also do u ever just cry

uh my hand slipped while I was yelling about this


televison meme: [5/15] relationships → Brittany and Santana

↳ Some people love someone because they make them a better person, and that’s not why I love you, because you’ve always just wanted me to be myself. You’re my favourite person in the whole world. And we’re a big deal, you know, like no matter how many times we’ve tried to put our thing down and walk away from it, we can’t… Because I don’t want to live my life without my one true love. Brittany S. Pierce, will you marry me?

Why I Actually Hate the Signs + 2 good traits to redeem this post
  • Aries: why r u so competitive!!!! chill for one second!!! also y'all impatient as fuck. worst tempers of all the signs like pls chill (courageous + passionate!!)
  • Taurus: So. Fucking. Stubborn. LITERALLY SO STUBBORN!!! and also? yall are lazy af. Probably the most boring sign EVER, don't feel bad tho bc every Taurus I've ever met gives great hugs. (dependable + down to earth!!)
  • Gemini: ok y'all are just mean but I'll cut u slack bc ur basically the most hated sign. Ur too superficial tho!! and u cant keep a secret for shit!! (adaptable + witty!!)
  • Cancer: where do I START y'all are too goddamn emotional n moody!! stop crying!! too worrisome too like chill for 1 sec!! also so needy omg (creative + loving!!)
  • Leo: ATTENTION SEEKING AF!! Not everything is about u!!! Ur egos are too goddamn fragile like stop taking every negative thing personally?? I'm pretty sure y'all would wilt like a mf flower without so much attention n adoration (loyal + generous!!)
  • Virgo: y'all are so critical...not everyone is a perfectionist like u omg. so needy too especially bc they're so self critical?? Y won't y'all accept that you're good enough CHRIST!! (kind + intelligent!!)
  • Libra: SO INDECISIVE!!! that's the main thing...ur all literally so indecisive omg. Yall are too dependent on others bc u have too much fear of being abandoned and alone lol (diplomatic + charming!!)
  • Scorpio: demons!!! all y'all!! Ur jealous, sarcastic, and vindictive and KNOW IT but u don't even try to better yourselves, y'all ARE ur negative traits. (ambitious + brave!!)
  • Sagittarius: Aloof, brutally honest, FEAR OF COMMITMENT, reckless. Stop just saying what's on ya goddamn mind!! Get a filter!!! And listen to the rules for once in ur life!!! (adventurous + funny!!)
  • Capricorn: SO. PESSIMISTIC. U guys literally never take risks?? also like half of y'all are complete workaholics...chill for 1 sec omg. the main thing is ur too cautious like take a risk for once. second most boring after taurus lol (hardworking + responsible!!)
  • Aquarius: TOO FUCKING UNPREDICTABLE!! y'all will literally rebel for the sake of rebelling?? stop?? also y'all have like no sense of's bc ur so nonconformist and rebellious LMAO (independent + humanitarian!!)
  • Pisces: hooooo boy. oh man oh man y'all are so self pitying. Not as sensitive as cancer but still so fucking sensitive??? Impressionable, naive, and gullible af. (easygoing + compassionate!!)

uhhh hate to be that guy but im kinda fucking tired of how yall treat jeremy heere. u just sweep him under the rug constantly. and like, dont get me wrong, yall do that to more than just him but i shouldnt have to struggle to find content about the main character in a show; especially when im literally in his fucking tag! its ridiculous yall!!!

like i get michael is like ur precious baby or whatever but honestly? jeremy kinda went thru worse. like im not down playing what michael went thru and struggles with but one sad song abt a panic attack doesnt match up to like months of physical and emotional abuse :/ and yall r like “protect michael uwu” and shit but i dont see yall trying to protect jeremy :/

also i really hate how in like. every fic there is some big confrontation abt the bathroom incident and how terrible and tramatic it was for michael and it always ends with jeremy taking all the blame. and like. jeremy NEVER gets to speak up about his trauma or deal with it and its never acknowledged in the slightest. which is absolutely unrealistic bc that boy went thru so much shit and its genuinely not fair and its upsetting to watch yall act like he’s just Fine and Dandy. his character and recovery deserve to be explored and talked about as much as michael’s, if not more.

then there is also the weird the obession with making jeremy a jerk??? and sure he kinda did dick things to michael but they are all like, understandable. i get why he did what he did, and im not mad? im sure i would do the same thing (yall also love to ignore with the bathroom incident he was scared, drunk, like literally just sexually harassed and had been on the receiving end of abuse for a few months). but yall out there seriously trying to make him seem like the worst fucking dude to ever exist be he mad michael cry or whateverthefuck. like uhhhh why do u need to make jeremy the bad guy when the squip exists??? the literal antagonist of the show??? an unredeemable computer??? the embodiment of evil imo???

and dont even get me started on how u reduce jeremy to a character whos only traits r michael mell and jacking off. it is annoying as hell. yall focus more on noncanon traits/hcs and fucking shipping him with his best friend than u do actually looking at his chatacter. its not fucking fair and im so fucking angry. sometimes yall hand me a jeremy that i literally cannot recognize bc yall have warped his character so fucking bad. like why did u do this? why did u have to do my baby boy so dirty u dipshits!!!

anyways its like. nearing 2am and im tired and angry so im gonna wrap this up. stop overlooking jeremy heere and stop treating him like he’s gum on the bottom of ur shoe. he’s the main character. its HIS fucking story. step the fuck up yall and let him have the damn spotlight.

✰ * º ❛ more popular text posts ask meme. ❜

‘  if i’m ever murdered i hope they make the chalk outline of my body hot  ’
‘  i hope you end up ok  ’
‘  i’m crying my best  ’
‘  how fucked up would it be if an astronaut was coming back to earth and everybody hid for a bit  ’
‘  some kid just skateboarded down my street crying  ’
‘  do you ever get in an “i don’t know” phase in your life. where you literally don’t have a solid answer to anything. you. just. don’t. know.  ’
‘  i guess at this point i should just consider dating myself  ’
‘  which of the three pillars of modern music is your favourite: burnin’ up by the jonas brothers, beautiful soul by jesse mccartney, or lucky by britney spears?  ’
‘  you know my name… and also my story cause i overshare 24/7 tbh  ’
‘  @ all of u that hate mint ice cream: what happened  ’
‘  there is no doubt in my mind i’m really that bitch  ’
‘  after you hit 21, you start forgetting your age cause ain’t nothing else to look forward to, besides sweet death  ’
‘  why am i not currently in the italian countryside with a fruit plate wearing a light linen dress? unacceptable  ’
‘  hands are weird because one of them can do absolutely everything without a problem and the other one can’t even hold a spoon  ’
‘  remember to drink a fucking shit ton of water every miserable day of ur life  ’
‘  what the fuck is a good day  ’
‘  sleeping pattern: ??¿?¿??¿¿¿?¿  ’
‘  is he………you know…….*makes football throwing motion*….straight?  ’
‘  does anyone else have a resting bitch face™, but kinda enjoys looking intimidating  ’
‘  i’m not like most girls [rips off sunglasses]… i like most girls  ’
‘  time flies when u take a 2hr depression nap in the middle of the day  ’
‘  roses are red, i’m going to bed  ’
‘  u know when ur hairs greasy and it makes u feel so so so bad about urself. and ur entire life. everything is awful bc my hair is greasy  ’
‘  i’m just so glad the word “ugh” was invented  ’
‘  just another day of loving with all my heart and believing in the universe  ’
‘  you know when dogs sit outside with their face turned towards the sun and their eyes closed and they look so relaxed and when you pet them they’re warm that’s how I want to feel always  ’
‘  come into bed and listen to the rain with me  ’
‘  i hope all my girls out here r safe n being loved  ’
‘  people are so petty and then here i am, me, an angel,   ’
‘  i want to have angel wings and be kinder, braver and more tender  ’
‘  concept: a really nice italian restaurant but it’s spelled “spagooter” on the menu and the waiters won’t take your order unless you pronounce it like that  ’
‘  i want kids but i’m scared they’ll blame me if they’re ugly  ’
‘  does anyone have any tips for not thinking about it  ’
‘  “what’s a queen without her king?” well, historically, better  ’
‘  i want something that doesn’t taste like alcohol but has a lot of alcohol in it  ’
‘  i’m alive out of spite  ’
‘  the beatles wouldn’t even fucking exist if big time rush hadn’t paved the path for them so shut the fuck up  ’
‘  a bad person? who, me? that would be correct,  ’
‘  you hate me? wow u think ur hot shit and original huh well i hated me first so u can go grab a number and wait ur turn  ’
‘  my heart does a little “!” when I see you  ’
‘  i just want to say from the bottom of my heart i didn’t sign up for this shit  ’
‘  i deadass lost interest in everything. im just cruising on autopilot rn  ’
‘  still got love for some people i know i’ll never talk to again.  ’
‘  my mitochondria clearly aren’t working because this bitch has NO FUCKING ENERGY  ’
‘  y’all i get attached to people so quickly wth  ’
‘  i wonder how many strangers hate me bc of how someone else described me to them  ’
‘  for the 80th year in a row, the song of the summer is Everytime We Touch by Cascada  ’
‘  it’s weird to think that people who are 5 ft are only 5 subways long ’
‘  in alcohol’s defense i’ve done some pretty dumb shit while completely sober too  ’
‘  man this has been the worst life of my life  ’
‘  having “feelings” is ruining my reputation of being a heartless bitch  ’
‘  I Have To Be Dramatic. I Have To  ’
‘  forgive and forget?? haha no resent and remember  ’
‘  “you’re obsessed with yourself” and you’re not??? sad. tragic  ’
‘  are people becoming more annoying or am i becoming more angry  ’
‘  do my dark under eye circles and unwashed hair turn you on  ’
‘  KIDS REACT TO existentialism and the inevitability of death  ’
‘  remember to do your best to be positive with a clear mind and believe in aliens because those motherfuckers are real  ’
‘  personality: I DON’T GIVE A FUCK  ’
‘  my gender is “pretty boy”  ’
‘  what others call a rebellious phase i call the sudden realization i don’t deserve to be treated like garbage  ’
‘  what is a sex drive? where is the sex going? does it even have a license?  ’
‘  i don’t want to look “pretty” i want to look otherworldly and vaguely threatening  ’
‘  i’m not interested in being polite or heterosexual  ’
‘  do re me fa so done with you  ’
‘  ctrl alt delete feelings cause i can’t do this shit no more  ’
‘  i may seem like an asshole, but deep down i’m a good person and even deeper down i’m a bigger asshole  ’
‘  should i go back to school tomorrow or should i fling myself into the ocean  ’
‘  am i too judgemental or is everyone annoying: an autobiography by me  ’
‘  are we gonna fuckn hold hands tonight or what bitch  ’
‘  i love drunk me but i don’t trust her  ’
‘  has anyones crush ever actually worked out for them or is that a myth?  ’
‘  i say “fight me” a lot for a girl who is 5′3″ and has a hard time opening some doors because they’re too heavy  ’
‘  if i had a dollar for every time someone called me ugly i’d have 0 dollars bitch u thought lmao  ’
‘  my last words will probably be sarcastic  ’
‘  i used to be a straight a student. now i’m not even straight  ’
‘  ever wonder how different your life would be if that one thing never happened  ’
‘  single and ready to find aliens  ’
‘  it’s very important that i am both cute and powerful  ’
‘  i want to make friends but at the same time no  ’
‘  there’s a special place in hell reserved just for me, it’s called the throne  ’
‘  hi i’m here to ruin everything  ’
‘  i’m glad dogs can’t read the ‘no dogs allowed’ signs so they don’t feel sad and feel left out  ’
‘  we’re all better and gayer people than we used to be  ’
‘  every time i speak i am reminded why i should not  ’
‘  every machine is a smoke machine if you operate it wrong enough  ’
‘  i don’t know what i’m feeling but there is a lot of it  ’
‘  the rumors are true: i’m soft and i just want to be loved  ’
‘  i’m like a hexagon: all my hecks r gone  ’
‘  we all know that one person you get sexually frustrated just looking at  ’
‘  i wonder what it feels like to know what the fuck is going on  ’
‘  my kink: not having to set an alarm for the next morning  ’
‘  on the bright side, at least i am not addicted to cocaine  ’
‘  they called me stupid?? well joke’s on them i don’t even know what that means  ’
‘  i might get a lot of shit for saying this but i think it’s fun to enjoy things  ’
‘  i’m the nicest, sweetest, most rage-filled person i know  ’
‘  assert your dominance by calling your friends by their student id number  ’
‘  there she goes again, being over dramatic and by she, i mean me  ’
‘  if u don’t know how to respond to something just say ‘how dare you’  ’
‘  um that’s u’re* not ur  ’
‘  i wonder what it feels like to know what the fuck is going on  ’
‘  so sick of looking at my purse and not seeing $20,000  ’
‘  literally want to be rich for the clothes  ’
‘  me??? upset???? yes constantly  ’
‘  a good gender neutral term to use is ‘fool’  ’
‘  today’s schedule: suffer  ’
‘  my middle name is actually $$  ’
‘  don’t u hate it when u wake up and ur awake  ’
‘  i want someone who will light a fire in me  ’
‘  i want someone who will light me on fire  ’
‘  i’m too cute for 90% of the shit i go thru  ’
‘  who needs therapy when you can Realize™ things about yourself alone at 1 am  ’
‘  why is there so much blood in my alcohol system  ’
‘  no offense but i am a blessing to this earth  ’
‘  haha oops i care about you  ’
‘  they call me calcium because i give everyone strong bones  ’
‘  do you have that one person that you can’t look at when you’re trying to be mad at them because they’re so cute??  ’
‘  hi i’m here to ruin everything  ’
‘  one day i’m gonna say ‘fight me!’ and someone’s just gonna fuckin deck me  ’
‘  me? a jealous hoe? absolutely  ’
‘  it’s raining but it’s not men so what’s the point  ’
‘  i think i may be gayer than i originally planned  ’
‘  i can’t hang out tomorrow i’m too busy doing nothing alone sorry  ’
‘  me? overreacting? shit probably  ’
‘  i would like to publicly announce that i have no idea what i’m doing  ’
‘  is there a scholarship for trying  ’
‘  me?? using sarcasm as a defense mechanism??????? what?????  ’
‘  i don’t know what i’m feeling but there is a lot of it  ’
‘  i require a lot of attention or you get a lot of attitude  ’
‘  “what the fuck” is an emotion now and it’s the only one i have  ’
‘  you’re important to me, you piece of shit  ’


OKAY UHM FIRST OF ALL I BIT OFF MORE THAN I COULD CHEW, I WAS GONNA DRAW ALL OF THEM. LIKE ALL OF EVERYONES CHARACTERS, AND THEN HALF WAY THROUGH DRAWING THIS I THOUGHT TO MYSELF, HOW IN THE HELL WOULD I BE ABLE TO DO THAT? SO U  H NAH. sorry ;; these are the only characters i got done. 25 people. idk i feel kinda bad but i just dont think id be able to do such a task- so uhm ye here you go. im sorry its shit xD like its all messy,,,

vg stuff belongs to @blogthegreatrouge  also if u ever see my submission, his name is actually bob. bob is his name, not max. its bob. AND NOW THE TAGGING WILL COMMENCE

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AHHH don E


i am not a pipe dream. i’m not going anywhere. 
a playlist for andrew and neil. [listen]

tracklist + i have some things to say!!

desperado - rihanna
if you want, we could be runaways
running from any sight of love + like.. literally the rest of the song
(also i discovered this song from this fic which is an amazing band au and andreil sing this tg so!! check it out!!)

i found (acoustic) - amber run
i found love where it wasn’t supposed to be
right in front of me
(is a gay playlist even a gay playlist if this song isn’t on it lol)

shine - years & years 
i’ll recover if you keep me alive
don’t leave me behind, can you see me, i’m shining
and it’s you that i’ve been waiting to find 
(..??? how much more neil can this get)

cruel world - active child 
keep your head up, hold your head up even though
it’s a cruel world 
(when neil said it’s not the world that cruel it’s the people in it.. rb if u agree)

running with the wolves - aurora
there’s blood on your lies
disguise opened wide
there is nowhere for you to hide 

(unrelated but i’ve been listening to a remix of this song for so long w/out knowing it was a remix and when i googled the lyrics i was like wtf.. where are they.. she doesn’t say that dfgkjgfdkf)

who are you, really? - mikky ekko
who, who are you really?
and where, where are you going?
i’ve got nothing left to prove
cause i’ve got nothing left to lose
see me bare my teeth for you 
(andrew @ neil and then neil @ andrew yes?)

scary love - the neighbourhood
no one has ever cared for me
as much as you do
your love is scaring me

(I’M SAD!!!!!)

free animal - foreign air
you’re the only one that can calm me down 
my heart beats in patterns to the broken sound
(reminds me of how everyone is like neil how do u convince him!! and he’s like.. boy.. i just ask lol)

bedroom door - broods
there’s no need to disappear
i’ve got room for you in here

pluto - sleeping at last
show me where my armour ends,
show me where my skin begins
(tbh this entire song just screams andreil to me and also i cry every time i listen to it)

too good - troye sivan
too good to be good for me
too bad that that’s all i need 

(also in the fic i mentioned abt desperado.. it’s a good fic y’all)

drive - glades
i close my eyes
i don’t wanna escape
(i can’t remember if it’s canon that they go for drives or if it just happens in a lot of fics but it’s definitely something they do!!! stab me)

woke the fuck up (acoustic) - jon bellion
i realised i need you here
as desperate as that sounds

stay - zedd ft. alessia cara
all you have to do is stay
(this is literally them!!!! “stay” he said!!! STAB ME!!!!)

hostage - billie eilish
i don’t know what to do
to do with your kiss on my neck
i don’t know what feels true
but this feels right so stay a sec 

(i just wanted to put billie on my playlist lol i love her!! she’s 15!!!bitch!!!!)

that’s all thanks for coming to my ted talk

victurov  asked:

u ever think about the pops after their kids are at college and just come around to visit every once in a while and then after that when they move out and then its just the two of them again and they're just,,, a little sad the house isn't as rambunctious as it used to be but also falling more in love every day, proud of watching their boys grow up and living life and the dads!! just growin old together!! bc i do

IM NOT CRYING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YOURE CRYING

but also imagine a really quiet day, maybe it’s raining, maybe the sun’s not quite showing through a heavy brush of clouds, and the house feels more still than usual (even if it’s been still for months now, the kind of stillness that’s become the norm after years of noise and chatter and pitter-patter-’paaa!! sora broke my skateboard again!!’—and children-laughing-life) – now imagine one - or both - of the dads deciding to check out the old blog, because why not. it’s not like they ever really bothered to check on it much before, only showed up in posts because sora and roxas made them. it hasnt been updated in over a year, but they scroll through the pages and keep scrolling - only now, every post feels that much warmer, makes the growing smiles on their faces that much fonder.

and then imagine leon and cloud recording replies to a fake question or two on an inconspicuous sunday, (”so, dads, is there anything you miss about having kids at home or is the peace and quiet as sweet as they say?” “remember vanitas’s swear jar? have either of the dads ever taken any money from it, just because?”), and a couple more questions on another sunday, and more on sundays after that. they don’t tell the boys about it (because why would they?) but eventually, roxas comes across it again, the blog, and sees pages of updates, of leon and cloud replying to questions hes pretty sure theyre sending themselves, and all their replies sound more like messages for him and sora, little hey-monsters-we-miss-you hidden beneath banter. now imagine rox tearing up like YOUVE MADE ME TEAR UP

anonymous asked:

do u know any good supercorp fan fics

do i ever (these aren’t in any particular order, but they are all complete. i’ve got a whole separate rec list for wip fics if you want it)

  • Oblivious: kara danvers getting jealous of herself for getting to make out with lena is so relatable (lena dates supergirl to make kara jealous)
  • heroism is a full time job: who doesnt want to live with lena honestly??? (protective custody au)
  • the way we mend: domestic! incredible! im gonna cry! (fluff! fluff! fluff!)
  • exception: do u need some musings about love in your life? well ive got just the fic for u! (romance! romance! fluff!)
  • i’ll be there for you (in your darkest nights): fix-it fics have fixed my soul (fix-it fic)
  • I Always Want You: this made me ascend into another plane where everything is okay and life is Good and Nice and Gay (harry potter au)
  • inevitable: i cant believe kara just failed at inventing lying. i cant believe im kara (supergirl reveal fic)
  • when all is shaken: im the one shaken after this fic wow (hurt/comfort)
  • Something to Write About: this is most definitely something to write about (kinda social media au?)
  • Sunlit Honey and Lavender Sunsets: catch me screaming about this fic forever! oh my god! i love jess! i love this fic! aaah! (jess-centric fic!!!)
  • (Super)Man’s Best Friend: im the dog that kara just straight up randomly gives lena (dog fic!!)
  • such unruly heads and hearts: so um i lied this is the one wip on this list because honestly it Changed Me and literally invented the concept of love (harry potter au)
  • negotiations and commands: ever imagined what life would be like if we had gotten krypto in that pod? now u dont have to just imagine it (dog fic!!)
  • Her Brother’s Keeper: i literally cried more than five times while reading this. holy shit. im thinking about it and crying again (angst and fluff and Wow)
  • Did we do that?: theyre so cute! i cant handle it!! theyre s o c u t e!!!! (domestic)
  • no more ferris wheels: i hate ferris wheels too but i love this fic!! (strangers go to a carnival au)
  • Drunk Puppy: i also talk about lena’s eyes when im drunk so this fic really speaks to me (kara appears at lena’s office drunk)
  • For as Long as You’ll Let Me: i cant believe kara just invented support and comfort (hurt/comfort)
  • somewhere i have never travelled: this fic travelled straight into my heart and saved my life from canon supergirl (character study/au)
  • Don’t Let Her Go: protective cat grant? And supercorp? u better believe it!!! (love and cat grant that’s all i need to say)
  • Puppy Love: this fic? cured my depression, made me love dogs even more than i already do, watered my crops,, (dog fic!!!)
  • sun is gonna shine above: ive said this multiple times now but this fic also made me cry several times. and yes i cry a lot but seriously!! this fic!! is so good!! (supercorp with kids au!!)
  • Almost.: fun fact! lena luthor is a nerd who thinks about kissing kara 24/7 i cant believe this is canon (romance romance romance)
  • The Enchanted Florist: its so gay and so touching and i cried reading this one too (lena goes to a flower shop)
  • pain: look i know im ending a fic rec list with a fic named pain but i swear itll only pain u with how good it is (soulmate au)

uh unpopular opinion..

i really hate people hating on Coco for being a “ripoff of Book of life” like


i rly just dont get why disney is allowed to spew out dozens of princess movies, but the second they also make a day of the dead movie, theyre not allowed? like can there only be one????? is that the rule?? i dont see why we cant have more than just book of life bc as a deprived latinx … im rly excited for coco like i could cry..

do you ever think about the fact that you sat in front of your computer screen and watched one direction do skits, try and spectacularly fail at world record attempts, make pottery, and have a wrestling match and a runway show, and other random shit overrun with technical difficulties and a dash of jerry springer for 8 hours straight 

and then do you ever start crying when you think about how you’d literally give one of your own organs to have a 2k17 repeat

lancemcclainofficial  asked:

do u ever think abt the fact that shiro x matt can technically be called shitt and that it is a functional ship name because i do and it makes me want to cry

the name matt would truly want

matt: we’re the shitt >:D

shiro: honey, please,

HWANG MINHYUN Messy Breakup Angst


anon asked: Minhyun Angst?

(this is my first angst thing ever its not v good im sry)

Summary: Minhyun “falls ill” and cancels on one of your long awaited dates. When (Y/N) decides to surprise him, she sees Minhyun, and he sure doenst look sick.

Your boyfriend was always busy. Whether it be work, school, events, work.

It was hard for you the two of you to find a chance to be together. So, you decided to work out a system.

“What do you say, we can plan out a couple days in the month only reserved for the two of us to have time together. This way I can see u at least a little" 

"I think that’s a great idea, (Y/N)” Minhyun agreed with your suggestion and everything seemed to be going well

It was only the third “fixed date” you two were having but that morning when u lazily turned off your alarm, you saw a text light up on your phone

Minhyun: Aghh fuck im so sorry I think i just got the fever!! I won’t be able to make it to the date today, i hope you’ll forgive me? I promise I’ll regain my energy and make it up to you soon though

You were a bit sad, but you optimistically thought of a loophole on how to still get some time with each other

“How about you surprise him! He’s sick anyways and lives alone,” you thought

Coming with your bag full of medicine and supplies to make him feel better, you used the spare key stored in the broken light to unlock his door.


You looked forward to see your boyfriend dressed normally with clean brushed hair.

“Wh-What are you doing here” he asked, startled

It was painful seeing the bad “I’m sick” act he was trying to pull. You let out a quick, but deep, sigh as you plopped a container of medicine and soup down to the floor

“I can’t believe you Minhyun. And to think, I thought I would actually come so you wouldn’t feel bad. I guess you don’t want to spend time with me huh” you couldn’t help yourself, how could you not be mad at him

“(Y/N), trust me it’s not like that” Minhyun nonchalantly assured you

“Then what is it? What’s it like?!” You said, starting to raise the volume of your voice a bit

“Come on, you don’t have to scream. I want to spend time with you, I promise, but I was just really tired- and oh shoot what time is it right now?”

“Minhyun,” you strongly said while shaking your head, “this isn’t a joke. I thought we agreed that we would find time for this relationship, even if it was hard. Do you even understand what I’m getting at here? Do you not have enough trust in me or something that you can’t even tell me the truth when you cancel?!”

“(Y/N) … Seriously can you stop yelling. I promise I won’t lie about our dates anymore so you can calm down okay?”

There was a small pause in the moment before you said “Wait, does this mean you lied about all our cancelled dates”

“Okay fine, yes. I get it I’m sorry! But i don’t understand why you’re being so clingy right now, I just get tired and don’t wanna go on dates sometimes. It’s no big deal I already if I said I would stop. Plus, you have my permission to hang out with Minki or whoever you want when we can’t go on dates”

“You give me permission? What am I, an object? What’s your fucking deal?! What bothers me the most is you never give a shit about me hanging out with other guys, ever”

“well, I know you aren’t gonna go for them when you have me. can you stop being ridiculous, we can have our date now okay“ Minhyun rolled his eyes as he slowly bit one side of his lips while sighing, as if he was trying to control his temper

you felt sournes surge over you you heard everything spill out

“Minhyun … “ he could obviously tell he was upsetting you

“(Y/N)” He groaned, before continuing

“Come on, don’t be sad, I know you’re sad over this whole date thing, but this is getting out of hand will you fucking forgive me now?? I’ll treat you to sushi or whatever“

You could feel the cold blue veins of your wrist start to pop out as his words filled you with more and more rage. Now you understood why so many dates were cancelled. Doesn’t a relationship need effort coming from both sides?

A part of you wanted a different response. Wanted Minhyun to genuinely apologize and tell you that he loved you. But he never responded that way

Clenching your teeth and trying to control your eyebrows from furrowing boiled your insides even more. Interrupting Minhyun’s sentence mid way, you quickly grabbed your bag and turned away to walk out.

Minhyun let out a scoff, then tried to grab hold of the bag to get keep u inside. But before he could, you yanked it by your stomach so his hand was just barely out of reach.

You saw him open his mouth to start yelling nonsense again but before you could hear the words, you slammed the door and quickly walked to your car. You needed him out of your life, you should’ve listened when your firends said it was a toxic relationship.

The last thing u heard before turning up the radio noise was Minhyun opening the door yelling for you to come back.

Without shoes on, Minhyun stood in front of his house screaming words you couldn’t hear. Before leaving him, you purposely made eye contact with him one last time. It wasn’t a sweet goodbye. It was a deep, intense look laced with anger that said leave me the fuck alone. What can you say? Actions really do speak louder than words sometimes. He wasn’t getting another chance with you, ever

aghh thank u guys so much for reading my first angst scenario ever! As you can tell this angst is more description rather than dialogue focused? Lmk if u would prefer more heated dialogue???? I didn’t include any crying because I thought I could save that for another angst? Please give input on what u thought whether it be positive or constructive criticism! I appreciate both just as much

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im love him

i headcanon vash as demi or biromantic ace, mostly because im ace and i cannot be stopped, but also because the manga is pretty devoid of him having any interest in sex  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

this is the first time i ever really coloured smthing so its a bit wonky here and there, but i like how it turned out :D