also doof is me

‘Where’s your helmet?’ 

@prongs-chan sweet bae taged me to publish 1 selfie and since im a slut for tag memes imma do it even if its 5pm and i just woke up from my siesta and im still sleepy af ayyyy
Also i will tag some peeps but its 100% ok if u feel unconfortable posting pics of yourself on the webs, remember to always take care my friends, post a pic of a bear in low resolutiom and tag me if u still wanna post something 👀👌👌
@your-loves-like-rhinestones @the-harley-bear @straymusicsoul @fallska @arariren @manicbucket @foofoocuddlypoopsgavesokkaapples (im criyn u such a long url m8) @entrywound @bellimoon @estonianpenguin and i would tag more but like, chill me


There are probably more, but those are the biggest ones. Thanks for the ask! -Heinz


okay dokey, ALSO it gives me a chance to demonstrate what a doof I am because after years of having not bothered to wear earrings I was like 1000% sure my ears had healed over UNTIL TWO WEEKS AGO when I found out that I can still wear earrings! so yeah! that’s… that’s a thing now