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Inktober #18 - Vampire AU Cherik, as prompted

Some of my favourite relevant fanfics, where at least one is a vampire:

- Vampyr by shizuke
- And the Gunslinger Followed by musical_emjay
- The Beginning by beren
- Dear Neighbor Mine by issabella
- Does Not Ebb by StarkMad
- vampire au ficlets by madneto

Below cut is the first vamp au pic that I refuse(d) to post:

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  • a late 80’s / early 90’s style coming-of-age film about two girls
  • a romantic period drama abt the passionate forbidden romance between two women of the aristocracy with like lots of sweeping orchestral music and victorian wardrobes and chandeliers,
  • a fantasy film with a side plot where a forest princess flees her consort-to-be for a warrior that happens 2 be a girl
  • a sweet romcom involving an art dealer and a flower shop owner who fall in love by Chance and are also, girls in their early twenties
  • a pet film like marley and me except,, you know,,
  • a rlly dreamy fairy tale trilogy with soft music and lots of enchanting magic and two young witches from opposing regions fall deeply in love except their love has consequences transcending the boundaries of their feeble planet (à la the night circus)
  • a tense space film where the captain is female and also has a dreamy gf who is back on earth and the captain occasionally has like flashbacks abt her gf that give her Strength when she feels like All is Lost
  • the little mermaid, except, the mermaid, ,falls in love with a human princess,
  • an espionage film like james bond except, like, the spy is this rlly posh lady, same amt of luxury and extravagance and things, and the same elegant love interests,literally th only difference is that 007 is a lady,
  • some sort of fiery dystopian film where like the protagonist is ace and it’s made clear that she’s ace and the director is good enough that the audience is aware of the chemistry in the well-developed romance that’s emerging on the side w/o any physical cues or like,, slamming each other into tables,,

its Steal Dreamy’s Style day

meanwhile dreamy is literally dead

[2/26/16, 11:02:30 PM] Dreamy: Dreamy DIES AGAIN


 Roses are Red, Violets are blue, you might not know, but I love you ❀

Mistakes in MBTI Typing

INTJ - It’s the villain, they’re always so evil and trying to take things for their own benefit!! 
INTP - Oh look, they love science! Pretty clueless too but in a cute way. Also wears glasses and is nerdy. 
INFJ - Ah a psychic hermit mystic who is idealistically dreamy but also a romantic that speaks in metaphors…
INFP - They always want peace and doesn’t like fighting or arguments. 
ISTJ - Boring. No comment 
ISTP - This one isn’t social and doesn’t speak a lot, but a computer science geek. Good at building things. 
ISFJ - I love this person! She’s so beautifully caring and kind and never says anything mean! Perfect~ ^-^ 
ISFP - The quiet, shy person but with a lot of talents and a way with art and words
ENTJ - A natural leader but also have temper tantrums like ESTJ and really rude. Constantly brags about world domination and how everyone must obey them. 
ENTP - Some classclown that talks so fast and really rebellious 
ENFJ - So genuinely nice and warm!!! Just. Really. Wonderful!! This person always understands you and everything!
ENFP - Lol so random! But they’re really hilarious, even though all they talk about are unicorns 
ESTJ - He always have arguments with ESTP and often has a lot of temper tantrums. What a rude dude 
ESTP - Wow they only jumped off the roof yet survived and they want to do it again?! Unfortunately loves the wild experience and is notorious for a lot of crime like robberies 
ESFJ - It’s always the mom! Or people who want to act like moms. 
ESFP - The popular kid, obviously! Always in the spotlight, famous, and flirty. But aren’t all of them popular anyway? Therefore all of them ESFPs. 

ok so in the past I didn’t get why people loves rami malek but now I understand … he’s so small and cute. His voice is also sooooo … dreamy? He speaks so slowly, it’s very relaxing.

Warmth (Castiel x Reader)

Originally posted by yourfavoritedirector

You’ve been feeling incredibly warm these days. Which was weird, because the bunkers heating system had stopped working a few days ago. You also noticed how Cas was hanging around a lot more. He also seemed to stick to you more than usual. Currently you were going around with a short-sleeved shirt and thin pants. Sam frowned at you from across the room. You chuckled, looking at him with a raised eyebrow. “What?” He was wearing even more layers than usual, and he was still shivering. “How can you walk around like this?!”, he gestured to your clothes. You just shrugged. “I dunno. I’ve just been feeling warm” Sam grumbled, crossing his arms.

Sams eyes narrowed as he watched Cas follow you around like a lost puppy. You didn’t even seem to notice anymore, only occasionally glancing and smiling at the angel. Cas seemed extremely concentrated, but also had a dreamy expression. That’s when Sam got an idea.

You left the room, and before Cas could follow you out Sam called for him. “Did you need something, Sam?”, Cas asked, tilting his head to one side. His eyes flickered to the door you had gone through, then back to Sam. “Are you keeping (YN) warm?”, Sam asked. He could tell by Cas’ expression that he was right. “Yes, I am. Now, if you’ll excuse me-” Sam cut him off with a gesture. “Why?” Cas’ face grew red, as did Sams smirk. “You like (YN), don’t you?” - “Of course I like (YN), we are friend.”, Cas answered. Sam rolled his eyes. “Romantically I mean.” - “I… have to go!” And with that Cas rushed out of the door. Sam just kept smirking. That was adorable, even though Sam was a little jealous of the warmth you got.

delifreshh  asked:

so i read transference like you said and... how.. could you do this to me ? i never knew how much i needed this in my life dear lord and sweet baby jesus let me dream of therapist jung hoseok tonight 🙏🏼 now i'm off to follow the amazing author and wait for the next part ^_^ your recent updates have been incredible as well (dr dreamy T_T) thank you so much :)) <3

@jeonjagiya see what u do to people :”)))))) I NEED THIS HOSEOK IN MY LIFE ///SCREAMS///

Things I need more of in my life that AREN’T Batfam  (bcus lbr i have an unhealthy obsession with them lmfao):

  • Kaldur’ahm (my aquababy i love him, i have a url saved for him lmfao)
  • Mera (aquaqueen of my heart)
  • The Aquafam in general tbh
  • Also Black Manta (one of my fav villains)
  • DOCTOR FATE (lemme tell u about my love for the Doc like hoh boy. i fuckin teared up seeing his Injustice 2 reveal trailer)
  • Donna Troy (Donna Donna Donna Donna DONNA ‘PERFECTION’ TROY <3)
  • Rose Wilson (i love her she’s so great, pls fight me)
  • Virgil Hawkins (my Static bby, one of the first heroes i ever got into)
  • Billy Batson (what a great kid. he’s just so wonderful, he deserves the world. he makes me sister cry lmfao)
  • Jessica Cruz (i feel her on a spiritual level, i want to be her friend pls)
  • im sure there’s more but im blanking out