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Whoever set that trap—they’re—they’re coming, but um…I have good news—We uh, we do. We have a…a community not too far from here. Walls. Electricity. It’s safe, uh, if you’d like to come join us — No, thank you.


hey there, my name’s james, i’m 22 years old and i’m a trans dude and i would like to tell you a story

from the earliest point i can remember, even when i was a real young, i was sure i was a guy

i remember being confused as a toddler because all the other boys got to take their shirts off going swimming and i couldn’t

i remember being proud as a kid because people would keep calling me a boy, even if they were teasing me

i remember being uncomfortable when we began to get split up for physical education and sex education stuff

i remember being ashamed when puberty happened and my body began to change

but now, as a 22 year old man, i can say i’m comfortable with who i am and how i look. my hips don’t make me less of a man. my downstairs junk doesn’t make me less of a man. nothing makes me less of a man, i am all man and 100% handsome

but above all, the lesson i want everyone to take away from this is that no one is ever too young to be trans. never tell anyone they’re too young. never once in my life have i doubted who i am. i know who i am

all trans men are gods

all trans women are goddesses 

all people outside the binary are deities of their own choosing

no one can tell you who you are except you. never let anyone try to tell you otherwise. you keep doing you, whether you want to be proud of being trans and shout it from the rooftops or, like me, just be content with being another face in the crowd and quietly passing as the person you were always meant to be

you keep doing you


Favorite part of Twilight tbh

Based off of an oldie but a goodie (also linking to someone who posted this, the source cannot be detected please message me if you do find the source)

I also apologize for my voice

Quick thing I did between revision

When I first read lotf, i imagined simon and roger looking reaaaally similar, and thought they were meant to be opposites in personality but the same is appearances but I never got roud to drawing that.

So here, have an angel and a devil.

Plus, I said I was going to do more white eyed rog