thought he was cute.   

Most of the time it took Y/N a while to find a book but today she found exactly what she was looking for in a matter of minutes. Thanks to Peter who had strategically placed books that he knows she would like in places where he knows she always looked first. 

Peter leaves the cart of books and hurries to the front counter, as to not keep Y/N waiting. 

Aside from the cup of coffee in her left hand, she now had two books in her right hand that she tucked neatly under her arm to keep from falling. She padded over to the counter and saw Peter there waiting for her trying to seem inconspicuous. She softly giggled to herself at the cute boy and walked over to him. Peter saw her and with a nervous grin removed his fist from under his chin. 

She set her coffee down on the counter before handing Peter the books. “Hey, Peter,” she greeted, a wave of warmth enveloped Peter when he heard her say his name. 

It sounded so much better coming from her. 

“D-Did you find what you were looking for?” He asked looking at the girl as he rung up her books, she smiled genuinely. 

“I did. I always do, thanks to you,” she says knowing her words would fluster him.

A red tint creeped up on his cheeks, he looked back down at the books afraid to make eye contact with her. He placed her books in a bag and told her the price, she reached into her pocket and took out the exact change. She held out her hand for him to take the money, he outstretches his arm but his hand shook with nerves. He was too nervous around her. 

The ends of her perfect lips curl up in a smile and a melodic giggle leaves her mouth, she gently takes Peter’s shaking hand and places the money in his palm for him to take. Peter glanced from his hand and up at her eyes, her beautiful bright eyes, before clearing his throat and handing her the bag. 

Come on. Do it, Peter!’ He wills to himself.

But before he could say anything, the silence was broken by her voice. 

“Peter, would you like to go out with me sometime?”

He was speechless. 

He wanted to pinch himself. Surely, it was a dream in which the girl of his dreams asks him out instead. He couldn’t think of a single thing to say, never did he think that she would ever feel the same way and she probably doesn’t, but he’ll take what he can get. 

“I’m sorry, what?” His fingers nervously tug at the end of his navy sweater as he looked at her and tried to see if she was playing a joke on him. 

But, she wasn’t. She actually genuinely liked Peter Parker. She liked his silky brown hair that would fall over his eyes if he didn’t brush it back, she liked the cute knitted sweaters that he wore, and she absolutely loved the way he would smile whenever he’d see her. She was always dumbfounded by how adorably cute he was. 

“I’m asking you out, Peter.”

It finally clicked in his head. 

Oh, god. I’m supposed to say something,’ he thinks.

“Um, y-yeah, I’d love to…g-go out with you,” he stumbles over his words, his hand scratching at the back of his neck nervously. 

Y/N smiles warmly once he’s agreed to go out with her. 


She grabs her coffee and tightens her hand around her the bag of books as she turns to walk out of the store. Once she’s reached the door, she turns back to a flustered Peter.

“Bye, Peter.” He waves back at her and she walks out. 

Once she’s out of sight he throws his hands up in the air in happiness and jumps around the empty store in joy. 




A/N: fuck I didn’t know how to end it so I just left it there, my bad. Sorry for not posting in awhile, writer’s block is a pain in the ass. Please read the A/N at the top. Thanks <<3

It’s when they get back to his loft that Magnus can actually start to take notice of the ripe feelings rolling off of Alec. It’s was different when they were around the others; masked by the mixed emotions flowing from the downworlders and shadowhunters alike. But now, as Alec speeds into the en-suite bathroom, a small pit in Magnus’ stomach starts to form.

He’s never brought it up to Alec, this way that he can just sense emotions sometimes. It’s not a big deal, doesn’t affect Magnus in any way, and it only shows up if the feelings are particularly strong. That’s why it’s worrying, the way Alec is projecting. Small amounts of relief and guilt hidden under a mountain of self-loathing, so strong it almost knocks the breath out of Magnus.

So, he follows his boyfriend through the bedroom, stepping into the bathroom gingerly. Alec is leaning over the sink, splashing his face with the flowing water. Magnus can see the muscles underneath Alec’s black t-shirt, jacket discarded somewhere along the path to the bathroom, tensed like a bullet ready to fire under his clothes. Alec steals a glance at Magnus, turning his head slightly, leaning against the sink so his eyes are almost completely covered by his messy hair. It makes Magnus’ heart jump up to his throat, this familiar feeling of new love.

“Alexander,” he breathes softly, taking a small step towards Alec. His boyfriend looks skittish, curling his shoulders inward and tucking his chin against his chest. Magnus flinches as a pulse of guilt washes over him, the emotion seeming to flow from his shadowhunter, and he breathes out shakily.

He finally reaches Alec’s side, sliding a tentative hand up his arched back. Alec trembles with it, letting out a forced breath that sounds like it hurts his throat. When Magnus’ hand reaches Alec’s shoulder blade, he slips it down his arm, gripping onto Alec’s bicep lightly. He follows easily, when Magnus tugs gently at his arm, falling into Magnus’ embrace.

Magnus holds him up easily, stroking Alec’s dark hair as his boyfriend buries his head into Magnus’ neck, gripping the back of his shirt. They stay like that for a while, Alec seeking comfort as Magnus slowly rocks them side to side. It’s a hard silence, because Magnus just wants to give and give and give until Alec is happy and they don’t have to ever worry about something like this happening again, but Magnus also knows that that is not how this works. How they work.

“I’m sorry,” Alec finally gasps into his neck, breaking the silence, his tears dampening the collar of Magnus’ shirt. He can hear the unsaid words, the you could’ve died and I wasn’t there and I love you, and Magnus just pulls Alec tighter into his chest.

prequel | sequel 



Hey guys! sry for not posting so much ;/
My family and I finally found a dog we want to adopt.. and now we have to prepare everything c: Also school has started again and a lot of exams are on the way ^^

I really wanted to draw something small today c: so I decided to redraw a picture I’ve found on google to practice my new style a bit c; I hope you like it <3 I also want to draw john soon ;w;   

*Update*  Here’s the John Watson I promised :D I hope you like it <3

As a little girl, Lily had never particularly liked her name for three very important reasons.
For one, the idea of everyone in the family being named after flowers, while seemingly a good one from the outside, got a little boring when she had to write out Christmas letters to Aunt Daisy, cousin Daisy, and second cousin once removed Daisy; or when someone yelled Rose at a party and four women answered.
Secondly, Lily didn’t even particularly like lilies. Her favorite flowers were sunflowers, thank you very much, and when boys tried to flirt with her by giving her lilies she usually just got annoyed.
Lastly, and most importantly, lilies were a funeral flower, and Lily Evans was anything but a funeral. Lily Evans was, as a matter of fact, brimming over with life.
In her third year Lily sat next to Sirius Black in Charms, as he had to be separated from his mates due to misbehavior and Flitwick thought she would be a good influence, and during class she learned three very important things about him.
Firstly, he wasn’t as bad as Severus made him out to be, and neither were his friends, as long as they were away from Severus. Often times she could depend on them to make her laugh after a long day, and also hanging about Sirius and his mates enabled her to team up with Peter Pettigrew at cards and trick James Potter out of his “vastly over the top riches”, as Remus Lupin liked to call them.
Secondly, he was immensely posh, and also a pureblood, both of which Lily had known before but never really realized the consequences of, and also was most assuredly not, and so the two of them spent particularly boring classes swapping stories about their upbringings, which culminated in Lily giving Sirius several toy cars for his birthday, which he Charmed to drive through the air and deliver messages to and fro in the Gryffindor common room and dorms.
Lastly, and most importantly, his family also named children according to a theme, in his case stars, and so he partially understood the absurdity of it all. The two took to calling each other by different names every time they saw each other, to the rest of the school’s bemusement, Lily’s favorite for Sirius being Adhara, as it meant virgin and so made Sirius mad, and Sirius’ being mushroom, for no particular reason other than when he called Lily it she would clench her jaw every time without fail and he thought it was hilarious.
In her fifth year Lily did patrols with Remus Lupin, as they were the two fifth year Gryffindor prefects, and also friends, and so she learned three very important things about him.
Firstly, he wasn’t as prim as Sirius made him out to be, and the two spent many happy hours cursing anything that was troubling them while on their patrols, including but not limited to extra long essays, strange chocolate shortages (because Peter kept stealing it) and Sirius’ tendency to wear Lily’s socks, because the two were the same foot size and he insisted her socks were the best for flying in.
Secondly, he was absolute disaster, for all he appeared to be neat and clean, and as Lily was near disaster levels as well, they both had to accept James fussing over them as much as he was allowed, especially the time they came back from patrols with a total of one broken nose, three black eyes, six bruised ribs and two senses of extreme cockiness because they had actually won the fight, no matter their injuries.
Lastly, and most importantly, he was a werewolf, but that wasn’t the really important part. The really important part was that his mates had become illegal Animagus in order to help him, which not only helped their nicknames to actually make some fucking sense, it was also very fucking amazing and gave Lily a new respect for the four boys and their oddly codependent friendship.
In her seventh year Lily dated James, as always had rather liked him, and his head had deflated quite a bit, and in the process she learned three very important things about him.
Firstly, he liked to give her lavish bouquets, but fortunately was a very good listener and so remembered the time she had complained about boys giving her lilys all the time. Instead, James gave her roses on Valentine’s Day, poinsettias and mistletoe on Christmas, violets and buttercups when she was feeling down, and sunflowers for her birthday.
Secondly, he was horrible at understanding the value of money and how to save, as he really was disgustingly rich and didn’t have to. Lily ended up with quite a few beautiful necklaces she didn’t know what to do with until she finally cracked and told James that if he had to buy her something, it may as well be something she needed, and that he could go shopping for clothes with her the next time they went into the village.
Lastly, and most importantly, he loved her quite a lot. Enough, actually, to propose to her, and also to agree to name all their daughters after flowers, because even though Lily hated her name, she intended to pass on the tradition, and James didn’t really care what the kids were named as long as he had enough to put together a full Quidditch team.
In her last year Lily raised her son, as she loved him with all her heart and was in hiding to protect him, and learned three very important things about herself.
Firstly, she was restless in the house they were hiding in, and actually couldn’t stand being inactive. She started brewing potions for the Order with all her spare time, and would send them to Dumbledore every time someone visited.
Secondly, she really did enjoy being a mother, and dreamed of seeing her Harry going off to school to get up to his own mischief, and although she still thought an entire Quidditch team was a rather tall order for children, she would quite like a few more.
Lastly, and most importantly, her name may have been an omen from the start. Because Lily Evans was full of life, but she died too soon, all for the love of her son and her fieriness in standing up for what she believed in.

Hey babes! Here’s some new writing (finally lol) and also the reason I was on the star name wiki earlier this week! I’m not sure about the format of this tbh but I felt like I needed to get something out cause I’ve been bored with myself frankly. AP tests and finals are coming up quick so don’t expect anything new too soon but I do have a couple things in the works and I’m hoping to get one of my classic bullet point posts done before I go on vacation in June. Ty for reading!


Title: Just the Three of Us (Part 17.)

CHAPTER TITLE: We Need to Talk

Part 1. - Part 2.  - Part 3. - Part 4. - Part 5. - Part 6. - Part 7. - Part 8. - Part 9. - Part 10. - Part 11. - Part 12. - Part 13. - Part 14. - Part 15. - Part 16.

Character(s): Negan x Reader x Simon (post-apocalypse)
After witnessing Negan’s brutal attack, you keep your distance from both men until they decide that they need to talk to you and admit something very important. 
Word Count: 3,383
Warning: SMUT!!! (voyeurism)
Author’s Note: Yessss. I am all for make-up, slow sex in stories especially with these two! Anyway, I did a time jump simply because I think the Reader needed to just gather her thoughts. Aside from that, it finally happened!! I wonder when the Reader will admit it too? Hm… Enjoy! :-) Also, thanks to RoxtheRoxie on AO3 for suggesting the new route I will be taking that will involve tons of angst! :-)

(GIF Source: @jeffrey-daddy-morgan​ || @stevenblogg​)

You couldn’t sleep for the past few days since Negan attacked the group that you familiarized yourself with the other night. The sounds of his bat connecting with the skulls of the two victims were implanted in your mind as if it wanted you to remember.

Since the incident, you kept your distance with both men. You had bumped into them on occasion, but you simply nodded and continued walking. You couldn’t look at either Simon or Negan due to the looks on their faces from the previous night. They had turned into ruthless monsters, but deep down, you knew it was simply a façade they both had to keep to make sure the Sanctuary was running smoothly.

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Alone, Until I Get Home (1/?)

Summary: In Boston, Henry Swan’s six-year-old brother Ian finds a book titled “Once Upon a Time” hidden beneath the seat in their mom’s old yellow bug. As soon as Henry touches it, he remembers.

Season 3 Canon Divergence-Emma finds out she’s pregnant a few weeks after she and Henry leave Storybrooke with new memories and new lives. Nearly seven years later, another Dark Curse puts her family in danger, and Emma must return to Storybrooke to help them.

Who’s powerful enough to cast the Dark Curse? And how the hell is she going to tell Hook they have a son together?

A/N: You don’t have to have read “I belong to you, you belong to me” to understand and/or enjoy this one, but this is basically a “what if Emma had gotten pregnant with Ian right after Neverland instead of in Camelot” sort of scenario, with a shit ton of other stuff (angst! adventure! fluff! confused pirate dad Killian!) thrown in.

I hope you’re ready for this new adventure because I AM REALLY FUCKING EXCITED!!!!!!!

Thank you to @losttalongthewayy for all your help editing and for listening to all my worries concerning this fic; you’re incredible!!!

Also posted on: AO3

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screencap/icon coloring tutorial

this is waaaaay long overdue, but i hope this helps someone and if you have questions feel free to ask me here

you’ll need to have some knowledge of the tools in Ps, but if you’re a beginner i tried to make this simple enough that you can understand, too :)

i’m going to walk you through how i colored this cap (and how i make icons from a screencap like this):

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Remember this post (the shitty Snapchat picture that got 150 notes for some reason???)?
Well I finally pulled the QR from my SD Card! So here’s the super cute donut/doughnut pattern I made!
I made it to use on the cushion item, but it also looks cute on the alpine panel! If you use it, please credit me. If you also find something it looks good on aside from the aforementioned items, let me know! 
I’ll happily do recolours of this! Just ask!

1$ traditional doodles! Need 100 of um.

Hey so I finally got my computer up and running but guess what! My monitor died, and I have no money or a backup that isn’t also dead.

So if you can spare a dollar or two, please PM me and I’ll draw you something! Or I have a donate link in my description!

I’ll post examples as I make and get them over on my art blog @daxdraggon

Please spread this around as much as you can! Thank you~

EDIT: No longer taking these. I’ve come down with a bad fever and I’m just too tired. I’m gonna be getting a new monitor on the 19th, and until then my dad’s loaned me his. (it’s terrible and hurts my eyes lmao wtf, how can a monitor be this bright) SO I’ll be back to work on actual commissions. YAAAY. 

Utakata Hanabi

SasuSaku Month 2017

Day 1 : First Love


So I just realized that though I have read hundreds of fanfiction, I haven’t actually written one for this OTP of mine. This is my first SS fanfic, and also my first entry to SS month. I hope I still have some dignity left after this :) 

This story’s been stuck in my head for a while, and it’s nice that I’ve finally written the words down. So… here it is.

It’s also posted at FF :D 


Uchiha Sasuke started to regret why he said yes to his teammates’ invitation to dinner until Yamanaka Ino did something that made him think otherwise.

After team 7’s mission that day – a day before the summer festival, both Naruto and Sakura urged him to join with the rest of their age group to dinner at a new restaurant. He insisted on staying home, but he couldn’t say no to pleading eyes greener than the fields in spring. Thus, he found himself surrounded with his peers.  

“Come on, forehead! Sing for us!” Ino shouted from the karaoke machine and pointed at Sakura using the mic.

Sasuke looked at the woman beside him whose cheeks burned bright red. “W-What are you talking about Ino?!”

“Sakura-chan can sing?” Naruto pondered out loud. Everyone turned to the pink-haired kunoichi, who started sinking in her seat – all the while glaring at her best friend. Right then and there she wished that the ground would just swallow her whole.

Ino smiled deviously. “Have you guys watched the movie Utakata Hanabi?”

“It was that super popular movie back then, right?” Tenten answered.

Kiba added, “That movie was sappy, but still good though. Heard it made millions.”

“Why haven’t I watched it then?” Naruto demanded. Hinata gave him a timid smile before answering. “It was back when you left the village to train with Jiraiya-sama, Naruto-kun.”

“And you guys know of its theme song, right?” As soon as Ino said those words, Sakura bolted from her seat and tried to cover her mouth. But her dear best friend quickly released the secret before she could kill her.

“It was sung by a singer named Cherry. That Cherry is actually Sakura!”

“Ino!” Sakura screamed while the blonde just gave her a peace sign. When she turned around to look at her friends, all of them looked at her with eyes wide.


“Why didn’t you tell us, Sakura-chan?” Naruto wailed.

“I think she wants to keep it a secret, Naruto. Though it is obviously not a secret anymore,” Shino responded.

“How troublesome, Ino.” Shikamaru remarked.

“Ne,” Chouji ate some barbecue before continuing, “I think you owe Sakura big time, Ino.”

“It is time to let your youthfulness show, Sakura-san! Sing for us!” Lee exclaimed with his usual passionate voice.

“Don’t humiliate yourself,” Sai stated while giving her a smile.

“Sakura! Sakura! Sakura!” All of them started to chant. Her eyes wandered to Sasuke, who kept silent throughout the entire time of her ordeal. He returned the gesture, and for a few precious seconds their eyes meet once again. Sasuke gave her a nod – and it was enough for the butterflies in her stomach to take flight.

With a defeated sigh, she grabbed the mic form Ino. “Fine. Let’s just get this over with.”

Ino immediately punched the numbers in, before Sakura could change her mind. As the opening notes started, everyone kept quiet, eager to listen. She could feel a certain pair of onyx orbs watching her, and a small smile formed on her lips.

I was thinking of him back then when I sang this. I guess it’s time to sing it in front of you, Sasuke-kun.

With a quick release of breath, Sakura started to sing her heart out.

Afureru hito de nigiwau hachigatsu matsu no omatsuri
Yukata wo kite geta mo haite
Karan koron oto wo tateru
Fui ni agatta hanabi wo futari de miageta toki
Muchuu de miteru kimi no kao wo
Sotto nusumi mita no

Kimi no koto kirai ni naretara ii no ni
Kyou mitai na hi ni wa kitto
Mata omoidashite shimau yo

Konna kimochi shiranakya yokatta
Mou nidoto aeru koto mo nai no ni
Aitai… Aitainda
Ima demo omou kimi ga ita ano natsu no hi wo

To say that Sasuke was surprised is an understatement, but he didn’t let it show. Sakura usually just hummed while they were waiting for Naruto and Kakashi back in their genin days. He didn’t know about this talent of hers, but he was pleased.

Sukoshi tsukarete futari michibata ni koshikake tara
Tooku kikoeru ohayashi no ne hyururira nari hibiku
Yozora ni saita ookina ookina nishiki kamuro
Mou sukoshi de natsu ga owaru
Futto setsunaku naru…

Sakasama no haato ga uchi agatteta
Ahaha tte warai atte
Suki da yo tte kisu wo shita

Mou wasureyou kimi no koto zenbu
Konna ni mo kanashikute
Doushite deatte shimattandarou
Me wo tojireba
Ima mo kimi ga soko ni iru you de

Sakura remembered the time when the producer of the movie offered her to sing the main song of his movie. He heard her sing while she was helping out in the hospital and she immediately refused. The song was beautiful, but it reminded her of her beloved Sasuke.

But he intended to help with the finances of the hospital if she said yes. With a little push from Tsunade, Shizune, and Ino – she finally gave in.

Amai toiki binetsu wo
Obiru watashi wa kimi ni koishita
Sono koe ni
Ah… Sono hitomi ni kizukeba toki wa
Sugi satteku no ni
Mada kimi no omokage wo sagashite

Once more, her eyes locked with Sasuke’s. Can you feel it, Sasuke-kun? I sang this for you, Sakura thought. She closed her eyes as she sang the last chorus, still very much aware of his stare.

Hitorikiri de miageru hanabi ni
Kokoro ga chikuri to shita
Mou sugu sugi no kisetsu ga
Yatte kuru yo
Kimi to miteta utakata hanabi
Ima demo omou
Ano natsu no hi wo

When Sakura opened her eyes, she saw everyone looking at her. Naruto with his mouth hanging open, Ino smiling like the little devil that she is, while Sasuke… she didn’t know what was in his thoughts now.

“That was great, Sakura-chan! Like a real idol!” Naruto proclaimed, giving her a thumbs-up sign. Everyone started to clap, and she felt the blush forming. When she glanced at Sasuke, her heart leaped when she saw the smallest of smiles from him. One that somewhat showed that he was proud of her.

She had little time to dwell in her happiness, for Ino immediately requested another song. She thanked her lucky stars when a ninja suddenly appeared, requesting her presence in the hospital immediately. She ran off, somewhat thankful she dodged another round of singing and probably loads of questions.

But then she remembered that they were all going to the festival together tomorrow night.


The emergency lasted until morning, and she immediately went home to replenish her chakra levels. Sakura woke up from her sleep in the late afternoon, feeling well-rested. After taking a bath, she made tea and started reading the reports of her trainees in the hospital.

Her doorbell rang, and as she approached the door, she felt his chakra.


He looked elegant in his kimono, Sakura mused. When he just gave her a look, alarms went off in her head.

The festival!

“Uwaah Sasuke-kun gomenasai! I’ll get ready quickly!” She let him in before dashing to her room.

After a few minutes, Haruno Mebuki came to visit her in her apartment. Sakura was grateful for her mother’s great timing. With her help, she was able to get everything done early.  She and Sasuke left and headed to the festival grounds together.

“I’m sorry again for making you wait, Sasuke-kun. The festival just slipped from my mind!”

The Uchiha nodded. “You were tired. It’s okay, Sakura.”

She just gave him a teasing smile. “It sucks that you lost the bet against Naruto, huh? Now you have to attend the festival with him and the rest of us.”


When they came to the meeting place, not one of their friends were there.

“I think they left us because of my lateness,” Sakura sulked.

“Tch. That dobe.”

She turned towards him, a bit bashful. “Since we’re already here, let’s just enjoy the festival, Sasuke-kun!”

He found himself lost in her eyes once again. It’s becoming a common occurrence, now that he thought about it. Though he had the chance to leave, something inside him pushed him to say “Okay.”

When she gave him one of her brightest smiles, he felt like the luckiest man alive.


Surprisingly, they didn’t bump into Naruto and the others throughout the night. None of them minded though – both much content of each other’s warm presence. When it was time for the fireworks, they found a spot to stay for a while.

While waiting for the display of lights, Sasuke found himself blurting out, “You have a beautiful voice, Sakura.”

Her face turned as red as her kimono at his compliment. “T-Thanks, Sasuke-kun. I guess my secret is not a secret anymore, huh?”

“Why did you keep it, then?”

She looked up towards the night sky. “I just thought that it was unnecessary?”

A few moments of silence passed, when Sasuke surprisingly broke it. “Back in the academy, I heard a girl singing in the fields… picking flowers. The wind blew some of those flowers away, and I helped her get it.”

Sakura’s eyes went wide. That… that was the first time they talked.

The time when she started to love him.

“That memory… just came to my mind when you sang. Then I remembered… she was you.”

The first fireworks brightened up the night sky, but the two Konoha shinobi didn’t notice. They were busy looking into each other’s eyes once again. Sakura can’t believe it; he actually remembered the memory closest to her heart. She recalled that after that sweet encounter, she immediately ran off to find Ino and the other kids.

Listen up, everyone! I’m in love! Who do you think it is?

Her eyes started to glaze over. Whether it was from happiness or shock, she couldn’t tell.

Sasuke was reminded once again of Sakura’s love for him. He still found it surreal, though. How could someone still love him after all those years? After all he’s done? But Sakura’s love just shone like a beacon of light through it all – guiding him. Slowly, he reached out to hold her hand. “Sakura… arigatou.”

He couldn’t say the three words yet, but he hoped Sakura understands. She did though, ever since.

Uchiha Sasuke will always be Haruno Sakura’s first love. And she is certain it is the kind of love that will never waver despite all the circumstances. It’s a love that will bind them together – their red string of fate. Sasuke couldn’t be more thankful to have that kind of love. He knew that in this lifetime or the next… or even in another dimension, it will always be her for him. He will always be for her. 

The fireworks in the sky continued to shine, but it goes away as quickly as it came. The fireworks couldn’t represent their love. Their’s is more of a small, steady flame. 

Gaining strength, staying strong, one that will grow into something bigger.

Their love will continue to shine, always and forever.

anonymous asked:

I wish you would write a fic where Gladio go to a library and fall in love with the girl that works there

Your wish is now coming true, dear Anon! <3 Gonna write this one for you and @nifwrites because she’s had a rough couple of days and needs some cheer-up fluff! <3 Also, please forgive me for the cringe-worthy title xD I HAD AN IDEA AND ROLLED WITH IT ALRIGHT? HAHA :D Also, introducing my unconventional librarian OC- Zara Agnitio <3

Tagging some pals: @blindbae, @nifwrites, @cupnoodle-queen, @itshaejinju, @lady-asuka, @hypaalicious, @alicemoonwonderland, @xalexanderxkozachenkox and @fieryfantasy <3 :D


Between the Lines (Gladiolus x Fem!OC SFW)

Gladiolus had a strange love for books. He liked the musky smell of old books, and he liked the satisfying feeling of flipping the pages of a book- reading the numerous lines of content until the pages were finally exhausted.

Books were like a whole new world to Gladio. A small microcosm of something that had once only solely existed in the writer’s mind. The young Shield thought books to be extremely intimate in that sense, and treated each book he came across with the utmost respect. After all, Gladio was under the strong impression that writers poured their souls into their literary creations.

So naturally, Gladio’s favourite place to go to during his down time was indeed the Royal Insomnian Library. Initially, he’d gone for the books. Truly… it had been all about getting his hands on as many action and adventure novels as he could (Iris called him a ‘big nerd’ every time he announced his trips to the library)- until one day, Gladio ran into the beginning of his very own special love story.

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Well I’ve been wanting to draw inked!Q for a while now! And here you have it… in combination with my first (long overdue) 00Q kiss! \o/ I tried a bit of a new style - using something more brushy than pencilly to do my rough lines. Thanks very much to @ao3-brihna for helping me finalize the tattoo ideas! :) Oh, and I remember that a few others also suggested circuitry, in response to this ooooold question post I made… so a super belated thanks to you all as well! Hope everyone enjoys my continuing downward spiral into this fandom… 

(My Art /// My Ben Whishaw Art) *Please don’t repost(?) or use elsewhere without my permission, and don’t delete my captions, thanks.

i wanted to do something to celebrate a new follower milestone and also the fact that summer has finally arrived and so!!!!! BLOG OF THE MONTH.
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Blindspot 2x19 post-ep fic, “Uninterrupted”

Well, I blame all of you for this. 

And also Jeller. I definitely blame Jeller. 



They didn’t find their answers in round three.

Patterson was all for trying their luck on a fourth or even fifth, her face flushed and her voice rising higher with every insistent claim of her complete sobriety, her expression turning indignant as she fervently rattled off complex mathematic formulae that none of them had ever even heard of– which might have made for a reasonable argument, if only she hadn’t been swaying slightly and slurring half of her words. 

Jane herself was still nursing her third drink; despite the nervous dryness of her mouth, she was hesitant to take more than the occasional tiny sip, her head already spinning from far more than just alcohol. Even just having him beside her was enough to wreak havoc on her concentration, her nerves buzzing, her heart stumbling stupidly every time their eyes met.

Not to mention the most distracting part of all; the fact that his leg was right now pressed warmly against hers, his foot having shifted subtly just moments after Patterson and Zapata had returned to the table, joining them from the knee down, their own secret connection. 

She’d never imagined that something so simple could drive her so crazy.

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