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so its christmas now

i got sidetracked from working on birthday gifts and asks….

You got through finals!!

You’re so proud you don’t even know what to do with yourself!

@yurihands I am so proud of you making it through this year, it’s been a long one for you!! This isn’t super spectacular, but it’s worth it for you if I get a smile on your face from our college idiot sons

i love this brush and i named it zim


“John and I have been best friends since we were kids. He moved out of state in high school, so we don’t see each other that often. I love this guy.”

/Before anyone asks: John is asexual in this AU, so yes, they share a bed, but it’s totally platonic.

For donttouchmyprincessparts - Here’s my attempt to try to get you to make a trip to Texas someday.;)

/Thank you SO much for 10,000 followers! I could think of no better way to recognize the achievement than some self-indulgent Austinstuck with these nerds!

Dave likes to take John to random Austin hotspots, and take horribly unplanned pictures while John is talking. Unfortunately, Dave cut off part of the mural. Lol.(It’s probably Roxy taking the picture.)

  1. lisztomania - pheonix
  2. stand in the water - wildlife
  3. cala cola - the smiles
  4. san fran - kids of 88
  5. mind drips cover - jesse woods
  6. summer eyes - tyler lefebvre
  7. good friends - summer twins
  8. summer - ike as in dwight
  9. hounds of heaven - jesse woods

i see a lot of the same songs in johndave playlists, so i decided to make a playlist with some new jams! you can listen here (x)


JohnDave at Abunaicon 2014 (what a dorks)

Dave: that-one-shadow / John: dreamy-dwarves / P: me