also doctor who is on tonight

hold up

the TARDIS is a phone booth
but she’s also a super intelligent sentient being

was the TARDIS the first smart phone?

I’m Crippled

Prompt: #25 and #27

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Being in love with a doctor is one thing. But being in love with a crippled egotistical ass who also happens to be a doctor is a completely different thing. Being head over heels in love with him makes you stay up at night wondering if he’ll be home and if when he gets home he’ll be happy, wore out or grumpy. Many nights it’s the latter of the three. But some nights like tonight, when it’s been a long week and you’ve hardly seen him, he’ll bring home a single rose and some chocolate and kiss you on the forehead telling you he’s missed you. Then you curl up together on the bed, cuddled up together or he’ll sit at the piano and play a soft melody that would lull you to sleep on the bench next to him. Tonight was one of those nights.

           “Hey, hey…. Wake up!” he whispered yelled as you slowly came into consciousness. “Yes House?” you said tiredly. “You need to get up, I can’t carry you to bed,” he gestured to his leg, “cripple you see,” he smirked and poked you with the cane. You giggled and got up, following him to the room. You laid on the bed, already in bed clothes, and watched him. You loved the way he moved, you loved the way he had such high confidence in himself. He looked at you, “like what you see?” you laughed at him and patted the bed next to you, “come on you old cripple and get into bed” he scoffed and sat down next to you. “Is that anyway to talk to a cripple,” a beautiful smile graced his features something you seen too little of. And when you did see it, it made your heart flutter. He fell asleep before you, you knew he would, he always did. You were restless tonight, thinking about things. He was a man of little words and believed actions proved much more. He was a man of actions, sweet touches, and soft kisses to you neck when you stood at the stove cooking supper. Or when he would drop his cane and hold you tightly for support and comfort. How h would nuzzle his nose into your hair and take in your scent. You knew in all these little actions he was telling you he loved you. You knew you made him happy and if he wasn’t telling you Wilson certainly was he.

He threw you a dinner party once because House went to work in a good mood. You knew that you were his recovery from Stacy. You knew at first House was using you for that, that he believed that he would never get over her and he would never love a person again. By looking at his history, you couldn’t help but believe it either. But when you got sick and they couldn’t figure out was wrong, and House actually believed he would lose you, you knew then that he was yours and he had actually fallen in love with you. You rolled over and touched him, stirring him awake. “It’s 3am, what do you want?” he asked groggily. “I love you” you whispered at him sweetly. He smiled, “I love you too,” he kissed you lightly on the lips, “I love you a lot Y/N.” He kissed you again.

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do you think clarke put marcus's name on the list? because he isn't in arkadia but what would that mean when the radiation and black rain comes? if he goes back to arkadia will he not be part of that group? or will they add him? or did she account for him even though he isn't there?

Looks like he didn’t end up on the list, which I think makes some logical sense (Jaha is an engineer and Abby is a doctor so they have practical skills  AND ALSO they could be chancellor, whereas as Clarke mentioned in tonight’s episode, they don’t need a ton of guards).  I feel like adding Octavia, who has ZERO practical indoor skills (it’s not like they’ll have a great need for her as a rider, scout, hunter, or professional murderer while trapped inside the Ark for five years), and NOT adding Kane is a little weird, because that kind of feels like she basically just added Octavia for Bellamy’s sake, and didn’t do that for her own mom? But also I wonder what’s going to happen when Kane and/or Abby find out Kane wasn’t on the list, even though the list has kind of been dispensed with as a plot point by now.  I could see this being the cause of the “turbulence” in the Clarke/Abby relationship that we heard Eliza mention.

The only downside about going to bed tonight is knowing that when I wake up tomorrow it’s gonna be to my nearly empty coffee creamer container because I got out of rehearsal so late that the store was closed so I couldn’t pick up a new one. Also, little to no milk. 

If you didn’t hear, there’s a shiny new game coming out in September called LEGO Dimensions and good news: Peter Capaldi, Jenna Coleman, and Michelle Gomez will be voicing their Doctor Who characters in it! To celebrate, LEGO hosted an event tonight where they introduced a whole bunch of cool things about this game and in case you missed any of it, here are some highlights: 

  • Want to be one of the first people to play the new game? Head on over to the event that LEGO will be hosting all weekend! Details are over here or in that image right there.

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Also, a reminder that if you too at NYCC, stop by Empire Stage 1-E tonight at 7:45 where we will be hosting an exclusive screening of tonight’s episode Before the Flood as well as a Q&A with the writer of the episode Toby Whithouse! Details for the event can be found here

Gotham will fall. (To the Villains)

It’s a snowy day in Gotham, as Sakura Haruno walks into work. Work isn’t just a regular job, she is an assistant to one of well known doctors at Arkham Asylum. There was a rumor that Batman and Nightwing were dropping off one of the well known criminals, The Joker, tonight. Well, the rumor turned into the truth when The Joker was thrown into a cell and locked away.
It was also known in the asylum that Sakura was untouchable. She was actually nice to all of the patients and treated them with respected unlike the doctors. Poison Ivy, who oddly enough is the Joker’s younger sister, told her brother about Sakura. Mainly because he probably would have messed with her the first chance he got.

Sakura was doing her normal routine of checking up on everyone. Her heels could be hear all through the halls.

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Hello, do you have any tips for dealing with the eMOTIONS FROM TONIGHT BECAUSE OH MY GOODNESS

We’ve been told that rewatching the episode at least 5 more times, talking it out with your tumblr or irl friends, and eating a lot of ice cream usually helps!

Today I turn a quarter of a century old. The big two five; my, time does go by so quickly. Somehow 24 didn't seem like grown up; like 24 was teetering between carefree youth and pending adulthood, but suddenly another year rolls on by and that number changes, and it's as if the entire atmosphere changes with it. Being in my mid-twenties sounds scary, yet exciting all at the same time. It reminds me how delicate and precious life really is. Everything happens so fast that at times we all forget to soak in the moments as if we can get them back, but the truth is all we have are a succession of moments that come and go like shooting stars. If we blink we miss the most important part. I am no longer a little girl, but the wonders of life that amazed me at my young age will always be part of the path I take, and as the numbers on my birthday candle change to 25 a new chapter of my life takes pen to paper. The future is exhilarating. Not knowing is electrifying. Being part of this life, this era, this year, and being part of all your lives in one way or another is a gift beyond the material. I will cherish all of my moments I have collected thus far and hope to have all of you on my journey to collecting more. As Bilbo Baggins once said, quite naively, but whole heartedly, “I’m going on an adventure.” This is my adventure. I hope to have you all with me <3
A big shout-out to my waitress tonight

I had a really rough day at work, and I went to my favorite Mexican food spot near the hospital for a burrito. 

My favorite waitress was there, and we caught up (how was her baby, how was my day, etc. etc.). 

When I got my usual burrito, it was ENORMOUS. And she said “I know you had a crappy day so I told the guys back there ‘make the doctor the biggest burrito you can!’” 

And I just hugged her so hard and told her to thank everyone who’s working the line tonight because I really needed it. It reminded me that no one gets through life alone. It’s not just family and friends. It’s also the people who are in our lives in brief, frequent ways. Baristas. Bartenders. The security guard. People we know, not intimately, but with whom we are familiar. They too are cheering for us, just as we cheer for them.

She’s getting a big tip from me.

The Premiere

This is for onlyhere4olicity, my Olicity and Doctor Who friend who basically said, “Are we watching the premiere together Saturday night? Actually, that would be a good Olicity prompt.”

sleepymomma918 may also find this interesting.

I hammered this out in record time just to get it out before tonight, and I deeply apologize for any poor quality as a result. But here it is! (I’m gonna make you love the Ninth Doctor til your heart hurts if it kills me, I swear it.)

Rated G, 761 words.

Read it on ao3!

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“So,” Oliver said when he picked up the dishes to carry them to the sink. “We watching the premiere tonight? Or do you want to DVR it and go out?”

Felicity blinked. “Excuse me?”

“The Doctor Who premiere. Do you want to watch it live and avoid spoilers? Or watch it tomorrow?” He grinned at her, then walked through the swinging door into the kitchen, leaving her behind.

Felicity sat at the table for a second, processing, then followed him. He stood at the sink, bending every now and then to load something into the dishwasher, and she leaned against the counter beside him. He had a small, up-to-something grin on his face.

“What the hell are you talking about, Oliver?”

“You heard me.” The corners of his mouth tugged up a little more.

“Yeah, but…why would you want to watch it?”

“I’ve seen every episode.”

Felicity’s arms dropped, as did her jaw. “You’ve what?

Oliver pressed his lips together to keep from laughing, dropped the last bowl into the dishwasher, dried his hands and turned to look at Felicity. “I’ve seen every episode.”

“When the hell were you going to tell me that?”

“When I finished them. Took me a couple of weeks, but I finished up last night.”

Felicity moved her mouth like she was saying something, then closed it a little, shaking her head. Then she opened it, trying again, then closed it tight, shaking her head again. “You seem…confused,” Oliver said, his nostrils flaring in the effort not to laugh.

“Why did you watch Doctor Who?” she finally managed. She recrossed her arms, this time in an almost protective gesture.

“Because it’s something you love. And I figured that I love you, and you love that show, so chances were good I might love it, too. Turns out I was right. It’s really cool, I like it a lot.”

Felicity’s head jutted forward in disbelief, her eyes fluttering closed and her arms recrossing. “Are you kidding me?”

“No, I really do,” he nodded. “There were some parts and Doctors or companions or whatever I liked better than others, but all in all I really like it.”

Felicity just shook her head again, stunned, and Oliver continued. “Which brings me back to my original question. Are we watching tonight, or do you want to DVR it? I was thinking we’d order in and watch it live.”

“Hold on,” Felicity held up a hand. “I need to know, now. Did you skip Nine?”

Oliver scoffed and turned to close the dishwasher. “Of course not. He’s my favorite.”

It was Felicity’s turn to scoff. “You’re kidding.”

“Nope.” He started the dishwasher.

“But…” she said, confused. “Why Nine? Everyone loves either Ten or Eleven best.”

Oliver shrugged, turning around to lean on the counter, crossing his arms. “Not me. I like the Ninth Doctor best of all. He’s fresh from doing and experiencing terrible things so he’s kind of, I dunno, broken.” Oliver shrugged again. “I can relate.”

“Oh.” Felicity deflated a bit. That hadn’t occurred to her. Yeah, Nine would be Oliver’s Doctor, for sure.

“Doesn’t mean I didn’t like the others,” he continued. “I did. I liked all of them. Ten and Eleven were funny, and I could definitely relate when Twelve asked Clara if he was a good man.”

“So Clara’s your favorite, then? I’d have pegged you as an Amelia Pond kind of guy.”

Oliver shook his head. “No, not Amy. I liked Rory, though…the way he was so devoted to Amy was amazing. And I do like Clara. She’s a take-charge kind of girl. I like girls like that.” He winked at Felicity.

“Who was your favorite companion, then?”

“Well…” Oliver said, his lip quirked up a bit. “Rose reminded me of someone I know, too.”

Felicity looked confused again. “Who?”

“She took a broken man and made him better. He kind of hated everyone and everything, and she healed him.” He stepped forward and hooked a finger through Felicity’s belt loops, tugging her closer. “She was kind and compassionate, she was his friend. And her kindness, compassion and friendship made him better. Healed him. He fell in love with her for that, and she fell in love with him for God-knows-why.” Oliver leaned down and nuzzled Felicity’s neck. “Plus, you know, she’s blonde.”

Felicity let out a low giggle and kissed his ear. “I think she colors her hair.”

Oliver pulled back and looked her in the eyes. “Did I ever tell you I have a thing for dyed blonde hair?” Then he kissed her.

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