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For organizing this awesome Hall of Fame and spreading love among others. Also because she is one of the kindest people I know here on Tumblr and is always willing to help others, even though she lives with her own struggles and busy lifestyle. You also deserve to be in this hall of fame Anne! So we’re not going to leave you out!   😘

Title: The First Ultrasound

@magikat409​ requested: Been having a stressful week, and could use some Patrick fluff to ease my pain :D Patrick and his wife go in for an ultrasound to see their child for the first time, only to find out a special surprise is in store for them? Like twins or triplets? It’s your call! TYVM hun <3

Character(s): Patrick Sullivan and Reader
Summary: You and Patrick find out some surprising news at your first ultrasound.
Word Count: 1,881
Author’s Note: This one is for @magikat409! I hope you have a much better week and I sure hope this was okay! Also, everyone go follow her! She’s written a few stories and believe me, you will not be disappointed! They’re all so good! Plus, I had to watch a certain scene from The Accidental Husband and ended up watching the entire movie, lol. JDM is just so charming. Anyway, I love this idea and I hope I did it justice! Enjoy! :-)

(GIF Source: @heartfulloffandoms

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Choke Me Daddy Phandom GC Members have been chosen!!

Hey y’all! I’m here to announce the members of the cmdpgc! Thanks so much to everyone who applied!! The gc will take place on Snapchat, so the peeps below should (and if i forget to msg you feel free to drop kick me) get a message asking for your snapchat user name! Also go give everyone a follow please :)

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happy birthday to my favourite harry potter loving canadian meme who gets way too passionate about bagged milk internetcultleader <333

hope you have a nice day/life and also stop making really lame jokes bc i will fite u even if it’s ur birthday