also fandoms colliding

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I stumbled across bits of the Degrassi fighting in both the Degrassi and Archieronnie tags I'm laughing this is like when fandoms collide also I'm Team Drew and I'm sorry about my other fandom we're bored and extra.

I looked up Drew and he looks like a discount Taylor Lautner and I looked up Eli and he looks like a discount Riverdale!Jughead they both lose!!!


5 years ago today Klaine decided to sing a duet together at Regionals, and it was Candles, by Hey Monday. They practiced, a lot.

Trying to understand Dorian's Korean, it's hard.

걱정마 친구, 보기보다 심하지 않아. 괜찮아.

Don’t worry, man. It’s not worse than it looks. I’m fine

간단해 부품만 있으면

It’s simple, as long as I have the parts.


You’re welcome

눈이 이상해 말도 못하겠어

There is something wrong with my eyes and Its getting difficult to speak

지금 루디한테 하야해

We should go to Rudy now

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*Dorian’s Korean is quite wonky (there might still be mistakes)

I was watching The X-Files (season three, episode 13, Syzygy) when a cop car drove past the screen and, lo and behold, look what it said:

I’m not saying it’s a sign or anything…but it’s a sign.