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nct / hogwarts headcanons?

oh man

long post warning but imagine

  • slytherin captain and ace chaser yuta
  • donghyuck commentating during matches but being totally biased towards slytherin
  • gryffindor chenle trying to steal the microphone back and being equally biased towards his own house
  • basically there’s a lot of yelling whenever it’s gryffindor vs slytherin
  • hufflepuff keeper mark is just really stressed
  • gryffindors ten and johnny taking illegal bets and being found out and sent to detention for two weeks
  • prefects taeyong (h), doyoung (s), jaehyun (g) and ravenclaw taeil
  • muggleborn hufflepuff sicheng being best friends with gryffindor jaehyun cos sicheng was a bit lost and wasn’t quite sure how to get to platform 9¾ in first year so jaehyun helped him and they sat together on the train and have been best friends since
  • they were disappointed they weren’t sorted into the same house but it never stopped them from being bffs anyway
  • sometimes sicheng sleeps in the gryffindor dorms and forgets that while he has early morning double potions, jaehyun has a free period, so he’s rushing to get dressed and get to class and he puts on jaehyun’s red tie instead of his yellow one
  • ten and johnny are also taking bets on how long it’s going to take for them to stop being oblivious and get together
  • (taeil ends up winning 20 galleons, doyoung is depressed because he was so sure it would happen after jaehyun’s quidditch match, not before)
  • yuta being paired up with taeyong in divination and not taking the class seriously at all, and instead, putting like 500% effort into making taeyong laugh
  • “what do you see in your teacup”
  • “i see the words ‘taeyong’s hair is very soft’, that sounds right to me”
  • (the jokes just get worse every time but taeyong laughs cos he feels sorry for yuta)
  • doyoung and taeil competing over the best table in the library
  • one day they enter the library at the same time and doyoung starts to power walking to The Table (in a cosy, undisturbed corner behind the Arithmancy section) and taeil really doesn’t want to lose his spot so he breaks out into a run and PUSHES DOYOUNG and doyoung is like about to go OFF when little jisung is just like
  • “um there are two seats why don’t you just share”
  • and yeah then there’s the time i swear jeno and renjun try to sneak into hogsmeade to buy jaemin a birthday present
  • donghyuck and doyoung starting a slytherin acapella group
  • mark sneaking hot chocolate out of the kitchen after lights out and sharing with donghyuck who always complains that the slytherin dorms are too cold

idk there are probably like a ton more i could go on forever


@dreamy-94 my imagination is limited 

Cinky is cute but i still can’t forgive them

Libra moons seem very hard for people to understand. And I think most people just tie them in with stereotypical libra traits, being ruled by venus especially. They mostly get being “superficial” thrown in their face a lot. Libra is ruled by venus; the planet of beauty, harmony, and love/affection. Naturally those with moon in libra value these things very much. But there is obviously more to them than just caring about avoiding conflict and finding the beauty in everything they see. Libra also rules the 7th house of relationships, marriage, open enemies, lawsuits, etc., making them very diplomatic people. Libra moon individuals are highly concerned with their relationships, specifically their intimate/romantic relationships with others. The moon represents our needs and what makes us feel secure and nurtured; this is what relationships provide to libra moons. This, however, gets so twisted and hyper extended that it leads to people saying that these people cannot survive without relationships and become manic without them which is just simply false. It literally just means that they take their relationships seriously and will avoid sabotaging or causing conflict within them by all means. Libra moons are very considerate people too, they just do not like wasting their time. They put their input in when they feel it is needed and will provide benefit to the other person as well as themselves. Remember libra is the scales (balance). If libra moon feels their input would be a waste of time, or the person simply would not care, they will keep it to themselves. Libra moon individuals experience pain on a high level at times as well, which fluctuates a lot (remember, scales). They go from anger to peace, up and down, and they must be able to see the lasting impact of the decision or what has hurt them in order to make sense of it. They believe the world is made up of cause and effect, give and take backs.

Moon in libra individuals are also very idealistic and dreamy people, making this a very creative and artistic placement for the moon. They usually are avid readers, finding peace and relaxation in words that speak of fantasy. It’s important for these people to have relaxation time and think it is much needed to take time out of their day in order to prepare for the next.

In a world full of magic, destiny and struggle… four heroes emerge.

For a newly initiated plan to build energy towers that protect the Bright Empire from the recently accumulating attacks from a parallel shadow world it is crucial to track down the location of huge crystals that store magical power and such a crystal exactly is in the possession of the Shadani tribe, laying deeply guarded in the holy Temple of Mo…

Elco – The Scientist (Virgo, Aquarius, Aries)

Forward-thinking, pragmatic, quick-witted and responsible, Elco’s task is to provide the Bright Empire with his newest scientific research and inventions. Pretty much considered a genius, Elco caught Queen Lusica’s eye when he was only 14. Searching for new and effective ways to protect the kingdom, Elco was the youngest one ever assigned to be Royal Science Officer. Sadly, one of the experiments went terribly wrong whereupon Elco lost his left arm which got replaced by a mechanical one.

Elco is so much more than he may appear at first: Rational, inventive, ambitious and cynical, he shows a lot of sass when he knows he’s a step ahead of someone. Higher beliefs concerning things like fate or predestination are a lot of mumbo jumbo to him and he’s always relying on his experience and technological know-how. He’s very passionate about the wonders of science and deeply devoted to the few having gained his trust, respect and admiration – most notably his little wife Tilly who was the first-ever to be given an insight into Elco’s inner world.

Elco always keeps a cool head and thinks strategically, which manifests in his (mostly self-designed) energy blasters and short-range guns. He keeps his best innovations for himself to test as he does with his jetpack and armor. Simplicity and functionality create a great deal of a foremost classy working appearance because why not look sophisticated when entering the fray?

Buki – The Warrior (Capricorn, Scorpio, Cancer)

Buki grew up without parents but was soon discovered to be skilled in hunting and fighting. Her natural talents were brought forward under the watchful eyes of her fellow tribe members. She is deeply connected to nature, the gods and the traditions of the Shadani tribe which is viewed as rather primitive by many. Although the Shadani are part of the Bright Empire, they’d rather be left in peace concerning royal business. And because of her strong will and eager spirit it is Buki who is sent to fiercely represent the Shadani in the matter of retaining their crystal.

Buki is the incarnation of a fighter spirit: Strong, honorable, deeply spiritual and set in her ways, it goes without saying for her to defend the lifestyle and traditions of her people. As the quartet grows together, Buki’s wise understanding of the world develops even further and she especially forms a tender friendship with Ailish towards whom she is even a litte protective. Buki would never give up her principles but still – she learns as much from others as she inspires others with her questioning way of thinking.

Due to Buki being a melee fighter, her armor protects from physical strikes. Her cat-like appearance and agility though make it hard for the opponent to hit. She uses traditional Shadani weapons that are forged metal claws, one on each hand.

Tal - The Soldier (Sagittarius, Taurus, Pisces)

Tal lost his mother and brother when he was only 14, but still his father Arlo, Commander of the Queen’s Elite Guard, blames him for not having been strong enough to prevent his family’s death. Tal had to learn to grow up on his own which he didn’t quite manage too magnificently for Tal is a real day dreamer, if there ever was one. Because of his by the Royal Household acknowledged skills Tal is assigned to accompany Elco, Queen Lusica’s royal scientist-in-charge, on his important mission…

Tal gives his best, no matter what. He has a strong moral compass and it goes without saying for him what is right and what’s wrong. He is just, focused and of a calming and reassuring aura. Courteous and eager to meet his father’s expectations, Tal is a hopeless idealist and first tries to see the good in a person. He comes across kind, reasonable but also rattled and dreamy and is driven by his determination to do good and to serve the right cause.

Tal is an excellent swordsman wielding the finest blades that are (depending on the kind of enchantment) weakening, cursing or poisoning tools of death. His armor represents the pride of the Bright Empire – shining golden and silver elements combined with maximum protection and practicability.

Ailish – The Princess (Libra, Gemini, Leo)

As a member of the Royal family and the daughter of Queen Lusica herself, Ailish’s duties actually lie with the Court in playing the role of the Royal heir and a lovely princess. Growing up as a talented mage but restricted by her royal status, Ailish could only watch the daily, quirky civil life (which looked a lot more fun and alive to her) from up above her tower window. Her mother wants her to behave herself as it befits a princess and doesn’t quite trust in Ailish’s abilities but she craves for adventure and foremost responsibility. As she sees a chance to prove herself, Ailish decides to follow the handsome soldier Tal – son to the General of the Royal Guard – on a mission…

Ailish is awesome. She’s so sweet, brave, stubborn, open-minded and fiery. She’ll stand up for her friends, cares deeply and possesses the ability to unfreeze people with her naïve and warm-hearted nature. Ailish tends to (re)act rashly but will always account for her decisions. Trusting and forgiving, she has no problem with approaching others and confront them with what she dislikes.

Ailish is a highly skilled witch, able to take it to action using a variety of magic staffs that differ in fire power and magic capabilities. Her armor’s of royal origin and therefore of a unique elegance, it provides maximum flexibility and features white, purple, blue and golden elements.

Winter 2017 Anime watchlist

Lmao this was supposed to go up last week but it takes me forever to write these things up orz.

Anyway, we’re 1/3 of the way into this barren Winter season, and thus my watchlist has shrunk significantly. I think I’m currently watching what, 10 shows? vs 23-ish last season? Anyway we’ve had a couple neat surprises this season, but it’s mostly the sequels that are keeping everything interesting. Also there’s quality hatewatch material which I hadn’t had in a while.

Because I fucked up, this time I’m going from best to worst rather than the usual opposite

Top Priority

Showa Genroku Rakugo Shinju: Futatabi Sukeroku-hen

To no one’s surprise, Rakugo maintains it’s tightly written character drama in top form. The direction is still unusually creative and masterful, especially considering this is a DEEN anime, production team deserves every kudo. If season one was a tragedy, season 2 is gearing up for a story of salvation. Every week I go in completely prepared to suffer and am repeatedly surprised by how happy I feel at the end of each episode.  Scenes like Yakumo consoling a sleeping Konatsu with her father’s rakugo or his performing an old play in Sukeroku’s style for Yotaro are as heart-wrenching as they’re heartwarming. S1 was a strong contender for anime of the year 2016 (and for me it was a toss up between that and YOI) and season 2 seems ready to pick on that and go for a second run.

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Ao no Exorcist: Kyoto saga

Honestly this one had my full devotion guaranteed when they decided to commit to those thick af Kansai accents. I am also very pleased with the budget this is getting, it looks reeeaaally nice. Kato’s designs have translated to animation greatly (not that this was a surprise since they did that pretty well on the first series too). The plot seems to be moving rather fast so I wonder if they won’t suffer to fill in the full cour (although this arc is quite long) but for the time being I’m excited to get the Kyoto otaku in me continually catered to.

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Yowamushi Pedal: Next Generation

I was a Little dubious about how well they’d manage the transition of Makishima’s departure, and while killing him off was rather abrupt to the point I’d even say the guy was fridged for the sake of Onoda’s development, they did a rather good job in setting Teshima as the new role model for the 1st years (who is also very dreamy). I also laughed my ass off with how gigantic they made Ashikiba who is a rather delightful addition to the cast. Kudos to you show, you’ve got me excited in a new season even without my favorite character.

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Little Witch Academia

It’s hard to find something to say about this show other than it’s energetic, lively and fun to a fault and that Sucy is still Best Girl. It’s very easy to tell how passionate the folks at TRIGGER are about this project and I’m glad they didn’t give up and continued to work on it even if it was poorly received by Japanese audiences. The show reminds me a bit of The Worst Witch, which I used to love in my early teens so there’s also that.

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Kuzu no Honkai

This is such a fascinatingly disturbing show to watch. Like watching a trainwreck I guess, except that it’s not a trainwreck in the sense of Hand Shakers, but in you’re just watching all these horrible people destroy each other and self-destruct emotionally and it’s really interesting. I’m particularly invested in Hanabi’s internal struggle and self-deprecation. Could complete dispose of Moca (whose choice of nickname makes my skin crawl) but otherwise I’m constantly at the edge of my seat waiting for the next developments. I also continue to be rather fond of the vagina imagery in the ending, and I appreciate that there’s actually a show that treats female sexuality in a layered, human way, for purposes beyond otaku titillation.

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All Out!! 

This show continues to grow on me with its unique approach to team dynamics. The fact that rugby teams are so big gives us an interesting opportunity of seeing many characters take the spotlight at different times, and this show’s cast continues to be funny and extremely likable to the point that even if Gion has had to sit out most of the games, and even if there isn’t as much focus on Sekizan as I’d like, they’re still engaging and fun. There have also been genuinely emotional peaks, notoriously when that one guy quite the team and it crushed Sekizan’s heart. Also kudos for how even in-show Sekizan’s amazing hair is considered cray-cray

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Honestly this second cour just keeps getting better? I don’t know how they did it but they managed to make me not care about whether we’ll ever get some semblance of plot or explanations, I could watch the Beethoven, Mozart, Schubert, Chopin and Liszt doing nonsense stuff show all year round. Whoever wrote the Fish!Schubert episode should get an Oscar and a Nobel Prize

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Here we make a drastic leap between things I’m loving and things I’m just eh-watching

ACCA 13-ku Kansatsu-ka

Aaaahhh what should I do about you, show. Ep 1 was okay, ep 2 was great, ep 3 was kind of nothing. There’s obviously way more than meets the eye in this allegedly peaceful country and once that starts to unfold the show will start gaining momentum, hopefully, but as it is I think it suffers greatly from how inscrutable the main character is. I have no idea of Jean’s motivations beyond his love of cigarettes (and I feel they’re overdoing it, unless they plan to make the tabacco thing a  crucial part of the plot later on, they’re hammering the whole ‘tobacco is rare and this guy is weird for smoking’ thing way too hard) so we’re at this weird position of not really knowing where we’re going. I’m intrigued enough to keep watching, but I certainly hope we get some form of interesting developments sooner rather than later.

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Gundam Iron-Blooded Orphans

The writing continues to be notoriously better while the story gets more and more tragic and I still don’t know how to feel about it. Seeing bad guys cheating their way to victory always upsets me a lot, and seeing people die meaninglessly only adds insult to injury. I’m in too deep to drop it at this point, but I honestly can’t forgive how they didn’t even give us that final revenge moment against the Kujan kid. Also every time Atra brings up her dream life of being part of a polyamorous marriage with Mikazuki creeps me the fuck out because obviously Mikazuki doesn’t have the emotional maturity to engage in any such relationship

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I’m very uncertain about what to do with this show. First episode was promising, with murky direction, but interesting setting. Episode two was mostly unimpressive, the final twist was rather predictable and the moral outcome wasn’t particularly satisfying. And then episode three put me to sleep. My first impression was that the dyamics between Heizo and his thief-turned-snitch subordinate would be the core of the show, but the latter seems to have been mostly sidelined in favor of focusing on the coolness of Heizo. Which isn’t a problem per say, but the execution just isn’t working and they’re completely wasting the Edo setting, with the cases turning out quite generic. I don’t know, ep 4 is already out so I guess I’ll check that out and decide from there (watched episode 4 already, fell asleep again which I guess is as good a sign as any that this isn’t working for me,but I’m too lazy to move it to the bottom. Dropped)

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Hand Shakers

Why is this pile of steaming garbage over the mediocre (and gross) show? Well, this one’s gross too, but exceedingly terrible is always better for ironic entertainment than plain boring stuff. At least Hand Shakers keeps me engrossed with its terribleness. Honest to good, even if I hardly remember what the previous episode was about, I’m always looking forward to the next one, I enjoy the terribleness too much.

Also, this is a little insignificant, but this is the first time I see any reference to the Japanese immigrants in Brazil (th, which was kind of a big thing back in the 1930s, in any anime I’ve ever watched, and since I had to look up into that for my thesis, it felt kinda nice to see it and understand why Brazil of all countries.

Super Lovers 2

This is so boring. Even when they try to address the issues I had with the previous season (mainly questioning the nature of Haru and Ren’s relationship), they always do it half-assedly. No drama, no tension, no resolution and certainly no semblance of any plot progression and it’s becoming increasingly tedious. The introduction of the new host guy could add at least some drama to the plot, but I’m not holding my breath. The dog continues to be cute

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I dropped Marginal #4 since episode 2 and I can’t quite remember what it was about other than there was a long sequence of one of the guys desperately looking for his “lucky undies” and I’m too old for this level of juvenile “lol undies” humor. Turns out “not putting me to sleep” wasn’t that strong an asset after all.

Anyway really dead season but the scarce good stuff is really quite good, and the truly terrible stuff is so terrible it’s hilarious so overall the season doesn’t feel as terrible as it could.