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Now let’s go to sleep, I have a feeling I’ll be late for school tomorrow…

(spoiler alert, she couldn’t even sleep, she squealed in her bed until her alarm went off… and so did he) 

it took me…. so long…… to finish this….. it wasn’t supposed to get this long, holy shit……….

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My opinions on signs I know

Aries: Very helpful, understand me and likes the stuff I like. Is not very clingy and looks nice.

Taurus: Very blunt, barely ever texts back. Hurts your feelings and then makes you look bad for what you did because you got hurt. emo af

Gemini: Kind and helpful, will send you meme when u sad. Pretends to like you and then runs away.

Cancer: Annoying. Confusing. Ew.

Leo: Loud af, won’t be mean unless you do something bad or not behave how they want you to behave. Will spoil you and help out.

Virgo: Annoying, judges you on small things and loves with all their heart. Also very cringe-worthy and likes weeaboo shit.

Libra: bit of a hoe, aesthetic and hot. Cute laugh and smile. Can be selfish at times but cares for you dearly.

Scorpio: Makes you feel like you are wanted but criticises you. Small, and does everything seductively. Kinda hot.

Sagittarius: Weird af, will make you laugh loads tho. Runs away from their problems and likes to gossip.

Capricorn: GROSS, very weird and acts like a pedo. Gay af. Can be nice at times, until they get too clingy. Lit af sometimes

Aquarius: Funny af, nice to speak to, amazing laugh. Will never offend you unless it’s a joke. Doesn’t take life seriously.

Pisces: Hot, cute eyes. Acts like a victim all the time. Texts back slowly and is a bit selfish. Great taste in music.



I can’t get my guitar wet! What should I do?

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Just wondering why you said your were disappointed with the documentary "What the Health?"

The film is highly sensationalized and based on fear-mongering. It also makes blanket statements by citing cherry-picked studies, when the truth is that most evidence remains inconclusive. Only vegan or plant-based doctors are interviewed, and although they make some valid claims, the lack of diversity discredits the film and the message. Human health and nutrition are also extremely oversimplified by the filmmakers, who imply that a vegan diet is the only healthy diet you should be following. Of course, a vegan diet can be healthy and sustainable, but the conclusive evidence just isn’t there stating that it’s the healthiest of diets around. You can just as easily cherry pick a study in which the data suggests meat or dairy consumption didn’t negatively affect health outcomes.

In addition, there is barely any mention of the role refined carbs and sugar have on diet and health outcomes, and the way the film is edited suggests that all high carb diets and foods are the same, as if soda and white bread are equally nutritious as whole grains.

Kip (I think that’s his name) also conducts a series cringe-worthy interviews with different health organizations, in which he often asks questions to people clearly not qualified to answer them (ie: a security guard??). These scenes are then edited to suggest that organizations are simply hiding information or misleading the public, when the reality is these people were probably caught off guard or not willing to play into the filmmakers’ clear agendas. It’s a cheap journalism tactic, not a smoking gun.

Overall, the film does make some valid points and bring up some important issues. Yes, meat and dairy lobbyists influence dietary guidelines to some extent. Yes, lifestyle diseases and poor diet choices are taking a major toll on the health of many westerners and costing the government way too much money. But leaving the impression that one egg is going to kill you or exaggerating health claims is doing nothing but a disservice to veganism. If we want people to go vegan for their health, the planet, and the animals, we have to accurately represent the problem. We have to hold ourselves to a higher standard than this.

Nina Teicholz breaks down what’s wrong with ‘What the Health,’ and while I may not have the same philosophy as her, she does provide a good account in this article.

Virginia Messina, MPH, RD, a vegan dietitian, reveals why the film is “impossible to recommend” in her review.

Unnatural Vegan also debunks the claims of the documentary in her YouTube video:

I just want to put a reminder out there to anyone going to Milian to see the cast BE RESPECTFUL not only during the con but also if you see them in the streets PLEASE this fandom is getting quite the rep of being disrespectful SO PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE at least be respectful to them because they’re taking the time to interact with fans which is so sweet of them

(also don’t ask cringe-worthy questions)

Damn Downworlder

Request: - Could you make a Jace imagine where you are Luke’s daughter and you still kick ass even though your dad is a downworlder?

- Hiii could you please write an Jace imagine where the reader is a dancer? thank you so much! xx

Pairing: ReaderXJace

Word Count: 1.6k

Warnings: none really

Authors Note: Hey guys, sorry about the slow updates but I hope you enjoy the imagine! Also sorry for the cringe worthy title 😂💁🏻 

Ps. Requests are now closed, you guys have sent in so many amazing ideas that are going to be coming soon! So stay tuned for that… And finally I would like to thank you all for 350 FOLLOWERS!!! Thats amazing! Thank you!❤️❤️


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Y/n’s POV

“But Dad… You know I have a dance rehearsal today!” You whine as you look up from your breakfast, you were currently arguing with your dad about you having to help the pack today.

“ No buts, you can practice your dancing when we get back… But for now you are coming with me to the Institute” he says heading out of the kitchen.

“ We leave in 5 minutes!” You hear a audible voice coming from the living room. Great! You get to spend your whole day with stuck up, snotty Shadowhunters. You sigh as you shovel the remaining cheerios into your mouth, today was going to be a long ass day.

You decided to just go in your grey Nike rally joggers, a black sports bra, and a warm navy hoodie. You quickly slipped your trainers on and headed out after your Dad. It was pretty easy to figure out that today was going to be full of combat and running so might as well be prepared right?

You jog lightly and catch up with Luke.

“So, why exactly do you need me?” You say as you pull up your hood, it had began to rain slightly.

“ You and I both know you are one of the best fighters in our family and the Nephilim wanted to be taught some new techniques before they go out on a mission” he replies, pulling out his phone to read a text you presumed.

“ What do I get out of this?” You mumble, making it clear you didn’t want to do it.

“ I will let you go to that school you want to go to so bad” he says giving you a side grin. You suddenly stop in your tracks… Wait what?!

“ Juilliard?! Are you serious?!!!!” You scream jumping up and down, you quickly pull Luke in for a huge hug.

“ Well you have to prove yourself to me first” he chuckles as he pulls away. “ Hey! We best get going if we want to get their on time!” He says looking at his watch suddenly speed walking. Grinning to yourself you follow behind.

“Luke! Y/n! Hey over here!” Your soon to be step sister Clary yells across the room. You could see she was stood with two tall guys and a average sized girl. You quickly make your way over to them, Luke at your side. You quickly realized the room was full of young Shadowhunters, maybe 16-25 of them.

As you get closer you are able to see the faces of these mystery people. One tall, brooding boy that looked like he didn’t want to be here. A slender girl that was wearing a rather revealing outfit, but was totally rocking it. And finally your eyes washed over a tall blond, he had a very attractive face, great bone structure you said to yourself. The rest of the crowd was just a blur, all talking amongst themselves.

“ Guys! This is my sister Y/n, she is amazing at physical combat and she and Luke are here to teach us today!” Clary announces to the now silent crowd.

You could hear a few whispers and a few weird looks from a few of the girls in the crowd. What was their problem. If only they knew how much I didn’t want to be here. You snapped back into reality when your Dad steps forward.

“ Right can we split into two groups? They we can move to another area to train..” He says to the crowd. “ My group meet in the weapons room!” Luke says as he heads out the door, Shadowhunters following behind.

Looking back at what was now your group you realized there was only nine of them. Clary, the girl from before and blondie were still here too. Great! This shouldn’t be too bad.

“ Right, hi everyone I’m Y/n as you already know… We are going to start with hand to hand combat. So everyone grab a partner ” you say as you move to the edge of the room, removing your hoodie in the process. Suddenly you feel a tap on your shoulder, making you turn around.

You were greeted by Clary.

“ Hey, erm.. Jace doesn’t have a partner” she says pointing to the blond dude, now named Jace.

“ Oh! Okay I suppose he could help me demonstrate” you say shrugging “ if that’s okay with him?”

“He likes to have all the attention I don’t think he will mind” she giggles as she skips over to the girl from earlier. You signal to Jace that he needs to come over, which he does immediately.

“ Hi, you must be Jace” you shake hands in a polite manner with a small smile “ you are going to help me demonstrate ”

“Cool, that sounds fun” he chuckles.

“ yeah…” You say, frowning at his sudden out burst of laughter in confusion. “ Better get to it then” you sigh as you make your way over to the mat laid out for you. You motion to everyone to gather round.

“ Right, so we are all going to start with simple stretches then move on to hand to hand combat” you say as you step onto the mat. “ the first sequence is going to be an attacker from behind” looking over your shoulder at Jace you nod, signaling him to grab you from behind.

As soon as he neared you instantly grabbed his arm, twisting it as you swipe you left leg under his feet, knocking him to the ground.

Fits of laughter came from the audience of Shadowhunters, one good looking boy approached; clapping his hands with an impressed grin.

“ I never thought I would see the day when a girl could knock Jace Wayland on his ass” he winked making you roll your eyes. “ maybe we should have lunch sometime?” He says looking you up and down.

“ Maybe we shouldn’t. And I never thought Id see the day when a man whore like you would think girls cant knock a boy to the ground… Would you like a go? Just to prove my point? Hmm…? ” You reply in sarcastic voice, popular Shadowhunters boys were always players. The majority with 15 girl on the go. You’d rather not go there.

At your words his grin vanished and a sulk appeared in its place. You turn to see a smiling Wayland laid on the mat resting on his elbows.

“Damn Downworlder” Jace mumbles quietly, you just ignore him.

“ I want you and your partner to practise that sequence, I will come round and check in 15 minuets!” You state and go back to your jacket at the side of the room.

Taking a seat on the bench you pull out your phone. You quickly open the messenger app and text Y/B/F.

Heyyyy! You will never guess what!!! Dad is letting me go to Juilliard! Xx

“That was pretty badass” Jace says slumping down next to you on the bench “ what you said to Calum” he grinned at the event that happened a few moments ago.

“ Thanks… to be totally honest he deserved it” you say looking back at your phone as it beeped, Y/B/F texted her congratulations with hundreds of emojis, making you giggle quietly.

“ Is that your boyfriend?” Jace says from beside you, you look up quickly and catch curiosity in his eyes.

“ No, I don’t have a boyfriend, its just my best friend” you smile, putting your phone away. “ Hey, we better get practicing”

You both make your way over to the mats and begin the routine.

Then suddenly Jace approached you (for the 7th time) from behind, but when you knocked him down he held on to your wrist , pulling you down on top of him.

You take a few seconds to realize what had just happened and look up to see an evil/ devilish grin forming on Jace’s face. Quickly you try to get up only to be held down by his hands upon your waist.

“ what are you doing?” You grumble, showing that you were clearly not impressed. Within seconds Jace was on top of you.

“ If you don’t have a boyfriend and aren’t going for lunch with Calum…. I think you should go on a date with me” he grins, a small section of his hair fell down onto his face, making him look very soft.

“ And what if I say no?” You question with a raised eyebrow.

“ Then I will just have to tickle you till you say yes” he whispers as his hands move down your sides. You sigh heavily, you were possibly the most ticklish person ever, and it defiantly isn’t something you enjoy.

“ Fine. What are we going to do then?” You huff, rolling your eyes.

“ Well I was thinking dinner and the ballet?” Your ears prick up at the mention of the ballet.

“ what?!” You say quickly. Jace moved his head closer, for a second you thought he was going to kiss you, your heart started to race… He leaned in, moving his mouth to your ear. His hot breath made you shiver.

“ A little birdie told me you like dancing… Especially ballet” he says quickly removing himself from you.

Lowering a hand, he offered to help you up.

“ So Y/n, does tonight sound good?”

“ Sure ” you smile.

“ Maybe you can show me some moves” he winked making you playfully punch his arm as you laugh.

“ Whatever you say Wayland”

“You know you love me really wolfie” he says and quickly pecks you on the cheek before heading out of the room to do God knows what. You quickly pull yourself together and head around the room to check everyone was carrying out the correct movements.

Today wasn’t so bad after all…

Mafia! Chani AU

•our lil baby
•he’s probably a hacker or something
•i take that back he’s a conman
•and the distraction
•because let’s be honest, if he came into the room, everyone would look at him and try to adopt this cute little boi
•who would even suspect him???
•this boy is such a good actor too
•his hyungs don’t let him go on the really dangerous missions since he’s still a baby and they’re working on training him to fight better
•on to visuals
•i feel like he would wear anything that was fit for the situation
•like he could be in a suit one day and then the next day he’s a hobo
•but on normal days I guess he wears whatever he wakes up in
•normally sweats and an adias jacket
•maybe nike
•and he can pull all the roles off too
•everyone thinks it real and only his mom can tell when he’s not acting
•by his mom I mean Rowoon
•he takes his job v v v seriously because he wants his hyungs to be proud of him and like he’s a cinnamon roll
•not really tho
•i mean he scams, lies and deceives people daily but still
•he’s a cinnamon roll in his hyungs eyes
•everyone tries to look out for him whenever he’s out
•people wonder if they’re an actual Mafia or just a Chani protection squad
•even they wonder it themselves
•Chani actually fits into the group quite nicely tho
•they like need him because watching the other’s try to do Chani’s job is cringe worthy
•also participates in meetings a lot
•he may be the youngest and worst at weapons but he’s really smart so they need his brain power too
•makes sure his input gets taken seriously but is lowkey about it
•everyone loves him
•they cherish him
•he gets whatever he wants basically
•except for jobs
•gotta make sure the baby is prepared before they let him out to the real world
•how did he even join?
•will, he looks up to a lot of people in the mafia and wanted to follow in their footsteps
•mostly Rowoon but moving on
•of course he wants to try to be cool and so he starts stalking Rowoon but like he’s bad at it
•so when they finally ask him about it, they find out that he can lie very well
•they find out that his acting is pretty good too when he totally changes personalities when they started taking him in
•everyone wanted to keep him so they kept him
•tbh you were one of the reasons he joined the mafia anyways
•you were Rowoon’s younger sister
•but you’ve never had a full conversation with Chani before even tho you’ve been in the same class for since 3rd grade
•he wanted to talk to you but he couldn’t so he kind of just looked at you
•questionably creepy but I guess that’s okay since he’s Chani
•but not really
•moving on
•so when he joins the mafia, he also gains more confidence
•not really but enough to come out and say hi to you
•you recognized him and then you two became friends
•eventually you guys just started dating because you hung out so much
•he asked you one day after walking home from school and you were like
•Rowoon approves

It is kind of amusing (but also its really cringe worthy), as someone who studies marketing, PR, & consumer behavior, watching the Supergirl cast (that were part of the interview)(minus Katie, Odette and to some extent Jeremy) somehow making a bigger mess out of something that honestly could probably have been resolved by a few simple apologies. Rather than a bunch of excuses and apparently a threat from a seemingly very bad PR team. 

Starish & Quartet Night as Dirty Pick-Up Lines!!

A dirty addition to the other pick up lines post which may be found HERE. Also bound to be cringe-worthy as fuck. You’ve been warned. OOC for humor

Natsuki: “You look so innocent, you look so sweet, as long as I have a face, you will always have a seat. “

Tokiya: “You’re on my list of things to do tonight.”

Cecil: “ You know why they call me the cat whisperer? Cause I know exactly what a pussy needs.”

Ren: “Pasta’s my second favorite thing to eat… Think you can guess my first?”

Otoya: “I’ve been undressing you with my eyes all night long, and think it’s time to see if I’m right.”

Syo: “Your ass is so nice that it is a shame that you have to sit on it.”

Masato:  “Do you have any Japanese in you? Would you like some?”

Reiji: “Are those pants on sale? Cause they’re 100% off at my place!”

Ranmaru: “You’re so hot I could roast my meat on you.”

Ai: I’m feeling a little bit off today, but you definitely turned me on.”

Camus: “What’ll you say we make like Winnie the pooh and I can get my nose stuck in your honey jar.”

Harvey is waiting for Mike outside of the church with a car, and they head off to prison. Before Mike turns himself in, they share a moment where they realize that they’re both to blame for what’s about to happen and would probably do the same thing over again. It’s quite possibly the best scene of the episode because it brings the episode back to what works about this show: Mike and Harvey’s friendship. Suits became such a fun show because of their relationship, but in the past, this season has felt like that’s been missing because the show has been so focused on Harvey and Donna or Mike and Rachel. The finale would’ve hit much harder if the episode had spent a bit more time in scenes like this where we realize why Mike is doing what he’s doing, why Harvey means so much to him. Put another way, I wish this episode had been more reflective in quality instead of consumed with plot shenanigans to save Mike. (x)

Mass Effect Andromeda Lady

Quickly sort of fixed it? Although admittedly, there is a high probability that the background picture is actually the Milky Way, I am not 100% sure.

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CACW dinner party on Chelsea 

I saw that some people were asking for this. So here is my edit. Btw, I have very mixed feelings about this video. On one hand, there are some cool and hilarious moments; on the other, there were also some very cringe worthy/disrespectful comments (cough… Chelsea… cough… Frank). Sigh… I’m all for opinion sharing, but sometimes I wish people payed a little more attention to the way they express them…



Hoseok snaps (or any member i wanted but you asked for Hobi so you got Hobi babu) trying to get suggestive pics or snapchats after they get them?

and they’re also super fucking cringe worthy i am so sorry no one in my squads mention these to me pls

So i strayed a little and these aren’t as good as they could be and I’m sorry but here you go!!

Review - Bisexuality: A Reader and Sourcebook edited by Thomas Geller

A while ago I picked up an old book, warped from water damage, from a used bookstore. Someone must have had a tender spot for this book to put it out on the shelf, because this copy is about two steps away from being pulped. The book was Bisexuality: A Reader and Sourcebook, edited by Thomas Geller. It’s a collection of writings, both personal and academic, about bisexuality. Leaving aside the Community Resources – the book is nearly 25 years old, and some of those bisexual organizations don’t even exist anymore – whole sections of the book felt incredibly modern. 

 Even 25 years ago, the bisexual community was struggling with the “bi means two argument” and arguing for a more inclusive definition. Geller writes in the introduction to the glossary, “Many objections have been raised to the use of that particular term (bisexuality),the most common being that it emphasizes two things that, paradoxically, bisexuals are the least likely to be involved with: the dualistic separation of male and female in society, and the physical implication of the suffix  ‘-sexual’” (p.105).

Geller spends a great deal of time referring to the “two major sexes,” while acknowledging that many people reject male/female labels, and he uses gender neutral pronouns like pir. (So anyone wanting to argue with so-called “made up” pronouns, here’s evidence that they go back at least 25 years.) It’s not always consistent, but Geller occasionally acknowledges nonbinary genders, although the word “nonbinary doesn’t seem to have been common yet, and Geller spends whole sentences tying to talk around the idea without ever using the word.

 Other definitions felt dated. He notes that many bisexual women in the Boston area were calling themselves “Holly,” a reference to a singer you probably won’t recognize if you are under the age of 35. Or people who describe themselves as “bisexual lesbians/gay bisexuals” to describe their actual orientation and community leanings.  Pansexuals will be especially displeased with their definition, which lacks the modern pan=all (genders) distinction, and comments that the part of the definition related to being attracted to “gender minorities, i.e. not male or female” is usually implied by the word bisexual (p.108).

 The collection lacks racial diversity, but the editor made an attempt to include nonbinary and disabled authors in the collection. One piece, The Transgend-Dance by Andy Plumb, is by a non-cissgendered person who describes what sounds a lot like a nonbinary identity, but again without using the word. They talk about changing their self-label every few years, looking for one that is comfortable. The essay reads as a process of self-discovery.

 The essay Reflecting on Physical Disability and (Bi)sexuality by Pamela Walker discusses the intersection of bisexuality and disability. The author uses a wheelchair, and she talks about the way people seem to accept her bisexuality because it’s somehow “easier” for her to be with a woman than a man. Her disability makes others think she is nonsexual, and they interpret her relationships with women as being somehow less sexual than a relationship with a man.

Under the academic section, Amanda Udis-Kessler has an essay on essentialism in the gay and lesbian community, and how it contributes to biphobia. If you enjoyed Bi: Notes for a Bisexual Revolution, then you will probably enjoy this essay.  Another piece describes the Klein Scale, an attempt by Dr Fritz Klein to improve how we describe sexuality. It is an improvement over the Kinsey scale, because it charts multiple factors – sexual attraction, sexual behavior, fantasies, emotional preference, social preference, self-identification, and Gay/Straight Lifestyle, which seems to be what culture you identify with and who you choose to socialize with. It also measures over the lifetime – in the past, the present, and what your “ideal” would be. Unfortunately, it is still binary, measuring on a scale ranging from “opposite sex only” to “same sex only,” completely ignoring all the other genders out there, which may be part of the reason more bisexuals haven’t adopted the scale.

 That said, there was a major, screaming failure of an essay in the book. Normal and Atypical Gender Differentiation by Albert Richard Allgeier and Elizabeth Rice Allgeier, was a completely demeaning essay on intersex people. The essay keeps referring to their genitals as “errors” and makes claims about corrective surgeries that have been completely disproven. The editor has a strongly worded note at the beginning criticizing the language used to talk about intersex people in the essay. But this essay basically has nothing to do with bisexuality, and I don’t know why it was included. To make matters worse, the essay is later referenced in the glossary to confuse the issue of people with nonbinary genders with intersex people. The two are not the same issue.

 There were some real gems in this collection, and it was an interesting historical perspective. Many of the essays felt like something that I could have read on tumblr just earlier today. Others were cringe-worthy (also kinda like tumblr).



Ciao everyone! So, recently I reach 2500 followers. That’s crazy! That’s so many friends! So in celebration, I wanted to make a special surprise video for you all. I hope you all enjoy =v= And thank you all for following me, and I hope you’ll enjoy the future of this blog. And I’ll see you all later! Ciao!