also did i win the race

I did a an on-a-whim multiplayer side project recently called Last Round. So far I’ve spent two days on it, might come back to it later.

Idea is it’s a deathmatch where there’s no melee, you only get one bullet, and you get awarded an extra bullet for every successful kill. When everyone has 0 bullets, a bullet pickup spawns somewhere in the map and everyone has to race for it. When everyone or all but one person’s dead there’s a new round, whoever wins the most rounds is the coolest person. Also it’s got my first person movement systems in it so there’s sliding/vaulting/mantling etc. 100% Blueprint as usual.

There are a bunch more vids on Twitter.

Isaac Burns Murphy

Considered one of the greatest jockeys in history, he won three Kentucky Derbies between 1884 and 1891. This feat wasn’t matched by another jockey until 1945. His career win record at 34% has yet to be equaled in American horse racing. He also was the first person to be inducted into the National Museum of Racing and Hall of Fame. Why did his name fall into obscurity?

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I think what valentina did was really unprofessional, but also really disrespectful towards Nina. Did she really think of herself so highly that she thought she could win without knowing the words? I’m honestly more dissapointed than sad. I thought higher of her, and even though her scripted cute personality started to annoy me in the last couple of episodes, I really do belive she is talented enough to have won that lsfyl if she would have prepared properly. What a shame.

Not That Easy

length: 1,087 words

genre: fluff

requested by: @igot-scenarios ; I’m gonna do a part 2 of this for you at some point since tumblr was a bum and deleted the like 3,000 word + hella cuter version of this :\

summary: you get paired with johnny on we got married

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You still weren’t sure how this was happening. But here you were, about to meet your ‘husband’. So many thoughts running through your mind, and you were so nervous you thought you might puke.

Would he like me? Would I like him? What if I know him?

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Every time I think of IM3 there’s only one scene that sticks like glue to my brain - the one where Happy and Tony talk about flipping the tablet screen.

This was one scene that showed that you don’t have to be a tech wiz or tech savvy person to be one of Tony’s most trusted people and I laugh every time because it talks so much about who Happy is. This guy is the one who insists on badges, who doesn’t hesitate to hit Tony on the head to make him focus in the ring, who will indulge Tony in a race and will act like a smug big brother when Tony wins something. This guy is not at all futuristic tech wise but he is one big reason why Tony managed to stay alive for as long as he did before Iron Man. He isn’t impressed by Tony’s superhero business but he loves the guy and honest to god says that he’s jealous of his new friends. I mean, Happy is such a goober at times but also so fiercely protective of Tony, risking everything to keep him safe??? 

What I mean is, we need more Happy meta and mentions of Happy in fics (involvement that isn’t him just being the driver). 

Devil His Due 1989-2017

Devil His Due’s confirmation, Photo (X)

Devil His Due (KY)

April 18, 1989 - May 22, 2017

Devil His Due, four time Gr.I winner and sire, has been euthanized following infirmities of old age. He was 28, and had been pensioned since the fall of 2013 at his home Margaux Farm. 

The black stallion was bred in Kentucky by Peter Blum and was raced by Lion Crest Stable. He was sired by the famed Devil’s Bag, and out of the Raise a Cup mare Plenty O’Toole. He was trained by the late H. Allen Jerkens during his racing career.

Devil His Due did not race as a juvenile, but made up for it by running 15 times as a sophomore, racking up wins in the Gr.I Wood Memorial and Gr.II Gotham Stakes, a race in which he dead-heated for the win with Lure. Devil His Due finished 11th in the 1991 Kentucky Derby behind longshot winner Lil E. Tee. He also finished third in the Gr.II Jim Dandy Stakes and second to Thunder Rumble in the Gr.I Travers. 

He saw his best racing days as a four and five year old, winning the Gr.I Pimlico Special, Gr.I Gulfstream Park Handicap, Gr.I Suburban Handicap (twice), Excelsior Handicap, Gr.II Brooklyn Invitational, and Gr.III Broward Handicap (now Skip Away Stakes). Devil His Due hit the board in several other top races, some he had won before: Pimlico Special, Woodward Stakes, Whitney Handicap, Jockey Club Gold Cup, Cigar Mile, and Oaklawn Handicap. He was retired after going winless in three starts as a six year old, though finishing second in the Gr.III Westchester Stakes and Pimlico Special.  

Devil His Due retired with a record of 41: 11-12-3 with earnings of 3,920,405. At the time of his retirement, he was fourth on the list of all time earnings. He raced drug free, over a total of 44 miles worth of racing. 

Devil His Due stood stallion duties at Margaux Farm. He sired 2005 Dubai World Cup winner Roses in May and graded stakes winners Spite the Devil and She’s a Devil. He is also the sire of minor stakes winners Devil Time, Stop a Train, and Hostility. From 1,048 foals in 18 crops, Devil His Due sired 673 winners who have amassed earnings of more than $53 million. An influential broodmare sire, Devil His Due produced the dams of twenty stakes winners. 

For me, in terms of story and quality, Moana deserved it much more. Moana just had so many “wow” moments like where I cried, got chills, or just had to take a breath to take it all in. It was just so beautiful with every element that got put in it: the voices, the story, the music, the culture.  

I feel like the only reason Zootopia won was because of the messages it had in it, but I don’t think the theme should be the sole reason that the movie should win. Both Moana and Zootopia did wonderfully animation wise, but I think, compared to Moana, Zootopia falls flat. It needs to take in account, not just the message/theme, but also the story and the structure of the narrative, the voice acting, the script, the music, etc. With this, I think Moana had much stronger elements.

Zootopia had an important message about poc, but they gave us that message by pretty much telling straight out, “Hey, don’t judge people without knowing them/accept everyone despite race, stereotypes, etc” 

But Moana had much more than that.They showcased poc that are rarely seen in movie entertainment, celebrated their culture, and showed how beautiful, loving, and heartfelt the people of that culture are through their story telling- all around a theme of following your heart/finding out who you are.

There was more to Moana than just the message of the movie, and that’s why they should have won the Oscar.

Only Good Girls Get Pizza // BamBam

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Pairing: BamBam x Reader

Genre: Fluff

Summary; You get your end of your results from school and your boyfriend BamBam helps you celebrate!

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anonymous asked:

Maybe some scenarios in poly!roadrat with a smol, shy and all around adorable s/o that loves pink and cute things, but when they get to know the s/o more, they turn out to be someone who can cuss up a storm? Thank you!

“How do I look?”

You walked out of the dressing room and did a small twirl for your two boyfriends, stopping with a soft, shy smile on your lips. Today was a ‘date day’, one where both of the boys would do whatever you wished; shopping, dinner, movies, etc. You had tried to tell you that they needn’t do such a thing but they said it was to show you that they appreciated your flexibility to their ‘lifestyle’. As much as you’d like to argue, you gave in knowing they’d be happier if you did. You had been walking comfortably through the streets of downtown when your eyes had lit up at one of the store. Their focus was on ‘cute’ and ‘soft’ and ‘fun’, aka your tastes perfectly. It took no effort to get them inside and soon enough you had several outfits picked out.

What you wore now was a rosy-pink knee length circle skirt with a cream sleeveless turtleneck, the skirt swishing with the slightest twist of your hips. Your shoes and black tights had been left in the dressing room leaving you to their gaze. Jamie’s jaw had dropped as soon as you stepped out, a dark blush climbing to your cheeks as you averted your gaze down before looking up at them again through your thick lashes. Mako gave a thumbs up, the smile on his lips very telling.

“You’re a knockout”, Jamie stated, practically in a daze. “That’s a keeper!”

You giggled, giddiness in your step as you turned around and practically bounced back to the dressing room. You were all smiles and roses until the side of your foot clipped the dressing room door, making you yelp out in pain.

“Son of a bitch”, you hissed at the door, glaring at it. “Oww….stupid fucking door.”

You froze for a moment before looking over your shoulder and seeing the surprise on both of the Junker’s face, you laughing bashfully before closing the door behind you.

“Mother fucker”, you cursed, one eye closed tightly, a black stained tear running down your right cheek. “Fucking stupid mascara keeps stabbing me in the fucking eye. Geez it feel like fucking satan decided to just jizz on my pupil for fun…ugh, dammit…now I’m going to have to do this all over again.”

“You alright in there?”

You froze at Mako’s voice, silently cursing yourself out as you realized you had more than likely heard all of that. You really were trying to keep a lid on your cursing habit but it was hard. You didn’t want that sweet, ladylike image to be spoiled by your dirty sailor mouth. They had expressed surprise the first time you had cursed but said it was fine. You didn’t want them to see the tip of the iceberg.

“I’m fine sweetie”, you hummed softly, trying to ignore the searing pain that remained in your eye. “I’ll be out in a minute!”

“Oh you fucking ass!”

Jamie had pulled ahead of you in the racing game you were playing by wiping your car out, your vehicle spinning in place and slipping into fourth. You jumped up from your seated position on the couch and began to move your body as if you were driving for real.

“Move you wanking piece of junk! My sodding grandma drove faster and she’s fucking dead! Oh you bitch! Move move move!”

You were practically jumping up and down as you navigated your car through the others, funneling all of your energy into winning this race, the world around you drowned out.

“That’s right you cunt! You show those bitches who’s boss!”

You finally slipped back into first right before the stop line, pumping your fist and controller into the air and jumping up and down in a circle.

“I did it”, you exclaimed before bouncing over to Mako. The taller man was reading, or he had been before your yelling had started. “Mako did you see did you?”

“Yep”, he said, laughing before looking at the shellshocked Jamie. “Also heard it.”

“Yer mouths as bad as mine darl”, Jamie said, your eyes round as all of your words came rushing back to you. Your face started to burn red, your hands flying up to cover your mouth as you dropped your controller. Before you could get your ‘I’m sorry’ out, Jamie had rushed forward and spun you around. “Yer even more fucking perfect than I could’ve bloody thought!”

fantastical777  asked:

You think Obama was a good president? Honestly after reading what you say lately and searching a little about it, i think i could hes not the best, BUT neither the worst, i think is really more far away of being the worst. Just asking your opinion, you are my one of my favourites blogs here because i know more of the issues thanks to you.

Take social issues out of the equation, and what is left over is the same person when you look at Obama, the Bush’s, and the Clinton’s, and Nixon. Their accomplishments are primarily this:

>Hand democracy, government, diplomatic decisions, bill proposals, and crime management away to corporate CEOs, especially banks, and unelected international organizations

>Enable manufacturers to take production and the job market from American citizens, causing mass poverty and crime to increase.

>Change policy to enable corporations to manufacture in US prisons (where work conditions dont need to meet the same standards, including wages).

>Through “free trade agreements” enable manufacturers to be able to manufacture in third world countries that dont yet have enough independence and power to stop our corporations from systematically exploiting them and their government, to stop them from violating their rights, or to stop them from hijacking their governments indefinitely thereby preventing them from having protections of their human rights which dont serve the interests of unlimited neo-liberal profit.

>Increase policing, and mass surveillance and/or prohibitions for victimless “crimes”, in order to increase the prison population for the prison lobby that pays their campaigns to keep them in power

>Excuse Saudi Arabia for all human rights violations, political acts of aggression, and military operations, so that our corporate/political class can middleman their oil (been happening since ). Excuse them for pumping billions of dollars into radicalization mosques that they “charitably” build in their surrounding nations and any nation with growing muslim populations (whether due to already existing populations or due to immigration and refugees) including European countries, all while Saudi Arabia takes on exactly 0 refugees in their massive empty refugee camps. Buy weapons from the private military industry who lobbys for you to do so, then arm the Saudi-radicalized groups and have them fight eachother in order to destabilize the region, and help them along with drones and US military invasion. Destabilize the oil-rich neighbors of Saudi Arabia so our corporate/political class can middleman their Oil, and sell weapons in the process.

That’s Obama. That’s Bush and daddy Bush. That’s Hillary and Bill. That was Nixon. The list of politicians is much bigger than that, but those are the ones I can give you the most elaborate details about (if you were to ask for them and need sources), their exact policies on these matters, and the effects of those policies as they relate to mass systemic violations of human rights nationally and internationally. But essentially, that is neo-liberalism, crony capitalism, the force that will ultimately obscure liberal values and human rights. It is the systematic replacement of liberals & protected people with masses slaves. That’s it. The end goal of neo-liberalism is slavery, and they have the technology to do it, but not quite the will and guts to outright take aggressive action directly for it. All of these things are intwined and there is no wall between what is a political issue vs business issue.

And I’m not arguing it’s a grand conspiracy, it’s not, there is no single inner circle of people conspiring, it’s just the nature of power at work, it’s multiple sects and many powerful people working their own common interests and justifying what they can get away with and trying not to suffer the grave consequences of rocking the boat. Regradless of whether it is the intent whenever they make a decision, that is effectively what the ruling class is doing. Many of them likely dont even know what this system is heading toward for everyone. People are sheep, even the shepherds. Justification on top of justification buries the truth, even from the liar. It’s called a shut-eye (1:45). Good intentions pave the road to hell.

I wanted to add more about how religions and identity politics and neo-marxism plays into things, how the media is a propaganda machine, and how the media plays both sides of the chess board and essentially plays the role of divide and conquer toward the people who take it willingly and unwittingly, how the media is controlled by (literally 6 families) the same people who actively work to maintain as much control of the government as they can, how the two parties effectively work against all interests of the American people and people of foreign nations, both parties do so in the exact same ways as the other party, how both parties support corporations and banks the exact same ways, some stuff about the environment and food supply and energy industry, how Nixon’s free trade deal allowed China to sustain itself as a totalitarian state at the expense of the Chinese people and american workers (sorta covered that already), some side notes about Nixon’s reason for the drug war as well as corporate lobbyists who wanted to crush their the hemp industry competitors, some info about specific weapons deals, info about Saudi Arabia’s money in the US, some stuff about the “Federal” Reserve Bank, and some things about the drug war and private prisons and the Clintons in particular, some more things about Reagan’s similar involvement with these things, the history of our relationship with Saudi Arabia, and specific authoritarian bills that are typically blamed on one party but were passed with a ‘yes‘ by Bush, Hillary, and Obama. And on and on and on, but I could go on forever.

So instead, in short, I’ll just say that the position of President of the United States has been almost solely a racketeering business for a long time, that social issues are a carrot on a stick leading us this way and that for the interests of someone who does not care how it affects us, and politics are swayed more by a single corporate CEO or former CEO -on a state and federal level- than many entire states combined, especially if we started naming names of specific influential people. And also, things are not all black and white either, there’s a lot of nuance to all of these issues, and also also, don’t just take my word for everything or anything.

Also, on Barack Obama specifically, here is a list of his accomplishments:

-He is the first Nobel Peace Prize winner to bomb another Nobel Peace Prize winner

-He is the first US president to bomb a charity hospital, and with 100% collateral damage no less, killing 42, injuring over 30, with 33 people missing.

-He dropped 26,171 bombs in one year, in a war he was elected on the promise of ending

-He is the third president in a row to bomb more nations than any other president since WW2, and was ongoingly bombing all 8 of them at the same time at one point

-He is the 5th president in a row to have increased government debt to a massive new threshold. He raised the government debt from 10 trillion to 20 trillion. Tick tock

-Before presidency, Obama voted ‘yes’ to a bill written by a Bush administrator -who was a former Wall Street banker, btw- written to give themself the authority to spend 700,000,000,000 dollars on banks who were going to fail due to their own illegal business practices that had just destroyed the economy. The banks pocketed most of the money. And don’t forget the 800 billion dollar stimulus bill on top of that, passed when he made it to office.

-He is the first president to hire a private advertising company as a PR team, yes, he is the first president to have literal propagandists telling him and his circles how to be in order to keep a fals image of who they are to the american people. This is was brought to Hunger Games level on the Orwellian meter when he slowjamed propaganda about how wonderful the TPP is on a late night talkshow. Yes, the TPP, the most imperialistic bill that has every been conceived by corporations (and Hillary Clinton).

-Also, first black president, and he didn’t do shit to help black people, he often made them more upset. And just look at race relations now.

So yeah, fuck Obama.

He did everything the left hated Bush for. And for some reason, they praise him for it when he does it, because politics is fucking football apparently, and football is apparently politics. Did I mention Obama bombed an award winning charity hospital with 100% collateral damage, 0 targets in the building, and people literally burned to death? OH, and fuck me, I actually DIDNT mention the torture that the military is still doing. I’m just going to end this here for health and mental stability reasons.

Remember, with great power…. comes


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aniseandspearmint  asked:

*sidles up to you* You're doing headcanon things? :D Okay, how about a universe where Obi-wan and Anakin swap lives/upbringings. So we have Qui-gon's padawan Ani and little jedi jesus Obi-wan growing up a slave on tatooine? (Anf are you accepting more than one ask per person, BC I might have a couple more?)

(okay I already messaged you this, of course, but for everyone else’s reference, yes, I’ll accept multiple prompts as long as they’re in separate asks)

  • Twenty-five year old Tatooine junk-shop slave Obi-Wan Kenobi gently simmering in his years and years and YEARS of anger and attachment and Qui-Gon Jinn who has refused to take a padawan since Xanatos and FINALLY the Council just fucking threw up their hands and saddled him with nine year-old Anakin Skywalker, who’d been a problem child in the creche anyway and really really REALLY needed dealt with in one way or another. The crechemasters were threatening to quit if they had to keep dealing with him until he was thirteen and most of the Council was like “okay so we’ll expel him and send him to the Corps early” but Yoda was like “noooo A VISION I HAVE HAD” and took the Perfect Opportunity to ruin Qui-Gon’s life. Qui-Gon is THIRTEEN YEARS OVERDUE FOR THIS, OKAY?? YODA WILL DO WHAT HE WANTS. 
  • “… you’re a Jedi?” Padmé is like when she meets tiny Anakin and his teeny tiny practically-brand-new padawan braid. “You’re an ANGEL,” tiny Anakin is like, staring up at her in awe. Okay, Jedi are apparently REALLY INTENSE, then, GOOD TO KNOW, PADME’S GONNA HAVE TO REMEMBER THAT ONE. 
  • Qui-Gon leaves his teeny tiny practically-brand-new padawan on the ship and goes junk-shop trawling for parts with a handmaiden and a Gungan and meets Obi-Wan Kenobi, a slave with an AMAZING Force presence who hates to fly and isn’t mechanically minded at all, he is literally just sorting through the junk that’s not getting sold even by someone as silver-tongued as him. It’s cool, though, because Anakin is WORST PADAWAN EVER and followed them, and pops up like “well sometimes I go do illegal racing on Coruscant how about I build a podracer out of all these trash parts you’re throwing away and do it HERE? :DDD” Obi-Wan is horrified. Qui-Gon is intrigued. Maybe taking a padawan again WAS a good idea. 
  • “Please stop digging in our trash,” Obi-Wan is like. “Freedom?” Qui-Gon bargains. “… fine,” Obi-Wan grumbles, and then actually-trained Anakin wins the podrace like it’s nobody’s business and gives everyone about eight heart attacks in the process and Padmé is like “OH NO, JEDI ARE REALLY INTENSE” and is also like “omg why did we not just stay on Naboo and sic them on the Trade Federation, we’d PROBABLY BE DONE BY NOW, FFS”. 
  • Obi-Wan is very stressed. The Jedi keeps poking him, the handmaiden keeps asking awkward questions, and the padawan is BANTHA SHIT CRAZY, and also when they tried to board their ship some dude with TWO FUCKING LIGHTSABERS showed up and tried to murder them?? They managed to not die terrible deaths but it was still HORRIBLE and then Qui-Gon WOULDN’T SHUT UP about his “Jedi reflexes”, either, what the fuck come on DON’T WE HAVE MORE IMPORTANT CONCERNS RIGHT NOW, JINN?? “Quite definitely, yes,” Qui-Gon says reasonably, “But before that, can I check your midichlorian count?” “I DON’T EVEN KNOW WHAT THAT MEANS.” 

I just wanted to share with you these Drag Vader mockups I did for a personal project. I asked my contacts if any of them would want a T-Shirt involving Drag Vader and, surprisingly, it exploded. SO… my friends and my friends’ friends are gonna get these T-shirts by the end of the week. I was happy about the results so I wanted to share them with you guys!

Also, someone better do a fan-fiction about how Drag Vader tries to win RuPaul’s Drag Race and link me to it ASAP.

hello it is me, still in love with dad Han Solo headcannons, so here’s some more!

  • just imagine Han teaching Ben about constellations and different star systems. these lessons are always interrupted by at least one “hey, did I tell you about the time I was….”
  • or Han and Ben playing a little flight simulator game and racing and Han always letting Ben win until one day he actually does win on his own and Han is so proud
  • Ben getting piggyback rides from Han and also Chewie
  • Han not being able to find his vest anywhere and finally asking Leia about it, only to have little Ben come running in, wearing it and giggling
  • Ben overhearing Leia call Han flyboy and then calling Han that, only that, for weeks. Leia loves it, Han does not
  • Han being the one to brush out Ben’s hair, because of course it’s going to be long, and hair like this doesn’t just happen, Leia
  • family photos with Han and Ben both doing that crooked little smile, Leia keeps every single one of them

here is part one, if anyone is interested

-Drag Race spoilers!-

i’m living for shea winning two challenges in a row like yas bitch!

also i know a lot of people didn’t like eureka but i think it just shows what a mess that cheer challenge was. she was a bit annoying but she seemed to be doing consistently well in the challenges so it’ll be interesting to see her in season 10.

the lsfyl was something…well farrah did better than expected

LLG pt. 11

Omg I’m using my shit headphones rn & its so crunchy sounding rip me. Oh wait it was only one headphone. We’re good now! Ohhh Turtle races??? Torvick & Sirena is great I hope they win! Ohhh they did win I’m glad! Awww the people help the turtles thats so sweet. Oliver best win this I’m rooting for u boy!!! Hell yeah steal from that 1st place guy! Ohh a singing contest how nice. Omg Dorro stop with the irresponsible magic use plz. We have magic police!! Also this comet is clearly bad bad news. Like I see you u bad bad astrological phenomenon. Ohh Turtle boats!!! How cool! Ohhh I’m glad the the vagina boat bros didn’t die!! I love how often cheese is mentioned. Ohh more God King! Fuck and explosion?!?!? I fuckin told u it was a bad bad astrological phenomenon. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!

Yowamushi Pedal: Grande Road Ep. 10 - The Domain that Lies Ahead

There’s some interesting differences between the manga (Arakita’s Spare Bike) and this episode of Yowamushi Pedal: Grande Road (“The Domain that Lies Ahead”). I’ve attempted to highlight some differences, and also have added some of my thoughts! I really enjoyed this episode and love Yocchin’s Arakita, so I hope you also enjoyed it! 

The most obvious difference is that this flashback sequence did not previously exist in the original YWPD manga. Instead, this closer look into Arakita’s backstory actually came from an extra, called “Spare Bike,” which delves into the third years’ backstories. What originally was in this sequence was the backstory from Episode 20 of Yowamushi Pedal, “Arakita and Imaizumi." 

Moving forward–!! 

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Knock You Down

Anon request: Hi! Can you do one where you (reader) is SUPER badass (like more than Nat) and pins someone (preferably Pietro) and makes fun of him? Like, “oops didn’t see u there” or “didn’t see that coming?”

You frowned as you watched Pietro gloating over Bucky in the sparring ring after successfully pinning him.

“Little shithead and his super speed,” you thought to yourself irritably.

It wasn’t that you didn’t like Pietro, he was a nice guy generally, but MAN could he be a cocky son of a bitch. And there was nothing you hated more than arrogance. Bucky didn’t look too thrilled either, his eyes darkening as he ducked out of the ring and made his way to the exit.

“Master assassin my ass,” Pietro yelled out gleefully, giggling at his own joke and sending you over the deep end. Someone had to teach this kid a lesson.

“Yo, Blondie. How about you stop running your mouth and be a gracious winner instead of a fucking prick?” You snapped irritably, standing up from the bench where you sat as you moved toward the ring. Out of the corner of your eye, you saw Bucky pause near the exit and turn back to look at you.

Pietro seemed taken aback for a second – you were a fairly quiet member of the team – but quickly regained his composure with a smirk. “Ah, princessa, I’m just having fun,” he cooed at you, watching your hands clench into fists and his smirk faded a little. He looked at you seriously. “If it bothers so much, why don’t you step in the ring and teach me a lesson, yeah?”

“With pleasure,” you replied through gritted teeth, taking a deep breath to keep your anger in check. You knew you could take him, you’d been watching his fighting style and it was sloppy as all hell. But that speed was hard to adjust to, even for someone like Bucky. But you had watched them fight and found Bucky’s weakness – relying too much on his vision.

You noticed Bucky walking slowly back over to the ring and before you could say anything, Pietro jabbed, “Ah, no worries, now you won’t be the only one I beat today.”

Bucky’s expression was unreadable, but you could practically feel the anger radiating off him. While Pietro turned around, you turned to Bucky.

“Don’t listen to him, he’s a dick and you fight better than practically anyone here. His powers throw everyone off the first time, it’s just a matter of adjusting.” You paused as Bucky remained silent. “But don’t worry, I’ll kick his ass for both of us.” You gave Bucky a small smile and were pleasantly surprised when he returned it back. You had to do this for both of you.

You stepped up into the ring, spreading your feet apart and closing your eyes before raising your hands. Pietro smiled at you and you only smiled back wider, your mind focused on how to take this asshole down.

“I’ll go easy on you,” he sneered with a smirk.

You dug your feet more firmly into the ground. “Scared I’ll beat you even when you’re trying? Don’t be a pussy. Give me your best shot, Piet.”

Pietro’s eyes darkened as you both counted out. 3, 2, 1.

You closed your eyes when 1 hit, a split second to listen to the rush beside you, the shift in the air and his shift in balance. You dropped quickly to the ground and swung your legs out, catching Pietro in full motion and watching him trip and hit the the outskirts of the ring. That was all you needed. You launched yourself on his back before he could turn around, your forearm pressed tightly against his windpipe as he fought to shake you off. Your foot found the back of his knee and he dropped forward, giving you the momentum to flip yourself over and in front of him. You lunged at him and sent him reeling onto his back, placing a knee on his windpipe as you brought his hands above his head. 3,2,1.

You released him as he gazed up at you, wide-eyed and dazed. You extended a hand to help him up and he took it, still looking visibly shaken. Now it was your turn to smirk. You smoothed a strand of his blond hair behind his ear before pressing against him with a whisper: “You didn’t see that coming, did you?” You held up both middle fingers and ducked out of the ring, your heart racing and smile widening at the look of admiration Bucky gave you.

“Wow,” he said with a small chuckle. “Good work.”

You smiled at him and poked the front of his chest teasingly. “Told you I would win for us.”

You turned back to look at Pietro who stood silently fuming, but his blue eyes also looked extra bright. You sighed. “C’mon Blondie, no time for pouting. Just stop acting so cocky all the time, it’s mean and it doesn’t make you a better fighter.”

Pietro ducked out of the ring, nodding solemnly. “I’m sorry, Y/N,” he mumbled. He glanced up at the figure to your left. “You too, Bucky. I was being an asshole.” Bucky nodded and you turned to both of them. “Well gentlemen, I’m starving. Would anyone care to accompany me to lunch?” Pietro’s hand shot up while Bucky raised his tentatively. You chuckled, linking arms with both of them as you walked out the gym, smiling softly to yourself with the knowledge that you had impressed not only yourself today, but two good-looking guys who now hung on your arms.

hands-of-blue  asked:

Have you considered Kyniska of Sparta? She was the first woman to win at the Olympics and the first woman to receive the honour of having a shrine erected to her in Sparta - all despite women being forbidden from so much as stepping foot inside the Olympic stadium. (I'm studying her at the moment, and apparently she's considered the quintessential Ancient Greek feminist.)

She’s on the list! (albeit as Cynisca) 

I haven’t looked at her story real thoroughly yet, but she’s super cool. :) She won a bunch of chariot races, yeah? Or was in charge of the team that did? Sometimes I get things jumbled around in my head.

(also, I like your avatar - Girl Genius is my jam. I’ve been into the Foglios since I can remember. Myth Adventures cracked me up when I was younger.)

You know, being as protective & possessive of Barry as I am, I did not want Wally to get faster than Barry. He’s the fastest man alive!! It’s in his narration every episode!! None of the heroes should get to take that from him!!

In fact, that first race they had I was pleading over & over in my head that Barry would win & gave a HUGE sigh of relief when he did. I also highly enjoyed him taunting Wally that he wasn’t faster than him yet. Lol.

But then Wally being faster might save Iris! And then also, Wally being faster than Barry actually helped get Barry to the future!

So, I’ve decided maybe it’s okay if he’s not faster than Wally. As long as it never diminishes who he is as the Flash, as a superhero, that he’s not suddenly seen as Wally’s sidekick & not the other way around. I don’t want him to be tossed aside as less relevant or important just b/c Wally’s faster.

If that doesn’t happen, I’m good.

Though in the perfect world, I do still want him to be faster. Lmao.

pokemonashketchumfan  asked:

What was Elmer like? Also, which one of your ferrets would win in a race against each other?

I’ll answer the quick question first - Tux would win!  When he chases toys, he runs so hard and so fast that you can feel the floor shake.  He also really LOVES to chase me!  Like, at top speed.

But if it was a race down the stairs, maybe Elmer would win.

The second question - Elmer was the best. ;_;  He was super playful and crazy and so funny to watch

…but also a super mellow lap ferret the second you picked him up and gave him attention.  He used to ride around on my shoulder or my arm while I did stuff in the kitchen, and I didn’t have to worry much about him trying to jump off.

He slept in my lap all the time.  He loved getting head rubs and chin rubs, and he had a major staring problem.  I love ferrets who make good eye contact, and he would just lie on his back and stare and stare and it was really cute.  And even though he played hard, he never bit people.  (Well, one exception - he would bite my sister’s feet while she was brushing her teeth because she was using “his” spot on the bathroom rug.)  But he was really super sweet.

He loved to play in water, and when I gave him soup, he’d steal his entire food bowl.  Basically, the gifset I made in his memory (which always gets picked apart and reposted as generic animal content ;_; - even Buzzfeed used the peanut butter gif without the right credit) is a good representation of him.

His best friend was Gumby, and together they were the Dumbrothers.  They were the closest bonded pair I’ve ever had.  Like, I have 20 million pictures of them doing dumb stuff together, but the post would get too long, so have this one (Elmer is the one with the “jacket”):

The Dumbrothers have a music video:

Elmer is the one you see doing all the crazy stuff.  Gumby is the one playing with that plastic chain toy, hiding in a towel, and getting shoulder rubs.  They were basically joined at the hip and did everything together, but Gumby was two years older, and when he died, Elmer just didn’t want to stick around anymore.  He was also sick with insulinoma and lymphoma by that time.

A lot of Elmer’s personality had to do with the fact that he had Waardenburg Syndrome.  So he was also deaf (hence the flipping out at a peanut butter jar).  But I’ve seen some other deaf and/or Waardenburg ferrets play *too* rough and be mean to other ferrets because they don’t know when to stop (ahem, Kit), and Elmer wasn’t like that.

He was missing all his bottom front teeth, everything between his canines.  He just never had any.  I mean, he was *really* inbred, so whatever.

Poke bird calls all ferrets Elmer.  For some reason, that was the only ferret name she learned.  She also got jealous of him sometimes because he got so much attention.  It’s hard because Kit looks a lot like Elmer, and sometimes that messes me up.  Their personalities are VERY different, though.  Kit is much more active and playful and doesn’t really like getting held and petted and stuff.

This is one of my favorite Elmer pictures: