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My beautiful babies ❤️

(Georgiana is the white one, Daisy is brown and black, Mabel is the cream one you see briefly, Daphne is the black one, and Phoebe is the tan one)

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There’s a theory going around that Mr. Kubdel (Alix’s dad) is Hawkmoth, and Gabriel Agreste is a red herring to lead us off the path.  My husband has a theory that Hawkmoth is neither and it’s actually Gabriel’s secret twin brother that will show up to throw EVERYone off.  I’m sick on the couch, so I thought I’d binge a few episodes and see if this idea has any merit.  I’m not going to state the obvious stuff pointing to Gabriel as Hawkmoth (his safe full of Miracu-crap, his interest in LB’s and CN’s Miraculous in the Jackady episode, the ENTIRETY of the Jackady episode, etc.).  Just some new observations.  Here we go!

The first question is “how does Hawkmoth keep his Miraculous hidden?”.  We know that the butterfly Miraculous is a brooch, which could explain either of these fashion choices:

(Even though Gabriel should know that stripes are SO last season.)

Neither of them are ever seen without their neck wear (and Mr. Kubdel’s is even purple).

There is also the question of Hawky’s baby blues and chiseled features, which both candidates have.  However, look at their noses:

It’s kind of hard to see here, but both Gabriel and Hawkmoth have similar noses.  Mr. Kubdel’s, however, is slightly hooked at the end.  Unless he’s squishing the tip of his nose into that mask, it doesn’t match.

Now, let’s look at the theory that Hawkmoth’s observatory is somewhere in Gabriel’s office.  I mentioned in a previous post that my husband thought the entrance was either behind the painting of his wife or somewhere close by.  It would explain why he’s in his office in both the Jackady and Christmas episodes right before we see Hawkmoth.  Ironically, he also caused both of those akumas personally.  Hmmm….

In Jackady, he’s looking RIGHT AT THE PAINTING before Hawkmoth appears.

We’re led to believe Chat Noir had reminded him of “someone he knew” (aka, his wife) and that this is his first suspicion his son is running around Paris in a leather cat suit.  But, what if he’s about to go transform?  Then, there is the little matter of Hawkmoth telling the akuma in the very next scene NOT to go after Gabriel.  And once Gabriel’s dad-napped, Hawks doesn’t appear in the rest of the episode.  Convenient.

So, Gabriel is Hawkmoth, right?  Not so fast…

Next, let’s look at the evil lair.

Again, hard to tell, but the room isn’t a typical square room.  It’s square-ish with rounded corners.  Supposing that the room either exists in the Agreste mansion (for Gabriel) or the Louvre (for Mr. Kubdel), which building would fit a room like that?

The answer?  Both.

When we see an akuma being sent out, we get this scene, almost every single time.

Notice the Eiffel Tower in the background?  Waaaaay far away from our fav villain’s lair?  Now, look at where the Agreste Mansion is…

But then, what–

Not the exact distance, but close.  Also, check out this post by @legend-of-sora .  They do a great job of discussing the Louvre theory using Google maps.

The conclusion is that either one of these gentlemen could be Hawkmoth.  OR, it could be Gabe’s evil twin trying to bring his sister back and Gabriel just knows about the Miraculous because he has a freaking shrine to them in his safe.  Either way, it’s fun to speculate and this show does a great job of giving you an answer and then making you doubt yourself with just one or two scenes.

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I need more wlw tv and movies and just general gayness. Suggestions?

I’m not sure how much I can help with this since I don’t watch a lot of TV and you’ve probably seen most of the things I’m about to rec but here are all the shows I watch/have watched with wlw in them:

• Carmilla (obviously, that’s probably what you follow me for in the first place)
• Legend of Korra - Mostly subtext until the end but still very enjoyable even if you don’t focus on Korrasami
• Supergirl - Sanvers. Need I say more?
• One Day At A Time - Features an adorable feminist baby gay. Also this is a great show for many reasons other that, you should check it out for sure!
• San Junipero - Season 3 Episode 4 of Black mirror, but you don’t need to watch the other episodes to watch this once since each one is their own independent story. If you like wlw, 80s, and sci-fi, this is the story for you!
• Orphan Black - It’s not really the main focus of the show since there are so many clones and so many things going on at once but Cosima and Delphine are adorable and I love them
• Orange Is The New Black - So gay
• Wynona Earp - Haven’t seen it yet but people keep telling me I’d like it
• Carol - Gorgeous movie. 50s gays. Cate Blanchett and Rooney Mara. Definitely watch it if you haven’t yet
• Imagine Me And You - Super cute movie about a woman who falls in love with the florist at her wedding
• But I’m A Cheerleader - Movie about a girl who basically goes to conversion camp (but it’s a comedy). Plus it stars Natasha Lyonne a.k.a. Nicky from OITNB
• Life Is Strange - This is actually a video game but you have the option to make it gay (or not, that’s the fun of the game). It’s an intriguing game with a beautiful story but deals with a lot of heavy stuff so read the content warnings before playing
• Ummm yeah that’s all I can think of right now but if anyone else has recommendations please add to this post!!

Been meaning to draw this for a long long time but here is a picture of Thresh as a child with his Mother and Father. They were very to the books about him getting into the Order and very strict. Thresh isn’t happy one bit in this picture, he really detests them.

**Daughter and her friend walk into my room carrying two big heavy boxes**

Me: I…do not remember ordering that many crystals. Shit.

Anyway, here’s just a couple of the beauties I received today from @bekkathyst! A huge selenite sphere, a lil’ faceted fluorite that I plan on turning into a pendulum, and a big fluorite point that looks like a watercolor fantasy, also featuring the baby succulents I’ve managed not to kill. Everything else is…on my workspace. Guess who needs more shelves?

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Hoppe ni Himawari (Sunflowers on your Cheeks) by Mita Ori

Its the love story between two high school students Yoneda and Arai. It’s sweet, fluffy, easy going, and has no unnecessary sexualization. Both are friends and admire each other. Mutual pinning heck yea baby 


-Features a wonderful chubby boy as main interest (hello new son)

-His chubbyness, girly-ishness is never seen as a bad thing (or a fetish), rather as something arai likes about him 

-yonechan talks about his insecurities being chubby and thinking he’d never find love,  but now that he’s found it he’s happy exploring these new feelings

-”But we’re both boys” is never an issue between them, when Yoneda feels he might be a replacement for a girl Arai makes it clear he is not

-Yone chan has a brief moment of maybe i should diet, but then reconsiders

-When asked if he wants to be fat all his life he answers “That would be fine”

- His bae’s like i love u just the way u are 

-There’s a ghost who’s a ghost supposedly bc he’s never touched boobs lmao

-This adorably buffy guy

-This is the most hardcore thing happening , bc mind u they’re teens 

imma spoil u a lil, it has a happy ending 



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David Tennant reacts to his tribute video @ National Television Awards 2015

Drawing babies and smol childrens

@ bearhow2 Requested a small tutorial on this, so here goes! ;v;’’’ I suck at drawing babies and kids tho lol im no expert but i’ll try what i know! 

Babies and chibis are very similar, but their proportions are different. they have big eyes just like chibis, however their proportions are anatomically correct and also feature big ears. Because babies are still growing into their skulls, their noses are closer to their faces and their lips are a lot smaller with lack of teeth. 

My babies are not necessarily realistic, but this is about how I draw them. For newborns, it’s a little bit more complicated. Their heads are incredibly big compared to their shoulders etc. Their features are a lot smaller than the babies shown so far. 3-5 year olds start thinning out: 

another thing to note is the younger the child, the more stubby and dimply the hand is: 

And…Idk babies are expressive. Dont forget to draw their little gums instead of teeth! And when they do start getting teeth, theyre often jagged and imperfect and have a few missing! Good luck to you ;v;’’’ I’m not the best teacher but i hope this helped some! :D 

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when you’re way up high and you’re on your own in a world like none that you’ve ever known where the sky is lead and the earth is stone you’re free to do whatever pleases you


Well, let them all laugh I’ll try not to mind for I have found something that they’ll never find; there are secrets on a leaf in the water, in the air, hidden planets, tiny worlds, all invisible


you doubt them, and soon they bark and hound you 'til everything you say is just another bad about you


everything has its season, everything has its time, show me a reason and I’ll soon show you a rhyme. cats fit on the windowsill, children fit in the snow why do I feel I don’t fit in anywhere I go?


i walk this empty street on the boulevard of broken dreams, where the city sleeps
and I’m the only one and I walk alone


and that’s another thing i hate about Shakespeare; is all that twits who bloviate about Shakespeare


pain delivers me, i don’t need their sympathy ‘cause they can’t take away my mind where I go they will never find


so I own not a notion, i escape and ape content, i don’t own emotion - I rent

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How is Babby Made

MTMTE Holiday Special/Silent Light spoilers ahoy

The known life cycle of a Forged bot is basically this:

  1. Spark gets harvested, with enough sentio metallico around it
  2. Brought to a nursery, where the sentio metallico starts to take shape around the spark. It’s warm for the whole shaping duration
  3. The sentio metallico turns into a protoform, the base shape for a cybertronian, which can be any size, any shape
  4. The protoform first forms a face
  5. ???
  6. Schooling, learning
  7. Job assignment

My theory is that the protoform in it’s growing progress needs fuel and supplements to grow into a full size. While it grows, it has time to adjust to its body, to its surroundings, and in general learn about the world in a natural pace.

I propose that a batch proto-initiator be like a nurse, and a teacher, for the new protoforms. They get told things, taught, organically. They get to frow in their own pace.

Compare to an MTO. They get download packs. They get ten-step-program. They get thaw-to-war, in under an hour. 

And that was during the war, before the war Constructed Cold bots were fodder for the ratioists. They decided these knockoffs would do the hard work, all the labour (miners are CC). And that’s where the Forged supremacy comes from. They’re born from Cybertron, gained alt modes naturally, and blessed by Primus. A bot can build good hands, but is a man-made hand ever as good as a god-forged one?

Constructed Cold bots get robbed of their maturing phase, an important developmental part of their life. Childhood, essentially. A brand new spark is put into a whole too big of a body, into a whole too big world, and expected to perform a task as soon as possible. To fulfill their function. 

These characters aren’t only robots, they’re living beings. If you know of human-made AIs, you know that the most advanced robots are considered the ones that learn by themselves. Not the ones who are packaged with pre-determined data.

And all of this only leads into discrimination, insufficient education (some bots don’t even know how to read!) and then Tyrest wonders why such a big part of CC bots are maladjusted.


The baby also doesn’t choose it’s altmode and features, they are the result from deep-coding, which is probably believed to be Primus’ will (and Adaptus’ blessing).

i got a bit carried away woops here is 90s anime bishie apollo

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An Appreciation Post for Estelle

So you all know this gorgeous lady, right? This is Estelle Fanta Swaray, better known by her stage name, Estelle. She’s commonly known as the voice actress of Garnet from Steven Universe.

On top of that, she’s also known for performing the We Bare Bears theme song, and her hit songs “Freak”,”Conqueror”, and “American Boy”.

Her song “American Boy” has won multiple musical awards, including a grammy!

And…if you want a day to celebrate on this first month of 2017, her 37th birthday is on January 18th!

So, I wanted to make this post to bring some attention to some of Estelle’s lesser known songs. Are “Freak”,”Conqueror”, and “American Boy” good songs? Absolutely! Without a doubt!

However, this post is for some of her more underrated gems that I haven’t seen anyone talk about.

First, did anyone know that Estelle’s first album was released in 2004?

Yup, that’s right! The 18th Day was released in 2004.

It features golden songs such as “1980“, “Don’t Talk”, “Maybe”, “Dance With Me”, and “Freedom”. It also features rap solos from UK rapper Baby Blue, John Legend, and Talib Kweli.

My personal favorite song from the album is “Maybe”!

If you’d like to listen to the whole album, then I believe it is available for free listening on Youtube! You can also buy it on iTunes, if I am not mistaken.

Now, in 2008…

We got Shine. This album from her is particularly popular because it’s cover was featured in a small scene from the Steven Universe episode “Steven’s Birthday”. It’s also the album which features “American Boy”, her most famous song.

This album features songs such as “Wait a Minute (Just a Touch)”, “No Substitute Love”, “More Than Friends”, “In The Rain”, “Back in Love”, and “Shine”. The album features solos from rappers John Legend, Kanye West, and Kardinal Offishall.

My personal favorite song from this album is “In The Rain”! It’s also my favorite song from Estelle in general.

This album is available to listen to for free on Youtube and Spotify, as well as available to buy on iTunes.

In 2012, Estelle released an album titled All of Me.

This album features songs like “Do My Thing”, “Back To Love”, “Thank You”, “Wonderful Life”, “Cold Crush”, and “Love The Way We Used To”.

My personal favorite song from the album “Cold Crush”!

The full album is available for listen on Youtube and Spotify, and available to buy on iTunes!

And now, here’s Estelle’s most recent album…

True Romance, released in 2015, with a special cover drawn by Rebecca Sugar!

True Romance feature songs like “All That Matters”, “Make Her Say (Beat It Up)”, “Silly Girls”, “Gotcha Love”, and “The Same”.

My personal favorite song from the album is “All That Matters”!

The full album is available on Youtube and Spotify, and available to buy on iTunes. 

Sorry for the super long post!!! I just love Estelle’s music a lot, and think it deserves more recognition than it gets.

Anyway, if you can find the time, listen to some of these songs, please! They’re truly amazing. And if RnB, Hip-Hop, and Rap aren’t really your favorite things, recommend these songs to people who like those genres!