also female problems

reminder that male aligned/female aligned doesn’t mean “basically male” or “basically female”

it just means that that persons gender identity might lean closer to male or female, but it doesn’t erase the fact that they are nonbinary

nonbinary people are nonbinary, and if their gender leans closer to a binary gender that doesnt make them said binary gender

okay okay so in class we’re watching the feminist frequency video about sexualized NPC characters in video games and she uses mass effect as a way to show that even if you play as femshep things like getting a dance from Asari hookers still happen and like, I get her point, right? But at the same time, there are so many mentions in the game about how the Asari are actively working to remove this stereotype from their people and the men who objectify them are vilified? Also, not to mention that while the Asari have this stereotype in-universe, no one uses this against them when they are not in sex work positions. 

you can’t use ME as an example for these things because some aspects of ME actually exist to subvert these tropes. If you want to rat on ME for sexist tropes, even oversexualization of NPCs and characters (let’s be real here: every shot of Miranda exists to be a shot of her ass, and don’t get me started on Jack’s outfits) there are actually a ton, but the Asari hookers are a horrible example to use because they’re supposed to highlight the problems of the male gaze in universe. That’s my opinion, anyways. 

(it should also be mentioned that the Asari hooker dances do absolutely nothing to give you benefits, unlike other games that impose the “background characters for sex” trope or whatever she calls it)

The Problematic Elements within DC's New Female Lead Titles

With all the talk recently and all the misunderstandings on the topic, I went ahead and made this thing its own post in order to sort of lay out what people are finding problematic with the new female lead titles that DC is turning out. On the one hand, DC now has several female lead titles, which hey, awesome idea! But on the other, there is a very disturbing, and even insulting, trend forming in which these titles consistently strip these characters of any form of their previous personalities in order to cash in on making them ‘hip, fun, and trendy~’. Instead of giving us good solid female lead titles with the characters we love, we’re being given wacky basis with a one note tone.

No one’s going to pretend that Pre-52 was perfect when it came to feminist representation, but the problem is that with the complete remaking of the continuity and characters in the N52, new problematic elements have been implemented on an industrial scale. It’s important to acknowledge that this isn’t some singular writer who is taking on a different interpretation/exploring a new aspect of female characters. No this is completely remaking a character and stripping them of all previous qualities while still giving them the same name.  Understand that the problem people are having isn’t that there’s a comic that has a college girl having a one night stand and taking selfies, or that there’s a naive sweet girl leading a title, or even that there’s a female lead character in a rock band. The problem is that the person taking selfies is Barbara Gordon. The problem is that the girl crying because a random old lady died and being cutesy and air headed is Starfire. The problem isn’t that there’s a ‘badass rock girl’ who’s in a band and runs into trouble it’s that the problem is that the 'I don’t work as a hero’ rock girl is THE FUCKING BLACK CANARY.

It would be one thing if these were new titles with new characters. But instead of creating new characters to give these titles to, they’re taking AWAY aspects of pre-existing female characters to MAKE them fit a mold to cash in on a gimmick. Which is where the problem is. It’s not interpreting or exploring a character, it’s blatantly taking existing characters and making them OOC. Could you imagine Barbara Gordon taking selfies as Batgirl and making an Instigram account? Could you imagine the powerful but kind warrior Starfire crying at the drop of a hat? Could you imagine Dinah leaving behind the hero life to be a rock singer? No. 

So that’s the first problem: They’re taking great female characters that do have consistency and are throwing their characterization out the window.

The second problem is that these are alright ideas, but DC is blatantly refusing to make new characters to fill these roles. They have the chance to and instead they butcher pre-existing characters to keep from having to add to their female line up.

There’s also a third problem: If these titles existed as single entities that would be one thing. The problem is that they form a pattern. Right now most of the N52 is based off of gimmicks (which is a problem on its own) but there’s something to notice. All of these 'female lead-hip’ titles are very flouncy, pretty, and fun~ . Now look at most of the male lead titles. They’re dark, they’re gritty, and they’re serious. By themselves these titles aren’t problematic, but as a pattern they are. It’s a bit like the Black Widow movie sketch. DC is going ’We know what girls like’ and are dumbing down and infantilizing their female characters because obviously ‘HIP AND FUN!’ is the only thing that attracts female readers. We don’t want well rounded titles and more serious characters. We can’t possibly want that. That’s why Grayson is currently a disaster as well, it’s marketed towards females. Let me put it this way: Compare the tone of Son of Batman (starring a 10/11 year old) to the tone of Starfire or Black Canary (full grown kickass women one of which is supposed to be ON PAR with Batman as a martial artist). It’s fine that fun titles exist and that they star female characters. It’s a problem that that seems to be all the female lead/fan base titles are allowed to do.

There are many different ways for something to be falsely feminist. The fact that these aren’t new characters, that it makes no sense and butchers characterization of existing female characters, and the fact that it’s a trend are the main problems. This isn’t a feminist approach, and I do personally feel insulted on both the behalf of the characters and as a female who enjoys comics.

Some things to note however: I don’t know the Wonder Woman or Batwoman titles. I have heard both good and bad things about them, but I have no idea personally, so I am excluding them from this list. I’m also excluding them because they’re not really among DC’s newer line up, and they are not what DC’s currently pushing.

The only other female lead title I can think of is Gotham Academy, and it seems to be the exception. It’s lead by young girls and seems to have a broad base. And that’s great! Do you know what’s even better? They created characters to fit this title. They didn’t de-age other characters and then rework their personality to be whatever they wanted. They gave us new female characters. The title is cute, but its tone isn’t derogatory and it has a good base.  

We’re well aware that characters go through different incarnations. But with the N52 it’s as if the personalities of the old characters are totally gone over half the time (and then when they appear they largely don’t make sense). The good news though is that we still have other titles, such as Injustice or Earth 2 in order to try and hold onto some form of the old characters in current media. And even better, Convergence (despite what Didio originally said) opened up all time lines to have stories done once more.

I would recommend that people try to support these other outlets honestly, ones that don’t forget previous characterization and are breaking the mold that DC’s new titles seem to be trying to shove female fans into. However, please understand, no one is going to tell you not to pick up these titles. We can’t. As xcrownling mentioned once, it’s a double edged sword. If people don’t buy the comics DC may say ‘well we don’t have a female fan base therefore we don’t need to worry about female lead titles’. But if people do buy the comics then DC can say ‘Look! This is what they want, so we can just keep giving them the same flouncy fun stuff!’. So whether or not you support these issues financially is entirely up to you. And hell, you can enjoy them! Like I said, as ideas and if they weren’t part of this trend, these aren’t bad concepts. But we are asking that even if you like them, you please acknowledge the problematic areas as well.

So the problem is that among many of the new female lead titles they are stripping characters of previous characterization and infantilizing them, they’re denying us any new characters who would better fit these ideas, and they are creating a trend in which females can only like a certain kind of comic/character. A good example of how to get around this would be something like Gotham Academy, or to go and read something like Injustice or Earth 2. With all of that said, I think it’s important that until these issues within the female lead titles are fixed that we are willing to point out the sexist overtones within the industry in order to ask for better representation.

There’s a tension inherent in writing queer narratives in fiction, which is that:

1) Queer lives, especially trans queer lives and Black queer lives and others that desperately need to be written and read, often ARE tragic. That’s often still the reality. If you ignore this reality in your fiction, you risk coming across as naive or ignorant.

2) Tragic queer narratives have historically been the only ones available in literature, and that’s also a problem. Queer female characters in particular have been killed off at the end of stories to make all the love and sex and eroticism that came before more “acceptable” to the public. When we only see our stories presented as ending in death or madness or (in the BEST case scenario) heartbreak, we start to believe that that’s all we can ever expect.

That’s why I love science fiction and fantasy for this, by the way. In a different universe, we can separate queerness from tragedy with our disbelief still suspended.

(In Jacqueline Carey’s Kushiel series, decades of political events are irrevocably shaped by the romance between two men and the unstoppable sexual tension between two women, and a kinky sub literally saves the world because of her kinky subness. Not gonna lie, that feels better than yet another story about a teenage lesbian getting bullied or a gay man whose parents disown him.)

anonymous asked:

So part of problem with bronies because they oversexualize the ponies?(which I findcreepy also)because I remember when I use to watch Naruto and women would be drawing sexual relations between Naruto and Sasuke even though theyre twelve. Isn't that wrong to? Should we complain about them to and get those picture down from the internet? Sorry still learning enlgish, I try hard to understand your point

The problem with Bronies ISN’T that they draw smut.
Every fandom does this. Every single one.
And that’s not to say that every fandom is automatically excused from their past wrongdoings simply because Bronies are suddenly now getting more attention with the documentary being out on Netflix and Molestia getting taken down.

Superwholockians have outright stalked cast and crew members. Homestucks have harassed and attacked congoers. And countless of fandoms have had huge fights simply because you don’t ship certain characters.

ALL fandoms have these problems. There are some fandom specific problems but most of these things are surprisingly commonplace.

That being said, because the pone fandom is a huge part of what I do and those I interact with, it’s hard to NOT know what is going on and actively react to it. Can I speak for something like the racism in the Nightvale fandom or the sexism in the Walking Dead fandom? No. I’m aware that yes they’re a thing, but that’s about all I can comment on since I’m not as involved in them as MLP.

But along with that, and most importantly,

NarutoxSasuke was fucking everywhere back in 2008. That’s fine, to each their own, but it was equally a problem when hardcore yaoi was hard to miss and when the ship was everywhere at conventions. It was also a problem when female fans would joke about Itachi raping Sasuke.
That shit was getting called out but this is LiveJournal days so the large super problematic aspects eventually dwindled. Oh, they’re still there, but they’re no longer the main aspect of the fandom.

Unlike MLP today.

Ya see, it’s not that porn exists, it’s that there is SOOOO SO SO SO MUCH of it and that MOST of it is untagged, unflagged. Ad super easy to find. The most popular pony ask blog was a NSFW blog centered around molestation. Out of the 10 most “camed on” characters, MLP takes up half the list.
It’s like if the MLP fandom were a country and its main export was porn. It’s that big and it is everywhere.
Again, it’s not that it exists, it’s just that it is the most dominant aspect of a fandom centered around a show meant for little girls. Even more problematic is that A LOT of the work features non-consensual sexual acts.

And that by itself raises a lot of red flags about the fandom.