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Confession:  You know what would be cool? If Dragon Age offered some townie stuff to do like KotOR and The Witcher did where you could go to the tavern and play cards or participate in races. And you could win money and other prizes. Or something as simple as in Mass Effect where you can order a drink (with that terrible animation that DA2 uses as well). I like those small details where you can interact with your surroundings in the game. Also, it’d be cool to have brothels back in DA4 :D

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There's been 2 white males that have won a Grammy for " AOTY" twice and 1 black male (Stevie Wonder) during its 57 year history. Perhaps the Grammy members didn't think Beyoncé warranted a " AOTY" award. These same Grammy members did choose Lauryn Hill for best " AOTY" my all time favorite Hio Hop album bc she touched on the black experience but also her experience as a woman/mother a universal topic regardless of race/religion.

1- The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill is a masterpiece!

2- There are a few possible reasons why Lemonade didn’t win, but I think that the point is the Recording Academy needs to be transparent about their demographics. If genders, races, ages, genres, etc. are all represented fairly and an album that was excellent doesn’t win AOTY, we can more safely say it comes down to one of those other reasons. But I think that it is very likely that as with the Oscars, the voting body for the Grammys is not diverse enough.

hello it is me, still in love with dad Han Solo headcannons, so here’s some more!

  • just imagine Han teaching Ben about constellations and different star systems. these lessons are always interrupted by at least one “hey, did I tell you about the time I was….”
  • or Han and Ben playing a little flight simulator game and racing and Han always letting Ben win until one day he actually does win on his own and Han is so proud
  • Ben getting piggyback rides from Han and also Chewie
  • Han not being able to find his vest anywhere and finally asking Leia about it, only to have little Ben come running in, wearing it and giggling
  • Ben overhearing Leia call Han flyboy and then calling Han that, only that, for weeks. Leia loves it, Han does not
  • Han being the one to brush out Ben’s hair, because of course it’s going to be long, and hair like this doesn’t just happen, Leia
  • family photos with Han and Ben both doing that crooked little smile, Leia keeps every single one of them

here is part one, if anyone is interested

Some tea

For the entirety of Season 6, Bianca del Rio either won or places high or good in the challenges. She never lipsynched for her life until the final four.

When Bianca del Rio lost a sewing challenge to ADORE “cant even spell couture DELANO, Bianca did not throw a tantrum or cast shade at Adore’s win, considering she actually helped Adore in the workroom.

Bianca was gracious in her loss, owned up to her overconfidence and went on to win her season.

For the entirety of RuPaul’s All Stars so far, Alaska either won or placed well in the various challenges…. until this week’s episode.

Instead of displaying the Charisma, Uniqueness, Nerve and Talent of an All Star Winner by taking the criticism and showing humility, Alaska elected to throw a childish tantrum, bribe a fellow drag queen and basically lose her shit.

Winning isn’t just about nailing challenges. It’s how you conduct yourself in the competition, by owning up to your shit and showing class and sportsmanship.

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I remember one of my favorite tweet of Namjoon was one he did after ISAC Chuseok of 2015. It was the ISAC wherein they first participated for the relay race and the first time they won Gold, the one where jungkook overtook for the win, watch here

I remembered that time like the members were tweeting that day and every one was like really so proud and high off the win and thankful. So Namjoon at that time didn’t participate in any event so he was kind of at the sidelines and taking photos. I expected him to also be like “yes we won!!!!!” and like “isn’t our members so cool?!” and stuff but this is what he tweeted:

Thank you ARMYs who worked hard with us today. No one got hurt/injured so I’m really relieved. Thank you for giving us your precious time. Goodnight - RM

Trans cr; Mary @ bts-trans

And to me, it really showed a lot on how Namjoon is as a leader and how he’s always aware of other people’s efforts and are always grateful for what other people does. Knowing that fans also had to wait around for so long and everything and he’s really thankful for everyone to share their day with them. Also that more than winning, I felt him being in the sidelines made him worry about the members well-being more and not just thinking about wanting to win. And I really love that, I really admire Joonie for this tweet. It’s probably one of my favorite moments from him. Like this simple tweet of his says a lot about his personality as Namjoon and as Bangtan’s leader. I dunno, am I just being really cheesy about this or what?! hehe~ This simple tweet made a huge impact on how I view joonie and I just wanted to share it. ^_^

TLDR: Please give Joonie lots of love!!! ^_^ hehe~


And maybe if we’d never come this way / Then we would live and prosper / But I doubt it
We are a violent race / And we deserve what we get
When you hold me, when you hold me / I feel better, I feel better
– “I Feel Bonnie,” Hot Chip

My BuckyNat Secret Santa gift for @narramin! Hope I did justice to your prompt which involved Bucky taking Natasha out dancing! :)


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Can we talk about the fuckery that is All Stars 2?

So last week happens to consist of only 2 queens in the bottom YET this week it’s conveniently back to 3! Michelle gave a speech about not given passes to queens (meaning Alyssa) which is laughable considering the whole series is pretty much fabricated so Alaska will win. I mean is no one really gonna clock the fact that her first runway look was pretty much non existent even though it’s supposed to be a reveal?! ALSO how the hell was that bottom 3 decided? Katya and Detox should’ve won as a group, which usually happens on drag race! Katya should not have been in the bottom whatsoever! She forgot one line and corrected herself, wow 🙄 and I don’t hate phi phi but gurl did she really deserve to be in the top? And Alaska’s decision was SO transparent - lets eliminate the strongest competition. God I hope Alyssa gets that revenge RANT OVER

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Guys I just really love Ash.

Watching the Sky Relay episode again subbed, I just love how supportive he is of Noibat despite all the doubts it has in itself, I mean yeah we’ve seen Ash support his Pokemon before, that’s basically one of his main traits, but no matter how many times I see it, it never fails to warm my heart

And the best part is that when Noibat loses the race and is about to cry for it’s failure, Ash runs up to him and congratulations him on a job well done, with now hint of regret or disappointment in him (also Serena did to which was nice)

It dosent matter to him whether his mons win or lose still he recognizes that they’ve still grown stronger and more capable as individuals and that’s all that counts to him.


Seriously though this is such a big moment and I am crying real tears rn because i’m so proud and I want to say a HUGE thank you to all of you that streamed/brought the album and those who held competitions for others to win the album and just all the pentaholics for being so supportive of ptx.

And also guys I just want to say thanks for being the nicest fandom ever and not being rude to the demi fans throughout and after this close race (despite some of the stuff they may have said about ptx) and always being optimistic and literally doing everything you could/can to help ptx.

Hopefully ptx can really be recognized and known as a true band now and be on more radio stations, win more grammys and go on to achieve what they deserve to!

Love y’all and ptx somaj and now it’s time to partayyyyy!