also crying forever

  • Lance: Keith and I are the main characters, so that means we're the love interests!
  • Pidge: Oh yeah? What does that make us?
  • Lance: You boys are the homosexual supporting cast!

Star Trek IDW Boldly Go 3

My First Dream: Town of Crystal

“ooohh! i’m soo excited!!”

“I dunno Mamoru…”

“Aaahhh This room is so bright and cute!!”

-Crying real tears because this room is to die for-

“Soooo softttt =w=“

“This house is amazing!!!”

“Nice to meet you, @mayorchibi!”

MERANGUE!!!!” -dies-

“Aahhh how pretty!”

“Have some food little fishies!”


But listen.. After Meruem passes, Komugi joined him soon after, and he waited for her. But since they are dead she is no longer blind because it was a human trial and the first thing she ever sees is Meruems little face right in hers.

Chiaki’s ambelo blog entry 24-01-2017 titled “Nishi Thank you

I think that I would like to write about what Nishi sang for me at the solo live last weekend.

He sang me AAA’s believe own way which have “ live believing in myself ” lyrics.

Believing in myself and keep moving forward one step at a time while doing my best, I was glad that Nishi sent me such a message.

He is a person who works hard with passion in everything.

Seeing that, I also was taught the feeling of working hard in everything.

Nishi thank you !

And congratulations for the great success of 1stLIVE solo !

From now on, as “Nissy” I also will continue to support you !


smart and smooth way to avoid giving speech by choi seunghyun


“I’ve aged a bit.”


Noel and Richard’s honeymoon trip to Copenhagen 

♡ .°  Victory-on-Ice °. ♡

finally made my yuri!! on ice blog~ ☆

They don’t seem to understand that Thranduil is the most important, beautiful person in the entire world.

- dollylux ( ohmythrandypants )

Inspired by their beautiful fic: Warmest Part of the Winter.

pjo aesthetics · jercicobeth family

“mom! dad was showing us how to use a sword and he broke the window again!”

“ghost dad or glasses dad?”

“no! fish dad.”

“oh, my gods.”

a very quick jercicobeth edit bc i’m sad and tbh the thought of this ot4 going on adventures with their kids can put a smile on my face in under three seconds