also doctor who is on tonight

fellow londoners stay safe!!! there is an ongoing terrorist incident in westminster, which is in lockdown!!! thoughts with the police officer injured at houses of parliament and the members of the public involved in the car incident on westminster bridge. awful, awful news

UPDATE: police are working on the asumption that there was one attacker who drove the car into pedestrians at westminster bridge and then ran to the houses of parliament where he stabbed a police officer. he was shot, however the police officer sadly died from his injuries at the scene. two people were also killed at westminster bridge and dozens were injured, some severely. while there no longer appears to be an active threat, uk maintains the highest level of terror alert (as it has for months) and so please remain safe & vigilante if you are in the central london area tonight and in the coming days. please also spare a moment to think about the incredibly brave first respondents and emergency staff who put themselves at risk to protect the public. the police officer died protecting your elected representatives and the democratic institutions in this country. just let that sink in. massive shoutout also to NHS staff and those brave doctors and nurses from guy’s hospital who ran into danger at westminster bridge to help people. absolute heros the lot of them. so big up to everyone saving lives in london today. THANK YOU! 👏👏👏
Class on BBC America

ok so if youre following me and haven’t watched class already, i wouldn’t blame you if you just looked away from the title lmao, i am quite forceful when it comes to this

ANYWAY, as most of you probably know already, the new series of doctor who premieres on bbc america tonight at 9/8c (if you’re in the small minority who doesn’t just download it illegally when it comes out in the uk), and that’s awesome!! but before you’re tempted to switch off your tv immediately and scream on social media - there is a new show starting straight after, and you should really watch it

class is a spin-off of doctor who set at coal hill school, with a torchwood-like premise in that there is a tear in space and time which attracts a bunch of aliens. the cast is HUGELY diverse - there’s a black girl who is super intelligent and skipped two school years, but is still vulnerable and cares deeply about her family (and calls out another character on his alien racist attitudes); a sikh boy who talks about his religion, and loses a leg in the first episode and has to get used to using a prosthetic, and a gay polish character who deals with homophobia, but that isn’t his entire character. the only two white males are in a gay relationship, and there are two interracial relationships as well.

also it’s not written by moffat if that helps - its written by YA author patrick ness who’s written stuff like a monster calls, more than this, the rest of us just live here, etc.

HOWEVER, at the moment, due to lack of advertising from the bbc, only being shown online and being given a shitty time slot when it actually was shown on bbc one, it is very low on viewing figures, and in danger of not being renewed for a second season. at the moment, the bbc haven’t made a decision, and it entirely depends on how well it does in america - so it’s crucial that you watch it!! even if you don’t want to actually watch the show, at least leave your tv on after dw, to boost the viewing figures. posting about in online, specifically twitter and instagram since those are the only ones the bbc care about, would also help a lot, and signing the petition for season two (that i can’t link right now as im on mobile)

(the characters i didn’t mention are brilliant as well - there’s a girl who seems like a typical hufflepuff at the start but then becomes probably the second most badass character in the show, gay alien prince who’s socially awkward and adorable but also super morally grey and pretty much a slave owner, and although he doesn’t think so he gets called out on it a lot, and an alien freedom-fighter physics teacher who has hilarious lines but also a really complex personality and backstory and gets a shit ton of character development. she’s my fave. i love her a lot.)

tl;dr: class is on bbc america tonight at 10/9c (after dw), its really good, watch it or it won’t get a second season and i’ll cry


Let me remember just for a week. Just a week. Okay, well, just for tonight. Just one night. Come on, let me have some good dreams for once. Okay. Do what you’ve got to do, but imagine, just imagine how it would feel if someone did this to you.

Stronger- Theo imagine

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Anonymous said:

Can you do a teen wolf imagine where the reader gets bullied and Theo defends her and turns her into a chimera?

A/N: Currently catching up with teen wolf and have fallen for Theo all over again xx

Words: 1731

“I’ve really enjoyed tonight, I hope you also had a good time” dean spoke softly, his fingers running across your cheek bone down to your lips. You blushed and nodded your head shyly in response. Dean was one of the ‘populars’ and also part of a group of people who seemingly hated you. He had the choice of any girl in beacon hills high, yet he had chosen to go out with you. You were flattered and a tad hesitant but the fact someone like him could like you, gave you confidence in yourself.

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Favorites on

Sorry I didn’t get this posted last night as promised, but when I was about halfway through, the post disappeared. It literally disappeared. So I had to start over. At 10:30pm. So… that’s why its here now and wasn’t last night. Thanks for your patience!  As with the previous list for AO3, on a scale of 1-10, these all rate 11 or higher. Click on the titles to go directly to the fic. Authors are linked to their profile on ff. Most of the authors are on tumblr and their tumblr pages are tagged at the bottom of the post. All of the names written here are their names on ff, not necessarily the same as their tumblr names. All of these are complete unless otherwise noted. Hope you enjoy!

From So Much Tea, Kings and Queens is a modern AU where Killian and Emma are actors on the same tv show. WIP 25 ch so far. Rated T

From flslp87, The Beach House is a modern AU based on the movie The Lake House. Can Emma and Killian overcome their separation by time to find their happy ending? 19 ch, rated T

From A Whisper of Grace, Breathe Out (So I Can Breathe You In) is a canon-divergent where Killian is under a sleeping curse, but TLK has a twist. Rated M, 3 ch. 

From blowmiakisscolin, Your Case or Mine is a modern AU loosely based on Criminal Minds. WIP with 3 ch so far, rated M.

From Cynthia03, The Usual Story is a modern AU with a meet cute, Boss!Killian/Employee!Emma. Rated M, 23 ch.

From SpartanGuard, A Rose in the Deeps of My Heart is a CS AU where Killian is an imortal fae. 5 ch, rated T.

From PetiteCafe, A Friendly Wager is a canon-divergent in season 2 where Emma and Killian make a bet. 4 ch, rated M.

From Scheherezade06, Ten Hours is a canon-divergent 2 shot from season 2 where Emma owes Killian 10 hours. Rated M.

From Slimac, Gold Medal T-Shirt is an Olympics AU, 2 shot, rated K.

From SmeetheRat, Payback Has Its Rewards is a canon-divergent from season 3. Emma realizes that Hook has been keeping watch over her at night and she decides to give him a show. Rated M 1 shot.

From xerxesrises, Wrecked is a season 4 canon-divergence where Killian is the only one who can save Emma from the incubus invading her dreams. 20 ch, rated M.

From PoeticJustice96, Legend of the Phoenix is a soulmates AU WIP that will be completed this Monday. It will have 20 ch. Rated T.

From once-in-a-life-time1, The Swan and The Scribe is a modern AU in which Killian is a writer with writers block, until he starts to write the story of himself and his beautiful neighbor, Emma Swan. 24 ch, rated M.

From TheGladElf, An Open Heart is an Open Wound is a canon-divergent season 1 fic with Cursed!Killian. WIP with 9 ch so far, rated T.

From Dancing Doula, An Age Cannot Sate Love is a canon-divergent, time travel fic in which Emma is sent back and meets Killian before he becomes Captain Hook. Will she be able to preserve the timeline so that he can someday find her? Rated T, 39 ch.

From Kjb2609, Hold the Elevator is a Modern AU 5 ch 1 shot that had me grinning from beginning to end. Featuring a meet cute with Rock Star!Killian. Rated K+.

From Las-Botas, Treacherous is a historical fiction AU WIP set after WWII. Emma is undercover to bring down escaped Nazis. 14 ch so far, 2 more left. Rated M.

From Optimistic Girl, The Not So Neighborly Noise is a Modern AU neighbors 2 shot. Rated M.

From killians-dimples

 Hey Santa is a Christmas AU 1 shot in which Henry calls in to Killian’s radio station with his Christmas wish, a boyfriend for his mom. Rated K+. 

Put Me In Coach, I’m Ready to Play is a modern AU where playboy shortstop Killian Jones makes PR Director Emma Swan’s job harder. WIP with 5 ch so far, rated T.

From lenfaz

The Pirate Chef is a modern AU in which producer Emma is being forced to work with the networks rising star. 8 ch, rated M.

Of Thieves, Smugglers, and Reformed Hearts is a modern AU where Granny takes in reformed thieves and smugglers to help them get back on their feet. 6 ch, rated T.

From OnceUponSomeChaos

Leaving Neverland is a canon-divergent from 3x9 where Emma asks Hook to help her forget her nightmares. 7 ch, rated M. And its sequel Missing Pieces picks up immediately after Leaving Neverland. WIP with 15 ch so far, rated M.

From Alexandra Lyman

Between Heaven and Hell is an Angel!Emma/Demon!Killian fic. WIP 18 ch so far, rated M.

Liner Notes is a modern AU with Rock Star!Killian/Actress!Emma. 4 ch, rated T.

From Hooks-and-Happy-Endings

Her Master and Commander is a CS AU in which Hook buys himself a pleasure slave for his long voyage ahead. WIP with 11 ch so far, rated M.

Bless Me, Captain is a somewhat canon-divergent AU that utilizes Dr. Jekyll’s serum with elements of season 1. Priest!Killian WIP with 8 ch so far, rated M.

The Crooked Hook is a canon-divergent 1 shot in which Hook visits Emma for payback for leaving him at the top of the beanstalk. Rated M.

From PhiraLovesLoki

Rescue Me is a modern AU 1 shot featuring a fake dating app. Rated K+.

The Fix-It-Sisters is a Modern AU in which Emma and Mary Margaret help Killian remodel his home for their tv show. 3 ch, rated T.

Capture the Flag is a CS AU in which Emma is roped into a competitive match of capture the flag. Rated T 1 shot.

From Lizzyc807

Cafe Love is a modern AU where Killian has just moved to town to help his brother and sister-in-law open their new cafe, right across the street from Emma’s family’s cafe. WIP with 18 ch so far. Rated K.

Where There’s Smoke There’s Fire is a firefighters AU. 31 ch, rated M.

From Wordsmith-Storyweaver

His Dark Beauty is a CS AU in which Emma is brought to Killian’s manor to tutor his daughter. 28 ch, rated M.

Bean There (Brewed That) is a coffee shop AU. 5 ch, rated T.

I Die Anyway is a LieutenantDuckling AU in which Killian saves Emma from marrying Neal. 3 ch, rated M.

From Rhianna-Aurora

Come Unstuck is a modern 1 shot AU where Emma is set up on a blind date by David and M&M. Rated M.

Butterfly is a canon-divergent 1 shot. If small changes to the past can have devastating consequences, what if there’s a big change? Rated T.

Second Star to the Right is a CS AU based on the Tarot’s Major Arcana. 22 ch, rated M.

From shipping-goggles

Rude Awakening is a modern AU 1 shot. Neighbors AU with a twist. Rated T. And its sequel Some Sort of Neighborly is a WIP with 7 ch so far. Rated M.

The Laws of Attraction is a modern AU 1 shot, rated M that is a prequel for Guilty, Your Honor. Lawyers AU with 7 ch. Also rated M.

From Hookedonapirate

Toilet Paper, Tampons, and the Hot Guy in the Checkout Lane is a modern AU 1 shot. Rated T and is a prequel to Sweaters, Lingerie, and Sex in the Fitting Room. Also a 1 shot, rated M.

Sweet Salutations is a modern AU in which Killian is the new deputy in town and he is quite smitten with the sheriff’s daughter who owns a bakery across the street from the station. 20 ch, rated M.

Tangled Up in Blue is a Doctor/Patient modern AU. WIP with 13 ch so far. Rated M.

From Katrina

Just Tonight is a modern AU in which Emma and Killian don’t realize the depths of love they have for one another. 5 ch, rated T. And its sequel Just Forever, a rated K+ 1 shot.

Glimpses of Love and Affection is a canon-divergent fic with each chapter a different letter of the alphabet. Rated T, 26 ch. And its sequel No Quarter is a WIP with 6 ch so far. Rated T.

From amagicalship

Parley is a CS EF AU in which Deckhand!Killian is below deck when Captain Emma Swan commanders Blackbeard’s ship. 4 ch, rated M.

If You Can’t Take the Heat is a modern AU 1 shot where Michelin critic Killian Jones is impressed by restaurant owner Emma Swan. Rated T.

Once Upon a Dream (I Knew You) is a CaptainDuckling AU. What happens when the notorious Captain Hook crashes a royal ball? 7 ch, rated M.

Take My Breath Away is a Top Gun AU. 1 shot, rated M.

I Do, I Always Do is a canon-divergent set in Camelot. 1 shot, rated M.

These Paths Our Hearts Wander is a canon-divergence from 3x10. Her take on the Killian/Emma/Neal triangle. 5 ch, rated K+.

and finally, our last featured author,

From EmilyBea

Within Your Ocean Eyes is a historical AU set in the 1800′s. Pirate!Killian. 22 ch, rated M.

Wedded Bliss and Asterisks is a modern AU in which Emma is an up and coming wedding dress designer and Killian is a magazine editor. WIP with 9 ch so far, rated M.

Accidentally on Purpose is a modern AU married in Vegas fic. 15 ch, rated M.

To See You This Way is a modern AU where Emma is a physician and Killian is a best selling author. 12 ch, rated M.

Souvenirs is a modern AU where Killian tracks Emma down after 1 night with her. 14 ch, rated M.

Hope Springs is a modern AU where when Ruby comes home from vacation married to Liam Jones, Emma meets Killian. 20 ch, rated M.

Lifted By Love is a modern AU where the group of girls meet a group of guy on a ski vacation. 8 ch, rated M.

Sorry again for not getting this out yesterday. I finished typing it up a 2am with no links yet. I hope you enjoy all these as much as I have! Go follow these ladies on ff and/or tumblr! Come talk to me and flail with me!

Tagging all the authors mentioned who are on tumblr. @artandteaandstuff, @shipping-goggles, @hookedonapirate, @flslp87, @seriouslyhooked, @alexandralyman, @blowmiakisscolin, @hooks-and-happy-endings, @dancingdoula44, @killians-dimples, @killians-sex-hair, @lenfaz, @lizzyc807shipscaptainswan, @optomisticgirl, @phiralovesloki, @wordsmith-storyweaver, @legendofthephoenixcs, @xerxesrises, @amagicalship, @onceuponsomechaos, @thegladelf, @bromfieldhall, @spartanguard

hold up

the TARDIS is a phone booth
but she’s also a super intelligent sentient being

was the TARDIS the first smart phone?

Doctor Who season 10 fan fiction

It’s no secret I’m super-excited about how season 10 is shaping up, and that I’m all keyed up for tonight’s episode!

But I’m excited for another reason too. I’ve set myself an ambitious goal for this season that I want to share with you guys, because I might need a few cheerleaders along the way.

I’ve outlined a 12 or 13 part story to go alongside season 10. It will tie in with each episode and also have a mystery and story of its own. It will have elements of meta in it too, integrated into the narrative.

I think it would be cool to post it every weekend, or if I don’t quite make the weekend because * life * then certainly the start of the next week.  

It’s a bit of a gamble, as I can’t know where the season will take us, but it should be fun, especially if readers give me feedback on what I’ve done and how things might link back to the show. 

Let the fan fic fest commence! 

Read part one here and follow this blog for updates and exact timings on when I post new chapters.

…so i actually rly enjoyed doctor who tonight

I’m Crippled

Prompt: #25 and #27

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Being in love with a doctor is one thing. But being in love with a crippled egotistical ass who also happens to be a doctor is a completely different thing. Being head over heels in love with him makes you stay up at night wondering if he’ll be home and if when he gets home he’ll be happy, wore out or grumpy. Many nights it’s the latter of the three. But some nights like tonight, when it’s been a long week and you’ve hardly seen him, he’ll bring home a single rose and some chocolate and kiss you on the forehead telling you he’s missed you. Then you curl up together on the bed, cuddled up together or he’ll sit at the piano and play a soft melody that would lull you to sleep on the bench next to him. Tonight was one of those nights.

           “Hey, hey…. Wake up!” he whispered yelled as you slowly came into consciousness. “Yes House?” you said tiredly. “You need to get up, I can’t carry you to bed,” he gestured to his leg, “cripple you see,” he smirked and poked you with the cane. You giggled and got up, following him to the room. You laid on the bed, already in bed clothes, and watched him. You loved the way he moved, you loved the way he had such high confidence in himself. He looked at you, “like what you see?” you laughed at him and patted the bed next to you, “come on you old cripple and get into bed” he scoffed and sat down next to you. “Is that anyway to talk to a cripple,” a beautiful smile graced his features something you seen too little of. And when you did see it, it made your heart flutter. He fell asleep before you, you knew he would, he always did. You were restless tonight, thinking about things. He was a man of little words and believed actions proved much more. He was a man of actions, sweet touches, and soft kisses to you neck when you stood at the stove cooking supper. Or when he would drop his cane and hold you tightly for support and comfort. How h would nuzzle his nose into your hair and take in your scent. You knew in all these little actions he was telling you he loved you. You knew you made him happy and if he wasn’t telling you Wilson certainly was he.

He threw you a dinner party once because House went to work in a good mood. You knew that you were his recovery from Stacy. You knew at first House was using you for that, that he believed that he would never get over her and he would never love a person again. By looking at his history, you couldn’t help but believe it either. But when you got sick and they couldn’t figure out was wrong, and House actually believed he would lose you, you knew then that he was yours and he had actually fallen in love with you. You rolled over and touched him, stirring him awake. “It’s 3am, what do you want?” he asked groggily. “I love you” you whispered at him sweetly. He smiled, “I love you too,” he kissed you lightly on the lips, “I love you a lot Y/N.” He kissed you again.

@pillie-biper10​ tagged me, and I think it’s very appropriate with some new New Who comin on my telly tonight.

Classic or New: Both. While I do love me some RTD Who, I’ve been slowly going through Classic and it is just as special. I’ve seen all there is of One and Two (P Troughton is a cutie patootie, y’all, and I hope Harry, his grandson, gets to play the Doctor), seen quite a bit of Three, all of Four (his final series is my FAAAAAV), and only some of Five, Six, and Seven (which I need to remedy badly because I LOVE Six). I’m also going through Big Finish’s Eight audios, and I’m up to Caerdroia. Neverland/Zagreus pretty much rocked my socks.

Fav Doctor: Ten/too

Worst Doctor: I don’t think there is a Worst Doctor™. I think there is poor writing, and I’ll not blame the actor/character for it. That said, I just can’t get into Eleven. It’s nothing on Matt Smith because some of his quirks are endearing, but the story lines didn’t really do anything for me, except for Rings of Akhaten, and the only reason I care for the 50th special is because of John Hurt. The War Doc literature (novel/audios) is SOOOOO very good.

Fav Companion: Rose

Worst Companion: Again, I don’t think there is a Worst Companion™. It comes down to the writing and not the actor. That said, I’m not into the story of the Ponds (including their daughter).

Top 5 Episodes: Aaaaaaaahhhhh, not sure I can do this. :( I’ll try my best. To make up for this being so difficult, I’ll not number my list. Yes, they are all Ten. Sorry.

42Partners in CrimeTooth and ClawMidnightTurn Left/Stolen Earth/Journey’s End (because whatever else happens in canon, the Doctor and Rose are happy forever in Pete’s World, and that’s all that matters to me)

Any DVDs: Series 1, 2, 3, 4, DT Specials, 8, 9 (on Amazon)

Fav Moment: 

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Scariest Moment: It’s a tie between when I watched Blink and the Library episodes for the first time. Never mind that the Weeping Angels aren’t scary in the show anymore.

Saddest Moment: 

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Missing Episode you want: Not necessarily an episode, but a scene: the conversation between Ten and Rose in between the Age of Steel and Idiot’s Lantern about what happened in GitF/moving forward. But then again, the lack of this scene has spawned sooooo many good fics (I’ve written one myself, and am currently working on another).

Alternatively, I’d donate my left kidney to rewrite Girl in the Fireplace according to this post.

I’d also love to see some young!Doctor at the academy audios from Big Finish. 

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On the Tenth Day of Christmas, the Doctor Gave to Me...

Requested Anonymously. This was requested before Thanksgiving. For the lateness of this fill, I am very sorry.

For the sake of this imagine, you’re going to have to let go of reality a little bit more than you already have and imagine that you have a large, overbearing, nosy family. For some of you, I’m sure this shouldn’t be too difficult (and maybe completely accurate to your real life), and for the rest of you, you are very lucky not to have this be your life, because I know what having that sort of family is like.

You opened the door of your parents’ home.

You immediately regretted it.

Firstly, your mother was all over you. And, yes, you missed your mother, but really, could she not smother you the second you walked in the door? She couldn’t wait for your boyfriend to let himself in?

Boyfriend. The Doctor. He wasn’t really your boyfriend, no way, but your family had been pressuring you to settle down and the Doctor had bravely offered himself as a blood sacrifice to the ravenous relationship-gossip-eaters known as your family. You had warned him against it, telling him of the great peril that was your family’s Altar of Christmas Dinner, but he laughed at danger. Neither of you would be laughing when the day was over. You were sure of that.

Your mother must have caught sight of the Doctor over your shoulder, because you were suddenly swept aside to be hugged by your father while your mother descended, vulture-like, onto your fake boyfriend. The Doctor flailed and made an admirable effort at resisting, but resistance was futile. Your mother, once in possession of something she liked, would not let go until she was good and ready.

“His name is John,” you said, and the Doctor just called you sweetheart and laughed at all your jokes and managed to make himself look completely infatuated with you. You hadn’t realized what a good actor he was. Although, you thought, maybe he’s overdoing it a bit.

The day went by in a blur of wrapping paper and desserts and small children. The Doctor, you discovered, was a smash with the kids, and he managed to keep them off of you for the majority of the day. You let one sit on your lap as a kind of armor against your family: no one would talk relationship stuff over the head of an impressionable six-year-old. Not that no one tried to, but you would shake your head and point at the kid on your lap and give the intruding family member your best how-dare-you-talk-about-such-things-in-front-of-the-children expression. It worked rather well.

That same child betrayed you by asking the Doctor if he would marry you. And the Doctor betrayed you by saying:

“Of course I’m gonna marry her! I love her!”

And that hurt your heart a little (a lot) more than it should have.

You should have expected it (you really should have), but you were taken by surprise when you and the Doctor were about to leave and your mother, that meddlesome creature, managed to maneuver both you and the Doctor under a sprig of mistletoe. Whether you expected it (you didn’t), or not (that’s more like it), you panicked. The Doctor was a cool cucumber and, with a smile far too wide for his smug, handsome face (your thoughts, not mine), he swept you into a kiss that wasn’t what you would consider appropriate for the eyes of children. Or the eyes of anyone, for that matter. This was a very X-rated kiss. On the mouth. How could a simple mouth-on-mouth kiss be X-rated?

With lots and lots of tongue, of course.

And part-way through this monumental kiss, at about the part when you started having difficulties with your oxygen levels, you realized that the Doctor wasn’t really that good of an actor. And you also realized that, if the Doctor wasn’t that good of an actor, then there had been a lot of truth revealed tonight. And that meant that this kiss was really, really something.

When the Doctor’s lips left yours, you smiled like you never had before.

He leaned down to whisper in your ear: “Do that again when we’re back at the TARDIS?”

Well, of course, you thought, and you told him just as much.

Tonight a customer also called me and told me she wanted to talk to our pet trainer (who was off today anyway but) because her daughter had overdosed her dog on deworming meds and when I told her that’s an emergency vet situation she told me “a vet isn’t an option, you people should know what to do”.

No, that’s like calling CVS because you took too much nyquil and then getting mad when they tell you to go to the doctor. Retail employees are not veterinarians and I don’t know where people get this idea. Or why she wanted to talk specifically to the pet trainer.

Real talk I’m excited for New Who tonight, but it’s also bittersweet because I know we are leading into Christmas and it will be the first time I have to watch My Doctor regenerate with no idea what’s next.

I was a Wilderness Years fan and 8 was My Doctor before any other. See, I never had to watch him die in order for the show to progress. I had to watch him be IGNORED for 17 years to the point that seeing his regeneration actually made me feel happy and validated, but his departure was never an essential thing standing between us and the future of the show.

I have cried during every regeneration because I love and will miss every Doctor. I will love and accept 13 unquestioningly whoever they are. But this is just… I’ve been a fan for half my life and even after seeing every regeneration we still have access to, it’s the first time it’s truly going to hurt.

Right now I’m comforting myself with the idea that now we maybe have a better chance of bringing Capaldi to ReGen. Where, you know, I can do what I love doing and show him how much the fans appreciate him via our work. And telling myself that I’ve gotta at least for now put aside what I know is coming because he and Moffat and Pearl and Matt and everyone worked SO HARD to make this an amazing season for the fans. So I want to enjoy every last bit of it.

I guess what I’m saying is please don’t think just because I’m A Classic Fan and work in the industry that I don’t get how a lot of you feel. I do and I’m right there with you. I’m just keeping it together so I can do right by this awesome guy and appreciate the season he worked so hard on.

anonymous asked:

I need help in feeling better, feeling down. Can you possibly do a short of that Tardis entrance, but with Clara instead? Maybe it could even be Oswin who got to come aboard, it was Twelve instead. I need to have him say she's safe with him in there. I know I seem silly, yeah?

I’m sorry you’re feeling down, but just remember - we get some new DW tonight :D
Also I’ve sort of written something a while back that features a scene like the one you asked for. The fic is called The Doctor’s Secret

Art Requests!

I’ll be taking art requests tonight and tomorrow. I’ll do most of them (if I get little I will do them all most likely) I’m doing this so people can see my art styles/the way I draw for the future. This account is very small but I’d like to meet some new people. Anonymous requests are also aloud.

Things I won’t draw:
Smut//I’m still working on that
Complicated armor or mechs
Kissing or anything with characters being very close/// I’ll draw these in the future. I’m not very good at it so eh

I will be doing paper art work because I do not have anything digital to work with.

Thank you!!

If you’d like me to draw any Oc’s that you own, submit or describe it. Thanks!