also face

I’m back. 

I was visiting my girlfriend @bearproblem so I was pretty busy over the past 3 weeks :p but im back !

I’m currently working on something special since it’s her birthday soon so expect to have my queue going on and to entertain you.

If you send me asks it may take a while ‘till I reply.


I was tagged by the lovely and beautiful @junyixinqs @babyhyunnie @mintkibum @hoshistic for many things but I changed it hahah so here’s the bias/selfie tag with selfies from Baek and I, and my homescreen bc someone along the way also tagged me for that ^.^

I tag @dazedjongin @luflute @chanyoel @chimchimies @puppy-chanyeol @softexodus @changkyuh @topfied @jiminsshawty @spacebyuns @yixseok @sehunesh @chanyeolspcy @mafiayixing @subaek you don’t have to do this if you don’t want to ofc ♥♥♥