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My beautiful babies ❤️

(Georgiana is the white one, Daisy is brown and black, Mabel is the cream one you see briefly, Daphne is the black one, and Phoebe is the tan one)

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Hoppe ni Himawari (Sunflowers on your Cheeks) by Mita Ori

Its the love story between two high school students Yoneda and Arai. It’s sweet, fluffy, easy going, and has no unnecessary sexualization. Both are friends and admire each other. Mutual pinning heck yea baby 


-Features a wonderful chubby boy as main interest (hello new son)

-His chubbyness, girly-ishness is never seen as a bad thing (or a fetish), rather as something arai likes about him 

-yonechan talks about his insecurities being chubby and thinking he’d never find love,  but now that he’s found it he’s happy exploring these new feelings

-”But we’re both boys” is never an issue between them, when Yoneda feels he might be a replacement for a girl Arai makes it clear he is not

-Yone chan has a brief moment of maybe i should diet, but then reconsiders

-When asked if he wants to be fat all his life he answers “That would be fine”

- His bae’s like i love u just the way u are 

-There’s a ghost who’s a ghost supposedly bc he’s never touched boobs lmao

-This adorably buffy guy

-This is the most hardcore thing happening , bc mind u they’re teens 

imma spoil u a lil, it has a happy ending 



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Timedog makes it all the way to the barrier, and Flowey comes to some uncomfortable but much-needed realizations about himself.

Also featuring BABY GOAT PRINCES

More will be coming along in the future!

–Dogs of Future Past–


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Four Days

This is an extra one from my fic writing madness that I mentioned in my Magnette’s Musings post.

(For Shulienne feels - )

Note to self:  Do not write fics very late and night when you can’t sleep and have to be up for work in the morning!

This may not the fic you were expecting…

but I hope you like it and I’d be very interested to know what you think.

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anonymous asked:

I need more wlw tv and movies and just general gayness. Suggestions?

I’m not sure how much I can help with this since I don’t watch a lot of TV and you’ve probably seen most of the things I’m about to rec but here are all the shows I watch/have watched with wlw in them:

• Carmilla (obviously, that’s probably what you follow me for in the first place)
• Legend of Korra - Mostly subtext until the end but still very enjoyable even if you don’t focus on Korrasami
• Supergirl - Sanvers. Need I say more?
• One Day At A Time - Features an adorable feminist baby gay. Also this is a great show for many reasons other that, you should check it out for sure!
• San Junipero - Season 3 Episode 4 of Black mirror, but you don’t need to watch the other episodes to watch this once since each one is their own independent story. If you like wlw, 80s, and sci-fi, this is the story for you!
• Orphan Black - It’s not really the main focus of the show since there are so many clones and so many things going on at once but Cosima and Delphine are adorable and I love them
• Orange Is The New Black - So gay
• Wynona Earp - Haven’t seen it yet but people keep telling me I’d like it
• Carol - Gorgeous movie. 50s gays. Cate Blanchett and Rooney Mara. Definitely watch it if you haven’t yet
• Imagine Me And You - Super cute movie about a woman who falls in love with the florist at her wedding
• But I’m A Cheerleader - Movie about a girl who basically goes to conversion camp (but it’s a comedy). Plus it stars Natasha Lyonne a.k.a. Nicky from OITNB
• Life Is Strange - This is actually a video game but you have the option to make it gay (or not, that’s the fun of the game). It’s an intriguing game with a beautiful story but deals with a lot of heavy stuff so read the content warnings before playing
• Ummm yeah that’s all I can think of right now but if anyone else has recommendations please add to this post!!

Ryan Murphy’s new anthology- ‘Feud: Bette & Joan’- will debut on March 5th. Susan Sarandon is playing Bette Davis, Jessica Lange is playing Joan Crawford, and the story focuses on their rivalry while filming ‘Whatever Happened to Baby Jane?’. It also features Jessica’s fellow ‘American Horror Story’ veterans Kathy Bates and Sarah Paulson, plus Catherine Zeta-Jones and Alfred Molina. Advance word on this show is positive. It will air on FX, just like AHS and ACS.

Is it just me, or was the movie Logan basically like a really good fanfic?

I mean I know it was officially a Marvel property, but it just reminded me a lot of some of the really good fanfic I’ve read.  Ones where they’re not interested in the superhero doing superhero shit so much as they are in them just being people.  Specifically, the ones where they explore the hero in old age or past their prime.  I read a couple of “Peggy Carter in her old age” fics that had an energy like that, where the dementia is setting in a bit but you can still see the badass under there.  

Also, fics that redeem a character who is borderline evil or good but just disillusioned, through their relationship with a child.  Also, fics that feature an adorable little murder baby who really needs love and they bond with their murder parent and rescue each other.  (I may have written a couple of these).

Here’s to superhero movies giving time to the humanity of their superhumans.  <3

Friendly reminder that UNIQ aren’t dead. And they are certainly not in some basement or dungeon kicking pebbles. Actually, they are working very hard in China. They are more popular in China than Korea so yeah in part that’s a reason why there hasn’t been really a Korean come back since 2015. Yet the guys are working really hard.

They had their Japanese debut late last year with the Japanese version of Falling in Love. And their first song + MV of 2017 was Happy New Year (China).

And let’s not forget Seungyoun (Luizy) was representing himself + UNIQ when he went on SMTM5. Good things, great things came out as a result such as his collab with Flowsik (which was also Seungyoun’s first solo sinlge).  Also putting out a mini album that also included the song, Baby Ride featuring Hyungsik (BTOB).

Yibo : has been doing incredible things as well. He has done acting in dramas like, Love Actually, A Chinese Space Odyssey 3 , and MBA Partners. And he will be in movie alongside Lay and Krystal called, Unexpected Love (which is apparently a main role).

Wenhan : was an MC for for a sport variety program called, The Players. He also is in a drama called, Hot Blood Academy and he is going to be in web drama called, Life Risking Romance.

Yixuan:  has done some acting too in dramas like, Female President and Time City. He started filming for the Chinese lanuage franchise of Step Up (he will be in Step Up 6) and started filiming for The Legend of the Jade Sword.

Annnnnd our lovely leader for Korea, Sungjoo is so awesome. He has done numerous of acting in Chinese dramas such as, Youth Over Flowers, Mighty Time Travelers. AND he is gonna be representing to in Korea for himself and UNIQ in his first Korean drama, The Liar and His Lover.

UNIQ are my loves ~ I am happy for what they are doing. Although, it’s been since 2015 since they released something in Korea, I believe they will come back some day. And for them to have debuted in 2015 and already done acting, variety shows, photoshoots, and more is so admiring. I love UNIQ always and more.

because who doesn’t love Kid!Tracy family holiday snaps feat. sleepy babies, aka my currect shameless obsession.

also featuring: ideal age gaps!! Scott is 14, John 10, Virgil 7, Gordon is 3 and Alan is only a year into the world bless him.

jungianca6  asked:

Adding the fact that Armin could have another hairstyle makes what you said more interesting! The fact that everyone are older jsut gives me even more hype to the future chapters lmao


you know out of the shiganshina trio, Armin is the one I’m excited most to see!
like.. excited but also stressed and anxious

probably because of his baby features, I feel like those years will have the biggest change on him!
so I’m torn, because I’ve always adored the idea and art of older Armin, but also love him as a cute baby 😭

which-witch-is-witch  asked:

Who are your oc's?? Tell me about them

Well, my main OC is Nima, (my oldest Kainora baby), but I’d say the main cast are: My kainora babies, Nima, Rama and Taani. Danuma (Dan) from the Northern Water Tribe who basically is a bounty hunter when we meet him in Sea of Chains. I haven’t introduced him yet, but Malakai, his best friend.

My Makorra babies are Tikaani (Malakai’s lady love), my younger Makorra baby (and if you’ve ever read The Book of War, she’s going to be a main character there too), in the anchorverse, she’s also Pirate of the Wujin Sea. Nuka’s my older makorra baby. He’s also featured in The Book of War.

I have like 6 Bopal babies, but my mains ones are Suna (the oldest), Jun Toph and Naoka (Rama’s best friend). 

Honestly, there’s a lot to say about them. Anything specific? (I can tell you more things about my Makorra and Kainora babies esp. Actually I’ve had them for years at this point).

This deserves endless likes and notes. I’ve finally had the guts to post and type Jack’s story. This story is what actually happened to him, and Jack claimed it all in a Atlanta Magazine he was featured in. It’s also known that, this poor baby collapsed onto the floor and wasn’t breathing before he got to hospital. I’m very proud of Jack and how far he has gotten, considering that back when that happened he was trying to reach his dream career. And if the doctors didn’t risk his life, he wouldn’t even be here til this day! And his whole dream career about being famous would be vanished. Even though, he is fine and healthy now. I still pray for him and even whisper to myself every night, hoping that Jack is alright. Because you’ll never know, that it could happen again even if he already survived it. Just to be sure that, Jack was really, really close to death and is one of the luckiest people to survive lung collapsing. I know somebody, who died from lung collapsing because they was unable to save her life. Let’s raise awareness and share Jack’s story, for those who suffered and suffocated to this worse experience of their lives! So, I’m praying and thinking of Little Jack, and hoping that nothing like this happens to him again.❤️