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mcelroy brother laughs

justin: wheezy high-pitched cackle. effervescent, jovial, contagious. a sweet silly laugh for a sweet silly boy.

travis: somewhere between a lumberjack and an old lady. fun, sudden, elusive. the heartiest of the mcel-laughs for the heartiest of the mcel-boys.

griffin: a literal baby goose.  rings out like a trumpet blast from his lungs. just adorable god i love griffin so fucking much

anonymous asked:

you know how cas' hair never turns gray cause hes an angel / they make misha dye it. what if the last season in the last few episodes, they let misha grow it out and its the starting point of cas giving up being an angel to be with dean. dean: cas i think you age is finally showing. cas: *touches his hair and smiles* yeah, thats what happens. dean: i thought angels dont age in their vessels? cas: they dont. dean: *is quiet* cas: im not an angel anymore. i want to be here, with you