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Gem Language Theory

So I’ve had this theory kicking around for a while now - the idea that this isn’t just a ‘cartoon world’ where all the characters speak the same language and we’re just meant to suspend our disbelief. I think there’s actually a gem language. In the show so far I’ve seen two pieces of evidence supporting this. One was when Centi revealed that there’s a gem writing system. The second bit of evidence I’m going to take from the new leaks (minor spoilers) where Steven is speaking in the presence of a homeworld gem who has never been to Earth, and she doesn’t seem to understand him at all. Calls it “barking” I think.

So I theorise that there’s a gem language, but in order to support this theory I need to believe a few things. One - that Steven and Greg both speak gem language. Two - that gems are very fast learners and can pick up English quite quickly if they try.

Steven can understand the Crystal Gems (because they would have learned English, of course) but then Steven shouldn’t be able to understand homeworld gems (such as Jasper, Peridot, Yellow Diamond, or other gems we just saw in the leak.) Yet Steven can, even though these gems shouldn’t be able to speak English. So therefore, Steven can understand 'gem.’ This was probably taught to him by the Crystal Gems. (Although they apparently neglected to teach him the written language.) He also could have been taught by Greg.

Greg, I think, must also understand 'gem’ because he too has been in the presence of homeworld gems (who should not be speaking English) and yet has understood them. Such as that time with Peridot when she pushed him off the barn, or that transmission from Lapis warning everybody that homeworld was coming. (As well as stuff from the leak, of course.) I suspect Rose made an effort to teach Greg how to speak 'gem’ or if she didn’t then certainly Steven would have by now. But I like to think that Greg has been speaking 'gem’ sinve before Steve was born, because I think Steven isn’t really aware that he speaks two languages. Like, it hasn’t really registered with him, because it’s just always been this way. (And I could imagine an adorable episode later with Connie, where he sees that maybe she speaks a different language at home and he thinks that’s so cool, but then Connie tells him 'well, don’t you also?’)

Lapis and Peridot are later seen talking to humans (like Mr. Smiley or Uncle Andy) therefore Lapis and Peridot must have picked up English at some point. We know Lapis as a mirror was taken all around Beach City by Steven for a day of learning to repeat words. We also know that Peridot sat through all those episodes of Camp Pining Hearts and memorised the lines, repeating them back to the TV. So I theorise that gems can pick up languages very fast, and that this is how Lapis and Peridot learned to speak English. (Has Jasper learned English? I’m not sure…)

(Leak info again - the people with the earrings all speak gem, that’s how they understand the little voice and also each other, and how Greg and Steven can understand them, because it would be silly if they were all speaking English.)

Anyway, that’s the theory, and I look forward to future developments.

(Credence Barebone x Reader) A Safe Place [Pt.3]

Title : A Safe Place [Pt.3]

Request : No

Smut : Nope

Word Count :2,935

A/N : Ahhh I finally finished it! I feel like this one doesn’t have much fluff (or smut LMAO). But I promise you, there will be plenty in the next part. I hope you enjoy this one! Sorry for grammar, vocabs, or any mistake in general, and feedbacks are highly appreciated! 

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Two weeks later, your relationship with Credence has bloomed like flowers in spring. Even though the only time you have to talk to him about deep topics are only on Friday, sometimes, on the other days, when you see him, you would wave a hello, or poke him on the shoulder. Just a little gesture to tell him you are present.

And every time you do so, his face would be as red as Rudolph’s, the red nosed reindeer.

You would at times chat with him about some things, how is it going, is he okay, when both of you have the time. And if his mother is not around.

About his mother… Let’s say she keeps persuading you to join her cult. You always refused her though, although you agree to help in some occasions, like feeding the poor children. Her intention on feeding the children has never been pure too. She threatens the children of not getting food if they don’t take the pamphlets she gave out. What a woman.

Still, you mind is set on one thing. The scars on his right arm you saw the first time you made him open up to you. Probably he had, or has, them too on his left. You always remember to check his arms and palms after your little meetings. And at that every time, you would give him those magical band aids you made with Queenie.

Queenie never asks what you use it for, since she can read your mind, crystal clear. She would occasionally tease you about Credence, or Tina because she doesn’t know a thing. You also asked Queenie to keep it a secret, and she happily obliges, only if you tell her directly.

At times, you would catch Credence staring at you in a distance, whether it’s after work, or when you’re on break. For some people, it would be creepy. But if it’s Credence, you know it means something else. Slowly, you notice the change in the way he looks at you. Although his posture barely changes, head cast low and shoulder inward, when your eyes meet, it’s when you see the change in him.

You can feel him opening up to you, but not completely.


It’s the third Friday you have spent with him, and the two of you went to the park for your usual talk. It’s not too late in the night, so Credence seems calmer than he usually is.

As usual, you ask him to open his palms and roll up his sleeves. You sigh when you see new scars on his skin. There are more on his palms than his arms, and silently, you feel glad. Not because of him hurting, but because if Mary Lou had hit him more on his arms, it would hurt even more than the one on his palms.

Instead of giving him the usual magical band aids, you decided to do something. What you’re about to do is illegal, and can be considered treachery to the wizarding world, but you can care less.

If you want Credence to trust you, then, you have to trust him first.

“Credence, look at me,” you say out of the blue, grabbing his wrist gently.

He looks at you with eyes full of hope and adoration. He tries his best to maintain eye contact, although occasionally, he would look away. He’s getting better with looking at you though.

“Yes, [Name]…?”

“I want to tell you a secret, but promise me you’ll never tell a soul,”

He looks at you quizzically, trying to guess the secret in his mind.

“I promise you [Name], I… Will not tell anyone,”

“Good,” you say.

Slowly, you pull out your wand out of your sleeve, and he looks at you in surprise. But he remains silent. You draw in your breath, and exhale it slowly. ‘Here goes nothing,’ you think.

Vulnera Sanentur,” you whisper as you swing your wand lightly pointing to his wound. In an instant, his wounds heal by themselves, each one of them disappearing without a trace. As you put your wand inside your sleeves, you see his expression shocked, amazed, baffled, a mix of them. He looks cute regardless.

“I- You-“

“Yes Credence,” you say.

“Y-You’re… A-A witch…?”

“Yes I am, and please, keep it down, and keep it from other people, especially your mother,” you silently laugh as you put a finger on his mouth, shushing him.

You examine his scars once more, running your fingers on the now smooth, yet rough skin. You trail your hand from his upper arm, to his lower arm, until you reach his hands, which are freezing cold, where you gently squeeze them.

“You’ll be okay, Credence,”

You let go of his hand, but before you can, he squeeze it back, and keep your hand in place. He looks and you and you see him slightly happy about your confession.

“I-I’m sorry but your hands feel warm and I, I, uh… I don’t want to let it go…” he says as he glances at your and his hands. You reply by intertwining your hands with his, a gesture he seems to be fond of, looking at the way his hands immediately do the same.

You rest your head on his shoulder, and slowly, hesitantly, he does the same, on top of your head. You feel your heart soar in your chest, as it pumps blood to your face, coloring it red. And slowly… You can feel yourself falling even more for him.

Credence himself also feels a new sensation in his chest and his stomach. Something he has never felt before. Sure, his chest would tighten and his stomach would drop every time his mother is ready to punish him, but this one. It feels nice. It feels nice, it feels warm, and… He feels happy being with you.

His head spun when you show and tell him that you’re a wizard, something so risky to be entrusted to him. Considering his position in the Second Salem.

He feels the way his and your fingers intertwine is right. How your voice and your breathing calms him down, and how he feels the blood rushing through his ears, the sensation so alien to him.

And for the first time… He feels… Safe. Safe, and in love.


Again, for the millionth time, he walks you home again. You had asked him not to do it, but he insisted. And the way he talked after you told him your secret, seems to be a tiny bit more confident and brave, than the way he is before. At least only to you though. And he still has his head cast low when he walks.

You also had been linking your pinky fingers the whole way home, because you thought being hand in hand would have been more risky and dangerous for the both of you.

As you walk the front steps, he looks at you with eyes full of love and adoration, a little smile on his face. Your hands reach out to his face, and he welcomes the touch, leaning his face to your hand. Your warm hands meets the cold skin of his face, and without you realizing it, you walk down the steps until you’re on the same level as his.

Your face inches to his.

He looks at you shyly, and you, with face burning red, slowly and steadily lean to his face, brushing your lips against his. He tenses up, but then he closes his eyes, savoring the taste of your lips on his. It’s a sweet kiss, something you have never felt before. A purely innocent one.

His hands remain on his sides, unsure what to do in the situation. Credence’s previously cold face heats up as his comes in contact with yours. His breathing becomes ragged, and you break the kiss.

When you do so, he still closes his eyes, longing for the contact to continue, with an expression that breaks your heart. You wrap your arms around him, hugging his body tightly against yours.

This time, he hugs you back, his arms around you, tightly. It’s as if he’s thinking all of this is only a dream that will disappear when he wakes up.

“P-Please don’t leave me…” he chokes.

“I’m here Credence, I’m here. And I will always be with you,” you tell him, rubbing circles on his back to calm him down.

The hug lasts for another minute before he slowly backs away. You wipe the tears forming in his face before kissing each one of them. “I love you Credence,” you say.

He looks to his feet and quietly says something inaudible under his breath. You move closer so you can hear him, only to make his voice grow quieter.

“It’s okay Credence,” you say. “You can tell me anything, I won’t judge you for it,” you say.

He looks you in the eye.

“I- I read it in a book somewhere… When a man, and, and a woman kiss… They’re dating… A-Are w-we dating…?” he asks innocently.

A smile breaks across your face and you say, “Well, we could be if you want. Do you want us to be dating?”

He nods as he looks at you.

“Then we’re dating, Credence.”


Credence enters the dark house/church silently, trying not to make any sound to wake his mother or his sisters. He’s still smiling from what happened today, but his smile falls when he sees Mary Lou waiting for him on the steps.

His sisters, Chastity and Modesty are cleaning the dishes, silently looking at him.

“Finally. You’re home,” Mary Lou says coldly.

He doesn’t reply and looks down.

“Why are you late, Credence?” she asks as she stands on her feet.

“I, I was looking for our next meeting. There’s a place near-“

“DO NOT LIE TO ME!!” she yells. He flinches when she does so.

Like a programmed robot, he removes his belt, walking up the stairs in front of her as he does so. She takes the belt from his hand, stroking it like a pet snake before going up the stairs, with Credence following behind her.

Modesty and Chastity says nothing, sighing as they put the last plate on the rack. Then, they hear the sobbing and the hitting begin.


Tina walks down the street, hands in her pocket. Work has been cruel to her today, for her littlest sister missed a few people, which resulted with Tina finishing her work late, covering her sister.

It’s almost midnight, Tina shivers from the cold. She walks past the Second Salem church, the old building giving a dark aura because of the lack of lighting. Then, she walks past an alley where she hears a sobbing. Broken sobs, coming from the dark alley.

Putting her hand inside of her sleeves, she stays aware and approaches the source of the sounds. In the dark, she can see a man cowering in fear, his back against her.

“Mister? Are you okay?”

The sobbing stops when she places her hand on the man’s shoulder. She crouches down and comforts the man.

“Mister? Is everything okay? Why are you crying?” she asks again.

The man turns his back and face her, and she recognize him as the boy who is always by Mary Lou’s side in her rallies. The boy looks upset all the time though, as if he is there by force. Tina also realizes this boy, is the man who is adored by her littlest sister.

“P-Please help me,” Credence sobs. His breathing is becoming pants, face red, and hair disheveled.

“Calm down, calm down. Take a deep breath,” she says. Credence inhales a deep breath, at least trying to, because he keeps choking and sobbing. “That’s it, let’s breathe again.”

After a solid few minutes, Credence has calmed down, and Tina asks him what happened. He is hesitant about telling a stranger first, about how his mother abuses him, but when Tina introduced herself as a Goldstein, he immediately asks her back about you, and finally opens up.

“You know, she’s the happiest when she talks about you,” Tina says.

Credence doesn’t answer, he silently listens.

“And she talks about you, like you’re the best thing ever that has happened in her life,” she adds. “This makes me and Queenie, her sisters, jealous.”

Tina talks more about you, as she plans something big in her mind…


Monday morning has never really your favorite time of the day, or of the week. You despise Tina’s yelling, urging you to wake up and get to work. You’ve always been the heavy sleeper, and because of that, you tend to spend your free time sleeping if you’re not trying to sneak Credence out of the rally to chat with him.

The weather has not been kind to you and your sisters today; the rain makes the air so humid. Not to mention the water seeping into your boots. You hate it so much, even though you can zap it out after when you get into your office.

As the three of you walk towards the building where MACUSA resides, you notice that Mary Lou is having one of her rallies in front of it. Your eyes scan the crowd to look for Credence, and see him standing in the back of the crowd. He doesn’t see you, and his sisters are nowhere to be found.

As you’re about to dismiss yourself from your sisters to say hello to Credence, Tina suddenly marches to Mary Lou, yelling at her.

“Mary Lou! I know what you did to that boy! You speak like a head of this cause, but your actions do not! We all know that you abuse him!” she yells.

The crowd turns to her in shock and awe, while you and Queenie look at each other in horror before running towards the eldest Goldstein. Meanwhile, Credence looks up from where he’s standing and sees Tina, walking up to his mother, wand raised aggressively. The crowd gasps in unison, while some murmurs and yells the word witch.

“Queenie! You go in and tell Madam President about this when I’ll try to keep things under control!” you say to Queenie. She nods in understanding, then run inside the building. You hate telling the President of MACUSA about this, but you have no choice.

“Tina! Stop! Don’t do it!” you yell at her. But before you can draw your wand to take hers away, she already throws a spell at Mary Lou, sending her flying, and lands with a thud. Credence only watches, unsure what to do.

Accio!” you yell, snatching Tina’s wand from her hands. She looks at you in disbelief, feeling betrayed. You send a sorry look to her.

As if on cue, Madam Picquery, the President of MACUSA, and several other wizards step out of the building, Madam Picquery looking angrier than she ever did. Yet she is still calm and composed. She raises her wand and obliviates everyone in the area. In an instant, everyone who watched it happened have their memories lost. Excluding Credence, who is strangely not affected by the spell. Nevertheless, he acts like he does and walks away from the area.

“Porpentina Goldstein. What is the meaning of this?” the President asks, her tone condescending.

“Madam President! I was seeking justice for something she did! She-She abused a boy and-“

“And that is none of your business. You have interfered with a No-Majs affair, attacked one of them, and exposed our community to them. What do you have to say about this?”

Tina looks down and shakes her head in defeat.

“Nothing, Madam. I have no excuse.”

“Good. As the consequence of your action, from now on, you are no longer a part of the Magical Congress of United States America. And that is final.”

“But Madam President!”

“No more. [Name] Goldstein, her wand, please,” Madam Picquery says, looking at your direction.

You walk to Madam Picquery and hand her Tina’s wand. She then returns the wand to Tina’s hand, and walk back inside the building.

Tina slouches down the wet pavement in defeat. You and Queenie runs to Tina, and immediately hug her.

“Oh, Teenie…” Queenie says.

“It’s okay, we’re here…” you add as you rub circles on her back.

“I… I was trying to help him…”

“We know sweetheart, we know…” Queenie takes out her handkerchief and wipes Tina’s forming tears on her eyes.

“But sometimes, you alone can’t save everyone,” you add.

The three of you stays like that for some minutes, before you decide that it would be wise to take a day off you the three of you. Or the two of you, since Tina has been demoted from her job. Almost everyone looks at you judgingly when you walk into the building, to ask for permission, which is granted.

The same goes when you walk home, some people look at you, as if having a déjà vu or trying to remember something they forgot.

Little did you know, a certain someone also looks at the three of you, feeling grateful of Tina’s action. But he himself knows that he is also responsible for Tina’s demotion. He had heard the conversation between the wizards in front of the MACUSA building.

And now, he is unsure whether to go back home, or to go to your shared apartment – to see you, his safe place – to seek comfort. He decides neither, and disappears in the darkness of the alley.

So this isn’t a random headcanon or even fan theory, but I kinda like the idea that Toffee is/was Queen Eclipsa’s son. Like I know, it’s random and any supporting evidence for it is circumstantial at best, but hear me out.

First there’s Toffee’s design. And maybe this trait is just a defining feature so the audience can recognize him easily as an important character, but it still kind of bugs me. What am I referirng to? Toffee has hair. Actual hair. In comparison, other reptilian monsters we’ve seen in Star VS The Forces of Evil don’t have hair. They may have features that are meant to represent the idea of hair, but they all still look like they belong on a reptilian creature. More like frills or elongated scales. Yet here’s Toffee with this well styled, mammalian trait. But maybe the creators are just taking creative liberties. I can buy that.

But then, Toffee is biologically immortal and in both the present and in Moon’s flashback is shown as an adult. And no one ever mentions how long Toffee has been around. So it’s very possible he’s centuries old and just hasn’t drawn as much attention to himself has he has in the show.

And finally, Toffee is incredibly powerful when it comes to magic. I’m not just referring to defeating the high commission either, although that is a good example. But another hint we were given earlier in the show was in Storm the Castle, when Marco tries to punch Toffee. We as the audience clearly see Toffee standing right in front of Marco, but as soon as Marco throws that punch Toffee is gone, Marco bruising his hand against the crystal cage and Toffee standing behind him. If this was meant to be a joke alone, why make the transition between real Toffee and reflected Toffee so noticeable? But again, I could be reading too much into that. Another good example also comes from Storm the Castle; Toffee knows about the Whispering Spell and what exactly it does. He could have picked up that knowledge from years of research (take a look at the book he’s reading in Mewnipendence Day), but how did he know that it was traditionally the first spell taught to the princess? Because his mother taught him. Eclipsa might have been around long enough for Toffee to start learning magic from her before she was crystallized.

And let’s not forget what we just saw in the Battle for Mewni. Toffee, after getting into the wand and into the universe’s supply of magic, corrupted the entire thing without losing his own consciousness. That is a big deal, even more so when we see that his body is basically just a manifestation of the corrupted magic while Star still has her physical body in the space the magic is in. While it is possible that this was just a plot hole and done to make Toffee all the more threatening in those scenes (which worked extraordinarily well, mind you), a lot of fantasy and myths involving magic often mention how dangerous and corrupting on one’s body, soul, and mind it can be. And yet, here’s Toffee just swimming around and infecting the entire universe’s magic and making it unusable and not completely losing his mind. That is unbelievably impressive.

Plus, the idea of Toffee being Eclispa’s son could also explain some of his motivations. My best guess, Eclipsa probably had two children; a “human” (because let’s face it, you can’t really call the Butterfly family entirely human with that second form they have) daughter who successfully claimed the throne and continued the blood line, and Toffee who due to his monster lineage was most likely targeted to be killed as an abomination immediately after his mother’s defeat and was never going to claim any sort of power in Mewni.  And got to witness firsthand the prejudice and hypocrisy against monsters by the humans. So it would make sense he would go rouge and kill one of Mewni’s queens. But it also explains the larger schemes he had in the show as well. He probably recognized the spell Moon used as one of his mother’s (maybe not right away), and once he realized where she had gotten it from and how it worked decided to use the situation to his advantage. Basically, he would have to die in order for his mother to be freed, but he was going to also paralyze the royal family and strip away their power as well. Hence the corruption and neutralization of the magic. Unfortunately, he only got half of what he wanted accomplished (or so it seems right now).

It also could play into making Eclipsa an even bigger threat. I’ve seen a few people saying how they hope Queen Eclipsa just ends up being that ‘weird grandmother’ character. And I think at first- under this line of thought- that’s how she starts out. Weird and maybe a little morbid at times but still nice enough and adores Star. But then she finds out what happened to Toffee and well… Hell is nothing compared to a grieving mother’s wrath.

But I’m probably just reading too much into things. It’s still a fun thought though, so I’m going to keep entertaining it for a while.

(P.S. Also, very minor circumstantial evidence, but did anyone notice that the candy Eclipsa was eating crunched? I can’t think of a type of chocolate bar that does that besides ones with rice crispies in them. And toffee bars. (Yeah, under this line of thought, I don’t think Toffee’s his real name. I think it was just a cute nick name his mother gave him and he started going by it full time after her defeat.))

The Frienships of Fandom

I already made a post about my thoughts on the final FT chapter and Gruvia. So, this post is a far more personal story that couldn’t have happened without Gruvia. Others have already spoken about the friends they made because of this series. Well, I wanted to do that, too, but because it’s me, it’s going to be ridiculously long. ^_~

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Peridot, an adaptive and observant gem (a long analysis/theory)

 Okay, as I am well aware many people in the fandom have made remarks about Peridot (Peridork, you know who I am talking about). These theories and analysis have been on various topics such as Peridot being really young (almost/is a child) and that’s why she copies and learns from Steven who is also a kid. Now, this is fairly believable, and I do like this analysis. But, if I may I am going to go into further detail in Peridot “copying” from Steven. 

 My theory is that Peridot (perhaps all of the “Peridots” since it’s highly likely that there’s more than one of each gem) is a gem that learns through the actions of her surroundings and companions rather than through straightforward commands. Now this does not necessarily mean that she doesn’t have preexisting programming in her, like her data, orders, and so on. Obviously, she does not make her own plans or decisions (although she has to now) however, she can’t be surrounded by just anyone. I think that if a Peridot is surrounded by other Peridots then they stay as they were programmed to, emotionless and stiff, much like how we, the audience saw Peridot from her debut. And, this also stays if a Peridot is surrounded by other gems(maybe even people as well) who are emotionless or at a higher position( like Jasper) but even when Peridot was with Jasper she already began to grow a personality (she became annoyed at Jasper not wanting to follow the orders Peridot was made to follow). 

Remember Peridot said:

“Go to Earth they said, it’ll be easy they said.” She made a jab to the gems who she was with before, because she got annoyed at Jasper, who was going against her orders. 

So, to take from this so far is that if Peridot is surrounded by someone young, jubilant, and good, well she might either become like that person, or become  the exact opposite, because those certain emotions go against her “programming” and the surroundings she was use to (the other emotionless gems). Steven is really nice to Peridot (well because it’s Steven) but the Crystal Gems see Peridot as a threat and are constantly trying to stop her plans. To Peridot this is probably an extremely stressful situation, and now that she is by herself without Jasper, other emotionless gems, or even possibly Yellow Diamond she doesn’t have any one to tell her what to do, each decision she makes is her own. She is exploring herself, but she probably still doesn’t know what to do or who she even is. And as a result, everyone around her is still a major influence on what she should do.

Look, I have some examples for this:

First, this picture in “The Return”:

 Everyone in the fandom has basically made the above picture one of the “key plot points” in Peridot’s character. Well, I don’t think people are wrong when they say that because this scene was specifically shown to show Peridot’s reaction, she did take a step back when Jasper took out the gem destabilizer but so did Lapis. Now, I think Lapis knew what the weapon was and that is why she stepped back, but for Peridot I think the reason was different, I don’t think she particularly knew what that item was. Peridot is smart (she probably has a ton of data installed in her) but, remember she didn’t even know who the Crystal gems were, so her source (the one who gave her, her data) probably left some important information out. It is possible though that Peridot knew that it was a gem destabilizer but she probably had never seen one been use before until now so she doesn’t know everything about it.

Her reaction at first isn’t what is the most important part though, no, it’s what she does afterward once she sees Jasper use the gem destabilizer. 

She uses as a weapon (in “Jailbreak”), against Steven. She notices how Jasper used it to fight, and Peridot, who does not know how to fight or defend herself, sees that as the only tool she can use against the Crystal Gems (enemies she still doesn’t have any information on). But then,( because Steven isn’t affected by gem-technology) the gem destabilizer doesn’t work on Steven, that’s why her face is filled with such shock, she doesn’t have a back-up plan, meaning she doesn’t know what to do. So then, Peridot is left defenseless and is easily taken out (tied up).

So, now she knows that Steven can’t be taken out like the others can, she now has learned from Jasper, the gem destabilizer isn’t important anymore it’s been discarded.

But, by being tied up and pinned down by Amethyst, Peridot has learned how to deal with her whip. Remember this scene in “Keeping it Together”

Peridot knows what will happen if she gets tied down by Amethyst, she’ll become defenseless again, she’ll get captured and this time she doesn’t have an escape pod (she was lucky the first time). So what does she do? She quickly makes Amethyst unable to use her whip so she can escape. 

And when she escapes what does she do?

 She uses her fingers to fly away, and now she knows that this form of escape (the “Pericopter”) is useful, and the Crystal Gems can’t catch her, that’s why she uses it so many times after. She uses it twice to escape in “Friendship.” 

And speaking of that episode, Peridot is shown to use her experiences with the Crystal Gems to her advantage a lot.

First, everyone knows how Peridot copied Steven when he stuck out his tongue at her. She realizes the insult, and uses it as her own taunt; she is getting a bit of a comedic side now.

Then, notice how Pearl is cutting off everyone as they talk, first she does it to Garnet, and then to Amethyst, now she probably didn’t mean to because she had so much on her mind but what did Peridot do when Amethyst was talking to her? 

She cut her off, just like what Pearl did.

Another thing Peridot notice with Pearl was how off she was on that day. She noticed how badly Pearl wanted to capture/defeat her, she did lunge right at her from the beginning, and then Peridot stopped her (but that was by chance). 

But, she takes note of Pearl’s actions and forms the perfect trap based off of that. She pretends to be right in front of Pearl (when she became a hologram) and just like she thought Pearl went straight for her without thinking properly and fell right into her trap.

And, in the beginning of that episode what did Steven do to Peridot to try to stop her? He hit her face with his shield; hit her right on her nose.

And it worked too, it actually hurt her as she did say “ouch.” In a rather annoyed and surprised way, she probably didn’t expect that to work as well as it did to cause her pain. As a result of its effectiveness, Peridot tries to return the favor to Steven. When Steven latches on to Peridot what does she do? She flicks his face; right on the nose too! This gem didn’t think anything would be more effective to have him release her then flicking his nose because that is basically what he did to her.

A few other things I will like to point out is that Peridot notices how strong her beam was to destroy that pillar in the beginning of “Friendship” which is why she destroys the top of the ceiling to have her escape rather than fight the Crystal Gems, because she knows she can and figures she’ll escape since she’s been getting away each time she has faced the Crystal Gem’s so far.

Also, when Jasper says: “Yellow Diamond needs to see this.” (The Return) Lapis isn’t the only who looks worried, Peridot is too.

I think that Peridot saw Yellow Diamond only as someone she needed to report to and was actually really frightened around her presence. But, then she noticed how easily Jasper was to want to speak to her and show her something. Which is why I think Peridot calls out to Yellow Diamond in “Cry for help” she think’s she’ll listen because of how loosely Jasper said her name the last time. I don’t think she would have sent a distress signal if that hadn’t had happen.

So, do you see it now? Peridot is extremely observant, she takes her surroundings and the interactions she has around others and she learns, she adapts. She’s rather smart and she is changing, but I don’t think she truly realizes this yet. I don’t think Peridot has noted her own change since coming to Earth.

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Worst Vision Ever AU!

  • The blade of Shmi’s shoto is deliberately cranked up to borderline-blinding, in no small part because people who’ve seen her saber are already looking WAY TOO CLOSELY for a blade in that half-second before she switches it on. 
  • Shmi LITERALLY threw herself at Obi-Wan when she first saw him. Like, full-on Force-jump HURLED HER ASS DIRECTLY AT HIM, if he were not a Jedi he’d’ve got knocked onto HIS ass. She also called him “Master Kenobi” REALLY LOUDLY and confused the fuck out of many, many people. Especially Qui-Gon. Especially after Obi-Wan started CRYING. 
  • Shmi and Anakin (and someday Ahsoka) make their lightsaber crystals out of random things that feel “appropriate” in the Force. Some of these things are more physical than others. Other people’s attempts to duplicate the process are being heavily hindered by being unable to pick the appropriate materials, or maybe by being unable to PUT appropriateness into the materials. It’s really very unclear, especially when Shmi’s the one explaining. The desert-shimmer crystal is mostly Tatooine sand and ship-grit and love/grief, and the desert-sun crystal is mostly metal and heat and the memory of light. 
  • creche!Anakin will carry creche!Ahsoka everywhere every chance he gets, though he will settle for hand-holding. When he is questioned, he insists it’s very important Jedi strength training. Original-Backpack-Jedi Yoda is like “… argue, I cannot.” 
  • Qui-Gon and Tahl are the Jedi’s most disgusting couple and do not even PRETEND to not be Attached As Fuck to each other, all the Jedi around them are DESPERATELY trying to politely ignore their obvious indecency and they are just like holding hands and using pet names and traumatizing the Order with all these blatant displays of ATTACHMENT. THINK OF THE YOUNGLINGS, YOU TWO!! 
Synchronizing, Crystal Gem Etiquette, and Gem Fusions...!

even based on the five fusions we’ve seen, I think we can all agree that gem fusions are incredibly fascinating. thanks to the Jasper & Lapis fusion in “Jail Break,” we now know that consent is a prerequisite for fusion–a gem can’t force an unwilling gem to fuse with them. but even aside from that–and Connie & Steven’s and Ruby & Sapphire’s spontaneous joy-, comfort-, and intimacy-based fusions aside–one of the aspects of gem fusion that caught my attention was its etiquette…or more accurately the etiquette the crystal gems abide by when they’re fusing.

both of the times that we’ve seen Garnet, Amethyst, and Pearl fuse with one another to form Opal and Sugilite, they bow to one another before attempting to synchronize…

…which is a clever detail that simultaneously acknowledges the performative aspect of fusion–dancing for each other and the gem they’ll become together, even more so if the music we hear as they synchronize are the sounds their gems make as they harmonize in-universe (I’d like to think it is)–and counts as a gesture and demonstration of their intent, consent, and respect for one another. 

the bow is even included first in Pearl’s sand model of the way she and Amethyst form Opal, which is not only cool but–based on Pearl’s fastidious nature–gives us a pretty good indication that the bow is integral to the crystal gems’ fusion process.

immediately after they bow, their gems begin to glow, almost as if they’re resonating with each other.

it’s also really important to note that Garnet’s, Amethyst’s, and Pearl’s dances are unique to them as individuals and fit their personalities. 

so far Amethyst is the only gem we’ve seen fuse with more than one gem, but based on what we know about her fusions with Pearl and Garnet and all three of their dance lessons to Steven in “Alone Together,” we can also tentatively extrapolate that how exactly they dance/synchronize varies and is unique to the gem they’re fusing with: Amethyst doesn’t dance with Garnet the same way she dances with Pearl, Pearl doesn’t dance with Amethyst the same way she dances with Garnet, Garnet doesn’t dance with Pearl the same way she dances with Amethyst, the ways each of them danced with Rose were distinct, the ways each of them will dance with Steven will be distinct, and so on.

Amethyst & Pearl synchronizing to form Opal:

Amethyst & Garnet synchronizing to form Sugilite:

Garnet & Pearl demonstrating their synchronization dance for Steven:

to our knowledge “perfect synchronization” has only ever been achieved in Stevonnie’s and Garnet’s spontaneous fusions, so it seems like the kind of fusion most gems perform or are capable of performing involves a synchronization balancing act. in the crystal gems’ case, their fusion dances are thoughtful, unique, and varied to the extent that every dance represents each of their distinct personalities, and a balanced melding thereof as they synchronize. for them, synchronization seems dependent on reaching complementary and harmonious physical and mental states. this involves respect for their partner’s “style” and personality, of course, because fusion is, at its core, two gems coexisting in and co-managing a body imbued with both sets of their physical characteristics and magical abilities. for the crystal gems, achieving synchronization is a conversation…and a healthy, open, honest, and communicative conversation at that.

…so what was especially interesting about “Jail Break,” with respect to gem fusion, was watching two non-crystal gem gems perform a fusion! 

if we’re to take Jasper as an accurate and credible representative of what most Homeworld gems are like, it would seem like fusion is looked down upon: Ruby and Sapphire’s “shameful display” in Garnet, and “a cheap tactic to make weak gems stronger.” it fits the utilitarian impression of Homeworld we have at this point, where a gem’s value and worthiness are determined by their individual strength or usefulness to Homeworld and gemkind. the ripple effects of all this can be felt in and corroborated by Jasper and Lapis’s fusion.

in place of the bow there’s Jasper’s brusque grasp of Lapis’s hand. neither of their gems glow or resonate as they synchronize. unlike the crystal gems’ rather elaborate dances, this one is succinct. Jasper doesn’t dance so much as control and physically manipulate Lapis’s movements; before Lapis seizes control of Malachite’s water abilities to imprison them, in fact, it would seem that Jasper is in complete control. to be fair, Jasper probably thought that she was, and Lapis wanted her to think that she was. that said, it’s a very utilitarian process. “Malachite” is not presented as her own individual gem like Opal, Sugilite, and Garnet are, because Lapis and Jasper are quite literally two separate beings at war in the same body. in this vein, Lapis isn’t a partner so much as a tool or accessory Jasper has picked up to grow strong enough to finish off the crystal gems. there’s obviously no mutual respect between them whatsoever, nor is there a true representation of who these two gems are. they are not synchronized at all. like Garnet says, they truly are bad for one another–and Malachite’s monstrous form is a reflection of their animosity toward one another, Jasper’s overall attitude and approach to fusion, Lapis’s ulterior motives, and the manner in which they performed their synchronization.

we can’t really use Jasper and Lapis’s fusion to make generalizations about Homeworld with certainty, but at this point in time this fusion is all we have to go by. at this point though, I think this impression of Homeworld gems is best used to contrast and heighten our knowledge of the crystal gems.

despite their interpersonal difficulties, all five of the crystal gems we’ve met have fundamentally loving relationships with one another–and I believe the strength and “normal physical appearances” of their fusions relative to Malachite can be attributed to that love. the crystal gems are a family, and that love and attachment that seems so peculiar to the Homeworld gems can be traced back to Rose Quartz.

Rose loved and saw the beauty in all living things. her love for and desire to protect Earth and all its life was a large part of what motivated her to start and lead the Crystal Gem Rebellion, but–given Jasper’s comments about and disdain for Ruby, Sapphire, Amethyst, and Pearl–it also seems that she loved and saw the beauty even in gems deemed “defective” or “weak” by Homeworld. Rose didn’t love Pearl, Amethyst, Ruby, and Sapphire in spite of their “defectiveness” and faults, but because of them, as inextricable parts of these gems that she loved. it’s all too likely that it was Rose’s love for other gems regardless of their so-called defectiveness that earned the loyalty of her army. at the very least, we can be certain that Rose’s love was what earned Pearl’s, Amethyst’s, and Garnet’s loyalty and love, and what encouraged them to love one another as well.

what Rose stood for was revolutionary in the sense that accepting and loving gems (and all living things, even the native life on a planet that would eventually be destroyed by Kindergarten) because of their faults, individuality, and defectiveness challenged what seems to be the very foundation of the Homeworld gems’ empire and society…and right now one of the biggest, lasting effects of Rose’s revolutionary love is the crystal gems’ approach to and the strength of their fusions. for the crystal gems, fusion isn’t just a means to an end. it’s serious magic they only use in emergencies, and you can certainly compare that to the way Jasper only resorts to fusion once Garnet had defeated her and she fond herself injured, stranded, and outnumbered on Earth, but the distinctions in approach make all the difference. 

“Giant Woman” illustrated this perfectly. Amethyst and Pearl’s relationship is strained because their personalities clash a lot. Amethyst’s impulsive and fun-loving nature often alarm, concern, and irritate Pearl; Pearl’s fastidious and serious nature often annoy, smother, and remind Amethyst of the things she most dislikes about herself, like the circumstances that led to her being made. unlike Sugilite, Opal is very prone to defusing because Amethyst and Pearl have such different personalities–but Opal is as powerful as she is because, despite it all, Amethyst and Pearl genuinely love and care for one another. in “Giant Woman” they had trouble forming Opal because Pearl was put off by Amethyst’s dancing and how “erratic” and “formless” it is–an unfiltered expression of her personality–compared to hers, but once Steven was in danger, they were quickly able to overcome and accept one another’s perceived faults and fuse to save the kid they both love…which they did very nearly effortlessly. Opal–their open and honest conversation, beneath all the pretenses–is powerful because their relationship and love for one another and shared loved ones are strong and complementary.

which isn’t to say their approach doesn’t have its limitations or drawbacks: for all the love they have for one another, the three- (technically four-) gem fusion Amethyst, Garnet, and Pearl perform to pose as Steven’s “nuclear” mother for the Maheswarans seems quite unstable. you can clearly recognize Garnet, Amethyst, and Pearl as individuals working strenuously to maintain Alexandrite. of course, it’s unclear if Alexandrite’s instability was also due to a lack of shared purpose. though they fused for Steven, the dinner with the Maheswarans wasn’t the same kind of overwhelming shared intent–saving Steven from the giant bird–that Amethyst and Pearl fused into Opal to fulfill. after all, when Steven and Connie boarded the bus, Alexandrite seemed much more formidable and “stable” than she did at dinner–because Amethyst, Garnet, and Pearl were united in needing to catch up to and retrieve Steven and Connie. then there’s Sugilite, who is an example of a negative sublimation of self-love, because she overwhelms Amethyst’s and Garnet’s individuality and has an aversion to separating and losing “herself,” exacerbated by a volatile personality. clearly, there are drawbacks, but it’s important to remember that Opal, Sugilite, and Alexandrite are all healthier and more balanced fusions than Malachite is (…which is a very low bar, but still).

everything about the crystal gems’ fusions…the individual and varied approaches to synchronization…their respect for one another and the gem they will become together communicated by the bowing…the strong resonance their gems experience when they synchronize–the harmonious agreement of their associated sounds/instruments in “Amalgam” and “Synchronize,” and the way their gems glow in recognition of one another–all of the crystal gems’ (revolutionary) fusion etiquette, and the fact that they have even agreed and taken the time to come up with this etiquette in the first place, stem from their love for one another, the love that Rose fostered and encouraged in all of them…and that is what distinguishes the crystal gems from the Homeworld gems we’ve met so far. and–gosh, conveying that distinction through fusion is such an excellent, inventive way to do it…!

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also nice about sugilite was how later lore…

if sugilite was racist bs, why would NICKI MINAJ voice act her? some people smh


One of the most common complaints (and what weirded me out a little too) was the whole thing with Pearl, arguing about ‘real strength’ and how she was praised in the show for beating (what we know know is a three-gem fusion) with brain over brawn.

It’s a common children’s message, but I think it gotta a little misconstrued in the episode as to what the intent was, because we didn’t know what the writers did.

Pearl is a protective fighter. Pearl loves (not here to argue what kind of love) Rose Quartz. She LOVES to the point that it’s heartbreaking. She idolizes Rose (the shield-bearer, the protector of Earth). Rose’s Scabbard made it really clear it was a deep, personal kind of love and that she missed Rose with such ferocity it could turn to anger on Steven.

That said, Pearl desperately wants Steven’s affection. She wants to be favored, however slightly, over the other gems because Steven IS Rose in some way. She laughs like her, he sounds like her, and Pearl sees that. She was Rose’s favorite (the way she saw it at the minimum) and deep down I think she wants that from Steven too. Pearl tries to be like Rose - protecting people and things she loves - and Pearl is also (imo) probably the weakest of the 3 Crystal gems. Garnet is a fusion and Amethyst was literally created for combat and conquest. Jasper calls Pearl defective and for all her grace and smarts, I’ve never seen a real impressive display of power coming from Pearl alone. Pearl protects, she uses her brain. I don’t know a lot about Rose Quartz, but I think Pearl’s style is to emulate Rose’s in some way, and she wants Steven to be like that too.

Steven in the episode however, is wow’d by the impressive physical specimen Sugilite is. And she is impressive, which brings me to the most other common complaint.

Sugilite is a brute force gem, which angered some people thinking that it was disrespectful to the two “black-coded” gems to be a fierce behemoth while Opal was graceful and slim. As of the current episodes, we’ve seen five gem fusions:

Malachite is the most monstrous of all, not even resembling a human with Alexandrite coming in a close second. Garnet we know know IS a 2-gem fusion, same as Opal, of two arguably black-coded characters as well and she is a level-headed, beautiful queen we’d already grown to love. The less gems involved, the more human they look if their relationship is good, and if it isn’t, well let’s just say Malachite + 2 more gems would be beyond a monster. Opal having four arms, is a symbol of an imperfect relationship while Garnet looks almost completely human because she is made of love. What we didn’t know at the time was that Sugilite was a 3-gem fusion with a backstory that gives her actions a whole new light.

We know from Jailbreak - Garnet H A T E S being broken up, and Amethyst was so excited about becoming Sugilite that these were her feelings too. Of the three gems, Ruby and Amethyst share a lot in common to me - they’re reckless, they’re physically strong. Ruby hits the walls of her cell in anger. They’re two combat gems fused together, and while Sapphire is still there, her personality would have been recessive to theirs.

And Amethyst we know now definitely has some big insecurities. She’s sensitive about how Pearl and others see her, and they didn’t have their scene in Kindergarten yet. Amythest likes to feel powerful as we see in Tiger Millionaire. She doesn’t like being told what to do, especially by Pearl who is the only gem left at this point who’s trying to convince her to unfuse. A big part of Garnet’s personality is the desire to stick together, and Amethyst likes to feel strong and doesn’t have the best relationship with Pearl. Knowing all this, Sugilite’s actions and rampage makes a lot more sense as do Pearl’s. Pearl mourns, in her own words, not being able to PROTECT her friends from their unhealthy relationship (which we know know is what a fusion is) and Amythest bellows out, in her own words again, how Pearl is nothing compared to Sugilite. Sugilite is strong, but there’s a lot of overpowering insecurity and fear in Amethyst that relates to Garnet’s dislike of being broken up. Amythest was fused with Pearl in Opal, in Sugilite, Pearl is standing on the outside, not harmonizing with her and the anger of being left behind by her starts off a negative chain reaction of emotions.

Pearl does defeat an opponent stronger than her using slight trickery and turning opposing strength against her opponent. This is a common children’s tale, but it set off a lot of people who saw it as white dominating over a black beast - and I admit, we didn’t know the whole story then of the gem’s relationships - or even how many gems were involved in the fusion.

I’m going to end with a nod to the most recent gem defeat - a repeat of Sugilite where a gem that was significantly more powerful than another was tricked and defeated using brains, not brawn.

Sugilite was a really great character and I pray she comes back. I just wish Coach Steven had been done a little after more exploration into the gem’s lives because it came off odd without it.

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Opal changed outfits because of Amethyst, but Pearl changed outfits too! Part of me wished it was more dramatic but I love Opal so I'm also really happy she didn't change too much haha

Pearl hasn’t changed her outfit since we last saw Opal though (waaaaaaay back in “The Return”), so Amethyst’s outfit changes were the only ones that impacted Opal’s appearance this time!