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DiKa Couple Interview [Analysis]

Hey, it’s me again. Well, here I am to express my opinion/feelings about Kaisoo/Kadi/Dika (as Jongin said himself) couple interview. I want to say firstly that I don’t know them and everything I say it’s based on my observations and you how Kaisoo shippers are delusional, right?. And my English isn’t pretty good, so I’m sorry for any mistakes beforehand.

This obviously contains spoilers of the EXO Second Box. If you didn’t see the DVD or you’re not interested in read any of this just ignore this post. Thank you in advance.

I waited some time to pass before writing this for a reason not only because I’m a lazy person tbh. I know all of Kaisoo shippers out there are still euphoric about their interactions (me included, I smiled with feels at college), but I’ll try to be more rational here and honest as well. And I needed to see the couple interview with my own eyes to have a bigger panoram of the situation.

Okay… First thing I have to say about all of this? It was cute as hell!!!! Where do I start? In general lines, I think this interview shows why Kaisoo is so shippable. They aren’t the skinship type of couple but a lot of people really like them together. Kyungsoo/Jongin know this as well. You can see this when they’re questioned about their couple name. Jongin, joking (you can see his face), answers I-O, but Kyungsoo is all: “I think fans call us KaDi”. They’re not blind, you know. They see the banners with their couple names on concerts and fanmeetings. It could force them to touch each other more or be more lovey dovey or even drift them apart. But they base (if it’s a friendship base or a companionship one, I don’t know) is strong since the beginning, that’s why I don’t think they’re a fake couple/created by SM. And ths interview shows it very well in so many levels! I just love it.

The beginning of the interview is quite interesting because Jongin starts laughing when Kyungsoo bows to the camera. He gives that characteristic laugh that appears on his face only when you see something he thinks that’s super cute as Taeoh or when his niece or his dogs make something lovely. Kyungsoo looks like he is in a good mood too, with a shy smile at first. It may seem silly, but those laughs Jongin gives when he’s near of Kyungsoo are super interesting. That’s because he has the habit of beating everyone when he laughs. EVERYONE. It can be Sehun, Suho, Luhan (miss u forever baby), Baekhyun, Chanyeol … Anyway. Regardless of the person being his hyung or dongsaeng, he does it, like a instinctive action. Everyone, least Kyungsoo.

This can mean several things: respect, fear… Choose what you find most acceptable. For me, this is his way to show how much he cares about Kyungsoo to the point of control a habit just because his hyung doesn’t like it. It may just be afraid to be beaten, of course. But linking it to several other Kaisoo moments, I don’t think he controls himself only because of fear.

Look at how happy they are, I cry. 

I find it interesting when they were asked about what they have in common. I don’t know if they spoke basic things such as they’re being roommates or about their dark skin because they really don’t have much things in common or because this is, somehow, an intimate question. Any of these explanations is acceptable, because if the first one is the correct answer, it shows how two people can be close without having necessarily tastes in common or similar personalities. Jongin is a deep, funny and optimistic person while Kyungsoo is mysterious and more reserved, but the interaction between them just flows in a natural way. There is a click between them, which contines to exist, even with the haters hate. And that’s not something you see in many couples out there, especially inside EXO. It is something worthy of admiration, in my opinion.

Returning to the question about their couple name, I need to say how I love the way they handle it. Kaisoo / Kadi is a popular ship in Korea, but both of them carry the entire interview naturally, without forcing anything. Kyungsoo told about the popular name and Jongin even joked about it because he prefers Dika more for reminding him of Digital Kamera! They seem comfortable, as if being close to each other is the most normal thing in the world. One more reason that makes me think that this couple wasn’t created just for fan service, tbh.

I loved the part where they talk about the start of their friendship! It was super sincere and adorable at the same because Jongin admitted (had no choice) to Kyungsoo that he was scared of him, but after all the misunderstandings between them were explained, Jongin opened himself to Kyungsoo and told about they having coffee together every day. EVERY DAY!

Maybe he overreacted a little (I can’t know about that), but regardless, we all know how much Jongin hates coffee. He has spoken and demonstrated this in many ocasions now.

Thus, how he accepted have coffee with Kyungsoo even if it’s something he hates? And see Kyungsoo stating that he watched Jongin before their friendship start is very interesting too, because it was said at another time that Kyungsoo didn’t look at Jongin when they were standing next to each other.

Click here to see the full gifset.

So, I conclude that Kyungsoo was embarassed of Jongin at first and watched him discretly.  You know when you see the person that calls your attention and you look at her, but when she notices your presence or is near you, you look away? I think it was this was what happened between Kaisoo before they become closer. Not necessarily in a crush way, but maybe in a impressive way. I don’t know. You can interpret this how you want.

A respectful pause to comment a little about Kaisoo talking about their roommate rules and blaming Chanyeol in the process because their room was messy. And Jongin’s whining so much at Kyungsoo, like “It’s Chanyeol’s fault. He’s the messy one, not me.”

The part where they talk about Kyungsoo’s drama is one of my favorites. Really. I really think Jongin haven’t seen the drama at all, maybe only the parts that Kyungsoo appeared and, that’s why Jongin didn’t know the movie’s title. I think Kyungsoo knows it too, but just the fact that Jongin remember what happened in the movie, left Kyungsoo with mixed expressions of happiness and surprise on his face. And when asked Jongin’s opinion about it, he said he was sad, though proud to see his hyung (and also the other EXO members) acting, gave me the feeling that he really cares about Kyungsoo to notice the parts that other people are beating him up, even if it’s in fiction.

In my opinion, the most intimate moment of this interview happened when Kyungsoo asked which restaurant he would like to take Jongin. I had this impression because, while they’re talking, Kyungsoo lowered his voice when answered to Jongin, even with they in the middle of a interview with a lot of cameras and mics. But the intention was to share this information with Jongin only and probably this wasn’t a big deal, but I think this moment summarizes well Kaisoo ship because even in front of the fans, they have some facts or interactions they want to keep away from the general public. And needless to comment on the pinky promise, it was very cute!

From this point, we see Kyungsoo and Jongin  praising each other until the end of the interview. Especially the part where they have to speak some talent that makes them jealous of the other. Honestly, to me, they seemed more proud than with envy or jealousy. Mostly Jongin, the most open of the two to talk about the things he likes about Kyungsoo. Who saw the interview with Chen and Jongin knows that he also spoke to Chen that he was “the best singer of Korea and was excited when he heard him sing” (basically the same thing that spoke to Kyungsoo). Only Jongin was really honest when he talked about Kyungsoo. First, because of his tone. The characteristic laugh he makes sometimes didn’t appear on his face when talked about his precious hyung and, besides, all Kaisoo shippers out there can remember at least one moment where Jongin gets starstruck when he hears Kyungsoo singing.

Jongin before Kyungsoo starts singing.

Jongin after Kyungsoo starts singing (he stays like this until the end)

This is a memorable moment one of my favorites. That’s because, by the time Kyungsoo starts singing, it was like Jongin had been hit by a spell. He seems so mesmerized by Kyungsoo’s voice that he can’t even blink!

Kyungsoo also seemed honest in talking about how he feels impressed with Jongin’s dance moves. He even said in other opportunity that he would fall for him if he were a girl after seeing him dance.

kyungsoo’s reaction to jongin’s solo, link for the gifset here.

This gif explains very well this context. Kyungsoo can’t stop looking at Jongin’s dance and he looked so impressed and proud. But it isn’t the first time Kyungsoo acts like this. You can find a lot of another moments around here if you’re not convinced I was too lazy to look for more, I’m sorry.

Regarding their comment about Jongin teaching Kyungsoo a choreography, I have a theory about it that came into my mind even before this interview. Basically, the choreography Jongin taught Kyungsoo was the one he danced on “Deep Breath” performances prepared by Jongin himself.But I’m being randomly now, so I’ll stop talking about it if anyone has curiosity can ask me to do a post better preparing this part.

There are other things I’d like to point out before finishing this post, which are basically:

1. Their body language similarities during the whole interview

2. The way their bodies were discretly tilted towards each other;

3. Jongin’s voice tone while speaking to Kyungsoo. It’s nothing new but it reminded me a lot the way he spoke to/about Taeoh like he was the most precious thing on Earth;

4. How Kyungsoo was delighted, cheerful and sincere all the time.

As I said earlier, this interview shows why Kaisoo otp is so popular. They show different sides of each other when they are together, tolerate, respect each other’s differences and personalities, they see the qualities that the other has and compliment each other without being fake, the way they tease each other, and, above all, how the don’t to do skinship all the time to prove how much they like each other and, for me, this is the basis of a real and healthy relationship between two human beings.