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Gerard, Ray, Frank and Mikey last night @ Troubadour.

I heard that all of The Used are also here.
You know you miss them so much when you saw pictures of them together and those pictures made you cry. I did cry about these pictures. And it looks like Gerard, Mikey and Ray enjoyed Frank’s show. I’m just really happy. So happy. (Credits to the owners)

VIXX SCENARIO What kind of kissers and cuddlers they are.

Hope you like it! Sorry for the wait!



Sweet and intimate. With deep and funny talks just enjoying the company of each other. Alternating between small pecks and long passionate kisses.


Leo would like long and quiet cuddle sessions. His kisses would be shy but meaningful.


Loud cuddling. Teasing and tickling each other to the death. Kisses on the nose (giving and receiving) is a must.


He would like to alternate between sexy cuddle sessions (always leading to something else) and nap cuddling. Kisses are always intense.


Sweet to the death kisses and cuddles. Tangled with you caressing each other’s hair while taking way too much perfect couple selfies or concept pictures.. He’d prefer small pecks on the lips and nose.


Playfull kisses! All the time. He’d like some lip biting here and there… Cuddling also would be full of tickles!


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Sorry, the only picture I could find where I wasn’t being weird was with my mom lol. Could I get a ship with Monsta X and BTS please? Thank y'all!!!!! :)

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In honor of my 10,000th post, here are some of my favorite things about...

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Criminal¡ Luke

Pairing - Luke Hemmings and Y/N

Word Count - 2400+ 

AN: Tell me if you guys want another part, it’ll be pure smut ;) It was getting pretty long so i cut it off here. (Also that is not my picture, credit to the owner :) ) 

Part 2

“Okay, lets go over the plan one more time.” Luke says, even though we’ve gone over it 10 times already.

“Luke, we’ve gone over it enough. I could probably do it in my sleep.” I laugh as I lean into him, something I find myself doing unconsciously all the time.

“I know babe, but we can’t afford to mess this up.” He sighs.

“Luke, how many missions have we gone on?” I ask trying to prove a point.

“24.” He answers.

“And how many have we messed up?” I continue.

“None.” He gives the answer I already knew.

“Exactly babe, so don’t worry. We’ve never messed up and we wont mess up tonight, we’re professionals.” I emphasize that we wont mess up, and that he should stop worrying.

“You’re right Y/N, but can we go over it once more. Just to make me happy.” He pouts. For a professional criminal he sure is cute and cuddly. He knows that I can’t say no to that face, and that’s exactly why he uses it. I sigh and give in, going over our carefully thought out plan once again. He lays down a blue print of the jewelry store on the table with all of our markings, and starts speaking.

“So at 6:00 tonight you’ll pull up to the jewelry store in the lambo. Everyone will be looking at you rather than watching me pull into the back parking lot of the store two buildings down. I’ll take the AMG Mercedes so I won’t draw attention to myself. You’ll wait two minutes before exiting the car, giving me enough time to make my way to the back entrance.” He revises the plan once again.

“There will only be one person working during this time, and you have to distract him into showing you what’s behind the farthest counter to the left, as his back will be to the store. Make sure you get the key and leave it on the counter.” He looks at me to assure I remember this important part, I nod and he continues.

“Then I come in and make my way to the far right of the store, where the key and the most valuable jewelry in the store will be. While you’re distracting him I’ll clean out the 5 cases on the right side of the store, since there’s nothing of real value on the left side. It will take me 4 and a half minutes, when you see me exit out the back door you tell him that you’re not interested in anything he has, and exit before he has any time to notice the missing jewelry. When you exit get in the lambo as fast as you can and ill meet you at home.” He finishes and I nod, knowing exactly what I’m supposed to do, and knowing we’ll pull it off without flaw, like we always do.

I look at the time and see that it’s almost 5, and since the store is about 45 minutes away we should probably leave soon.

“I’m going to get into character.” I say to Luke who smirks because he knows exactly what I’m talking about.

I walk upstairs into mine and Luke’s bedroom and head straight into the closet. I walk to the far end of the closet where I keep my shoes and pick those out first. My favorite brand of shoes are Christian Louboutin’s, expensive but worth it. I pick out one of my sexiest and favorite pairs; Daf Booty in black suede. These shoes add about 6 inches, making me almost as tall as Luke in them.

Next I pick out my dress. I pull out one of Luke’s favorites, a below the knee length dress, split on the side up to the mid thigh area. It’s bright red with stain material, and a neckline that doesn’t leave much to imagination. I dress like this on all of our missions, and it just makes it that much easier.

After I’m done picking out all my accessories and makeup it’s about 5:10 and Luke is calling me from downstairs. I make my way down the stairs and find Luke waiting at the bottom. As soon as I come into view his eyes widen a fraction before going back to normal. He sees me dress like this on all of our missions, yet he always reacts this way, although he tries to make it look like he could care less.

He extends his hand as I reach the last step and I gladly accept his offer. Instead of helping me down the last step like I thought he would, he quickly pulls my hand towards him and catches me off balance. As I feel myself falling forward into him he uses his other hand to hoist me up under my butt and spreads my legs open with his torso so they are on either side of him. All within what seems to be milliseconds he has me trapped between him and the wall beside the stairs.  

He ducks his head and licks a strip up my neck making my breath hitch and go limp in his arms. Then he brings his mouth up to my ear and whispers hotly into it.

“You look so fucking good baby. If we didn’t have to leave right now I’d bend you over the couch this second. I’d burry myself so deep inside you and hit all of those spots you didn’t even know existed. By the time I was done with you, you’d be shaking uncontrollably and sobbing because the pleasure is so overwhelming, but I’d hold you down and give you no choice but you just take it.” He purrs into my ear causing me to moan loudly as he shoves a hand between my legs. He cups my sex and laughs in a condescending way.

“Oh baby, you’re already so wet.” He teased and I know that if he weren’t holding me up my knees would have given out a long time ago.
“To bad we have to leave.” He continues, and a pathetic whine escapes my throat. He smirks and leans in to kiss me, very chastely might I add for what was just coming out of his mouth. Before it even begins the kiss is over, and he placing me back on my feet.

As I step forward I wobble and almost fall, my cheeks turning red when Luke catches me and laughs.

“Careful Y/N, I wouldn’t want you to hurt yourself. You know how clumsy you are.” He says, even though the smirk on his face proves that he knows he’s the one who did this.

I quickly grab the keys to the Lambo that Luke bought me. He keeps the majority of the money we make since he does most of the work, and buys me anything I want anyway. He puts a quarter of it into a joint account, but I’m pretty sure he spends double the amount of money on me than he does on himself, so I don’t really care.

I guess it’s a bit irresponsible to let him keep the majority incase anything happened, but even the quarter in the joint account is enough for me to never have to work again, and still maintain my lavish lifestyle. Also me and Luke are absolutely perfect for each other, and he’s the only person I can see myself with in the future, so I’m not worried about us ever breaking up.

As I walk into the garage and open the door to the Lambo I feel two arms circle my waist. A smile immediately forms on my face as I turn around in Luke’s grasp.

“Bye babe, I’ll see you when we get there. I love you.” He whispers as he presses his lips to mine in a passionate kiss that we share before every mission.

“Okay, I love you Luke.” I reply as I kiss his lips once more and turn around to slip into the Lambo. I pull out of the driveway first, and I know Luke pulls out 2 minutes later as it was in the plan, and Luke follows his plans to a T during all of our missions.

After driving for around 45 minutes I see the jewelry place up ahead, I look back and see Luke’s car following about 10 cars behind mine. As I get closer to the jewelry shop I begin to rev my engine loudly. People start to look at me, which is exactly what I wanted them to do. I see Luke pull into the back parking lot 2 buildings down, and no one seems to notice as everyone’s eyes are on my bright pink Lambo with all black trim. I know, it’s so girly, but I’ve wanted one since I was young and Luke had it custom made for me.

I wait the two minutes as I sit in front of the store and then proceed to exit the car. Everyone’s eyes are still on me as I walk into the store. The only person working on staff is a boy around my age; 22. He looks up when the door chimes to signify someone coming into the store. His eyes immediately widen and he licks his lips; geez man, at least try to be a little slyer about it.

I look to the left side of the store to see what is in the case that I’m supposed to lead him too. I recognize them as watches, none with diamonds. They’re probably not more than 100 dollars each, making them not worth anything to us. They’re probably for people who want a watch that looks expensive, but don’t have the money for it.

“Hello Miss, may I help you.” The man rasps. I have to bite on my cheeks not to laugh at him, this will be too easy. I bat my eyelashes for good measure and muster up the most innocent/sexy/ditsy voice I can.

“Um yes.” I walk up to him. He’s standing behind the main counter that Luke will rob; every item being over 10,000 dollars each. The first thing I have to do is get the key from the front pocket of his shirt where I can see it sticking out. I look him up and down pretending to check him out. He’s defiantly not ugly, but he’s no where close to Luke, who looks like he was sculpted by God himself.

Since the man already looks like he wants to fuck me right now, I decide to play along.

I bend over the counter and bring my ear up to his mouth, then run both of my hand down the front of his shirt. My right hand grabs the key easily out of his pocket without him noticing.

“Could you show me some inexpensive watches for my niece, she’s always losing things so I don’t want to spend a lot.” I whisper hotly into his ear. He tries to hide the shiver that runs through his body by clearing his throat.

“Sure Ma’am, right this way.” He replies and walks out from behind the counter going exactly where I want him to. As he turns his back to walk away I quickly place the key down on the counter and walk behind him. He goes to the watch counter, luckily none of them are locked, and turns to smile at me.

He has his back towards the rest of the store as he stands behind the counter, and I stand in front of the counter with a view of the whole store. No more than 30 seconds later I see Luke come in, dressed in all black with a black duffle bag. The store clerk is explaining something, but I know this is the most important time of the mission, if one thing goes wrong we’re done, so I pull out all of my stops.

I begin with slight touches that make his eyes widen and his speech stutter. I keep him totally immersed in me, knowing that if he keeps his eyes and mind on me he won’t spot Luke or turn around. I place my elbows on the glass countertop and squish my cleavage together, and his eyes go straight towards them. I use this opportunity to look behind him and see that Luke had cleared out the first 2 cases and was halfway done with the third. After a lot of practice he started getting faster and more efficient. Now he can finish a job in less than five minutes.

The clerks eyes came back up to mine and I gave him a seductive smile. This mission was going exactly as planned.

“You know, there’s a watch here that I would like to show you. I think it’s just what you’re looking for.” My eyes widened as he began to turn around and I knew I had to act fast or the mission would be busted. I did the first thing I could think of to stop him from turning around which was grabbing his jaw and pressing my lips to his. He became rigid for a few seconds before relaxing into the kiss and pulling me closer despite the counter in the middle of us.

After a while I opened my eyes and saw Luke walking away with all of the five counters empty, and the duffle bag full. He turned to look at me once before exiting and had a murderous look in his eyes, one that I’ve never seen directed at me before. Then he turned back around and went out the back door, leaving me making out with the store clerk. I pulled back from the kiss and gave him a fake grin.

“Wow, I wasn’t expecting that.” He breathes.

“I just couldn’t help myself.” I smirk.
“I don’t think I’ll need that watch after all, but I’ll see you around.” I continue before making my way to the door, which luckily was on this side of the room. I swing my hips as I walk to make sure he keeps his eyes on me as I exit.

I walked to the Lambo quickly, but not quick enough to draw attention to myself. Once I got in I began to drive away, I felt the same rush and pride that I always get when finishing a mission. Then I remembered the face Luke gave me, and my smile quickly dropped. The mission may be finished, but I knew this was far from over.

AN: Just to remind you guys again, please message me if you want another part :) 

Thick of It, 15 & 15.5

Chapter Fifteen: Plum Wedding
Summary: As her friends walk down the aisle to say I do Meryl and Maks walk towards a new beginning.

Hey guys! So- you better love me. I realize I haven’t posted in a while (which it hasn’t been that long, but I suppose it is long for this story) so I made it extra long! :) haha. Also, another reason for not posting is I had to write 15.5 which is *drum-roll please* the smut chapter! Also posted today! So- fair warning next chapter is the smut chapter! Anyways. Thank you for all the support! I love you! Always- J.

As always please check the End A/N (Link, song, and pictures posted there!)

(gif credit to owner, could be kbnello? i should write these down.)

Chapter Fifteen.Five: Want
Summary: Smut. Smut. Smut. Smut. Smut. Smut. Smut.

Here it is for all my lovely little sinners ;). For those who do not like smut- please turn back now. There is no progression in the plot here- its just smut and lovey dovey goo. I promise you will not miss a single thing if you do not read this chapter! :) Thanks! Love you! Always- J.


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