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hc that lance is That Denim Guy feat. his bf keith

come a little bit closer
hear what I have to say [x]

(she’s saying jamesyou’re a loser, just for the record. ah, it’s been a while since i’ve drawn them)

it’s like i wrote every note with my own fingers is an 80s wayhaught highschool au by @piratekane that comes w its own mixtape (+ a B side) n i am. in LOVE with it. its is absolutely ACES. its straight up is one of the best things i’ve ever read – it’s super immersive, all the music, fashion, vocabulary… its such an Experience. pls give it a go, even if you dont know who wayhaught are, it’s an incredibly charming little story about two women falling in love.

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Are you an oxfords butch, sneakers butch, or boots butch?

A button up butch, plain tee butch, or sweater vest butch?

A denim jeans butch, dress pants butch, or sporty shorts butch?

ok but the fact that nicole says “hey waverly ……………………. thank you” when she she SHOULD HAVE SAID (and obviously wanted to say) “hey waverly …………………… i love you” in that facetime is homophobic honestly i cant believe wynonna earp is still oppressing me when season two is already done