also everyone should know that right after this combeferre comes and basically they talk about how they are in love

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Oh! A courfeyrac/grantaire friendship thing!

  1. They are the textbook definition of “bad influence”. The tricky thing is that both of them are a bad influence for each other and feed off each other’s terrible ideas, given that Courfeyrac’s general approach to things can be summarized as “do it for the vine” and Grantaire’s as “lol idek man why not i guess”.  Their nights out are wild and they come back with such madcap stories that at this point no one can tell which are straight up lies, which are exaggerations, and which are things that have actually happened.  Most of the times you would never guess which is which –  for example, the rather mundane one about Courf and Grantaire’s midnight adventure to find frozen yoghurt never actually happened because both had gotten spooked by a “scary noise” (they may or may not have had a horror movie marathon the night previous) before they had hardly started and ended up going back to Courf’s to watch romcoms with all the lights on, according to Marius who had been forced to join them.  On the other hand the one about Grantaire scaling the side of a two-story liquidation store to dance next to the wiggly, blow-up man was absolutely true and can be proved by the recording Courfeyrac took.
  2. Courfeyrac and Grantaire both speak Spanish, Courfeyrac because of his family and he grew up around English and Spanish, and Grantaire because “eh, I had a really boring summer, it was something to waste my time on”. As the only two besides for Marius that speak Spanish they absolutely use it to have secret conversations – or really just to frustrate the heck out of everyone else by speaking gibberish and convincing them that they’re having Important and Serious Discussions when in actuality they’re discussing whether cats might actually robotic scouting droids and whether or not they’re purring is just a cooling fan.
  3. They follow each other on basically every social media platform they can get their hands on.  Their facebook profiles are mostly spent posting pictures and status updates that make them sound like overly aggressive, minivan-driving, manager-calling soccer moms. The patronizing comments Grantaire leaves on all of Enjolras social justice related updates (speckled with one too many “sweetie :-)”) has Enjolras perpetually livid.  Courfeyrac has an entire album labelled “My Son” which just consists of increasingly ridiculous pictures of Enjolras with proud little comments accompanying them – “sweetpea’s having trouble playing nicely with the other kids” below one of a sulking Enjolras with a black eye and split lip, “my baby receiving his very first bail” below one of a sullen, handcuffed Enjolras (with another black eye), “school is hard, keep going tiger!!! :-) :-)” below one of Enjolras face-planted in a textbook during exams.  Grantaire and Courfeyrac have a joint Twitter account just to document ABC meetings like a wild life channel.  They have Instagram fights over who can post the best hipster pictures.  They use filters to the point that the original picture can hardly even be seen.  If you follow one of them on Tumblr you might as well follow both, especially considering how many conversations they have via reblogs and gifs (to the point where they will talk in gifs irl and drive everyone else up the wall).  Their Snapchats are things of legends.  Don’t ask about the Vines.  
  4. Okay, but besides for that imagine how they’d be as emotional support for each other. Courf sticking with Grantaire during a depressive episode.  Please… please just imagine Courfeyrac, human embodiment of sunshine, coming into Grantaire’s apartment with the spare key he was given and pulling open blinds to let real light in, tidying up, fluffing up the couch with pillows and blankets, and then going to crawl into bed with Grantaire until he can coax him into getting up at least long enough to move to the couch.  Because any sort of upward movement is progress, and sometimes that means convincing Grantaire to go have a shower and usually means that, once he’s sitting up, he’ll eat what he’s given and not complain too much about being kept away from alcohol.  Courf would just curl up with Grantaire and casually have his phone out and be browsing pictures that just happen to show all the fun things they had all been doing as friends – pictures that remind Grantaire that he is loved, no matter what his brain is saying right now. And he would totally send out an SOS text to certain people so that other Amis would casually drop by and spend a bit of time with them, or bring food, or just generally break into Grantaire’s little bubble of isolation until he can start to pull himself up again.
  5. And it would go the other way too.  Because Courfeyrac is supposed to be the heart of the group, their balancing centre.  But he’s also human and sometimes he just gets overwhelmed, or upset, or stressed but he feels guilty about letting it show because that’s just… not who he’s supposed to be.  And he knows that’s not really a good way to think about it, and he knows that he could talk to Enjolras and Combeferre about this but he also knows how much they over think everything.  So while he knows they’d never make him feel bad if he told them, say, how exhausted he can get when he has to be the cheerful helpful one during exam season when he’s stressed and tired too okay? He’s also afraid that they’d think that means they can’t let him ever do something nice for them ever during exams because they’re bullying him into it or something which just– no.  But Grantaire gets it, he gets how it’s a sometimes thing and that sometimes you can get overwhelmed and it doesn’t mean changing everything or rethinking everything, it just means sometimes a night of drinking is in order. (And Courfeyrac is one of the people who has the pleasure of knowing that when a friend is upset a night of drinking can either mean him taking them out to get plastered, or it can mean him creating giant, homemade milkshakes for them to slurp on his couch – whichever is called for.)  Plus Grantaire is a top-tier hugger – one of his hugs can make even the worst bad moods lighten, bring you back to earth, and probably cure cancer, Courf should really swing that idea by Joly at some point.