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“How did something so small defeat the Blight?”

“Sometimes little people can do big things.”

Shinsou Hitoshi WIP(?) // BNHA

This is part of a larger sketch that I may or may not finish. Probably not. I kind of liked the way Hitoshi’s hair was turning out, so here’s just his part of the drawing. He’s leaning on Bakugou because I like the thought of them somehow ending up friends. I feel like Hitoshi wouldn’t be afraid to return Katsuki’s sass, lol. I cropped out like 3 other people in the foreground because they weren’t colored…

A Wild Night in Vegas -- Part 19

I can’t believe how quickly @outlandishchridhe and I got this chapter written. We sat down for a few hours and BOOM! Chapter 19 was born! This is a major set up chapter that will lead into some really amazing things we’ve got planned for the future. So stay tuned!

Also, Ish is IN LOVE with all the little baby things Fergus does, so I added as many as I could just to make her squeak.

Check out chapter 18.3 HERE or the whole fic on AO3 HERE

Waving at his wife and son, Jamie left for work. His day went smoothly, though his mind wandered to Murtagh. He hadn’t seen or spoken to his godfather since the showdown with Claire. When lunch rolled around, Jamie took the time to call Murtagh.

“Fraser,” came the gruff voice on the other end of the line.

“Murtagh, it’s Jamie.”

“Took yer sweet time callin’ me back,” the other man muttered.

Jamie sighed and got his thoughts in order.

“I have some things I need to say to ye and I need for ye to listen. Can ye do that? Wi’out interrupting?”

“Aye,” Murtagh said. “I can.”

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My beautiful babies ❤️

(Georgiana is the white one, Daisy is brown and black, Mabel is the cream one you see briefly, Daphne is the black one, and Phoebe is the tan one)

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There’s a theory going around that Mr. Kubdel (Alix’s dad) is Hawkmoth, and Gabriel Agreste is a red herring to lead us off the path.  My husband has a theory that Hawkmoth is neither and it’s actually Gabriel’s secret twin brother that will show up to throw EVERYone off.  I’m sick on the couch, so I thought I’d binge a few episodes and see if this idea has any merit.  I’m not going to state the obvious stuff pointing to Gabriel as Hawkmoth (his safe full of Miracu-crap, his interest in LB’s and CN’s Miraculous in the Jackady episode, the ENTIRETY of the Jackady episode, etc.).  Just some new observations.  Here we go!

The first question is “how does Hawkmoth keep his Miraculous hidden?”.  We know that the butterfly Miraculous is a brooch, which could explain either of these fashion choices:

(Even though Gabriel should know that stripes are SO last season.)

Neither of them are ever seen without their neck wear (and Mr. Kubdel’s is even purple).

There is also the question of Hawky’s baby blues and chiseled features, which both candidates have.  However, look at their noses:

It’s kind of hard to see here, but both Gabriel and Hawkmoth have similar noses.  Mr. Kubdel’s, however, is slightly hooked at the end.  Unless he’s squishing the tip of his nose into that mask, it doesn’t match.

Now, let’s look at the theory that Hawkmoth’s observatory is somewhere in Gabriel’s office.  I mentioned in a previous post that my husband thought the entrance was either behind the painting of his wife or somewhere close by.  It would explain why he’s in his office in both the Jackady and Christmas episodes right before we see Hawkmoth.  Ironically, he also caused both of those akumas personally.  Hmmm….

In Jackady, he’s looking RIGHT AT THE PAINTING before Hawkmoth appears.

We’re led to believe Chat Noir had reminded him of “someone he knew” (aka, his wife) and that this is his first suspicion his son is running around Paris in a leather cat suit.  But, what if he’s about to go transform?  Then, there is the little matter of Hawkmoth telling the akuma in the very next scene NOT to go after Gabriel.  And once Gabriel’s dad-napped, Hawks doesn’t appear in the rest of the episode.  Convenient.

So, Gabriel is Hawkmoth, right?  Not so fast…

Next, let’s look at the evil lair.

Again, hard to tell, but the room isn’t a typical square room.  It’s square-ish with rounded corners.  Supposing that the room either exists in the Agreste mansion (for Gabriel) or the Louvre (for Mr. Kubdel), which building would fit a room like that?

The answer?  Both.

When we see an akuma being sent out, we get this scene, almost every single time.

Notice the Eiffel Tower in the background?  Waaaaay far away from our fav villain’s lair?  Now, look at where the Agreste Mansion is…

But then, what–

Not the exact distance, but close.  Also, check out this post by @legend-of-sora .  They do a great job of discussing the Louvre theory using Google maps.

The conclusion is that either one of these gentlemen could be Hawkmoth.  OR, it could be Gabe’s evil twin trying to bring his sister back and Gabriel just knows about the Miraculous because he has a freaking shrine to them in his safe.  Either way, it’s fun to speculate and this show does a great job of giving you an answer and then making you doubt yourself with just one or two scenes.

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HELLO! First off, you are AWESOME, I LOVE ALL YOUR ART, and you inspire me as an artist to do art things! So thank you for being my inspiration! <3 So anywho I was looking through your blog and came across an old ask that said you sometimes used pencil and scanned it into the computer for shading before posting it, and all ur stuff looks super good when I looked at the pencil stuff, so I was wondering what you use to scan your work? And what methods you might use to clean the scans? (THANK U!!!)

Sure! I use the Epson V700 series of scanners! Specifically, the Epson V750. It’s a nice glass 8″x10″ flatbed scanner that has the added perk (for us, at least) of scanning film as well*! So it comes with the equipment  and software to safely scan in 35mm and 120mm film, as well as being a sharp, calibrated scanner for scanning in small pieces of art and sketches. I think they sell a larger size of the V750 (that might be 11″x14″?) but I havent seen it and its way out of my price range for the kind of work that both Mat and I use it for – him for film scanning, and me for art scanning.

*Note the v750 is a model specifically for FILM SCANNING as well as documents, so check the v600 model line for sketches and lineart scanning! It’s the same basic build and software but without the film scanning on the side (trust me the film stuff makes it a lot more expensive than it would be normally bc not a lot of scanners do that well or come with holders) so the price tends to be a LOT more affordable!

Once I scan in my lineart, I tend to throw it either into SAI or Photoshop depending on what I want to do with it, but in SAI, all I really need to do is set the lineart/sketch to Multiply” and work on top of and underneath it! Typically this preserves the lines I want while letting me clean the lines up and add shading/texture/lighting/color etc. Anything I want, really! Typically though, I just tend to shade my lineart instead of color it in (i don’t always like losing my lines)

So a sketch like this:

Will get cleaned up, isolated, and shaded and turned into this:

Pretty sweet stuff, amirite?

Either way, that’s what I have and thats what I use! I mostly scan black and white but the color is just as good and can be adjusted from the scanner software. I definitely recommend to check it out! I dont draw as much in straight pencil as I used to unless I plan on straight painting it, but that doesnt mean having a nice scanner isnt worth it and can cut down on workflow if you work faster in pencil lines than digital. Besides, pencils have this nice texture to them that isnt easily achieved with digital brushes so if thats a look your going for, all the better to get a good scanner that can capture it.


A Wild Night in Vegas -- Part 18.1

As promised in my teaser, here’s the newest chapter of Vegas! @outlandishchridhe and I are really really excited about where this story is going and we can’t wait to share it with you. There is a lot going on in this chapter, so it turned into another monster chapter and it’s broken up into 3 parts. The next chunks will come out on the next few Tuesdays, which will hopefully give us enough time to get 19 written and edited. 

Catch up on chapter 17 HERE or the whole series HERE

Claire sat down with a hard thump, still looking at the picture of her license on her phone. Jamie knelt down in front of her, taking in her vacant expression.

“Are ye alright?”

“Yeah, I’m just… I passed. It doesn’t feel real.”

“But ye did it. I’m so proud of ye, mo chridhe.”

Her eyes drifted up and met his.

“I couldn’t have done it without you. Thank you.”

“I didna do much. It was all your brilliance. Because this is what ye were meant for.”

Leaning forward, he pressed his lips to her forehead, as she breathed out a laugh.

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Countdown to 2015 MAMA : performances (6/7)

2013 MAMA - Hong Kong, China
T.O.P, Taeyang, Seungri, G-Dragon, and BIGBANG
“Doom Dada” | “Ringa Linga” | “Strong Baby” | ”Let’s Talk About Love” |
“Without You” (”Sober”) | ”Crooked” | “Fantastic Baby” (x)


Hiro, to his great disappointment, stopped growing at 18.  You’re safe, Tadashi ^ ^;


Have this horrible sketch of Kakavege family time! > _>; These kinda pictures have a special place in my heart. Like I scream and do that running in place really fast when i see these kinds of pics. Shhhh….don’t judge me…Let me enjoy my weakness… XD

A Wild Night in Vegas -- Part 17

First of all, THANK YOU! You guys have stuck with us even though it’s been pretty much forever since we posted the last chapter. @outlandishchridhe and I have both been super busy the last few weeks. That will continue to be the case, but we’re really excited for the next chunk of chapters we have planned out. Because they are planned. Seriously we have dozens of scenes written for future chapters, we just have to get them there. But more will come, we just don’t know when.

A large chunk of this chapter was written by the amazing @outlandishchridhe. I saved a few of our conversations from our writing and might make a BTS post later because they’re hilarious. 


Catch up on part 16 HERE

Jamie had called the florist shop as he left the grocery store, knowing he only had so much time before some of the food Claire asked for melted. The florist had been helpful, as he had for the last several months. Jamie hadn’t been sure if what he was looking for even existed, but he had to try. Thankfully, the florist knew the exact thing and had the flowers ready by the time Jamie arrived.

When Jamie had finally emptied the boot of the groceries, he made one last trip down to pick up the last of the gifts. He’d been working on it for a few months now and he couldn’t wait to see Claire’s face when she opened it. He’d asked for another piece of ribbon to match the bouquet to wrap around his gift for her and he carefully tied to together before heading back inside.

Claire was still putting the groceries away as he walked in the door. She was holding their fussy son to her shoulder as she reached up into the cabinet, putting the last few items away.

Claire turned to look at him, eyeing him suspiciously as he held his hands behind his back.

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Okay so I saw a Stan confession talking about how Halsey is “influenced by tumblr but so is Lana” and stuff. But here’s the thing.

Lana wasn’t influenced by tumblr. SHE influenced tumblr. People are posting “video games” lyrics, or taking selfies wearing flower crowns. People are publishing gifs of her in the Young and Beautiful and Summertime Sadness videos.

Not only has she influenced tumblr, she has influenced the millennial culture drastically. People are going to Coachella wearing flower crowns and using the flower crown filter on snapchat saying that they’re Lana Del Rey or caption anything related to Lana (tbh if Lana never wore a flower crown during the BTD era do you think the filter would be on snapchat?). She has also redefined the word QUEEN (you can take that seriously or not I really don’t care).

Also, the sales in vinyl have SKY ROCKETED. If you watch people showing their vinyl collections on YouTube, born to die is most likely one of the records they show. In the past couple years One of the highest selling vinyl records was “Born to Die.” Now question, do you think if Lana never released that album on vinyl, do you think sales in records would’ve been this high? In 2016? Globally, sales in vinyl went from 116m to 171m from 2011 to 2012. Now what was released in 2012? Take a wild guess.

She has also influenced the show business TREMENDOUSLY. She has been featured soundtracks for many movies (Age of Adeline, The Great Gatsby, Maleficent, Big Eyes etc). She was the face of H&M (I’ll link pictures of it below) and her cover “Blue Velvet” was featured in an H&M commercial. Also pictures from that photoshoot are everywhere on the Internet. Angelina Jolie selected Lana herself to cover “Once Upon A Dream” for her film “Maleficent.” Lana even performed and Kim Kardashian and Kanye Wests wedding and denied being payed 3 MILLION DOLLARS for her performance. Her songs have also been featured in countless TV show episodes. Even “Brooklyn Baby” from her album “Ultraviolence” was featured in a Turkish airline commercial. Also a lot of artists today wouldn’t be here if Lana was never a huge artist (this isn’t a drag against those artists, Lana wouldn’t be here without The Eagles, The Doors, Amy Winehouse etc). She has opened the door for women in music to start a career as a solo artist in the pop-alternative-indie genre. If you listen to those artists, their lyrics and music style is similar to Lana’s. Some of those artists even say that Lana is a huge influence on them (Halsey, Grimes etc), She has even won the “Trailblazer Award” at the “Billboard Women in Music Awards.” She has even influenced Taylor Swift (Wildest Dreams//Without You👀).

But anyway, say all you want, but Lana is one of the most influential artists of our generation. It’s impossible for someone simulate a thing they started themselves.

(H&M Pictures-

This is also not a diss to any of the artists I mention. They’re all amazing women in music. (except for Taylor)

David Tennant reacts to his tribute video @ National Television Awards 2015

20/20 Vision

Okay. I did a thing and actually wrote a Boyf Riends Drabble based on George’s tweets during the solar eclipse. It’s probably extremely crap because it’s my first ever fic I’ve written so please bare with. But I dunno. I may write some more if anyone has any suggestions?

1127 Words (Got carried away oops hahaha)

‘Are you sure watching the solar eclipse whilst high is the best idea Micah, especially if I’m not there to supervise you..’

'Nonsense, I am a fully functioning teen. I think I can look up at the sun… or moon… or Jupiter… whatever one it is.’

Jeremy sighed. 'You couldn’t even get out of bed yesterday without injuring yourself, how am I supposed to believe you?’

'Well that wasn’t my fault. I was too busy staring at my gorgeous boyfriend led in my bed in my hoodie. You’d be distracted if you were me.’

Jeremy whole face blushed, all the way to the tips of his ears. He was feeling incredibly thankful he’d decided to take this phone call outside away from his family.

’S-sh-shut up Micah!’

Michael chuckled. He could tell Jeremy was blushing by his stutter coming out. Making his boyfriend blush was one of his favourite things to do. Well that, and prank him. And he had a great idea for a prank.

'Operation scare the pants off of Jeremy has commenced’ Michael thought, smirking to himself.

'Oh look Jeremy it’s happening can you see it!’

'I told you I’m visiting family in the UK Michael, no I can’t see it. It’s just clouds and clouds and more clouds here.’ Jeremy sighed. He wishes he was with Michael more than ever right now. Two of his favourite things, space, and Michael.

'I’m staring right at the Eclipse with a magnifying glass Jer!’


'Oh everything went black. This is so cool!’


'Whoa like I can’t see anything.’

Jeremy blanched. 'WHAT. Micah are you in any pain right now? Can you see? STOP LOOKING AT THE SUN GODDAMMIT!’

'It’s very black Jere, is this what happens when the sun gets high? Wait it’s already high cause it’s in the sky.’ Michael giggles.

'DID YOU JUST GIGGLE MICHAEL MELL? THIS IS NOT A LAUGHING MATTER YOU MAY BE BLIND GET INSIDE YOUR HOUSE!’ Jeremy was panicking now. He knew he shouldn’t of gone on this family vacation. He should of stayed and babysat his boyfriend.

'Okay. Okay jeez dad. Um I’m back inside but everything still black.’

Yep. Definitely should of babysat his boyfriend.

'Oh god. Oh god. How long till your mom’s home? Can you call the hospital yourself?’

This was not happening. Especially when Jeremy is not even in the country. He faintly heard Michael ask where his other shoe was. Oh crap that’s right. Michael is currently high as a damn kite. The hospital is not a good idea. Think Jeremy, what can you do?

WAIT! That’s it! Rich is neighbours with Michael. Message Rich to help Michael somehow.

'Michael. Sit on your sofa and do not move. I’m messaging Rich to come help you out. Stay put. Alright?’ He says as calmly as he possibly can - which coincidentally, is not a lot.

'Yup. Anything for my Jere-bear. But one thing.’ Jeremy blushed at the nickname.

'What is it?’

'I think my eyes are bleeding?’

'WHAT. I-I mean don’t worry. S-Sit still and don’t move till Rich gets there okay?’ Jeremy was definitely freaking at this point. Half contemplating getting a plane this very instance to get back.

Michael had however predicted this and had text his friends in advanced, Rich included, of this prank. So the moment Rich came he was in on it. What can the guy say. Jake was extremely hard to prank he never fell for anything, he’d take a good prank where ever he could.

The next thing Jeremy knew he could hear Rich speaking to Michael, and it didn’t sound good.

'Yo Jeremy man, this is bad!’ Rich whispered into the phone. 'His eyes are open but he cannot see a thing and there’s a lot of blood. Like a lot.’

Jeremy felt woozy. He didn’t deal with blood well, even just the mention of it. He faintly heard Michael holla 'WHOOPS’ at Rich in the background, bringing him back round.

'Oh man. O-okay. As you can tell he’s super high right now so could you get rid of any signs and take him to the hospital or something?’

Rich had to suppress a chuckle. This prank was going great, he’d forgotten how easy Jeremy was to prank.

'I’ll take him now, hey stay on the line with him.’ Rich said whilst winking at Michael and passing the phone back to him.

'Hey Jeremy.’ He said drawing out the 'y’.

'Good thing the Republicans couldn’t repeal Obamacare! I’m on my way to the eye doctor now.’

Is Michael Mell being political. At this moment in time?

'Are you getting Political Michael. This is serious okay. Forget about the bloody Republicans focus on Rich getting you help.’

'Okay babe. Can I just say one more thing though?’ Michael was so close to laughing out loud at this point. Rich had already surrender to laughing into a pillow on the other side of the room. Time to clue him in.

'Sure Micah, what is it?’

'Just kidding. I had Eclipse glasses.’ Michael and Rich lost it at this point. They were both bent over, howling with laughter.

'W-what.’ Jeremy was lost for words.

'My vision is in tact. Well… I mean, it’s still as bad as it’s always been.’ Michael got out between gasps of laughter.

'MICHAEL MELL. YOU IDIOT. I WAS COMPLETELY FREAKED. I WAS GETTING READY TO BOOK A PLANE TICKET BACK ON MY DADS CREDIT CARD!’ Rich lost it again at this point, rolling onto the floor with tears in his eyes. Michael was close to joining him.

'Awwww. You do care about me Jere-bear!’ Michael cooed.

'Not anymore! You’ve betrayed me! I am betrayed! And you Rich! I’m breaking up with both of you. I’m sure Jake will take me!’ Michael just laughed at this whilst Rich quipped 'OH NO HE WONT MR!’

'You love me too much to break with me. Who else will deal with your bad attempts at smoking hey.’ Michael joked.

’S-Shhhh. MICHAEL. I am perfectly fine at smoking thank you very much. I’m sorry I’m not as much as a stoner as my MEAN boyfriend’ Jeremy retorted, starting to giggle along with the boys.

'Aww. I love you too Jere!’ Michael blew kisses into his phone.

'But I’m going to have to hang up now, It’s possible Rich is dehydrated with the amount of tears on my carpet. I’ll speak to you later babe! Love you!’

'Ha. Okay. I’ll call you later! Love you too Micah!’ Jeremy quipped, ending the call.

He loved that boy but god was he going to be the death of him.