also dedication for the person that sends me hate anons

unisonraidd Uhm… I usually like the stuff you post and your colorings but I’m not really someone who likes to talk by message :P

Buut… well, recently I noticed that so many people (in anon, of course) sent random hate to you, without any particular reason, so…. well, it pissed me off a bit and I just wanted to “come out from my dark cave” (wut lol) and send you a super hug, a word of comfort and also I wanted to dedicate to you an old Gruvia drawing I did about a year ago (in fact it’s a bit crappy, sorry eheh :P), hoping to give you at least for a second a little smile ^^

Cheer up, you’re a beautiful person and I love your blog!

And sorry if I seemed just creepy as hell