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Just a lil post to say one thing: A lot of people have been referring to the younger Hanzo AU as “your AU” when messaging me and while I love this AU to bits -and y’all can see the fruits of that lol- it’s actually not my idea!

The amazing @qyoo​ came up with this AU in their shimadacest week piece and also made this other delicious piece with younger Hanzo, I’ve only been given permission by Qyoo to play with the concept! \ (•▽•) /

Just saying this because Qyoo makes such good art and y’all should def go shower them with some well deserved love!

(They also created another super cool AU that has spawned an amazing fic and I’m consistently amazed by the great content created by people in this tiny corner on the fandom, you glorious beasts you ლ(´ڡ`ლ) )

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jun being a dad and being so lovely to his wife and child

✎ i just want to prefix this by saying, i’m sorry it’s not a full-fledged scenario! i’ve never done a bullet point style before, however, this request has been collecting dust in my inbox for ages and i think a bullet point would be most fitting! so enjoy!

also, i did not know whether to make the bby a boy or girl, so you can decide!


⦁ the day you purchased your first pregnancy test, oh my god you were a very nervous, overwrought lil peach who spent at least an hour or so pacing in the bathroom, slapping the box against your wrist.

⦁ “lol stopping being a loser and just take the damn test, [Y/N]!!!”

⦁ once you saw those two pink tiny lines, tears immediately began dampening your lashes and your breath fell short and your heart started swelling.

⦁ i am a mother!!!! i have my own flower child now!!! whoop whoop!!!

⦁ you’re so inexplicably joyous and wow it would be great if junhui were there to celebrate with you. but then you’re like, junhui!!! he is the father!!! and even though you’re married the anxiety returns bc what if he is not as happy as you!!

⦁ eventually ur man comes home from practice. he’s in his usual white tee and black sweats with his duffle bag over his shoulder. his hair is bit damp toward the ends but he looks very soft.

⦁ you’re sitting on the sofa, looking a bit hollowed. he notices your eyes are slightly puffy and he can decipher a timid glint in their irises. he drops his things and scoots next to you, slipping an arm around your waist and pressing a lil kiss to your temple.

⦁ “did you have a good day, bby?” then he hears a faint sniffle as you dig into your hoodie pocket and show him the test. at first he doesn’t exactly understand or entirely know what it is so he’s like, “cool lol.”

⦁ and then you sigh whilst laughing at the same time. “no ya big idiot, it’s a pregnancy test!! i’m pregnant!!” you study his reactions very meticulously. he looks at you, then the test, then you, then the test.

⦁ before you can get another word out, junhui’s shaking his knees and scooping up your legs to pull you into his lap. his palms cup your cheeks and he steals a long kiss from your lips n then plants many short ones on your forehead.

⦁ “i am a father!!!! you are a mother!!!”

⦁ you both start tearing up a lil more. “omg so true!!” *high five*

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Go save someone Spider boy (Peter Parker x Reader) PT 2

Requested: I don’t know if you’re taking requests (if not ignore me sorry) but if you are can you do a super angsty Peter Parker x fem Reader where the reader gets hurt by someone Peter if fighting because she followed him or something and it’s just super angsty? I LOVE your writing btw ( @emily-ily2 )

Summary : After that whole scenario with the Sandman, Spider-Man takes you to the hospital. 

Warnings: some cursing, rly tiny fanfic since the first part was 2111 words long oops

Word Count: 1,399

Dear Reader: I tried to make this a little more cute and shit but I failed hard so here ya go lol also here’s part 1 if u didn’t read it (x)

Originally posted by brennenbeckwith


It was my fault.

(Y/n) was hurt, and it was my fault.

Damn this suit. Damn these powers. Damn William Baker and his powers. Damn me, after all, it was my fault she’s hurt

.I didn’t care I was still in my suit as I walked into the hospital. I didn’t have the heart to take pictures with anyone. The police didn’t try with me this time, thankfully. Normally, only family members are allowed to be in the room while they’re doing surgery, but being a superhero has an advantage over that. They even gave free balloons to (y/n). I sat in the chair across from her bed, watching as her chest went up and down with each short breath. My leg bounced against the floor, afraid she wouldn’t be breathing longer. I didn’t bother taking off my suit, not until I knew she was awake. Instead, I started signing a card and addressed it from Spider-Man.

(Y/n), I’m so sorry you got hurt. It was my fault, I’m sorry I couldn’t protect you. The hospital agreed to take half off your surgery bill. I called your parents (they were on your emergency contact), and they will be here asap. Thanks for that kiss, I’ll watch out for you as long as I can. -Spider-Man I held her hand as I wrote the card and attached to a balloon. I felt a slight tug on my hand, and saw her eyes opening.


The hand holding mine felt so familiar and comforting, I was half expecting to see Peter Parker next to me. Alas, it was only Spider-Man. Weird, I could’ve sworn I was holding Peter’s hand. The masked hero gripped my hand harder, acknowledging I was awake. “Hey,” I said weakly. My left arm was in a splint, a big white gauze covering the bullet hole. Spider-Man could barely speak, “(Y/n), I-I’m so sorry. This was all my fault. I’m the worst hero ever.” He whispered against my hand. I touched his masked cheek, “But you saved me, didn’t you?” I asked. He smiled (I think, kinda hard to tell with the mask), “I guess,” he said. I turned my body to face him, grunting with the effort. “So you never told me… how do you know my name?” I asked. He sat up straightly and stammered. “Uh—I checked your medical record.” He said. Lame excuse. “Okay, but you knew my name when you set me on that roof.” I said suspiciously. “Oh um… it was the facial recognition on my suit. Showed me your name and everything.” He said. Mhm, sure spider boy. He clasped his hands together. “So, um, your parents should be here soon. I called them and explained everything. You’re going to be okay.” He said, standing up and walking to the door. “Wait!” I said. He turned around, “What’s wrong?” He asked. “C-could you call my best friend Peter Parker? His number should be on my phone, wherever it is.” I said. “Of course, yeah. I-I’ll call him.” He said before leaving. 

A few hours passed as I waited for my parents and Peter. It was enough time to think about the identity of that spider boy. I was counting who it could be, but there weren’t many choices. I always thought it might’ve been Michael, a guy from school that was always disappearing. The crime rates explained his disappearances, but I couldn’t place his voice with the real Spider-Man. I thought about Austin, captain of the soccer team. He looked like he could fit the suit, but he never paid attention to me, let alone know my name (I still wasn’t believing the ‘facial recognition’ excuse).

 Then it hit me. 

He matched the voice, the fit, even the kiss. And it explained why his hands felt so reassuring.

Spider-Man was Peter Parker. But that couldn’t be, right? Peter would tell me if he was the real superhero. Wouldn’t he? 

At that moment, my parents knocked on the hospital door. “Come in,” I said. My mom burst through the door and started sobbing at my knees. “(Y/n), my baby girl. You’re alright.” My dad said, kissing my forehead. My mom wiped away her tears, “After we got Peter’s call, we came here as soon as we could.” She said. Spider-Man’s voice echoed in my mind: “I called your parents and explained everything.” My eyes widened, “Mom, who told you I was in the hospital again?” I asked. “P-Peter Parker, your best friend?” She said curiously. I sat in stunned silence for a few seconds. Peter Parker, my best friend since middle school, is the Spider-Man. The same Spider-Man who kissed me, and I kissed him back. “What’s wrong, baby?” My dad asked. “It’s…it’s nothing. Everything’s fine. But you guys should check with the doctors about the surgery and bills and everything.” I said. I still couldn’t process what I’d learned. “Alright, we’ll leave you alone. We’ll check on you later, we love you.” My dad said as he and my mom walked out the door. They opened the door to Peter, who almost gave my mom a heart attack coming in so fast. “Sorry Mrs (y/l/n)! Just dropping by.” He said, bringing a crap ton of chocolate and stuffed animals in his arms. He dropped them by the table, setting himself on a chair next to me. 

“How are you feeling?” He asked, oblivious to my knowing of his alter ego. I’ll just mess with him until he finds out. “I-I’m fine. I read your card.” I said. Peter gave a fake look of confusion, furrowing his eyebrows together, but I could read right through his act. “Wh-what card? I-I didn’t write a card.” He said, rubbing the back of his neck. I chuckled, he was so uncomfortable about it. “The one you wrote and attached to the balloons.” I said. Peter tried to look even more confused. “Are you sure it was me who wrote it? Maybe you’re just drunk off of pain meds.” He said. “No, no I’m pretty sure it was you.” I said, looking up at him. He gave a nervous laugh. I put my hand on his, and spoke the four words. “I know you’re Spider-Man."At that, he clapped his hand over my mouth and looked for anyone who was watching. I shrugged it off, "Exactly my point.” I said with finality. He gave me a surprised look, “How did you find out?” He whisper-screamed. “I told you I’d find out on my next encounter, didn’t I?” I said, smiling. He gave a real laugh, “I knew you were smart, just not that smart.” He said, giving me the smile that always made my heart melt. I punched his arm with my good hand, “It was you’re handwriting on the card, the way your hands felt, and your voice that gave it away. Plus my mom said you called her when only 'Spider-Man’ said he did.” I told him. He looked amazed, “Maybe once you get out of this you can become a csi agent, because damn that was good.” He said, laughing. I laughed with him. I pulled him closer, our faces a breath away. “Maybe once I get out, you could give me a real kiss, spider boy.” I said, making eye contact. Peter’s eyes darted down towards my lips, and before I knew it, we were kissing again. 

For real this time. Peter Benjamin Parker kissing me. Not Spider-Man. Just my best friend.


It was a real kiss.

 I was actually kissing (Y/n) (Y/m/n) (Y/l/n). As myself, and not Spider-Man.

 Her lips were as delicate as I remembered. I leaned in further, cupping my hand around her cheek. Her lips tasted of her signature cherry chapstick, and I smiled against her mouth. She leaned in further, and all I wanted was more of her. She was my everything, even if she didn’t know it. I pulled away, catching my breath as our foreheads rested against each other’s. She was smiling from ear to ear, that same smile that made my heart ache. But this time, my heart was aching with happiness instead of longing. I kept my hand on her cheek, “Maybe once you get out, I could take you on a real date.” I said, shrugging. She smiled and kissed my cheek, “I’d like that, spider boy." 

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I’ve been meaning to do this forever, and kept forgetting stalling lol! I really wanted to do it before the end of May tho, because…

 H E L L O this blog turns one year old in May

I can’t exactly remember the date, but I know it was around May that I finally threw the towel, gave up, and created this mostly OUAT/CS sideblog! SO HERE WE ARE! ONE YEAR LATER! And while I can still qualify to ‘professional lurkers of Tumblr(dot)com’ I wanted to take a moment to give a shoutout to some of my favorite peeps that I follow around here! Y’all make the Tumblr experience for me, with your writing (!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!), your art, your gifs, and everything in between, meta, FANGIRLING, etc etc etc.

I do not know many of you, but I definitely know of a bunch of you through my dash and every time a new fic is posted or an awesome piece of art or words about JUST HOW CAPTAINSWAN IS THE BEST OTP ON THE PLANET (lol), it totally makes my day!

So without further ado (aka, my endless rambling lol) here’s this….whatever this is, but I think it’s my APPRECIATION POST to you beautiful beans!

(I like this pic all right?! lol))

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It’s Munday and I forgot, whoops. So here’s a picture I love of my cat bumping his nose against my tiny-as-fuck Cloud figure, and a couple photos of me being a dork with glasses that are too big.

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I saw Jimin very up close a year ago and as a guy of the same age and approximate height/breadth as Jungkook I'd have to say Jimin seemed pretty petite and slim to me. But despite his small frame and soft looks he's got a sturdy looking build, looks like densely packed muscle especially his legs. Though I'm bigger than him I think he'd beat me in a fight tbh

LMAO he would definitely kick a lot of people’s asses, including most of bts! And yes, he might be smaller than the other members, and you LOL, but he’s not a tiny little doll, so fragile he might break, two to one head smaller like he’s painted sometimes. Not to say I haven’t called him small before, but it was more in a metaphorical way, like a small puppy little dear I want to squish, than regarding his actual looks, and he thicc, boy got some muscles, like damn! Also he’s ‘allegedly’ the same height as me, and I don’t consider myself that small. Thanks for your message love <3333

Thoughts on 5x16

1.Bex rocked this episode

2.The scarecrow…writers were you smoking that damn mushroom again?

3.Lol to the moment where the powerful Wicked Witch was defeated by a tiny little dog

4.Dorothy what in god’s name are you wearing? Eduardo also no mushrooms for you anymore

5.Blue…don’t know who was shadier Zelena or the actual Blue Fairy

6.I’m nominating Belle as a possible godmother for the baby –that-hasn’t-have-a-name-yet. You go girl

7.The Hades and Zelena bicycle scene was adorable till Hades kinda lost it…I always had Mariah Carey’s song in my head when I saw those two together…ohh why you so obsessed with me boy I wanna  know…

8.WickedQueen! I’m seeing first steps in the right direction here

9.Okay the scene with Robin , Regina and the baby was so cute…but who is willing to be that Robin gonna spend the next eps with the little one in the forest? But well short moments of love and cuteness is all the OQ fandom has getting since forever so…

10.Speaking of bets…who is in that the baby’s name will so be Robin?

11.Rumple and Belle had confessing time…

Rumple: Hey Belle why are you here? OH I have something to tell you…you’re pregnant great right? But I kinda sold our kid to safe my other kid a fucking long time ago and now I’m trying to clean up that mess and yes sweetie I’m the Dark One again I guess you figured

Belle: Damnit Rumple seriously?

12.Whose heart broke as Zelena realized that she was the one who accidently hurt the baby? Finally realizing what’s important mhh Zelena?

13.Henry’s officially a teenager…

14.Why is the sky red? Belle as always asks the right questions

15.The only good excuse for the hideous hat is that Lana’s hair got its own will and had to be tamed…otherwise Eduardo I already told you to ease off on those mushrooms

16. April 15th and February 1th…we know now both birthdays of our fav sisters