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I just read some new teen-fashion-magazine thing and there's a lot of denim, including not only jean jackets, but also double denim.. Why do the straights have to look so gay? I'm never gonna find a gf if gay things aren't gay anymore, that's just rude

i dont know but it annoys me too like my gaydar is fucked up bc of this?? i’ll like see a girl with an asymmetrical short hair cut and like, denim on denim and thats like, a Gay look, but then she’ll be straight and im like????? can u leave me and my people alone??? we just want to look gay to find the other gays….. like u think im wearing this flannel and a beanie and combat boots bc i think it looks cute?? like dont get me wrong it looks adorable but i am wearing these things because i am a Lesbian sending out to Lesbian Signal and if ur a straightie taking my looks and wearing them then the other Lesbians and Sapphics wont see my Lesbian Looks bc they’ll think im just another straight girl?????? like rude af tbh smh the straights are Ridiculous and continue to be ridiculous


Harry Potter Aesthetics - Hufflepuff/Gryffindor Friendship

“We are mosaics - pieces of light, love, history, stars - glued together with magic, music, and words.”

— Anita Krizzan 

Dedicated to @ancalimes

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Denim dreams also double D's like Daryl Dixon Carol was reading a romance novel about Daryl Dixon in denim :)

It ain’t a coincidence. Gimple knows what he’s doing when he makes up romance novels and places them in Caryl scenes. He knows. :)

Dream Boy

this was highly requested and Im actually looking forward to writing it 

Darry : his dream guy is a tall, brunette that works in construction, like him. He’s really turned on by someone that works on and needs someone that will look after his brothers and treat them like family.

Soda : his dream of a guy is a blonde guy with slick backed hair with blue eyes. He loves if a guy is athletic and fit. He gets really turned on when a guy wears blue, or he’s in denim. 

Pony : Also likes blondes. He’s a family oriented guy so his dream guy has to want to have kids. Although, he wants to have one of his own. He is highly attracted to green eyes. 

Johnny : Dally 

Dally: Johnny

Steve : He likes tall or short brunettes that have blue eyes. He loves the color green on guys, like dark navy green. His dream guy is a top. 

Two : Ok he thinks its  really sexy for a guy to be a ginger with freckles and green eyes. He likes a guy thats big and tall.