also excited about next week


Hello everyone! 


But i finally feel ready ready to explain to you guys why i have been so inactive lately, i am still REAAALLLLY nervous to tell you guys but i feel that you are all a big part of my life so i wanted to tell you and i didn’t want to keep it to myself any longer. 

Okay, so i’ve been incredibly sick for the last month or so and a lot of different things followed shortly after that led me to this very moment now to tell you guys. I AM SO FUCKING NERVOUS BUT…..


I don’t know if you guys will care or not but i felt like i should tell you and explain why i haven’t been around lately. I am so excited but also really nervous too. I know this isn’t OP related and being pregnant isn’t really going to stop me from being here, in fact i should be back up and running in a couple of days now that i feel so much better lately! 

I just hope you guys continue to support me and i hope this news doesn’t affect our friendship in any way. 


hello friends! Since I haven’t posted a general update in a few weeks I figured it was about time.  Running-wise things are going pretty well.  I’m closing out April with 132 running miles. This is within my normal/healthy range from last year, so I’m pretty excited about it.  I’m also looking forwards to running the Mini next week (and hopefully meeting up with @running-engineering-cats at some point)!  I’m thinking that with good weather I’ll be able to run a 1:44-42, which is pretty solid after 4ish months of being in injury/recovery mode.  Speaking of which, my foot has been doing pretty well.  I still notice a stiff feeling sometimes, especially after sitting still for a few hours, but as long as I keep moving/stretching it feels pretty good. =) (If I were good at adding gifs I’d insert that Rob Lowe parks and rec gif here. You know, the one where he says he has to keep moving to avoid sinking into a pit of despair or something.) I’m thinking I’ll get a cortisone shot after the Mini and see if that gets rid of the last bit of inflammation that’s left.  But yeah, definitely feel like this plantar fasciitis thing is just about done… at least for now.

Outside of running things are fairly busy… I’ve been traveling every couple of weeks for work, which is a lot for me.  I should be home all of May though which will be nice. And I got some more wedding stuff done this weekend which is good, since we’re kind of behind on some things.


“I came up with the title ‘Mobile Orchestra’ because I travel and make music all the time and that’s what the title means. Inspiration doesn’t care about convenience so I often find myself working in hotel rooms, on airplanes, trains, tour buses, backstage in the green room, even outside on the patio at my house.”


I recently hit 2K ! 

First of all, a big hello to all my new followers! and… OHMYGOD THANK YOU EVERYONE!!! Not sure if I deserve all these wonderful followers, my art has still along way to go haha xD

IWAOI ATLANTIS AU is taking a next step in the story with other haikyuu characters entering the Atlantis cast! I have watched the movie and done lots of research but my mind has still not been made up. For anyone who has watched the both shows, you are free to drop me an ask about your opinion on who you would think would play who? This is going to be really fun to discuss together!



someone has probably pointed this out before but the corrupted gem that’s seen crawling out of the ocean in one of the new (official) previews looks a lot like crazy lace agate, and seeing as bismuth is seen saying “where’s the rest of them? … crazy lace!” etc etc, it would certainly make sensse


So, Friday was my last day at Warner Animation Group (WAG!) I’m moving over to Disney on Monday to begin work on a VERY special project that will air on TV. I am overflowing with love at the moment!! 

The artists at WAG are a bunch of incredible, talented, supportive people who made my choice to go a difficult one! I am so thankful to have been able to learn from and work with the artists on both Storks and Smallfoot for the past year. Keep an eye out for those films, guys!! 

I am also, of course, extremely excited about beginning my new job next week! Again, the team is simply amazing and I will be working with some of my biggest idols in animation. I feel very, very fortunate.

Have a great weekend, all!

A beach day with calum would be so cute like you would do that really cheesy thing where you draw a heart in the sand and write your names in it and you would look for seashells together and when he found a pretty one he would give it to you and say “Its beautiful, it reminded me of you” and you’d kind of give him a look bc like it was a cheesy line but secretly you’d be flattered and he’d carry you into the water and drop you in when it was deep enough and you’d pop right back up and drag him down with you and he’d be all shirtless and looking fine and his back ugh and his skin would be all glowy from the sun and he’d smell like sunscreen and salt water and you’d cuddle up together under the blanket you’d brought and watch the sun set and lay on your backs together your faces inches apart like Hazel and Augustus on The Fault in Our Stars movie poster and just talk about anything and everything and you’d take such cute coupley pictures and you’d have your hair all wet and sand all over but it wouldn’t matter because you knew calum always thought you looked good why am i not at a beach right now